3/23 SHINE #8 iPPV Results: Ybor City, Florida

SHINE #8 Internet PPV
March 23, 2013
Ybor City, Florida (The Orpheum)
Commentators: Lenny Leonard & Daffney
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

The host as always Daffney starts off the show by running down tonight’s main events. Daffney is wearing one of her old-school top hats as she mentions the full bar in the Orpheum. She then brings up that in the Leva/Kimberly Fans Bring the Weapons match later tonight, she brought weapons like a lightsaber, a “recorder of death” and a good, old-fashioned baseball bat. We then go to the opening match.

Nikki St. John vs. Luscious Latasha

St. John is from the Resistance Pro promotion, while Latasha is billed as being from “somewhere over the rainbow”. St. John throws away Latasha off a lock-up, while wearing her glasses. Nikki wants a Test of Strength, then gets down to a knee to mock Latasha’s lack of height. Nikki easily takes control, but Latasha with a monkey flip. Latasha with a pair of chops, but Nikki reverses a whip. Nikki misses some shots and Latasha with a crossbody for a nearfall. Latasha with a whip to the corner, but Nikki moves out of the way. Nikki with a right hand, but Latasha fights back. Latasha runs into an elbow, but holds onto the ropes to block a whip. Nikki sidesteps a backdrop and hits a back elbow for a nearfall. Latasha begins to fight back again, but Nikki with a back suplex for another nearfall. Nikki yells at the referee, then says she is gonna finish Latasha. Latasha comes back with a jawbreaker and a pair of dropkicks. Latasha with a spin kick for a nearfall.

Nikki counters a neckbreaker and hits a running bulldog for the victory.

Winner: Nikki St. John by pinfall (Running Bulldog)

(Thoughts: Decent opening match from these two, just a wee bit short. )

Daffney talks about her hashtag #DrunkDaffney as well as many hashtags in different languages about SHINE 8, like #SHINEOCHO. 

Brittany Savage vs. Su Yung

Su wants a handshake, but Savage slaps it away. Su with a waistlock, but Savage with a switch. Su with a takedown into an armbar. Su is wearing a brace on her wrist off a recent thumb injury. Savage gets out, but Su with a headscissors. Savage goes into a headlock, but Su counters into one of her own. Savage gets free, but Su with a shoulder tackle. Savage has Su put on the brakes, but stomps on the toe. Su with another shoulder tackle, followed by an armdrag into an armbar. Su wrings out the arm as Savage tries to get away. Savage counters out and goes to work on Su’s arm. Savage goes back to the side headlock and Su is unable to get free. This time Su is able to get free, but Savage with a shoulder tackle. Su comes back with a drop toe hold. Savage then gets to the ropes and hotshots Su across the ropes. Savage drives Su’s face off the canvas, then off the top turnbuckle. Savage has a hold of Su’s hair in the corner, but Su begins to fight back. Savage comes back with forearms, followed by a snapmare. Savage chokes Su with her shin, but Su comes back with a pin attempt for a nearfall. Su with a whip, but Savage drives her head into the mat. Savage takes some time to brag, then gains a nearfall. Savage with a whip, then hooks Su in an abdominal stretch. Savage is pulling at the hair, but Su gets free and hits a spinning side slam. Su goes for a spinning toe hold, but Savage kicks off. Su avoids a charge and hits a clothesline. Su goes for a bulldog, but Savage pulls her down by the hair. Savage takes more time to brag, then gains another nearfall. Savage drops her weight across Su, then locks her in a Camel Clutch. Su lifts up Savage and takes her over to get free. Su goes for a Figure Four, but again Savage pulls at the hair. Both pull at each other’s hair, then they both charge at one another and take each other down with stereo hair-mares. They exchange forearms until Su gets advantage, followed by a series of hair-mares. The ref admonishes her, but Su says she did it first. Savage with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Su with a backslide for a nearfall. Savage with a front dropkick, but Su avoids a kick with a drop toe hold.

Su locks Savage in the Yellow Fever and Savage has no choice but to tap-out.

