SHINE Wrestling #9 Internet PPV
April 19, 2013
Ybor City, Florida (The Orpheum)
Commentators: Lenny Leonard & Daffney
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Daffney welcomes us to the show. She hypes up tonight’s matches and as always, hypes the open bar in the Orpheum. She mentions that in the main event cage match between Leva Bates & Kimberly, there is a straitjacket stipulation that to win, you must put the straitjacket on your opponent to win. We then go to the opening match.

“The AK47” Allysin Kay w/April Hunter vs. Courtney Rush

Rush does some dancing to start, but Kay wants to fight. Rush works on the arm, then tries to dip Kay, but she will have none of it. Kay wants to keep it classy like always. They go to a Test of Strength until Rush gains control. Rush again tries to dance with Kay, who continues to be incensed by it. They go again to the knucklelock until its Kay who takes advantage. Rush then with 2 armdrags, followed by a backbreaker. Rush with a suplex as she is known for those. Rush sends Kay into the corner and begins the 10 punches, but Hunter gets on the apron, however Rush with right hands to both Kay & Hunter. Rush gains a nearfall, then goes for a Sharpshooter, but Kay gets to the ropes. Kay again wants some class as she has words with Hunter. Rush then knocks Kay off the apron as Kay was taking too much time. Kay leaps into Hunter’s arms as the two hug it out. Rush goes to dive on them, causing Hunter to drop Kay on the outside. Hunter apologizes to Kay, but then Rush gives them a meeting of the minds. Rush looks to bring Kay back in with a suplex, but Hunter stops her from doing so. But in doing so, drops Kay face-first off the apron while Rush is hot-shotted on the top rope.

Back in the ring, Kay with a clothesline for a nearfall. Kay with a Camel Clutch and fish hooks her with her pinkie, as always, keeping it classy. Rush is able to counter and pulls at Kay’s nostrils. Hunter says that was disgusting and allows Kay to drill Rush with a big right hand. Kay chokes Rush on the ropes, then asks the ref to check if her nose is broken. Kay sends Rush into the corner, then stomps away at her before delivering some shoulders to the ribs. Kay with a nonchalant cover for a nearfall. Kay with a charging forearm in the corner, but Rush avoids an avalanche. Rush with some forearms, but Kay comes back with a boot for a nearfall. Daffney brings up the disrespect VALKYRIE has shown her as Rush counters a wheelbarrow move by Kay into a half crab, but Kay makes it to the ropes. Rush goes again for the Sharpshooter, but Kay is able to again kick Rush off. Kay with a big forearm, but Rush puts on the brakes off a whip and nails Kay with a forearm of her own.

Rush with 2 clotheslines, followed by a Slingblade. Rush this time is able to hook Kay in the Sharpshooter. Hunter gets on the apron to distract Rush and Kay taps out, but the ref is with Hunter. Rush has words with Hunter, allowing Kay to block a right hand.

Kay then hits Cut-Throat for the victory.

Winner: “The AK47” Allysin Kay by pinfall (Cut-Throat)

Kay & Hunter celebrate their win while Rush tries to plead her case to the ref.

Thoughts: Good opener. Nice mixture using Rush’s comedy in the early going before getting more serious towards the end. Good stuff from both AK & Rush.

Before the next match, Saraya Knight has the mic and tells the crowd to shut their mouth and says this will be the last time you all will see Su Yung. Saraya says is that the best that SHINE can offer? I was the SHIMMER champion. And what does SHINE give me? Some Barbie doll that doesn’t know how to fight. So, I will take much delight in ripping off your face in front of these idiots. I guarantee that they will respect me more and you will just be a joke.

SHINE Title Tournament Qualifying Match: Su Yung vs. “Sweet” Saraya Knight

Su slaps Saraya, but that was a mistake as Saraya takes her down by the hair. Another hair-mare by Saraya, who yells that Su thinks she is tough? Saraya stomps away, including a shot down low. Saraya chokes Su, but Su turns it around and chokes Saraya until Saraya kicks her low. Saraya with a double leg drop for a nearfall. Saraya gets distracted, allowing Su to roll her up for a nearfall. Su goes to lock in Yellow Fever as Saraya tries to counter, but Su keeps the hold maintained. Saraya is then finally able to make it to the ropes. Su with 2 hip-tosses, followed by a slam for a nearfall. Saraya with an eye poke, followed by a big slap.

