Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
April 22, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting the first round matches in the Trios Title Tournament. The finals of the crown will take place tonight. We then see video highlighting the problems between Pentagon Jr. & Sexy Star. They will face off tonight.

We go to a vignette on the Black Lotus, who is the writing the following in a diary.

“I’ve been here for 8 weeks now, training. I don’t know when he’ll let me fight, but I know I’m ready. He tells me my anger is my greatest weakness. He’s wrong, its my greatest strength.”

The older luchadore walks in and says to the Black Lotus, “Come with me.”

We then see the Black Lotus taking on and laying waste to a bunch of shadowy figures in a warehouse.

The light comes on and the older luchadore says as the Black Lotus is catching her breath, “Your opponent will not wait for you to catch your breath.”

Lotus and the older luchadore go back-and-forth, but the older luchadore takes advantage with an armbar, then says “You’re not ready” and leaves.

THOUGHTS: Vignette was very wacky with the Kill Bill feel to it, but like how these vignettes with the Black Lotus are not shown on a consistent basis, that every now and then we get a check-in to see the Black Lotus’s progress in her training as this story with her wanting revenge on the monster Rotuneza for killing her parents is a slow, simmering storyline throughout the history of this show. The former Angela Fong has been pretty decent in her role so far in the story and the fact that we aren’t seeing this story play out every single week, but once in a while, keeps it fresh in the minds of the viewer and never makes it dull or boring. Good stuff.

We go inside the Temple as commentary welcomes us to the show and talks about the Finals of the Trios Title Tournament. We go to ring announcer Melissa Santos, who is back after nearly having her arm broken by Pentagon Jr. last week, for our opening match.

Grudge Match: Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr.

Santos introduces Pentagon with an angry tone, then limps out of the ring as she is favoring her ankle from the attack by Pentagon last week. Commentary notes that Santos had the option of staying home and resting this week, but she declined.

Dueling chants for both as the bell sounds. Star avoids a corner charge early, hits a running dropkick. Star with a series of soccer kicks, followed by a leg drop to the leg of Pentagon. Big chop by Star, followed by a front kick. Pentagon comes back with a spinning back kick to the ribs. Star goes for a Monkey Flip, but Pentagon nails her with a chest kick! Pentagon talks trash to Star, then hits a superkick, sending Star into the corner. Pentagon charges, but Star catches him with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. Star stomps away at Pentagon in the corner, then chokes him with her boot. Star goes to the middle rope and hits a Bronco Buster-style move. Star gets 2, Pentagon wags his finger, motioning “not yet.” Pentagon then hits a HARD kick to the back of Star’s leg, knocking her down. Another HARD kick by Pentagon, this time to the chest of Star. Series of shoulders to the ribs by Pentagon, Star sent onto the apron, but she comes back with an overhand chop. Star goes to the middle rope and leaps off with a senton attack, but Pentagon CATCHES HER IN MID-AIR IN DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER POSITION!!! Pentagon doesn’t hit that, though, instead he hits a sit-out Implant Buster on Star. Pentagon goes for the Double Wristlock Armbreaker, but Star slips out. Crowd wills on Star. Star rolls outside, Pentagon with a head of steam, but Star avoids a baseball slide. Back in, Pentagon misses a clothesline, multiple revolution Tilt-a-Whirl DDT by Star for a close 2. We see Santos willing on Star from ringside. Star with a running basement dropkick, sending Pentagon outside. Star with a head of steam, TOPE CON HIJO WIPES OUT PENTAGON!! Referee begins his 10 count, both get back in at the count of 6. Star charges in, but Pentagon catches her with a Powerbomb Lungblower! 1-2….STAR KICKS OUT!! Pentagon with another Powerbomb Lungblower, then goes again for the Double Wristlock Armbreaker, but Star again slips out. Pentagon with a right hand, then sends Star off the ropes.

Pentagon goes for a slam, but Star slips out and hits a Backstabber! 1-2-3! STAR WITH THE UPSET!!! WOW!!

Winner: Sexy Star by pinfall (Backstabber)

Santos happily announces Star as the winner afterwards as Star celebrates her win. Pentagon can’t believe it in the ring and stares down Star as we go to commercial.

THOUGHTS: In the brief history of Lucha Underground, this was the best inter-gender match they have ever done. The reactions by ring announcer Melissa Santos throughout the match were very well done to tie in to the story from last week with Pentagon’s attack. The offense Star had on Pentagon was very believable and didn’t make the viewer have to suspend their disbelief too much. Both characters are hugely popular with the Lucha Underground crowd, especially Pentagon Jr., whose rise in popularity, even while as a heel, as come out of nowhere and been a fascinating part of the show over the last couple of months. Star continues to tact on nice, comeback wins on her resume while at the same time, protecting Pentagon in defeat as he got caught quick with a big move. Very impressed by how this turned out and for those who didn’t like and OBSERVE it, you probably need to dust off your VCRs and watch 1950s wrestling because today’s evolved wrestling has surely passed you by.


