9/4 SHINE 29 Results: Ybor City, FL (Santana vs. Allysin Kay)

9/4 SHINE 29 iPPV Results: Ybor City, Florida

Show opens with SHINE’s new TV-style intro.

Kid Cadet welcomes us to the show. Cadet says that Tracy Taylor cannot make the show. Rob Naylor is introduced. Naylor brings out SoCal Val, who makes her way to the ring with Andrea. Val rips on Naylor, then talks about the proposed merger between Valifornia and VALKYRIE. Val calls out VALKYRIE to the ring for her answer. VALKYRIE makes their way to the ring. Allysin Kay questions Val’s comments about them, then declines Valifornia’s offer for a merger. VALKYRIE leaves.

Miss Rachel vs. Crazy Mary Dobson w/Daffney

NOTE: Apologies for no detail in this match recap. Was near the end of a fantasy football draft, so couldn’t keep up with the action. Story of the match was Daffney egging on Dobson to become more violent.

Winner: Crazy Mary Dobson by pinfall (Split-Legged Moonsault)

Daffney likes what sees out of Dobson as they celebrate her win afterwards.

“Slim Shady” Taylor Made w/”The Prize” April Hunter vs. SHINE Tag Team Champion Cherry Bomb

Chain wrestling early. Crowd chants for Cherry Bomb. Cherry gives Made a noogie, followed by a couple of shoulder tackles. Big chops in the corner, running elbow, running knee in corner. Sliding Clothesline takedown by Cherry for 2. Running dropkick while Made was against the ropes. Drive-By Kick on the apron, but Hunter nails Cherry from behind, allowing Made to take over. Made with back rakes, followed by right hands while trapping the legs in an Indian Deathlock. Cherry sent hard into the corner, followed by a facewash. Hunter gets some cheapshots in while Made was with the ref. Running low dropkick in the corner by Made. Cherry sends Made into the turnbuckles, running dropkick while Made’s head was against the middle turnbuckle. Made rakes the eyes, dueling chants by the crowd. Knees to the back by Made in the corner, followed by a leaping neckbreaker for 2. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Cherry. Cherry fights back, but Made slams her back down. Made puts on the badmouth, piefacing her, but this wakes Cherry up and she responds with a big slap. Forearms in the corner, but Made fires back with a big forearm. Cherry blocks a suplex, but Made with an axe kick to the back of the head for 2. They battle again in a suplex, Buckle Suplex by Cherry! Strike exchange, Cherry gains advantage, knocking Made down. Cherry with a clothesline, a back elbow and a Codebreaker for 2. Another sliding clothesline takedown by Cherry for a close 2. Made comes back with a jawbreaker and a clothesline. Made goes to the middle rope, but Cherry stops her. Cherry battles up top with Made, but Made knocks her off. Cherry with another big shot, then brings Made out of the corner. Made slips out, but Cherry slips out of a neckbreaker. Running Death Valley Driver by Cherry, but Hunter pulls out the ref!

Roll-up with the tights by Made for the win.

Winner: Taylor Made by pinfall (Roll-up with the tights)

Made motions that VALKYRIE wants the SHINE Tag Titles afterwards.

Valifornia (Andrea & Jayme Jameson) w/SoCal Val vs. The Lucha Sisters (Leva Bates & Mia Yim)

Lucha Sisters come out wearing Ronald Reagan & Richard Nixon masks, cosplaying the movie “Point Break”. Leva & Jameson start. Chain wrestling early. Leva counters a headscissors with a pinning predicament for 2. Jameson with a gut shot. Leva avoids a corner charge, hits a chest kick, followed by the Delayed Double Knees for 2. Mia in, Leva with a bodyscissors takedown, running PK by Mia. Jameson takes down Mia by the hair and begins choking her. Jameson unloads with shots, Andrea tags in. Double shoulder tackle by Valifornia, Andrea rubs Mia’s face in the mat. Leg drop gets 2. Big overhand chop by Andrea, but Mia fires back with chops of her own. Andrea comes back with stomps, followed by placing Mia in the Tree of Woe. Running knee attack by Andrea for 2. Andrea with a clothesline, then taunts Leva. Andrea chokes Mia with Mia’s tie that she is wearing. Andrea blocks a German, then hits a flying kick. Mia fires back with a spinning back kick and a Pele. Jameson & Leva get the tags. Series of chops by Leva, followed by a series of chest kicks. Front kick, Northern Lights by Leva for 2. Dropkick to the knees, basement head kick gets another 2. Cattle Mutliation applied, Jameson gets to the ropes. Andrea nails Leva from behind, Mia has words with the ref. Valifornia double-team Leva while Mia is still with the ref. Big kicks by Andrea in the corner, Jameson tags in. Crowd wills on Leva. Leva fights back, but Jameson cuts her off. Andrea in, chokes Leva in the corner. Leva tries for a Triangle Choke, Andrea counters with a powerbomb, Mia breaks up the pin. More double-teaming by Valifornia while Mia argues with the ref. Leva comes back with a Codebreaker on Andrea. Jameson & Mia get the tags. Shotgun Dropkick and a Cannonball by Mia for 2. Camel Clutch/Punt Kick combo by the Lucha Sisters on Jameson, Andrea breaks up the pin. Head Kick/German combo on Andrea. jameson blocks Package Piledriver and a spinning backfist, hits a Snap Suplex. Powerbomb by Andrea to Mia. Daffney comes out with the Iron Maidens, stalking SoCal Val at ringside. Andrea goes to protect Val, while back in the ring.