Winner: Su Yung by submission (Yellow Fever)

(Thoughts: Solid match from these two as they gave them some time to put together something good. Savage was much better here in this match than in her debut last month and Su continues to improve each and everytime out. )

Brandi Wine comes out for our next match with Malia Hosaka on a Stick, but Lexie Fyfe comes out and takes it away from her. Fyfe then returns with the real thing as Malia Hosaka as made her SHINE debut as the manager for Brandi Wine. 

Brandi Wine w/Malia Hosaka vs. Jayme Jameson

Jameson with a side headlock, but Wine hits her with a thumb to the eye. The ref has words with Wine, who pleads innocence. Wine works on the arm, but Jameson counters with a wristlock. Wine counters and goes back to work, then kicks at the leg. Jameson with a top wristlock, but Wine says Jameson grabbed at the hair, allowing Wine to knock her down. Wine with a go-behind, but Jameson with a switch. Jameson with a side headlock, followed by a takedown. Malia tells the crowd to “shut up” as they go to the ropes, followed by a whip. Jameson reverses it and Malia accidentally pulls at Wine’s leg. Jameson with a roll-up for a nearfall. Jameson with an armdrag, sending Wine to the outside where Malia consoles her. Wine wants a time-out, then Jameson brings her in the hard-way. Jameson with a double-leg, followed by a catapult that sends Wine face-first to the mat. Jameson does it again, sending Wine again to the outside. Malia consoles her again as Wine again wants a time-out. Lock-up as they go to the corner, allowing Hosaka to trip Jameson. Wine with a Camel Clutch while Hosaka lends a hand behind the ref’s back for extra advantage. The ref catches them in the act, then Wine with an European uppercut. Wine distracts the ref, allowing Hosaka to choke Jameson in the ropes. Wine with a hair-mare, followed by a body scissors. Hosaka tries to help again, but the ref instantly catches them. Jameson fights back, but Wine knocks her back down. Wine places Jameson in the Tree of Woe and distracts the ref so Hosaka can pull at Jameson’s neck. Wine with a forearm as the crowd tells Hosaka to shut up. Jameson comes back with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Jameson with a clothesline, followed by a dropkick, but Wine gets her foot on the bottom rope. Wine reverses a whip, but Jameson with a crossbody, however, Hosaka is with the ref. Jameson gets in the ref’s face, but it allows Wine to regain control. Wine with a choke, but Jameson reverses a whip. Jameson with a clothesline in the corner, followed by a snap-mare. Jameson with a chinlock, but Wine drives her into the corner. Jameson comes back with forearms, then goes for the 10 punches in the corner. She hits all 10, but Wine reverses a whip. Jameson knocks Hosaka off the apron, but it allows Wine to take back over.

Wine goes for a slam, but Jameson counters it into a roll-up for the victory.

Winner: Jayme Jameson by pinfall (Roll-Up)

(Thoughts: Nice old-school match with dubious amounts of cheating from Wine & Hosaka. Jameson was decent on the sell and I thought Wine & Hosaka showed good chemistry as a tandem. Nice old-school style match.)

Santana gives Daffney her own “Headband of POWER” before our next match. 

Sojo Bolt vs. Santana

Sojo attacks Santana from behind as the bell sounds. Sojo with a right hand, followed by an overhand chop to the chest. Sojo trash talks Santana, then sends her into the corner. Sojo with gut shots, then has words with the ref. Santana comes back with a Thesz Press, followed by a choke. Santana with chops of her own, followed by a Russian Leg Sweep for a 1 count. Sojo reverses a whip, but Santana slides under the legs. Santana takes her down and locks in a Fujiwara armbar, but Sojo gets to the ropes. Sojo has words with the crowd, but Santana with a kick. Santana with a front headstand to fool Sojo, then connects with a baseball slide. Santana with forearms that cause Sojo to fall backwards into the front row, causing one of the fans to fall over. Back in the ring, Sojo comes back with a right hand, followed by a hanging bulldog for a nearfall. Sojo trash talks the crowd while stomping away at Santana. Santana fights back with gut shots, but Sojo knocks her back down with a knee for a nearfall. Sojo sends Santana into the ropes, followed by a running dropkick to the back for another nearfall. Santana again fights back, but Sojo knocks her back down. The crowd wills on Santana as Sojo connects with a delayed vertical suplex for another nearfall. Sojo can’t believe it, then gains 2 more nearfalls. Sojo chokes Santana and pulls at the hair before gaining yet another nearfall. Sojo with a seated surfboard as the crowd again wills on Santana. Santana tries to get out, but Sojo yanks her back down. Santana pins Sojo’s shoulders to the mat for a nearfall. Santana with a pair of clotheslines, a gut kick and a snap suplex for a nearfall. Santana with a handspring elbow in the corner. Santana then misses a clothesline and Sojo with a version of the Stroke for a close nearfall. Sojo heads to the middle rope, but Santana stops her with an enziguri. Santana goes up with Sojo, but Sojo blocks a superplex. Santana is knocked off the ropes, then tries for the Stratusphere, but Sojo again knocks her off. Sojo then hits a flipping senton for a close nearfall. Sojo can’t believe it as she goes for a Muscle Buster, but Santana gets out and hits a hook kick.

Santana then hits the Shining Star Press for the victory.

Winner: Santana by pinfall (Shining Star Press)

(Thoughts: Another really good outing from Santana here. She keeps getting better with every SHINE show and has become by far, the most over home-grown SHINE act that they have currently. As for Sojo, she put on IMO her best performance to date in SHINE, really doing well with playing to the crowd and being a nice heel base for Santana to work off of when she made her comebacks. Best match of the show so far. )

A music video is played as somewhat of an intermission before our next match. 

SHINE 7 Return Match: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Nikki Roxx

Mercedes with a side headlock, but Roxx takes her down. Roxx with a go-behind, but Mercedes with a switch. Roxx with a drop toe hold, but Mercedes nails her in the mouth. Mercedes with a front chancery, but Roxx counters with a Northern Lights Suplex. Roxx with a hammerlock, but Mercedes with a Fireman’s Carry. Roxx counters back into a hammerlock, but Mercedes with a drop toe hold into a side headlock. Roxx tries to get free, but to no avail as Mercedes takes her down. Roxx counters into a front chancery, but Mercedes with a hammerlock, followed by a series of kneedrops. Mercedes locks the other arm of Roxx, but Mercedes with a butterfly roll-through into a front guillotine choke while the butterfly is still applied. Roxx pins Mercedes down for a nearfall. Exchange of leg sweeps for 1 counts, then they begin to trade right hands. Mercedes with a big chop to the back, followed by a right hand. Mercedes with another right hand, followed by a huge chop. Mercedes with a series of forearms, followed by a whip, but she runs into a boot by Roxx. Roxx with a crossbody off the middle rope. Roxx with a pair of clotheslines, followed by a running swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Roxx with a chop, followed by a whip. Roxx charges, but Mercedes moves and hits a forearm. Mercedes goes for a running boot, but Roxx moves and rolls up Mercedes for a nearfall. Mercedes then this time drills Roxx with a running boot for a nearfall. Mercedes chokes Roxx multiple times, cutting it close with the referee. Mercedes sends Roxx into the corner and hits a series of shoulders to the ribs. Mercedes again chokes Roxx, this time with her boot, then stands on the chest of Roxx. Mercedes brings Roxx out of the corner, then drives an elbow into the inside of the thigh. Mercedes then locks in a grounded version of a Rocking Horse, but Roxx is able to get free. Roxx locks Mercedes in an Ankle Lock, but Mercedes kicks her off. Mercedes is grabbing at her ankle as she nails Roxx with a series of back clubs. Mercedes again chokes Roxx with her boot, followed by a stiff kick to the ribs. Mercedes with a suplex for a nearfall. Mercedes goes for the Three Amigos, but Roxx counters the third suplex and nails Mercedes with a running boot and both women are down. They get to their feet at the count of 7, but Mercedes with a jawbreaker. Mercedes blocks a boot, but Roxx with a rolling elbow. Roxx with 2 Polish Hammers, followed by a running elbow in the corner. Roxx with an exploder suplex for a close nearfall. Roxx can’t believe it as she goes for the Barbi Crusher, but Mercedes gets out with headbutts. Mercedes then connects with a Saito Suplex for a nearfall. Mercedes thought it was 3 as she mounts Roxx and unloads with left & right hands, while Roxx tries to cover up. Mercedes goes for the Fisherman’s Buster, but Roxx drives her into the corner. Mercedes charges, but Roxx catches her with a sit-out spinebuster for a close nearfall. Roxx can’t believe it as she again goes for the Barbi Crusher, but Mercedes gets free by raking the eyes.

Mercedes this time hits the Fisherman’s Buster for the victory.

Winner: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez by pinfall (Fisherman’s Buster)

(Thoughts: Another good match from these two. Obviously from the previous month where Mercedes had banged up her shoulder, they had more time here to put together a good back & forth match. Roxx lost nothing in losing because it took Mercedes to cheat to get her win back. Rubber match at SHINE 9, maybe? I’m down for that. Good stuff again from these two. )

Afterwards, we hear some commotion in the back of the Orpheum as Leva Bates & Kimberly are brawling, not wanting to waste anytime in getting their match started, leading to…..

I Quit, Fans Bring the Weapons: Leva Bates vs. Kimberly

The two begin brawling in the Orpheum as Leva is dressed up like Bane from Batman. Leva got the bell, but Kimberly nails her in the side of the head with it. Kimberly then gets the hammer and proceeds to ring Leva’s bell multiple times. They are fighting on the balcony of the Orpheum, but they begin to make their way down the stairs. Kimberly removes Leva’s jacket, but Leva drives her into one of the walls in the Orpheum. They finally head into the ring, where there is a garbage can full of weapons for them to use. They begin picking out weapons to use. They have a swordfight with a lightsabre and a hockey stick, but Leva with some kicks. Kimberly reverses a whip and connects with a powerslam. Leva goes to the outside, but Kimberly nails her with a baseball slide that sends Leva into a chair. Leva nails Kimberly with a chair to the gut. Kimberly sends Leva head-first into the ring-post. Kimberly goes to nail Leva with a chair, but Leva avoids it. Leva chokes Kimberly with the chair as we hear some Bane-like music playing over the loudspeakers. Kimberly gets the chair free from Leva, then Kimberly nails her with a wiffleball bat in the gut and across the back. Leva takes it from her and unloads with the bat. They go on top of the bar and Leva with a PEDIGREE ON THE TOP OF THE BAR! Kimberly refuses to quit, but Leva with a Thesz Press off the bar onto her. Leva with right hands, but Kimberly fights back. Kimberly then hits a DDT on the floor. Kimberly chokes Leva, but Leva refuses to quit. Leva now chokes Kimberly with a towel and sends her back-first against the ring apron. Kimberly gets free with a jawbreaker, then whips Leva with the towel. Leva with the chair again into the gut of Kimberly, but Kimberly stops a shot with a gut kick. Back in the ring, Kimberly sprays something in Leva’s eyes, followed by a whip. Leva gets her boot up, but Kimberly drills Leva in the head with a cookie sheet not once, but twice. Leva is caught in the ropes upside down and Kimberly locks her in the Cloverleaf. Leva refuses to quit, then DRILLS KIMBERLY IN THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR! Leva with the chair again to the gut, followed by a hot-shot across the middle rope. Leva with a backbreaker, then hits a series of crossface shots. Kimberly gets free with a cup of sorts to the head, but then Leva wedges the chair in the corner. Kimberly nails Leva with a rolling pin, then goes for a wheelbarrow move, but Leva counters and sends Kimberly face-first into the wedged chair! Leva has handcuffs, but Kimberly gets them from her. Kimberly now has a 2nd pair and hits a headbutt. Kimberly then handcuffs Leva’s arms behind her back. Kimberly toys with Leva, then places a garbage can across her head. Kimberly with a pair of boots to the head, then has the rolling pin, but Leva blocks it. Leva has escaped, but Kimberly puts the can over her head again. Kimberly then drills her multiple times with the rolling pin, followed by a dropkick to the can. Leva still refuses to quit, but now Kimberly has a rope. Kimberly chokes Leva with the rope, then hogties her in the ropes. Kimberly stomps away at Leva, then has a cookie sheet. Kimberly DRILLS LEVA MULTIPLE TIMES IN THE HEAD WITH THE COOKIE SHEET, but she refuses to quit. The ref pulls Kimberly back as he checks on Leva.

