WSU “Queen & King Tournament” Internet PPV
May 11, 2013
Voorhees, New Jersey (Flyers Skate Zone)
Commentators: Dan Cowhey & Jake Black
Report by: Jason Namako of

We go instantly to our 1st match of the show.

1st Round Queen & King Tournament Match: The Fitness Gurus (Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks) vs. Ohio Is 4 Killers (Nevaeh & Jake Crist)

The Fitness Gurus play mind games with OI4K to start. Exchange of matwork between Parks & Crist. Crist has tape on his shoulder. Test of strength ensues, but Cherry keeps interfering to help out Parks. 3rd time is thwarted by Nevaeh & Cherry accidentally low blows Parks. Crist gets some nearfalls, then the women tag in. Cherry bites the fingers of Nevaeh, but Nevaeh is able to take over. Neck snap, followed by a shot to Parks from Nevaeh. Parks answers with a shot to Nevaeh & the Gurus take over by double teaming her. Cherry spits at Crist while Parks chokes Nevaeh. London Dungeon variation by Cherry while she taunts the crowd. Nevaeh comes back with a roll-up for a nearfall. Full nelson by Parks, then taunts Crist while Cherry chokes Nevaeh. Nevaeh comes back with a clothesline and tags in Crist. Crist making a comeback on Parks, hitting a leg lariat. Crossbody for a nearfall. Assisted headscissors by Nevaeh. Nevaeh with a facebuster to Cherry, but then Parks hits Crist with the Pepper Shaker. Nevaeh with a neckbreaker to Parks. Cherry hits Crist with the BSE (Best Superkick Ever), but then Nevaeh hits Cherry with a Chin Checker to get OI4K the victory.

Winners and advancing to the semi-finals of the Queen & King Tournament: Ohio Is 4 Killers by pinfall (Chin Checker)

1st Round Queen & King Tournament Match: The Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone (Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee) vs. “The Notorious” Devon Moore & Mickie Knuckles

Gulak & Knuckles will start. Knuckles takes Gulak down to start and Gulak can’t believe it. Moore now in and Gulak shows off his technical prowess. Moore fights back and Gulak is a ping-pong between Moore & Knuckles. Knuckles & Moore double-teaming Gulak in the early going. Kimber Lee tags in & hits a headscissors & a rana on Moore. Knuckles tags in and hits some headbutts to Lee, followed by a stiff chop. Lee goes to the outside to re-group. Knuckles goes after her and they brawl on the outside. Lee is whipped hard into the barricade. Back in the ring, Lee comes back with a split jawbreaker, but Knuckles avoids Gulak off the top. Fisherman’s Suplex by Moore on Gulak for a nearfall. Moore runs into a boot by Gulak, but nails Lee with a right hand. Knuckles with a sit-out Pumphandle driver on Gulak, but Lee crotches Moore on the turnbuckles. Lee accidentally hits Gulak with a missile dropkick, but hits Knuckles with a German and the Campaign get the victory.

Winners and advancing to the semi-finals of the Queen & King Tournament: The Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone by pinfall (German Suplex)

1st Round Queen & King Tournament Match: “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena & CZW Wired Champion AR Fox vs. Ezavel Suena & the Latin Dragon

Suena & Athena will start. Exchange of snapmares, but Suena takes Athena down by the hair. Series of counters by the women until Athena gains a nearfall. Fox & Dragon now in. Crossbody by Dragon, Armdrag by Fox, Rana by Dragon, Back Senton & a kick by Fox. Dropkick by Fox, but Dragon monkey flips him to the outside. Asai Moonsault by Dragon. In the ring, Dragon gains a nearfall. Suena pulls down the ropes to send Fox to the outside, then Dragon sends Athena to the outside. Tope suicida by Suena takes out both Fox & Athena. In the ring, Dragon gains a nearfall. Suena sends Athena to the barricade. Crowd willing on Fox while Suena yells at them in Spanish. Athena in & hits a rana on Dragon. Big kick by Dragon & Suena in. Masked duo double-teams Athena, but she comes back with a tornado DDT. Masked duo stops an Athena dive. Masked duo avoids Fox’s Kickflip Moonsault & nail him with a double superkick, but Athena takes them out with a tope suicida. Fox takes out the masked duo with a springboard corkscrew senton. In the ring, Suena avoids the Fox 450 and hits a moonsault for a nearfall. Dragon goes for a springboard, but Fox nails him with a superkick on the way down. Dragon comes back with a slam for a nearfall. Athena hits a front-flip clothesline, followed by a cartwheel knee drop on Dragon. Dragon then hits Athena with a Dragon Suplex. Suena goes up with Athena, but she blocks a super rana. Meteora by Athena on Suena gets her & Fox the victory.

