5/3 CHIKARA Results: Gibsonville, North Carolina (Kingston vs. Green Ant)

CHIKARA “Battle Not with Monsters”
Gibsonville, North Carolina
May 3, 2013

1. The Batiri (Kodama, Kobald, Obaryion) & Ophidian def. The Colony (Fire & assailANT) & Los Ice Creams (El Hijo Del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.).

2. Saturyne def. Missile Assault Ant

3. The Colony: Xtreme Force (Orbit Adventure & Arctic Rescue Ant) & deviANT def. 3.Akuma (Shane Matthews, Scott Parker & Gran Akuma).

4. Amasis def. The Shard

5. Archibald Peck def. Jigsaw

6. Mr. Touchdown def. Andrew Everett (formerly the Chiva Kid) to retain the Young Lions Cup.

7. The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked & Frightmare) def. F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor, Icarus & Johnny Gargano) w/Sugar Dunkerton.

– Afterwards, Gargano blamed Sugar for the loss and superkicked him. Icarus then speared Gargano and left with Sugar, while Gargano says that he quits F.I.S.T. and leaves with Taylor.

8. Eddie Kingston def. Green Ant to retain the CHIKARA Grand Championship.

Source: PWPonderings.com