The ref then has no choice but to stop the match as Leva did not quit, but could not continue.

Winner: Kimberly via referee stoppage

An unconscious Leva has to be helped to the back as Kimberly is crazier than ever after winning this match.

(Thoughts: Holy COW! What a phenomenal brawl from these two. The escalation of violence from the 1st match at SHINE #6 kept picking up and picking up til we got to this. Leva as Bane worked like a charm and both women put it all on the line with some very vicious bumps. Some may downgrade the match with the chair & cookie sheet shots to the head, but if you are gonna do that at anytime, this was the time to do it. The finish was really well done to protect Leva in losing as she didn’t quit, but the ref was forced to stop it. My hats off to both women on without a doubt, the best match on the show and IMO, the best match that SHINE was produced so far. )

A video package is played before our next match.

Career vs. Respect (Reby’s SHINE career or Havok must say she respects Reby): Jessicka Havok vs. Reby Sky

Havok tells Reby to give up as the bell sounds before she embarrasses her, but Reby refuses. Havok says that Reby is trying to ride her boyfriend’s coattails, but Sky with a slap, followed by a spear and a series of right hands. Havok sends her to the outside, but Reby trips her on the ring apron. Reby with a series of double stomps. Reby goes for a crossbody off the apron, but Havok catches her and drives her back-first into the ringpost. Havok chokes Reby, then sends her back in the ring. Havok has a chair, but the ref takes it away. Havok again chokes Reby in the ropes, then trash talks the crowd. Havok again chokes Reby, this time with her knee. Havok then chinlocks Reby in the ropes while talking trash. Havok goes for a legdrop, but Reby moves and Havok gets caught in the ropes. Reby with forearms to the back, followed by a lung blower for a 1 count. Havok reverses a whip, but Reby gets her knees up. Reby goes to the middle rope, but Havok pulls her leg off the ropes, causing Reby to crash and burn on the canvas. Havok locks in a Boston Crab, but Reby reaches the ropes. Havok chokes Reby with her boot, followed by a kick to the ribs. Havok with a snapmare, followed by a kick to the back and finally an elbow. Havok with a running leg drop for a nearfall. Reby tries to fight back, but Havok with a right hand. Havok then locks in her lifting Full Nelson as the crowd begins to will on Reby. Reby gets free and rolls up Havok for a nearfall, but Havok comes right back with a big clothesline. Havok yells “is this how you wanna get my respect, Reby?” Havok with a whip, followed by catching Reby with a backbreaker for another nearfall. Havok has the chair again, but the ref stops her. Reby comes back with a forearm, but Havok hits one of her own, followed by choking her with her boot. Havok says she will put Reby through hell as she locks Reby in the Rings of Saturn, the same move that she won with at SHINE 6. Reby tries to get free, but to no avail as the crowd wills her on. Reby finally gets to the ropes as Havok is beginning to get frustrated, pulling at her hair. Havok with a whip, followed by a side slam for another nearfall. Havok is getting increasingly more frustrated as she says that Reby doesn’t belong here, but Reby comes back with a headscissors takeover.