Lucha Sisters with a Superhero Kick/Package Piledriver combo on Jameson for the win.

Winners: The Lucha Sisters by pinfall (Superhero Kick/Package Piledriver combo)

Andrea lays waste to the Iron Maidens afterwards. Cherry Bomb comes out as well, bringing out SHINE VP of Talent Lexie Fyfe. Lexie rips on Daffney for her new change of attitude. Lexie says that the Iron Maidens aren’t licensed to wrestle in SHINE. Lexie gives Daffney to the count of 10 for her and the Iron Maidens to leave, or they will be indefintely suspended. Daffney & Iron Maidens leave.

April Hunter & Su Yung come out, demanding an opponent for Su from Lexie. Hunter rips on Lexie, telling her to find somebody to face Su. Luscious Latasha comes out from the crowd, saying she’s dressed to compete, leading to…

Su Yung w/”The Prize” April Hunter vs. Luscious Latasha

Su instantly goes after Latasha, Victim Kicks from the Tree of Woe. Draping Neckbreaker from the corner for 2. Latasha fights back, Submarine Attack while Su was in the ropes for 2. Blue Thunder Bomb by Su for 2. Su continues the attack, Latasha fires back with an enziguri. Spike DDT by Latasha, but Su avoids a Frog Splash. Death Valley Bomb by Su for the win.

Winner: Su Yung by pinfall (Death Valley Bomb)

Afterwards, Su spits the red mist at Latasha, then puts on the white glove and locks Latasha in the Purge. Referee reverses the decision.

Winner: Luscious Latasha by DQ

Su goes into hysterics, shocked by the ref’s decision. April Hunter guides her to the back, but not being able to calm her down.

“The Wounded Owl Ronin” LuFisto vs. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok

LuFisto takes down Havok, knees to the back, hammerlock applied. Havok gets out, goes to the arm. LuFisto takes Havok back down, Havok quickly to the ropes. Dueling chants by the crowd. Havok goes back to the arm, saying that she can do this too. LuFisto takes her back down, goes to a leg and arm lock. Seated surfboard with the knee driven into the back. Havok gets free. LuFisto again takes down Havok and unloads with forearms. Havok drives LuFisto into the corner and stomps away at her. LuFisto shoves the ref, then they begin exchanging strikes. Both hit each other at the same time, then they fight to the outside. LuFisto with chest kicks, a right hand and a big chop. Havok fires back with one of her own. They brawl around ringside, another big chop by Havok. Havok sends LuFisto repeatedly off the apron, face-first, followed by a kick. LuFisto fires back with a front kick, followed by a rolling senton off the apron. Havok lifts LuFisto from the apron in an Electric Chair and drives LuFisto face-first off the apron! Head kick by Havok, followed by a series of running facewashes in the corner by Havok for 2. Havok locks in a Stretch Muffler, LuFisto gets to the ropes. LuFisto rakes the eyes, followed by a series of chest kicks and a Victim Kick. Back chop to the back, followed by a PK for 2. Step-Over Toe Hold applied, grapevining the leg. Knee-DT by LuFisto, begins to work over Havok’s leg. Knees and stomps in the corner by LuFisto, followed by a basement running forearm for 2. Longbow backbreaker by LuFisto applied, Havok to the ropes. Another shot to the leg, crowd wills on Havok. Neck vise into a headscissors by LuFisto, Havok to the ropes. LuFisto chokes Havok in the ropes, then yells at the crowd, saying they thought she had no chance. Submarine Attack while Havok was in the ropes for 2. Havok avoids a corner charge, two clotheslines and a Sack-O-Shit. Corner clothesline, but LuFisto catches her coming in with a Buckle Flatliner. Cannonball in the corner, followed by a Dirty Facewash for 2. Crossface locked in, Havok gets to the ropes. Havok goozles LuFisto coming off the ropes, Demon Slam gets a close 2. LuFisto gets out of a slam, Saito Suplex gets a close 2. LuFisto unloads with more shots, knocks Havok down, then heads up top, but Havok stops her. Havok grabs LuFisto from out of the corner, Demon Drop for the win.

