1/18 Hart Legacy Wrestling Results: Calgary, Alberta

1/18 Hart Legacy Wrestling Results: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

* El Generico and Samuray del Sol def. Trent Barreta and Brian Cage, Pete Wilson and Cam!kaze and Andrew Hawkes and Ryan Rollins in a four way tag team elimination match.

* Jim Neidhart and Cat Von Heez def. Johnny Devine and Miss Danyah and Ryan Rollins and Nikita Naridian in a triple threat tag team match.

* Heavy Metal won a 12-man battle royal.

* Davey Boy Smith Jr., Lance Archer and Lance Storm def. Bobby Lashley, Chris Masters and Johnny Devine.

* Team Teddy (Teddy Hart, Flip Kendrick, Pete Wilson, Cam!kaze and Brian Cage) def. Team Konnan (Konnan, Jack Evans, El Generico, Samuray del Sol and Trent Barreta).

The iPPV version of the show was scheduled to air on Saturday night, but was pulled due to technical difficulties.  The event will instead air on Sunday (1/20) at www.hartlegacywrestling.com.