Winners and advancing to the semi-finals of the Queen & King Tournament: “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena & AR Fox by pinfall (Meteora)

Marti Belle comes out afterwards and gets in Suena’s face, saying she’ll never go near the Spirit Title. The two have to be separated before we go to our next match.

1st Round Queen & King Tournament Match: Scars & Stripes (“The All-American Canadian” Addy Starr & “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont) vs. The Ultra-Violent Couple (CZW World Champion “The Ultra-Violent Beast” MASADA & “The Ultra-Violent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie)

Starr & Von Eerie will start, but Von Eerie wants to face Tremont. Stiff kick by Von Eerie for a nearfall. Von Eerie yells for Starr to tag Tremont in. Tremont now in and a forearm exchange until Von Eerie with an enziguri. MASADA in & a Sunset flip for a nearfall. MASADA chokes Tremont and begins to take over. Tremont comes back with a clothesline. Tremont with a slam and Starr with a crossbody. Von Eerie in and hits a running boot to Starr for a nearfall. Von Eerie hits a suplex for another nearfall. Von Eerie taunts the crowd and MASADA now in, taunting Tremont. The Ultra-Violent Couple with frequent tags working over Starr. Starr fights back & hits an Acid Drop on MASADA for a nearfall. Tremont in and drills MASADA with stiff right hands. Avalanche and a back elbow for a nearfall. MASADA avoids a Frog Splash & then hits Starr with a backbreaker. Von Eerie with a nearfall, then a facebuster for another nearfall. Lawndart by Von Eerie, but Starr comes back with double knees from the top while Von Eerie was in the ropes for a nearfall. Von Eerie with another running boot and a back suplex, but Tremont breaks it up. All 4 then brawl on the outside. Starr avoids a Von Eerie chairshot and gets back in before the 10 count, giving Tremont & Starr the win.

Winners and advancing to the semi-finals of the Queen & King Tournament: Scars & Stripes by count-out

Tremont stops Von Eerie from doing further damage to Starr afterwards, then Von Eerie spits at Tremont before leaving.

Non-Tournament Match: WSU Tag Team Champions The Mid-West Militia (“The AK47” Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie) vs. WSU Spirit Champion Marti Belle & Lexxus

Little back and forth between AK47 & Belle during the pre-match intros. Lexxus & AK will start. Trash talk between the two, then a strike exchange. Lexxus with a headscissors and a running forearm. Belle in and rolls up Kay for a nearfall. Basement forearm for another nearfall. BIG slap by Kay, then stomps away at Belle. Belle with a Thesz Press, but Kay avoids a Cannonball. Kay takes over on Belle, including a BIG kick to the chest. Stephie tags in & hits a Edge-O-Matic for a nearfall. Scissored face plants by Stephie for another nearfall. Belle avoids a charge and Lexxus tags in, Lexxus with 2 running knees, then Belle with the Cannonball. Lexxus with a running basement crossbody, then a clothesline for a nearfall. Back senton for another nearfall. Running clothesline & a bulldog by Lexxus for another nearfall. Mid-West Militia with a blind tag and Kay with a lariat for a nearfall. Lexxus with a quick roll-up, but Kay comes back with a vicious knee to the face for a nearfall. Stephie in and gets Lexxus in the Muta Lock. Lexxus gets out, but Stephie with a clothesline for a nearfall. Lexxus comes back with an enziguri & tags in Belle. Belle makes a comeback on Stephie, but then Kay crotches Lexxus. Mid-West Militia with a wheelbarrow lungblower/sit-out slam combo on Belle. Lexxus tries to come in, but Ezavel Suena comes out and stops her, allowing the Militia to get the victory.

Winners: The Mid-West Militia by pinfall (Lungblower/Sit-Out Slam combo)

Afterwards, Suena taunts Lexxus on the outside. Mid-West Militia leave, but then Belle & Lexxus argue because Lexxus didn’t help Belle. Belle leaves, while Lexxus says to the camera she is coming after the WSU World Title.