Back from commercial, we go backstage as Johnny Mundo is training in a gym. Alberto El Patron walks in.

Alberto: “Hey Johnny, amigo! Getting ready for your Trios Title match tonight? Oh, no, wait, that’s right, you’re not competing tonight because you lost your match last week. And you know what? I’m in shock because you, amigo, are a helluva athlete and to be honest, you are one of the main reasons why I came to Lucha Underground. Watching you defeat Prince Puma was fantastic. Johnny, it was almost perfect. That’s why I’m surprised you couldn’t beat him in Aztec Warfare and that, Johnny, seems to be the story of your life. Always so close to the brass ring, but it always remains (laughs) out of your grasp.”

Mundo: “Hey, is there a problem with me?”

Alberto: “Hey, relax, come on.”

Mundo: “Be careful, I’m not just some guy you can slap around.”

Alberto: “Johnny, amigo, you need to chill out.”

Alberto walks off.

THOUGHTS: Segment was fine to build to an eventual feud between the two and Mundo’s eventual heel turn, but man, Mundo’s acting in these segments continue to just not click with me. But to continue their story, it was fine for what it was.

Next week, Prince Puma defends the Lucha Underground Title against Drago. If Drago loses, he is exiled from the Temple forever.


Back from commercial, its time for the main event.

Main Event in a Triple Threat Elimination Match in the Finals of the Trios Title Tournament: Texano Jr., King Cuerno & “They Call Him” Cage vs. Son of Havoc, Angelico & “The Huntress” Ivelisse vs. The Fam (Big Ryck, The Mack & Killshot)

Killshot, Cage & Angelico start for their respective teams. Angelico & Killshot double team Cage early. Superkick by Killshot to Cage, followed by a running high knee by Angelico. Angelico & Killshot face off, but then Cage hits them with a double clothesline. Cage grabs them both, DOUBLE DELAYED SUPLEX!! Texano in, stomps away at both Angelico & Killshot. Cuerno in for the double team, big overhand chop to Angelico. Back elbow by Texano, assisted wheelbarrow lungblower by Texano & Cuerno to Angelico for 2. Flapjack into a knee strike by Texano & Cuerno to Killshot for 2. Texano with stomps & kicks to Angelico & Killshot, preventing them from making a tag, then goes to his corner and confers with partners. Cuerno in, sliding dropkick to Angelico, soccer kick to Killshot. Cuerno stomps away at Angelico, taunts the crowd. Texano in, flapjack by Texano on Angelico, but on the way down, Angelico blocks the knee strike by Cuerno. Head kick by Angelico to Texano. Killshot with forearms to Texano, then slips out of a fireman’s carry. Texano misses 2 clotheslines, flying double knees by Killshot. Ivelisse with a kick to Cuerno’s back from the apron. Cuerno avoids a leg sweep by Angelico, but Angelico with a kick from underneath. Mack & Havoc get the tags in.

Mack with a clothesline & a leg lariat to Texano, Havoc with a clothesline to Cuerno. Swinging slam by Mack to Texano. Corner Handspring Elbow by Havoc to Cuerno. Spinning heel kick by Mack sends Texano outside. Mack with a head of steam, springs off the bottom rope and wipes out Texano with a flip dive! We see Shawn Daivari watching the action from the front row. Havoc with a head of steam and does a fake-out, bouncing off the top rope and back in with his head. However, Cage is waiting on him, TURNING HAVOC INSIDE OUT WITH A DISCUS CLOTHESLINE!! Ivelisse leaps off the apron and wipes out Cuerno with a seated senton! Crowd chants for Ivelisse. However, in the process, Ivelisse comes up limping, then doubles over at ringside in pain, clutching her leg as she hurt herself off the dive. Back in the ring, Ryck & Cage face off and exchange strikes. Ryck gains advantage, but Cage with a gut kick. Cage then SLAMS RYCK!! Cage heads up top, ORIHARA MOONSAULT WIPES OUT EVERYONE ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Back in, big clothesline by Ryck to Cage. Running flying knee by Angelico to Ryck. Clothesline by Texano to Angelico. Texano sent onto the apron, then Angelico knocks him off with a Pele Kick! Angelico leaps off the apron, flying knee wipes out Texano, who then goes into Daivari in the front row! Daivari removes his suit jacket and sends Texano into the ringpost! Daivari with forearms and backhanded slaps to Texano, then THROWS HIM INTO ROWS OF CHAIRS IN THE FIRST FEW ROWS!! Daivari leaves to the back as the crowd chants “this is awesome.” Angelico leaps off the apron again, but Ryck catches him in mid-air with a big clothesline! Texano rolls back in as Killshot heads up top.

