Television ratings for WWE and TNA from November 24 to November 29, 2013.

Total Divas: The 11/24 show drew 920,000 viewers, a big 35% drop from the prior week and the lowest amount of viewers since the show started. The show went up against NFL Sunday Night Football that drew 27.94 million viewers (highest in 17 years) and the American Music Awards that drew 13.14 million viewers.

WWE RAW: The 11/25 show drew a 2.93 cable rating with 4.12 million viewers. This was up 9% from the prior week. The only negative was viewers tuning out as the three hours progressed doing 4.32 million, 4.29 million and 3.80 million.

TNA Impact Wrestling: The 11/28 Thanksgiving edition show drew a 0.70 cable rating with 825,000 viewers. It ended up as all-time lows for a first-run episode since debuting on Spike TV, although drops were expected due to the holiday. This marks the first Thanksgiving show where the show took a big hit in the ratings as it has held up decently in past years. The last two years the show drew a 0.77 (1.19 million viewers) and 0.99 (1.41 million viewers).

WWE Smackdown: The 11/29 show drew drew a 1.86 cable rating with 2.64 million viewers. It was a drop from the prior week which drew a strong 2.15 cable rating (3.11 million viewers) and landed among the top 25 shows on cable that week. It ended up at No. 14 for the night on cable and remained among the highest rated shows in the key demographics.

Source:, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter