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It was 1991 when The Undertaker wrestled his first Wrestlemania match. On that night, the phenom defeated Jimmy Snuka. Over twenty years later, Undertaker has not once been defeated on the Wrestlemania stage. Every year someone always steps up to challenge him, and every year they fall. Watching him perform and keep the streak alive every year is a staple of professional wrestling. Nobody has ever been able to end the streak, but the day will come when Undertaker decides to ride into the sunset. When that happens, the face of Wrestlemania will change. That being said, the latest Wrestleview poll asked readers how much longer he would continue wrestling at Wrestlemania. The results of that poll are as follows:

How much longer will The Undertaker compete at Wrestlemania?

This is his last year 1,921 votes (70.94%)
A couple more years 632 votes (23.34%)
Several more years 155 votes (5.72%)

Total votes cast: 2,708

The early results of the poll favored that Undertaker would hang it up this year. Over the course of two weeks, that option drastically overtook the other two. Over seventy percent believe that Wrestlemania XVIII will be the last year Undertaker competes on the Mania stage. Most of the comments indicated that voters feel this is the ideal year for him to go out. He has a big match with Triple H. Given the storyline, it could be that Triple H is about to put the old dog down. Much like Ric Flair in 2008, Undertaker is in the ring with an established veteran, not a young guy WWE is banking on to who may not turn out in the long run. Also, going out 20-0 is a nice round number.

Twenty-three percent believe that Undertaker has a few more years left in him. Even after all of these years, there are still a few more options for him. After wrestling The Rock this year, John Cena will be looking for another huge match next year. If he defeats Rock, the one obstacle he would still have to overcome would be a win over The Undertaker. As one voter pointed out, there is always the possibility that he retires this year, but then comes back for one more match a couple years down the line.

Very few voters believed that he has several more years left. There is always the chance he hangs in for the long run, especially if he only wrestles once or twice a year, returning for a big Wrestlemania match to keep the streak alive.

Thank you to all the loyal readers who continue to vote. Be sure to check out the current Wrestleview poll asking what match you are most looking forward to at Wrestlemania!

Matt O’Brien