Matt and Jeff Hardy

As noted in Jason Namako’s recap of last night’s 3/11 ROH 15th Anniversary PPV, Matt and Jeff Hardy were sent a three-page cease and desist letter from Anthem and Impact Wrestling on Friday demanding they stop the use of the “Broken” characters.

Mike Johnson of is reporting that Anthem and Impact are claiming “intellectual property” of the characters and anything they do going forward (such as last night’s appearance for ROH on Pay Per View) would fall under the ownership of the company and that they are not discontinue the use of anything “Broken”┬árelated.

Jason Namako noted in his recap last night that the presentation of Matt and Jeff Hardy was “extremely toned down because of the legal matters.” Commentary only referred to them as The Hardy’s, while the audience in Las Vegas continued to start up many “DELETE” and “OBSOLETE” chants during the match for the ROH Tag Team Championships.

As reported on Friday, Reby Hardy went on a very long rant on Twitter a few hours before the ROH 15th Anniversary PPV directed at Anthem, Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett and Ed Nordholm. It would appear that she was responding directly to a tweet sent out by Nordholm who wished Matt Hardy well and seemed to heavily suggest that it wasn’t Matt alone behind the creative process, tagging Jeremy Borash, David Lagana and Billy Corgan.

Matt Hardy filed for a trademark for the “Broken” Matt Hardy character back on March 1, shortly after his contract with Impact Wrestling expired. Reby Hardy revealed in her series of tweets that her father, who played Senor Benjamin on TV, was also being listed as part of the cease and desist. She noted that he was never paid for his involvement.

So it would appear that both Anthem and Impact are doing all they can to prevent the use of not only the “Broken” Matt and Jeff Hardy characters elsewhere, but also likely for Reby Hardy, Senor Benjamin and possibly even for their son (who was touted as King Maxel).

Matt Hardy sent out this tweet early this morning seeming to address the ongoing legal situation involving The Hardy’s going forward.

Reby Hardy is also back at addressing reports that Dish Network ended up completely pulling last night’s ROH 15th Anniversary due to the cease and desist letter.


  1. the popularity of Broken Matt Hardy and the New Day makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with wrestling fans these days

  2. New Day for me taps into absurdity and they constantly reference/embrace things im passionate about (gaming, anime, hip hop). In a lot of ways they are the wrestling version of an anime convention.

    Also Big E and Xavier woods are hot and I would love to have…relations with them both.

    As for the hardys idk it never really clicked with me.

  3. the loud, animated way the New Day talk reminds me of the annoying teen Disney sitcoms where everyone is obnoxious and overacts. I also hate gaming, anime and hip-hop lol

  4. I love the self-realized absurdity of them. It’s genuinely refreshing to have someone that doesn’t act as if everything in the world is life-or-death. Some pro wrestlers act so seriously that it’s actually hard to take them serious. Then, along comes the New Day or the Broken Matt Hardy character that spin that on its head and only act seriously about how insane their worlds actually are. Take Xavier Woods for example; the man is a PhD, has biceps bigger than my head, has “Legend of Zelda” tattoos, runs a YouTube channel named in reference to a classic gaming cheat code where everyone that appears has to have a silly nickname, he comes to the ring with a trombone, with two other guys, and they’re all decked out in pastels and unicorns. That is his world, in all its absurdity, and his life would be just as insane if he came to the ring in black-and-red with a halfro. The only thing they would be different is his ring gear.

  5. Also one thing that is lost a lot in the new day conversation is they are one of the best tag teams in terms of actually working as a unit and I would love to see them have a rivalry with the revival.

  6. So TNA not only repeated WCW’s mistakes but now they’re repeating WWF/E’s mistakes from the New Generation era as well. Keep imitating the winners. That’ll bring you prosperity. (:|

  7. Yeah, I feel the same as far as Reby Hardy goes. Not a fan of hers, but that doesn’t make her wrong. TNA might win the battle in the legal sense, but I don’t think it’s going to do them any favors with cable providers, fans, or anyone in the business.

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