Reby with an avalanche, followed by a shoulder to the ribs. Reby goes for a spin kick, but Havok moves and Reby is caught in the ropes. Havok with a powerbomb, then muscles her back up. Reby, though, fights out and hits a X-Factor for a nearfall. Reby goes for the Twist of Fate, then blocks a clothesline. Reby this time hits the Twist of Fate, but Havok is somehow able to kick out. Reby now can’t believe it as she charges, but Havok pulls the ref in front of her and Reby wipes him out. Havok now has the chair and lifts up Reby. Havok goes for the Demon Drop, but Reby gets out. Reby hits the Twist of Fate on the chair and removes the chair.

Reby covers Havok and gets the upset victory.

Winner: Reby Sky by pinfall (Twist of Fate on a Chair)

Afterwards, Havok gets on the mic and shakes Reby’s hand, saying that while she respects her, it does not mean she has to like her and tells Reby to watch her back before leaving. 

(Thoughts: The best match of their 3 matches in SHINE. Havok did a great job as the confident heel who every time Reby would try and start something, Havok would ALWAYS have an answer to cut her off. Havok continues to show great stuff with her playing to the crowd and trash-talking Reby throughout the match. I also thought this was Reby’s best performance to date. Yes, she may not have a lot of experience in the ring, but my god is she great on the selling end with drawing people in to want to get behind her. That will do her wonders going forward in her career. The finish was good as it gave Reby her break-out win and in a way a comeuppance for Havok as this whole thing started with Havok using a chair to injure Reby at SHINE 2, but it leading to her downfall in defeat. However, Havok lost nothing in defeat because it took the use of a chair to defeat her. Great job from both women in this match. )

Before the main event, VALKYRIE comes out and gets a microphone. Rain says that VALKYRIE is the most dominant force in the history of pro wrestling. Ivelisse says that the fans pay to see them, then says some stuff in Spainsh. Taylor Made says that the fans wish they can get people like them and they go and cry themselves to sleep at night. Allysin Kay finally says that no one on the SHINE roster can beat them, then jaw-jacks with a fan. The baby-face team runs in and clears VALKYRIE from the ring, leading to……….

Main Event in an 8-Woman Tag Match: VALKYRIE (“The Radiant” Rain, “The Huntress” Ivelisse, “The AK47” Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) vs. The Amazing Kong, Angelina Love, “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim & “The Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie

The baby-faces knock the heels off the apron, forcing VALKYRIE to re-group. Love & Rain will start things off as Rain says “she got this”. Shoving match ensues until Love with a forearm. Exchange of forearms until Love with a gut shot. Rain reverses a whip, but Love sidesteps a backdrop and takes Rain down. Love with a front slam while talking trash to VALKYRIE. Rain reverses a whip, but runs into an elbow. Love with a Sunset flip off the ropes for a nearfall. Rain rakes the eyes and tags in Ivelisse. Ivelisse stomps away, then trash talks the fans. Love slips out of a slam and tags in Von Eerie. Von Eerie goes for a straitjacket lungblower, but Ivelisse gets out. Von Eerie with an enziguri for a nearfall. Tag to Yim as Von Eerie with a Northern Lights Suplex. Exchange of kicks to the leg by both, followed by an exchange of head kicks. More kicks to the leg, then Mia with kicks to the chest. Ivelisse ducks under one and sends Mia into a right hand from Kay. Ivelisse with a kick for a nearfall. Ivelisse with a Cobra Clutch of sorts, but Yim gets out with a takedown. Yim tries to make a tag, but Ivelisse pulls her back. Ivelisse with a Dragon Screw legwhip, then tags in Made. Made with shoulders to the ribs, followed by a snapmare and finally a stiff kick to the back. Tag to Kay, who hits a big kick to the ribs. Yim with a slap, but Kay with a forearm and then chokes Mia in the corner. Ivelisse distracts the ref while VALKYRIE triple-team Mia. Kay chokes Mia in the ropes, then sends her into the corner. Kay with a Japanese Stranglehold, then sends Mia face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Kay with another kick, but Mia fights back. Kay with a kick to the leg, then locks in a neck vise. Crowd wills on Mia, who fights back with kicks to the leg, followed by a head kick. Kay then catches a kick and hits a powerbomb for a close nearfall. Kay shakes out the cobwebs, then stops Mia from making a tag. Tag to Rain, who stomps away at Mia. Rain goes for a DDT, but Yim gets out and nails Rain with a spin kick and both women are down.

