AAA star Perro Aguayo Jr. passes away last night

AAA star Perro Aguayo Jr., the son of Lucha Libre legend Perro Aguayo, passed away last night at the age of 35 during a tag team match for the Mexican independent promotion CRASH in Tijuana, per mutliple wrestling media reports. Aguayo teamed with TNA star Manik against TNA star Tigre Uno and former WWE star Rey Mysterio. The cause of Aguayo’s death is said to be cervical spine trauma.

Video posted overnight on YouTube shows that when Mysterio goes for the double 619 on Aguayo and Manik, Manik moves, but Aguayo does not. Everyone begins working on the fly as Uno dives onto Manik on the outside, while Konnan, who was out there to manage Aguayo and Manik, goes to check on him. Mysterio goes to check on him, then he quickly pins Manik with a top rope splash as Konnan alerts the referee that something isn’t right with Aguayo. After the match, EMTs rush the ring and begin working on Aguayo.

UPDATE as of 12:00 PM ET: A complete video has been posted on YouTube of the final minutes of the match that shows Aguayo getting hit with a missile dropkick and a headscissors by Mysterio that sends Aguayo to the outside. Aguayo landing outside from the headscissors is said to be where he suffered the cervical spine trauma. Video then shows Aguayo getting back in and taking the dropkick to the shoulders by Mysterio to set-up the 619. It is believed that Aguayo worsened his injury when he got back in to continue the match and by the time he hits the ropes to set-up the 619, he is completely out and leads to the confusion amongst the wrestlers leading to the improvised finish. 

It is said that EMTs rushed Aguayo to the hospital after working on him for a number of minutes, but nothing could be done and Aguayo passed away in the hospital. 

Aguayo Jr. had been wrestling since the age of 15, competing for both AAA and CMLL and recently was a part of Rey Mysterio’s first match back in AAA, the main event of the 3/18 Rey de Reyes iPPV at the Auditorio Benito Juarez de Zapopan where Aguayo teamed with Pentagon Jr. against Mysterio & Myzteziz (original Sin Cara). 

AAA, CMLL and Manik posted the following on Twitter earlier this morning:

AAA: “The grief overwhelms our hearts again. Rest in peace, Son of Perro Aguayo.”

Joaquin Roldan, co-owner of AAA: “I have no words to this terrible news, my deepest condolences to the family Ramirez Aguayo, rest in peace ‘El Hijo del Perro Aguayo'”

Dorian Roldan Pena, co-owner of AAA: “Peter, you will be missed! Dude, your arena is filled! A dream struggles make the Celestial Arena! Soon we will all be together!”

CMLL: “The CMLL to join worth Luchist felt by the community for the regrettable death of the Son of Perro Aguayo”

TNA wrestler Manik: “Life goes so fast man. I can’t believe some of us pack our bags and don’t make it home.”

On behalf of the staff at, we send out our condolences to the family and friends of Perro Aguayo Jr. during this very hard time.