Saraya with gut shots, followed by a running dropkick to the lower region of Su in the corner. Saraya taunts the crowd, but Su fights back with gut shots, followed by a rolling elbow. Su with a snapmare takeover for a nearfall. Su brings Saraya out to the center the hard way for another nearfall. Saraya, though, takes back over and guillotines Su across the bottom rope. Saraya with a nonchalant cover for a nearfall. Su rolls through a backslide and hits a forearm, followed by a double leg drop to the ribs for a nearfall. Saraya with a forearm, followed by a back club. Saraya locks in a Boston Crab, while using the ropes for leverage until the ref catches her. Saraya with a right hand from a headlock position, but again Su fights back.

Su then with a receipt to Saraya with a kick down low. Su again locks in Yellow Fever as Saraya has nowhere to go, although still fighting it until she is able to get her feet on the ropes. Su with a gut shot and a right hand, followed by a chop to the throat. Su takes Saraya down and again locks Saraya in Yellow Fever right in the middle of the ring. Saraya headstands out and gets her feet on the ropes. Saraya stomps away at Su, followed by some more right hands. Exchange of hard slaps by both until Saraya spits in her face. Saraya with another back club and another kick down low. Saraya pulls back on Su’s arms in the ropes, surfboard style. Crowd chants for Su as Saraya with another hard slap, followed by another kick down low in the corner. Saraya runs into double boots by Su, then another boot as Su goes up top.

Saraya with another shot down low, then brings out Su out of the corner with a sit-out powerbomb for the victory.

Winner and qualifying for the SHINE Title Tournament: “Sweet’ Saraya Knight by pinfall (Sit-Out Powerbomb)

Saraya takes a swig of beer from a fan afterwards, then gives a little tip of the cap to Su as it seemed Su gained some respect from Saraya. Su then gets a good ovation in leaving.

Thoughts: Really good match. Su’s best SHINE performance to date as she showed great fire and intensity being there in with Saraya. Saraya worked very hard in getting heat from the crowd while at the same time, doing enough things to put Su over. Hats off.

Triple Threat Match: Rhia O’Reilly vs. Brittney Savage vs. Solo Darling

Rhia has words with the crowd, but Solo with a roll-up for a nearfall. Savage & Rhia try to double team Solo, but takes them both down. Solo with a side headlock on Rhia, then runs up the ropes to take her down. Rhia misses a clothesline and Solo with a pin attempt for a nearfall. Savage grabs at the hair, then covers Rhia for a nearfall. Savage trash talks Solo, who goes after her, but Savage goes to the outside. But, that allows Rhia to nail Solo from behind. Rhia with a double leg drop for a nearfall. Rhia with back clubs, followed by a suplex, but Savage breaks up the pinfall before quickly going back outside. Solo tries to make a comeback, but Rhia regains advantage. Solo is sent into the corner, then Rhia sends her off the bottom turnbuckle. Rhia with a snapmare, followed by a running neck snap, but again Savage breaks up the pinfall. Solo again tries to make a comeback, but Rhia again takes over. Rhia with a fallaway slam, but Savage runs into make a cover for a nearfall. Rhia sends Savage to the outside, then hits a back club to Solo. Rhia chokes Solo in the ropes, then goes off the ropes, but Savage trips her up. Savage locks in a leglock while Solo locks in a Japanese Stranglehold. Then, Solo traps Savage as well in a Stranglehold until she releases. Solo with a clothesline to Savage and a back elbow to Rhia. Hiptoss to Rhia, followed by a double sledge, but Savage breaks it up. Savage with a knee, then she & Rhia hit Solo with a double suplex. Rhia knocks down Savage while lifting up Solo, sending her to the outside.

Rhia then hits a Samoan Drop on Solo for the victory.

Winner: Rhia O’Reilly by pinfall (Samoan Drop)

Rhia with a shot to Solo afterwards, then chases Savage to the back.