Back from intermission, we go to the next match.

Queen & King Tournament Semi-Finals: Ohio Is 4 Killers vs. The Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone

Denver Colorado joins Dan Cowhey for commentary, replacing Jake Black. Nevaeh wants to start with Gulak. Exchange of mat-work to start. Nevaeh takes over and tags in Crist. Lee distracts Crist & Gulak takes advantage with a dropkick. Lee tags in and chokes Crist. Gulak with a slam and Lee hits a top rope senton for a nearfall. Kick to the head & a chinlock by Lee. Crist counters out, but Gulak stops him from making a tag. Gulak with a headbutt and works on the arm. Crist comes back with a flying knee and tags in Nevaeh. Nevaeh makes a comeback, but Lee hits a German. Lee taunts the crowd, but Nevaeh comes back with a German of her own. Strike exchange ensues between all 4. Superkick by Crist to Gulak, Lee with a kick, then Nevaeh with a kick. Dragon Whip and a German to Gulak by Crist. Split jawbreaker by Lee, but Nevaeh hits her with a Chin Checker. Gulak hits Nevaeh with a Regalplex, but Nevaeh kicks out. Gulak misses a charge, but Lee takes out Crist with a ring apron running senton. Nevaeh goes for the Chin Checker on Gulak, but he counters into the Gu-Lock and Nevaeh taps out, sending the Campaign to the finals.

Winners and advancing to the finals of the Queen & King Tournament: The Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone by submission (The Gu-Lock)

Queen & King Tournament Semi-Finals: Scars & Stripes vs. Athena & AR Fox

TREMONT DIVES ONTO FOX & ATHENA! Holy crap, what a start to this match! All 4 begin brawling on the outside. Athena avoids the barricade, then back in, Tremont with a 360* powerbomb to Fox for a nearfall. Fox comes back with a cutter, followed by a clothesline, Athena with the front-flip clothesline, then a big forearm. Tremont tells her to bring it, which Athena does, hitting a springboard Tornado DDT. Starr in and a strike exchange ensues. Exploder by Starr for a nearfall. Starr misses double knees in the corner and Athena with a nearfall. Starr avoids a charge, then catches Fox with an atomic drop. Running facewash by Starr to Athena. Tremont goes for an avalanche but accidentally lays out the ref. Chris Dickinson comes out, who faced Starr at the last WSU show in February, and goes after Starr. Dickinson & Tremont brawl while Starr & Athena do the same. Then, Fox hits the Springboard Inward 450, taking out EVERYONE! Back in the ring, Fox hits Tremont with a 450 Splash for the victory.

Winners and advancing to the finals of the Queen & King Tournament: Athena & AR Fox by pinfall (450 Splash)

Afterwards, Dickinson lays out Fox & drills Athena w/ the Brain-Eater (Pumphandle Sit-Out Powerbomb). Dickinson goes after Fox, but Tremont makes the save. The two teams show mutual respect afterwards, but it appears Athena is hurt after the attack by Dickinson.

Non-Tournament Intergender Dream Match: WSU World Champion Jessicka Havok vs. “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan

Havok spits at Sami to start, then hits a boot. Havok then says she will make Sami “her bitch”. Trash talk by Sami & Havok with a slap. Sami then responds with a boot to the face! Sami with stomps in the corner, but Havok comes back with a clothesline. Sami avoids a charge and Havok goes to the outside. Head kick & a springboard clothesline by Sami knocking Havok off the apron. HEAT SEEKING MISSILE by Sami sending Havok to the barricade. Havok sent to the barricade, then Sami with the spit-filled chop. Havok is whipped to the barricade and the barricade BREAKS! HOLY CRAP!!!! Sami goes for a chop, but Havok moves and Sami’s hand strikes the ring-post. Havok with a running boot that sends Sami to the barricade. STIFF chop exchange on the apron, then a headbutt exchange. Both go for boots and they hit each other at the same time, knocking them to the outside. Sami gets in and tells Havok to quit. Sami runs into boots by Havok, but comes back with the Nigel McGuinness kick to the back/clothesline combo in the corner. STIFF kick to the back by Sami, followed by a chop and a leg drop for a nearfall. Sami with trash talk, but Havok with a head kick. Sami comes back and goes up top, but Havok knocks him down to the outside. Sami just gets back in and now Havok takes over. Havok with kicks, but Sami blocks one. Both then hit boots to the head at the same time and both are down. They meet in the center and Havok spits again at Sami. Sami responds with one of his own, then a forearm exchange. Sami with a big boot and a HARD slap. Sami tells her to quit, but Havok says “NEVER!!!” Havok tells Sami to “bring it, motherf**ker!” Sami with a headbutt, but Havok with one of her own for a nearfall. Havok then begins to do Sami’s own Violence Party. Sami comes back with the 64 Lariat, but HAVOK KICKS OUT!! Now, its Sami’s turn to do the Violence Party. Sami goes for the Stretch Muffler, but Havok kicks Sami off and into the referee, knocking him down. Sami avoids a Demon Drop & hits the Deadlift Saito. Havok avoids a top rope splash & hits the Demon Drop, but SAMI KICKS OUT! Havok with a 2nd Demon Drop, but again, SAMI KICKS OUT!!! Sami goes for another Saito, but Havok shoves the ref out of the way so he does not see her kicking Sami low. 3rd Demon Drop gets Havok the win.

