4/13 SHIMMER 66 Results: Berwyn, Illinois (Tag Title match)

4/13 SHIMMER 66 Results: Berwyn, Illinois

1. Leva Bates (dressed as Pee Wee Herman) def. Marti Belle with Greetings from Bates Motel.

2. Nikki Storm def. Christina Von Eerie with the Eye of the Storm.

* Von Eerie had to be helped to the back after landing awkwardly off the Eye of the Storm. It is said she is OK. 

3. Kay Lee Ray def. Leon, Nevaeh & Kimber Lee after a Senton Bomb on Nevaeh.

4. Evie def. Nicole Matthews with a Top Rope Double Stomp while Matthews was in the Tree of Woe.

5. Yumi Ohka def. Melanie Cruise with a running Yakuza Kick.

6. Veda Scott def. Courtney Rush via submission with an armbar while using the ropes for leverage.

* Veda had feigned a knee injury, causing Lexie Fyfe to run out and check on her. Veda then speared Rush, the ref and Lexie before getting the win.

7. Kana def. Cherry Bomb via submission with a Rings of Saturn.

8. Heidi Lovelace def. Jessicka Havok after Portia Perez interfered and went to hit Heidi with a wrench, but accidentally hit Havok.

9. Mia Yim def. Ray with the Package Piledriver.

10. LuFisto def. Saraya Knight in a No DQ match with a chairshot after ring announcer Kevin Harvey punched Saraya.

* Saraya had kicked Harvey down low earlier in the match.

11. Hikaru Shida def. Athena with the 3 Count.

12. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions 3G def. SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez to retain the titles when they pinned Mercedes with the Hangover.

Source: Ringbelles