Top Rope Double Stomp by Killshot pins Texano and eliminates his team.

Cage, King Cuerno & Texano Jr. have been eliminated (Via pinfall by a Killshot Top Rope Double Stomp)


Back from commercial, we are down to 2 Trios teams in the Finals of the Trios Title Tournament to crown the first champions. Ryck with an avalanche in the corner to Angelico as we see Ivelisse still favoring her ankle on the outside. Mack in, BIG chop to Angelico in the corner. Angelico off the ropes, Mack TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT with a clothesline! Killshot in, corner clothesline to Angelico, followed by a basement back heel kick to the back of Angelico’s head for 2. Ryck in, big elbow drop to Angelico for 2. Angelico fights back, but Ryck stops him from making a tag, then knocks Havoc & Ivelisse off the apron. Suplex by Ryck, Top Rope Elbow Drop by Mack to Angelico. Killshot in, Ryck & Killshot run into boots by Angelico in the corner. Angelico pulls down the top rope, sending a charging Ryck outside. Mack charges in, Angelico back body drops him outside. Killshot runs into another boot by Angelico, but comes back with a Lumbar Check, sending Angelico outside. Havoc in via Lucha Tag rules, chops & forearms to Killshot. Havoc off the ropes, Killshot catches him with a Standing Spanish Fly for a close 2. Killshot places Havoc up top, facing the crowd. Killshot goes for a Super Reverse Rana, but Havoc blocks it, grasping the ropes with his hands, causing Killshot to crash down to the mat below! Ivelisse limps up to the middle rope and goes for a crossbody onto Ryck & Mack on the outside, but they catch her in mid-air! In the ring, Havoc springs backward off the top, wipes out Killshot with a reverse rana! Havoc with a head of steam, tope suicida wipes out Ryck & Mack!

Back in the ring, Angelico lifts up Killshot, FALL OF THE ANGELS!!! 1-2-3! NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!

Winners and the FIRST Lucha Underground Trios Champions: Angelico, Son of Havoc & Ivelisse by pinfall (The Fall of the Angels)

THOUGHTS: Match was decent, but it seemed to fall apart a bit once Ivelisse legit got hurt in breaking her ankle. So unfortunate for that to take place off such a simple seated senton from the apron, but for the record for those that remember, Lita tore her ACL doing a Thesz Press off the apron to Trish Stratus back in January 2005, so its not like something like that has NEVER occurred before. Action was very good from everyone, especially was impressed by the teamwork of the Fam, they make a real good and well-balanced Trio team. The stuff with Daivari and Texano Jr. was completely out of nowhere and made for a good out for Cuerno’s team in getting eliminated, but I also thought it was kinda unnecessary in this match and maybe should have been saved for the following week, but that is total nitpicking on my part. Finish, finally, was real well done with Angelico getting the win clean with his very unique Fall of the Angels finisher. Decent match, hats off to the performers for being able to keep things together after Ivelisse’s injury.

Wait a minute, hold everything has Dario Cueto steps out of his office and heads to ringside, in shock that Son of Havoc, Angelico & Ivelisse won the Trios Title Tournament. Cueto has a mic.

Cueto: “Congratulations, I never thought I would see this happen, the most dysfunctional Trios team in the world actually pulled it off and won the Trios Titles. Well, actually you haven’t, not yet, because there’s one more team in the tournament and personally selected by me and to spice it up a little bit, this match will be No Disqualification. So boys, come on out!”

Out comes the Crenshaw Crew as Cueto’s handpicked Trios Team as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to the REAL main event.

Main Event in the Finals of the Trios Title Tournament in a No Disqualification Match: Angelico, Son of Havoc & ‘The Huntress” Ivelisse vs. The Crenshaw Crew (Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco & Bael)

The Crew goes after the babyface team on the outside as the bell sounds. Cisco sends Angelico into the barricade. Castro with a forearm to Ivelisse, Bael with forearms to Havoc. Cisco sends Angelico off the Temple steps, Castro bites at Ivelisse. Cisco taunts the crowd on the Temple steps, then sends Angelico into the ringpost. Castro sends Ivelisse into the ring, then Cisco with more shots to Angelico. With Havoc & Angelico down on the outside, the Crew goes in the ring to triple-team Ivelisse. Cisco holds Ivelisse as Castro has got the Crew’s trademark kendo stick. Before he can hit Ivelisse with the kendo stick, Havoc comes in to make the save. Castro avoids a corner charge, running forearm to Havoc in the corner, followed by an enziguri. Running dropkick by Cisco to Havoc in the corner, followed by the Face Eraser by Bael. Bael takes Angelico up the Temple steps as Castro continues to go after Ivelisse in the ring, hitting a series of kneedrops. Angelico fights back on the balcony, then charges, but Bael BACK BODY DROPS HIM OVER THE BALCONY AND ONTO THE TOP OF DARIO CUETO’S OFFICE!! Castro has the kendo stick back in the ring and chokes Ivelisse with it. Cisco & Havoc continue to brawl in the crowd, Ivelisse tries to fight back on Castro, but to no avail. Cisco SUPLEXES HAVOC OFF THE BALCONY ONTO THE FLOOR!!! Havoc sends Cisco into the barricade, then leaps into the balcony. Havoc climbs on top of the balcony, balances himself off a fan’s head, ORIHARA MOONSAULT OFF THE BALCONY WIPES OUT CISCO!!!