Thoughts: Never really seemed to get out of 1st gear. All 3 tried, but something just didn’t click here.

SHINE Title Tournament Qualifying Match: “The Radiant” Rain w/April Hunter vs. Angelina Love

Rain stalls as the bell sounds, dropping down off the apron everytime Love tries to go after her. This continues until Love hits Rain with a baseball slide, sending Rain into some fans in the front row. Love sends Rain off the apron, followed by sending her previously injured wrist off the apron. Back in the ring, exchange of forearms until Love with a gut kick and a running kneelift. Love with a slam, then slams Rain’s wrist into the mat. Love pulls at the arm in the ropes, followed by a crossbody. Rain wants the ref to check on her wrist, allowing Hunter to trip up Love. This allows Rain to take over, hitting a clothesline. Love is sent into the corner, then Rain with double knees to the back for a nearfall. Rain chokes Love in the ropes, then distracts the ref so Hunter can hit Love with a leg drop on the apron. Rain gains a nearfall, followed by a headbutt. Rain with a series of knees to the back, followed by a pair of forearms. Love counters a charge and kicks Rain off, followed by a roll-up for a nearfall. However, Rain comes back with another clothesline for a nearfall. Rain chokes Love as Lenny Leonard talks about the accolades of the women in these qualifying matches. Rain with a Divorce Court for another nearfall. Rain stomps away at Love, then locks in a cravate. Crowd wills on Love as she gets to her feet, but Rain drives her back down. Rain then stands on the hair of Love while pulling on the arms. Rain goes back to the cravate, but Love breaks free. Rain hits a Codebreaker, then goes off the ropes, but Love catches her with a front dropkick and both women are down.

Exchange of forearms until Love gains advantage. Love with a clothesline and a back elbow, followed by a double chop. Rain blocks a kick, but Love connects with an enziguri for a nearfall. Love hooks both legs, but still only gets a nearfall. Love then drills Rain with the Botox Injection, followed by knocking Hunter off the apron. Love goes for the cover, but somehow, Rain is able to kick-out.

Rain then goes to the eyes and hits the Implant DDT for the victory.

Winner and qualifying for the SHINE Title Tournament: “The Radiant” Rain by pinfall (Implant DDT)

Rain mocks the fans, laughing in their face, as she leaves with Hunter.

Thoughts: Good match. Angelina worked hard and Rain did a good job at garnering sympathy onto Angelina in her control section. Rain laughing at the crowd afterwards was glorious.

6-Woman Tag: Team Australia (SHIMMER Tag Team Champion “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater, “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay & Shazza McKenzie) vs. Nikki Roxx, Santana & “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim

Skater has new ring attire for this match, while the team led by Santana all are wearing her infamous Headbands of Power. ‘Happy Birthday” chants for Roxx, who is sharing a birthday with yours truly. Everyone shakes hands, but Team Australia gets into Roxx, Yim & Santana’s faces while doing so. Shazza & Mia start things off with Roxx checking the ref. Shazza starts a “Aussie, Aussie, OI!, OI!” chant. Mia then starts a “USA” chant. Shazza then starts a “AUS” chant. Shazza with a side headlock, but Mia with a hammerlock. Shazza goes to a top wristlock and takes Mia down into a back bridge. Mia counters and does the same thing to Shazza. Mia with a side headlock takeover. Shazza counters into a headscissors, but Mia with a headstand to get out and goes right back to the headlock. Shazza now with a wristlock, but Mia with a cartwheel to reverse. Shazza gets out and takes Mia down, followed by knees to the arm. Mia counters into a front chancery and rolls through into a guillotine choke. Tag to Santana, who works on the arm of Shazza. Tag to Roxx, who hits a top rope double sledge. Roxx goes shoulder-to-shoulder with Shazza. Tag to Mia, who hits her own double sledge off the top. Shazza gets out and tags in McKay. Mia grabs her arm instantly and tags in Santana. Santana with forearms, slides under the legs, trips up McKay and locks her in the Muta Lock. McKay gets free, but Santana with a running boot for a nearfall. McKay slides under Santana’s legs and nails her with a kick to the back of the head for a nearfall. Tag to Skater, who hits some forearms. Skater with a front chancery, but Santana armdrags out. Santana with a knee to the arm and tags in Roxx. Roxx with a gut kick and goes to work on the arm. Skater gets free and locks Roxx in an armbar. Roxx with a drop toe hold and gets a 1 count. Skater stops a suplex attempt and hits one of her own for a nearfall.

