Linda McMahon on donations to Trump Foundation, President Trump

Linda McMahon

Yahoo News passed along an interview by Katie Couric with Linda McMahon where she talks her donation to the Trump Foundation and recent political decisions by President Donald Trump including withdrawing from the Paris Climate agreement.

For those who have been paying attention since last November, President Trump nominated McMahon as the Head of the Small Business Administration. The Senate confirmed this new role for McMahon back in February with a bipartisan vote of 81 to 19.

On the McMahon’s $5 million donate to the Trump Foundation:

“Well, when we donated our money to that philanthropy, we were making it because we were a friend of then Mr. Trump. We knew a lot of the good works that he had done. So we gave the money to them to do as they saw fit. And I was not aware of any of the supposed misuse… Well, because we gave them money in good faith. And we gave it for projects that I think maybe not necessarily got reported. So that’s how I’m going to think about that.”

Supporting President’s Trump decision to pull out of Paris Climate agreement:

“Well, President Trump certainly campaigned against the Paris Accord. And I think he was fulfilling a campaign promise. He’s also said, I’m willing to go back and renegotiate this. But this is just not a good deal for the United States…I’m really pleased to see that commitment…I do think climate change is real. And I do think that man has some contribution to climate change. As to the extent of the science predictions as to what might happen 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now, I’m not sure that we have that totally decided. But I do respect the science behind a lot of it”