Tag to Kong as well as Made as Kong with a pair of clotheslines. Kong goes after Rain and whips her into Made. Kong nails them both with an avalanche. Kong hits the spinning backfist on Rain, but VALKYRIE breaks it up. Its breaking down now as all 8 women are brawling around ringside. Ivelisse with kicks to Mia while Love nails Rain with a baseball slide. Von Eerie sends Made off the apron, then Love sends Rain back-first into the apron. Ivelisse nails Mia in the head with a chair, followed by a shot across the back. Von Eerie gives Made a spanking as Mia stomps away at Ivelisse. Von Eerie sends Made off the ringpost while Ivelisse whips Mia into a series of chairs. Kong with a right hand to Kay, then sends her into the ringpost. Kong whips Kay into a series of chairs, then Mia nails Ivelisse with a chair. Kay goes back into the ring as Von Eerie nails Made across the back with a chair. Love sends Rain off the apron as Mia chokes Ivelisse with a chair. Everyone gets back in the ring as we re-gain control of the match with Kong & Rain as the legal women. Rain doesn’t realize Kong is behind her, but she gets out of a chokeslam and flees to makes a tag to Kay. Kay is whipped hard into the corner and Kong tags in Von Eerie. Von Eerie hits the Graveyard Smash on Kay, but Rain breaks it up. Rain hits an Implant DDT, but does not realize Love is behind her. Rain avoids a kick, but Love hits her with Lights Out. Made comes in and hits Love with a neckbreaker. Mia now in and she hits Made with a release German Suplex. Mia then hits Lucha Strong, but Made is not legal. Ivelisse drills Mia with a head kick, but Kong sends Ivelisse into the ringpost. Made In Sin goes after Kong and tries for a double DDT, but Kong hits them with a double suplex. Ivelisse then hits Kong with a missile dropkick and everyone is down. Von Eerie heads up top and nails Kay with a kneedrop for a nearfall. Von Eerie with a slap to Made, followed by connecting with the 138, but Kay breaks it up. Von Eerie again goes for the 138, but Kay breaks it up.

Made In Sin then hit Von Eerie with the Eighth Deadly, scoring the win for VALKYRIE.

Winners: VALKYRIE by pinfall (The Eighth Deadly)

After the match, Kong attacks Ivelisse and sends her into the Botox Injection by Love. Von Eerie hits her with the 138. then Yim heads up top and connects with SkyYim. Kong then heads up top and hits Ivelisse with the Amazing Press. Ivelisse is laid to waste as VALKYRIE is down on the outside. The baby-faces stand tall as VALKYRIE begins to realize what happened to Ivelisse. The baby-faces roll the fallen Ivelisse out to VALKYRIE, who helps her to the back. The baby-faces celebrate in the ring as we close the show.

(Thoughts: Very chaotic, but fun main event brawl. All 8 women worked very hard and took some pretty stiff bumps once they went to brawling on the outside towards the end of the match. VALKYRIE was right to go over as they needed to stay dominant, although the baby-face team gave them a real run for their money. Really enjoyed the members of Valkyrie cutting promos before the match. Wish they had done that on the last show, but they did a good job at getting heat prior to the match. Once again, some may have a problem with the chairshots to the head, but I had zero problem with it. Ivelisse getting laid to waste afterwards I would assume leads to her exit from SHINE because of her working some of the TNA One Night Only PPVs last week. However, I could definitely be wrong. But overall, the post-match was good to get the faces their heat to lead into the next show. To summarize, very chaotic, but fun main event.)

Overall, SHINE #8 had a solid undercard, but the top half of the show delivered in a big way. The Reby-Havok, Leva-Kimberly & 8-Woman Tag matches are worth the price of the iPPV replay.

SHINE #8 Grade: A-

That will do it for me on the SHINE #8 iPPV recap, have a great weekend!