Skater sends Roxx into the corner and hits a forearm. Roxx avoids a charge and hits a suplex of sorts for another nearfall. Skater with a knee to the gut and tags in Shazza. Double whip by Team Aussie and they lock in a double armbar, while McKay leaps on the back with a chinlock. Santana & Mia break it up and they knock all 3 of Team Aussie down with a dropkick. Skater says “she got this” as she wants a Test of Strength with Roxx. Roxx adheres, but McKay comes in and does a knucklelock with Roxx. Then, we get a whole chain of Test of Strength from all 6 girls until Shazza is knocked down. Shazza sends Santana into a split, then Santana does the same to her. Strike exchange until McKay breaks it up. Exchange of knockdowns by all 6 until all 6 women are down.

Exchange of roll-ups by McKay & Roxx for a series of nearfalls. McKay then hits a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Roxx with a side slam for a nearfall. Roxx goes for the Barbi Crusher, but McKay stops it. McKay goes for the Boyfriend Stealer, but Roxx stops that. Roxx then hits the Barbi Crusher, but Skater breaks it up. Skater hits Roxx with the International Incident, but Mia breaks it up. Mia with a series of strikes, followed by a German, but Shazza breaks it up. Shazza avoids a backfist from Mia and hits a split Stunner. Santana now in and she hits Shazza with an enziguri. Santana hits the Shining Star Press, but McKay breaks it up.

McKay blocks a clothesline from Santana and hits the Boyfriend Stealer for the victory.

Winners: Team Australia by pinfall (Boyfriend Stealer by McKay on Santana)

Afterwards, everyone shakes hands & embrace in a sign of mutual respect.

Thoughts: Extremely fun 6-Woman Tag. Did some nifty spots using all 6 and giving each one of them a chance to SHINE, no pun intended. Surprising to see Santana get pinned here to get Team Aussie the win, but the match was still fun regardless.

SHINE Title Tournament Qualifying Match: “The Punisher” Madison Eagles” vs. Jessicka Havok

Ref searches Madison and finds 2 forks in her boot. Madison wants the ref to keep Havok back as the bell sounds. Madison works on the arm to start, but Havok counters into a hammerlock. Madison counters out and takes Havok down into a side headlock. Madison takes Havok back down and drops a knee on the arm for a nearfall. Madison continues to work on the arm while biting at it. Madison with elbows to the arm, but then Havok bites at Madison’s leg. Havok with a kick to the leg, but Madison fights back with a forearm. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle, then they exchange trash talk. Madison trips up Havok and she goes to the outside. Madison tells Havok to “suck it”, but then Havok comes in and takes Madison down, sending her out to the outside. Back in, Havok unloads with forearms, then goes off the ropes, but Madison follows her in and trips her up. Havok trips up Madison, then they exchange chops on the apron. They hit forearms and boots at the same time, causing both women to fall off the apron and to the outside. Madison with a knee to the ribs, followed by a back club. Madison breaks up the ref’s count, but that allows Havok to come back with forearms. Havok sends Madison into the apron, followed by a big chop. Havok with a whip, but Madison reverses and sends Havok hard into the steel steps.