Winner: Jessicka Havok by pinfall (The Demon Drop)

Finals of the 2013 Queen & King Tournament: Athena & AR Fox vs. The Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone

Lee & Fox will start. Commentary mentions that Dickinson was ejected from the building. Lee with a slap, but Fox with a dropkick. Athena in & a suplex for a nearfall. Lee comes back with the split jawbreaker & chokes Athena. Lee begins working over Athena & tags Gulak. Slam by Gulak for a nearfall. Headbutt by Gulak, but Athena comes back with a roll-up for a nearfall. Gulak comes back with a kick & knocks Fox off the apron. Campaign double-team Athena, then Lee with a side slam for a nearfall. Lee has words with the ref & that allows Athena to come back with a roll-up for a nearfall. Gulak in & slams Athena into the ropes, folding her up like an accordion. Gulak with a nearfall, but Athena comes back with a dropkick. Fox tags in & begins to make a comeback. Leg lariat & a brainbuster by Fox for a nearfall. Gulak avoids a charge & tags in Lee. Lee with a Tarantula-style facelock in the ropes, followed by stiff kicks to the back. Gulak back in, but Fox avoids a double team. Gulak comes back with a Northern Lights for a nearfall. Lee tags in, but Fox sidesteps her & hits a neckbreaker. Gulak in, but runs into a boot. Fox with a missile dropkick & a kip-up. Tope suicidas by Fox to both of the Campaign. Somersault plancha takes out Gulak. In the ring, Athena with a series of kicks to Lee. Gulak & Fox come back in & they head up top. Top Rope Superplex by Gulak, but Fox KICKS OUT!!! Athena & Lee now in & Athena with a clothesline, but Gulak breaks it up. Athena locks in a unique submission hold, but Gulak breaks it up. Fox sends Gulak to the outside & goes after him. Gulak charges, but Fox backdrops him into the crowd. Fox then holds Gulak so members of the crowd can chop him. In the ring, Athena with a unique move to Lee, but Gulak again breaks up the pinfall. Gulak tags in, but Athena fights back & tags in Fox. Fox hits Meteora, followed by a basement one by Athena, but Gulak KICKS OUT!! Athena tags in, but Gulak fights back on both Athena & Fox. Lee comes in & GERMANS FOX ON HIS HEAD! Gulak with slam, then Lee with a piledriver, but Athena breaks up the pinfall. Athena makes a comeback on Gulak, then heads up top. O-FACE to Gulak & Athena & AR Fox win the tournament!

Winners and the 2013 Queen & King Tournament Champions: Athena & AR Fox by pinfall (O-Face)

Athena & Fox celebrate their win while Gulak has words with Lee. Athena has a mic and says that she & Fox said they would win this tournament and they did. This is one of the greatest moments of my career. What’s next? A re-match with WSU champion Jessicka Havok. The music of the champ hits and she makes her way to the ring. Havok grabs the mic and says she hates to ruin Athena’s party. Havok congrats Athena, but says that don’t think after the 1st time they met, she won’t do the same the next time. Athena says Havok should have defended the title tonight. Havok says there are no worthy contenders, but she will grant Athena a re-match at WSU’s next show on August 10th, but with a special stipulation. Havok says its 2 out of 3 falls and this time, Athena is not f**king beating her, bitch!