Bael comes charging in instantly and nails Havoc from behind. Bael comes into the ring with Castro as they plan on double-teaming the injured Ivelisse, with Angelico down on top of Dario Cueto’s office and Havoc down on the outside, sealing the deal for the Crew to steal the Trios Titles. All of a sudden, Angelico gets a running start off the top of Dario Cueto’s office, RUNNING CROSSBODY OFF THE TOP OF DARIO CUETO’S OFFICE INTO THE RING, WIPING OUT CASTRO & BAEL!!! HOLY YOU KNOW WHAT!!!! THE CROWD GOES MENTAL!!! Ivelisse crawls over and grabs the Crew’s kendo stick. Ivelisse somehow gets to her feet and LAYS INTO THE CREW WITH KENDO STICK SHOTS TO THE BACK!! Crowd chants for Ivelisse. Ivelisse directs traffic, calling for Havoc & Angelico to head up top. They do so on parallel corners with Castro & Bael still down.


Winners and the FIRST Lucha Underground Trios Champions: Ivelisse, Angelico & Son of Havoc by pinfall (Shooting Star Press & Top Rope Double Stomp double pin)

Ivelisse, Angelico & Son of Havoc celebrate their title win as they are presented with the Trios Title belts as the crowd chants “that was awesome” while the show closes.


THOUGHTS: Whew, lot to digest here. First off, have got to give the highest amount of respect to Ivelisse. For her to break her ankle early on in the prior match and go for the entire way through, finishing the match and SPOILER ALERT, for continuing to wrestle on her injured ankle for the remainder of the Lucha Underground season that just finished taping, you can’t help but give her the greatest amount of respect and admiration possible for her gutting through a very serious injury because of obviously how much this match, 1, and Lucha Underground overall, 2, means to her. Big ups to Ivelisse on a gutsy performance in this match, why I consider her one of the best women’s wrestlers in North America today.

Now to the match, it was a good, solid match for the first 5 minutes or so, but once they got to the brawling up in the balcony to the finish, this match was sensational and 3 stars were made in this show in the new champions, especially Angelico. Liked the premise of the heel authority figure, Cueto, giving a team he thought had no chance to win one more roadblock in their path with his hand-picked team in the Crew. Havoc’s moonsault off the dive was incredible and I would be gushing a ton about that, until Angelico’s running dive off the top of Dario Cueto’s office into the ring. That dive will be an iconic image folks will remember in hindsight of the early days of the Lucha Underground promotion going forward and in my opinion, it usurped Randy Orton’s WrestleMania 31 RKO and Kota Ibushi’s Wrestlekingdom 9 Deadlift Super Dragon as the current 2015 Move of the Year, it was that incredible. Then, we get to Ivelisse showing COUPOUS amounts of babyface fire in her limping to her feet and just WAYLAYING on the Crew with kendo stick shots. I had gushed over a year ago back in the SHINE #16 review in Ivelisse’s now famous match with Rain for the SHINE Title how well she did as a babyface for the first time, well, this performance, which by accident, was enhanced by her legit ankle injury, surpassed that performance a good bit here. Finally, the finish of Ivelisse directing traffic and her, Havoc & Angelico, for the first time, working together as a Trio team to hit the stereo moves off the top to win the titles was an incredible visual. The crowd, which for at least this week, has surpassed the NXT Full Sail crowd as the best crowd in wrestling, went MENTAL for the final few minutes and it was great to watch. Last but not least, I have to give props to Matt Striker on commentary. Striker had his finest hour as a commentator in this match and especially the post-match, putting over the trials & tribulations that Angelico, Havoc & Ivelisse went through to get to becoming champions, very effective and well done stuff by Striker and how can you not love Vampiro being Vampiro, going nuts for everything, a great compliment to Striker on commentary. Match was good, finish was sensational, commentary had its finest hour and Lucha Underground in their last 5 minutes this week, saw three new stars rise to prominence.

Overall, this was not the best episode of Lucha Underground overall in the show’s short history, but the final 5 minutes of the show was the greatest batch of time in the show’s short history and will be remembered by fans for a long time.

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