Havok is favoring her arm as Madison with a big kick to the back. Havok comes back with a gut kick, then gives a receipt as she sends Madison hard into the steel steps. Havok misses a chop and Madison unloads with a series of chops. Havok comes back with a boot to the face and sends Madison back in. Havok with a big stomp to the back, then applies a leglock on Madison. However, Madison bites at her arm to break free. Madison then applies the same leglock to Havok, switching into a STF variation. Havok gets free and hits some forearms, followed by a clothesline. Havok with a running boot for a nearfall. Havok goes for a running leg drop, but Madison moves and hits a kick to the back. Madison then with a running knee for a nearfall. Madison locks in a chinlock, sitting on the back of Havok, as the crowd surprisingly is willing Havok on. Havok gets free, but Madison with another shot to the back. Madison then hits a vicious running kick for another nearfall. Madison with double knees in the corner, but Havok avoids a running boot. Havok then begins to do Sami Callihan’s famous Violence Party. She goes for a 3rd running boot, but Eagles catches her with a knee. Eagles then hits a running Yakuza Kick. Havok blocks a brainbuster and hits a roundhouse kick to the head. Havok fires up, but then Madison drills her with her own roundhouse kick and both women are down. Madison with kicks to the leg of Havok, but Havok ducks a roundhouse kick. Havok lifts up Madison, but Madison counters with a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Madison goes for Hellbound, but Havok fights out with elbows.

Havok then hits the Demon Drop for the victory.

Winner and advancing to the SHINE Title Tournament: Jessicka Havok by pinfall (The Demon Drop)

Thoughts: Just a vicious battle between these two. They just beat the tar outta one another and it was great. Madison lost nothing in defeat and Havok gets a big win under her belt by beating a former SHIMMER champion. Best match on the show so far.

“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Evie

Mercedes backs Evie into the corner and pie-faces her. Mercedes with an amateur takedown as she is playing around with Evie here. Evie with a gut kick and a side headlock, but Mercedes counters into a side headlock takeover. Evie counters with a headscissors, but Mercedes gets free and slaps Evie right in the mouth! Mercedes with chops and right hands, followed by the numerous chest clubs in the corner. Evie avoids a charge, but Mercedes blocks a Monkey flip. Evie kicks Mercedes off and connects with a crossbody. Evie with a series of dropkicks that sends Mercedes to the outside. Evie goes for a running apron kick, but Mercedes catches her and sends her face-first off the apron. Mercedes gains a nearfall, then unloads right hands from the mount. Mercedes chokes Evie, followed by a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall. Mercedes with a pair of hard chops, followed by a right hand. Mercedes feigns another chop, but instead pokes Evie in the eye. Mercedes rolls through with Evie into a guillotine choke, then sends her into the corner. Mercedes again with the chest clubs, but Evie drop toe holds Mercedes into the corner. Evie with a monkey flip, a snapmare and a running kick for a nearfall. Evie with forearms, Mercedes misses a clothesline, but catches Evie in a wheelbarrow and turns it into a suplex for a nearfall. Mercedes with another chop, then catches Evie when she tried to slide under the legs. Mercedes with a tree slam for a nearfall. Mercedes is getting frustrated, then goes for a slam, but Evie slips out.

Evie with forearms from the apron, then heads up top and hits a missile dropkick. Evie with a gut kick, followed by a hanging kick to the back for a nearfall. Evie with more forearms, but Mercedes catches her with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Mercedes goes to the 2nd rope, but takes too much time as Evie hits her with a running boot. Evie goes up with Mercedes and hits a rana off the top with Mercedes landing right on her head! Mercedes rolls out to the outside as Evie goes out to the apron. Evie connects this time with the running apron kick and sends Mercedes back in the ring. Evie with a cover, but Mercedes just barely kicks out. Mercedes is sent into the corner, but avoids a running boot by Evie. Mercedes then drills Evie with a Backdrop Driver.

Mercedes hits the Fisherman’s Buster for the victory.

Winner: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez by pinfall (Fisherman’s Buster)

Mercedes celebrates her victory, although she is still shaking her arm to get the feeling back after the rana from earlier.

Thoughts: Good match, but man that rana spot off the top was brutal. Hopefully Mercedes is OK after that because she was definitely shaking her arm a lot to get the feeling back after the rana. Evie was impressive and Mercedes was her usual hard-hitting self. Good stuff from both.