Winner: “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok by pinfall (The Demon Drop)

Havok celebrates her win afterward.

Brandi Wine w/Leilani Kai vs. “The Dino Hunter” Leah Von Dutch

LVD gets in Leilani’s face, distraction allows Wine to attack LVD as the bell sounds. LVD comes back with a knockdown on Wine for 2. Fisherman Exploder by LVD, Leilani distracts the ref. Leilani grabs at LVD’s foot, allowing Wine to regain control. Neckbreaker by Wine gets 2. Leilani gets some cheapshots in, seated surfboard applied by Wine. LVD fights back, but Wine takes her back down into an armbar, then gets extra leverage from Leilani. Suplex neckbreaker by Wine for 2. Wine goes for a Boston Crab, but LVD counters with an inside cradle for 2. Wine regains control, grapevines the leg while pulling back on the arm. Wine puts on the badmouth, while Leilani yells at the ref. Wine switches to a Camel Clutch. Wine distracts the ref, allowing Leilani to get more cheapshots in on LVD. LVD fires back with shots in the corner, but Wine quickly regains control. Wine misses a clothesline, both women slam each other down by the hair. Exchange of face-first slams, Wine gains advantage. LVD comes back with an In-Ring Meteora for 2. LVD goes after Leilani, but distraction allows Wine to hit a clothesline for a close 2. LVD slips out of a slam, Running Yakuza in the corner. Series of knees to the ribs, followed by a backstabber. Dutch Clutch applied, Wine taps.

Winner: Leah Von Dutch by submission (Dutch Clutch)

Legendary runs out afterward. Von Dutch with shots to them, but they eventually get the advantage. Ivelisse & Amanda Rodriguez run out to make the save, sending Legendary fleeing from the ring. Ivelisse says that they won’t forget what Legendary did to La Rosa at SHINE 28, as well as SHINE management screwing me. From now on, we take matters into our own hands. So, how about a tag match right now? Hosaka accepts, saying they will suffer the same fate as La Rosa, a trip to the hospital.

“The Huntress” Ivelisse & Amanda Rodriguez vs. Legendary (Malia Hosaka & Thunderkitty) w/Leliani Kai

Ivelisse quickly takes down Thunderkitty and unloads on her. Hosaka tags in, but quickly goes outside and tags back out. Thunderkitty yells at Hosaka, saying she got us in this situation. Chain wrestling, Rodriguez tags in. Double suplex by Ivelisse & Rodriguez, Hosaka breaks up the pin. Clotheslines by Rodriguez for 2. Thunderkitty takes down Rodriguez, Hosaka tags in. Uppercut, then Hosaka chokes Rodriguez while yelling trash talk at Ivelisse. 2nd Rope Flying Forearm by Hosaka for 2. Thunderkitty in, series of gut shots to Rodriguez. Rodriguez fights back, but Thunderkitty with a big chop. Snap suplex by Thunderkitty for 2. Ref is with Thunderkitty, allowing Leilani to choke Rodriguez. Headbutt by Thunderkitty, Hosaka with a Figure Four Neck Lock from the ropes to Rodriguez. Sleeper applied by Thunderkitty, jawbreaker counter by Rodriguez. Ivelisse in, big boots to Thunderkitty. Superkick by Ivelisse to Thunderkitty for 2. Rodriguez in, Hosaka stops a double team with a double hair takedown. Thunderkitty misses a clothesline, but locks Rodriguez in the Iron Claw. Rodriguez fights out, hits a big right hand, but Hosaka breaks up the pin. Rodriguez sends Thunderkitty repeatedly off the turnbuckles, Ivelisse tags in. Disdain DDT by Ivelisse to Thunderkitty for the win.

Winners: “The Huntress” Ivelisse & Amanda Rodriguez by pinfall (Disdain)

Ivelisse & Hosaka have to be kept apart from one another afterwards.

