Michael Elgin comments on situation with ROH

Michael Elgin posted the following on Twitter in response about his current situation involving his work visa and reports that he lost the ROH World Title at last night’s 9/6 ROH iPPV to Jay Briscoe due to ROH being upset that he was thinking of trying out for Major League Baseball next year:

I’m going to make something clear. I wasn’t giving up to play baseball. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. Trying out doesn’t hurt anything at all, @ringofhonor did not tell me there was an issue with wanted to try something. Wrestle still has my full attention and love. I wanted to prove to myself I could do something. There has been issues but oh well. @ringofhonor is being helpful and are great ppl. I love wrestling but wanted to test myself outside of wrestling. Don’t talk unless you know everything. I’m saying is ROH didn’t say there was an issue becusse there wasn’t. I’m saying @ringofhonor has been great to me and is in this situation.