SHINE Title Tournament Qualifying Match: “The Huntress” Ivelisse w/April Hunter vs. “The Female Fighting Phenom” Jazz

Ivelisse has her ribs taped up from the post-match beatdown by Team Kong at SHINE 8. Ivelisse asks the ref to have Jazz stay away from her injured ribs. Jazz with a hammerlock into a side headlock. Ivelisse gets out, but Jazz mows her down with a shoulder tackle. Again, Ivelisse has words with the ref about Jazz going after her ribs. Jazz with a takedown and goes to work on the arm. Ivelisse gets out and takes down Jazz with an armdrag. Jazz with a front chancery, then rolls her up for a nearfall. Ivelisse counters into a hammerlock, but Jazz with a fireman’s carry for a nearfall. Jazz goes back to work on the arm, followed by a roll-up for another nearfall. Ivelisse rolls out to the apron, but Jazz pulls her back in, However, Ivelisse was playing possum as she locks Jazz in a Go-Go-Plata. Jazz, though, powers out, but Ivelisse counters a powerbomb attempt with a rana that sends Jazz into the corner.

Ivelisse undoes the tape on her ribs as it seems that she was never favoring those ribs. Exchange of forearms, but Jazz begins to pepper Ivelisse with jabs, followed by a big right hand. Jazz with a big leaping leg drop for a nearfall. Jazz locks Ivelisse in an abdominal stretch while digging her elbows into the ribs of Ivelisse, but Ivelisse is able to get to the ropes. Hunter wants a time-out, but to no avail, although it allows Ivelisse to come back with a series of kicks, the final on to the head for a nearfall. Ivelisse with a stiff kick to the back for another nearfall. Jazz drives Ivelisse into the corner, but Ivelisse locks her in a guillotine choke, however Jazz is able to make it to the ropes. Ivelisse chokes Jazz with her boot, then distracts the ref so Hunter can choke Jazz with Ivelisse’s rib tape. Ivelisse with back clubs, followed by a big hook kick for another nearfall. Ivelisse goes back to the Go-Go-Plata, but Jazz gets free. Ivelisse switches to an arm triangle choke, but Jazz counters out and locks in a ground version of the Gory Special. Jazz turns it into a pin predicament for a nearfall. Ivelisse comes back with a gut kick, followed by a kick to the back for a nearfall. Ivelisse with a Koji Clutch, but Jazz gets to the ropes. Ivelisse goes to the middle rope, but takes too long as Jazz catches her and locks her in a Rings of Saturn variation. All of a sudden, Rain comes out and hops up on the apron. Jazz is distracted by her, but avoids a roundhouse kick by Ivelisse.

Jazz then hits the Jazz Stinger for the victory.

Winner and qualifying for the SHINE Title Tournament: “The Female Fighting Phenom” Jazz by pinfall (Jazz Stinger)

Thoughts: Solid match, but the finish came a little out of nowhere. Ivelisse worked very hard, working in a bunch of nifty submissions on Jazz, who looked just as good as her early SHINE appearances, even though she hasn’t been seen at SHINE since SHINE #5. Liked the finish as it gives Ivelisse an out and could lead to her potentially leaving VALKYRIE if the TNA rumors are true. But all in all, solid match.

Jazz celebrates her win while Ivelisse has words with Rain & April Hunter about the botched interference.

We go to intermission to set-up the cage for the main event, but before that, the SHINE roster comes out to celebrate Nikki Roxx’s birthday. They sing Happy Birthday to her, but then Mercedes Martinez throws cake in her face, followed by hitting her with something in the face. Daffney gets in Mercedes’ face about disrespecting Roxx, but Mercedes shoves her down. Mercedes then dumps the birthday cake on top of Roxx before leaving. Daffney checks on Roxx as we now finally go to intermission.

Thoughts; Good angle here to set-up the 3rd Mercedes/Roxx match. Also could lead to something involving Daffney with Mercedes shoving her down. Again, good stuff.


Back from intermission, its time for the main event.

