Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy reveals Broken trademark is his

Matt Hardy revealed on Twitter that all “Broken” related trademarks are now his and his wife Reby Hardy’s. This tweet came a few days after it was revealed that Anthem and Impact Wrestling had started adding the trademark term on the company’s YouTube page regarding any videos featuring the term “Broken” in it.

Hardys reinventing themselves

Alfred Konuwa of passed along an interview with former WWE stars Adam “Edge” Copeland and Christian where they talked about Matt and Jeff Hardy reinventing themselves and if the “Broken” characters could work in the WWE Universe.


“It’s all about reinventing yourself. You could probably be The Hardy Boyz, stick your two fingers up, make that ride from town to town and hope that people follow along with that nostalgia. Instead, they’ve taken the bull by the horns and reinvented themselves and stayed current, stayed fresh and keep people talking, and that’s what it’s all about.”


“Wrestling is all about reinvention, and if you don’t reinvent yourself, you’re going to get stagnant and people are going to get bored. I think back to when I came back from my first neck surgery and I came back as the babyface that I was when I left. I went in to my hometown of Toronto with the IC title against [Chris] Jericho and Batista and got booed. Matt and Jeff are smart enough, particularly Matt—who is very hands-on with all of the incarnations of his character—to try stuff. I haven’t seen a whole lot of it, I’ve seen a couple of things and I thought it was hilarious and awesome.”


  1. Good on them. Honestly, whether they were in their rights or not at the time for Anthem to do what they did, it was still a real scumbag move, and I’m glad the Hardys got the better of them.

  2. Only if they say they’re Anthem trademarked, If they don’t, they have to leave them because they don’t own the trademark and are using the “Broken” footage without permission.

  3. they put that TM on it because it displayed the broken gimmick in which they thought they owned the trademark to.

  4. HA! Up yours Anthem you corporate scumbags. Not that I liked all the Broken Hardys bullsh*t on Impact but when overbearing, corporate thugs get theirs, it’s always good.
    It’s also great to hear Edge say such laudable things about Matt. Hopefully they’ve put the ugliness of the past behind them and are friends again.

  5. “Wrestling is all about reinvention, and if you don’t reinvent yourself,
    you’re going to get stagnant and people are going to get bored.” <— sounds like the perfect description for John Cena.

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