Main Event in an Arkham Asylum Steel Cage Match (must put opponent in a strait-jacket to win): Kimberly vs. Leva Bates

Leva is dressed as the Joker and is wearing the Joker nurse outfit from the Dark Knight, while Kimberly is wearing a “Bitch #2” t-shirt, in the style of the Thing #2 t-shirt from back at SHINE #5. Leva has a can full of weapons while Kimberly came out with a steel chair. Kimberly attacks Leva before the bell sounds and sends her into the steel cage. Steel chair shot across the back not once, but four times by Kimberly. Leva then chokes out the referee, followed by proceeding to choke out Kimberly. Kimberly gets free, then sends Leva again into the steel cage. Kimberly then drills Leva with an Orpheum sign across the back. She goes to do it again, but Leva blows powder in her face. Kimberly has the chair, but Leva kicks her to counter. Steel chair shots across the back by Leva multiple times. Kimberly is sent into the corner, then Leva chokes Kimberly with the chair. Chair shot to the ribs of Kimberly, then Leva wedges the chair between the middle and bottom rope. Leva then dropkicks the chair into the face of Kimberly, then does a Cannonball to send the chair into Kimberly’s face. Leva grabs the straitjacket, but Kimberly kicks her off. Leva is sent again into the cage not once, but twice. Kimberly then slams Leva multiple times into the cage, followed by a fallaway slam. Kimberly now has the straitjacket, but Leva fights her off with a headbutt. Leva then nails Kimberly in the ribs with a road cone, then puts it on her head. Leva now has the Orpheum sign and nails Kimberly twice in the back with it. Kimberly comes back with a right hand, followed by a soccer kick to the ribs. Kimberly chokes Leva in the ropes, then sends her into the cage. Kimberly goes for the Cloverleaf, but Leva breaks free by nailing Kimberly in the head with the Orpheum sign. Leva goes to the 2nd rope and hits a springboard back elbow. Leva goes to the top of the cage and drills Kimberly with a missile dropkick!

Leva goes to put the straitjacket on Kimberly, but somehow, Kimberly is able to fight her off. Kimberly with a dropkick that sends Leva into the part of the cage that has a gap in between the ring and the cage. Kimberly with a shoulder, but Leva sends her face-first into the cage. Leva then hits a Randy Orton-style rope-hanging DDT onto Kimberly. Leva has the straitjacket again, but Kimberly stops her by choking her. Kimberly lifts up Leva and sends her head-first into the cage twice before hitting a Samoan Drop. Kimberly chokes Leva with the strait-jacket, then tries to put it on her. Again, Kimberly lifts up Leva and then begins to climb up the ropes. Leva is trying to fight it and counters it into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb! Leva says “Why so serious?” to Kimberly and again tries to put her in the strait-jacket. But again, Kimberly is able to fight her off. Kimberly places Leva on the top turnbuckle, but Leva counters and hits a tornado-style Codebreaker from the top. Leva has Kimberly’s arms in the strait-jacket, then nails Kimberly with a backstabber. Leva tries to strap Kimberly inside the strait-jacket and has her foot across the neck along with elbows to the head. One more strap to go as Kimberly is still trying to fight it, but Leva with more elbows.

Leva then finishes the job, tying up Kimberly in the strait-jacket to get the victory.

Winner: Leva Bates

Afterwards, Leva with a Superhero Kick to Kimberly, then says “I am done” as their feud has finally come to an end. Leva celebrates her win while Kimberly runs off, still tied up in the strait-jacket as we close the show.

Thoughts: Really fun main event. It wasn’t on the level of their previous encounters, but still a very fun brawl with some nifty weapons spots. They both used the cage very well and the weapons spots were well done as well. I do think the last-minute strait-jacket kinda hurt the ebb and flow to the match compared to the previous matches, but all in all, still a good main event to close the show.



Overall, SHINE #9 was another good show, albeit it the longest show to date with the long intermission to set-up the cage. Aside from the 3-way, all the matches were good to great and the roster, like always, put their working boots on to give the matches a great show. Match of the Night honors goes to Havok & Eagles, but the Saraya/Su, Love/Rain & the main event are all worth checking out as well. Definite recommendation of the replay.

My Grade: B+

Thanks for reading along! Had a great time covering this show on my birthday and SHINE delivered a great birthday present to yours truly tonight. Look for the podcast review of this show later this weekend for WrestleView VIPs at Have a good evening and stay SHININ’!