“The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven vs. “The Fallen Goddess” Athena

Athena with kicks early to Kraven, then avoids a big boot, crotching Kraven on the ropes. Dropkick sends Kraven outside. Athena with a head of steam, Heat Seeking Missile, followed by another one, but Kraven SMILES at her! Athena goes for another and the third one knocks Kraven down! Back in, Kraven with a Bossman Slam for 2. Overhead Belly-to-Belly by Kraven for another 2. Double chops to the back, followed by a kick to the back for 2. Athena comes back with an Underneath Rana, followed by a slide-out kick from the outside while Kraven was against the ropes for 2. Sliding D by Athena for only 1. Kraven knocks Athena back down. Kraven yells at Athena, “Who’s the hussy now?” and just TOSSES Athena across the ring! Half crab applied, Athena gets to the ropes. Athena comes back with a jawbreaker, but Kraven instantly responds with a Samoan Drop for 2. Kraven goes for the Mountain Bomb, but Athena counters it with a Codebreaker. Front Cartwheel Clothesline, but Kraven goozles her. Kraven goes for it, but Athena counters with a Victory Roll, sending Kraven into the turnbuckles. Crossface applied, Kraven counters with a pin for 2. Curb Stomp into the Koji Clutch, Kraven rakes the eyes to get out. Spinebuster by Kraven for 2. Octopus applied by Athena, then switches to a DDT for a close 2. Athena calls for the O-Face and heads up top for it. Athena leaps off, but Kraven blocks it. Mountain Bomb for the win.

Winner: “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven by pinfall (Mountain Bomb)

Jessicka Havok comes out after and congratulates Kraven on her win. Havok says in their last match, they went to war. Havok says Kraven is one of the toughest opponents she’s ever faced and it was one of her toughest matches. Crowd chants “one more match.” Havok says everyone wants to see a rematch between them. Kraven says yeah they went to war last time, but I already took care of you, so I’ll have to pass. Kraven leaves. Athena gets back up and tries to tell Havok that Kraven is just a hussy, but Havok lays her out with the Demon Slam. Havok leaves, saying to Kraven that she isn’t done with her, even if Kraven is. Referees help Athena to the back.

Video package plays for the main event.

Main Event for the SHINE Title: Santana Garrett (c) vs. “The AK-47″ Allysin Kay w/”The Prize” April Hunter

AK tries to attack Santana from behind as the bell sounds, but Santana avoids it. Spiked Bra Avalanche by AK, unloads with right hands. AK removes Santana’s headband, unloads with more stomps in the corner. AK sends Santana hard into the corner multiple times. Big soccer kick to the ribs by AK, then chokes Santana in the ropes. AK runs into a back elbow, Santana with a rana out of the corner. Sunset Flip by Santana for 2. Santana with a handspring back elbow, but AK grabs her and throws Santana outside. AK puts Santana on a chair and hits a big chest kicks. Santana sent into the steps, then sent face-first off the apron repeatedly. Santana fires back with chops and forearms and headbutts. AK regains control, gets 2 back in. AK goes to work on the arm of Santana. Santana fights out, series of forearms. AK rakes the eyes, Stranglehold applied. AK gets another 2. Liontamer applied, Santana to the ropes. AK unloads with more shots, gets another 2. AK throws Santana outside, begins putting the badmouth on her. Santana sees Hunter outside, pulls AK outside, sends AK into the speakers. Big headbutt by Santana, followed by more right hands and forearms. AK comes back with a big boot. Back in, AK gets 2. Back to the Stranglehold. Santana gets out, fights back again. Enziguri, but AK comes back with a Pump Kick, both women down. Strike exchange, Santana gains advantage. Jawbreaker, Santana puts back on her headband and fires up. Two double sledges, bridging snap suplex for 2. Hunter pulls Allysin outside to regroup, while holding the SHINE Title belt. Santana wipes out Hunter with a baseball slide. Back in, crossbody by Santana for 2. Back Handspring Elbow, AK blocks the running bulldog. Santana avoids the Discus from Detroit, hits Soul Food. AK stops the Shining Star Press, Liontamer re-applied, Santana gets free. Santana ducks, AK hits the ref with the Discus from Detroit! Superkick by Santana, second ref in, gets 2. Inside Cradle by AK for 2. AK goes for the Full Throttle, but Santana counters it with a Japanese Leg Clutch for the win.

Winner and STILL SHINE Champion: Santana Garrett by pinfall (Japanese Leg Clutch)

Afterwards, Valifornia runs in and attacks Santana. Babyfaces come out to ringside to stop the attack and get Santana out of there. SoCal Val says, while Hunter is consoling Allysin on the loss, that while Allysin didn’t want the VALKYRIE-Valifornia merger, her VALKYRIE stablemates thought differently, calling Val up and agreeing to it. So, the merger is indeed official, its now VAL-kyrie. Allysin gets back up and clears the ring of Valifornia. Allysin has words with Hunter & Taylor Made, then sends Made packing and hits Hunter with a Stunner! VALKYRIE flees the ring as Allysin stands tall in the ring, seemingly no longer a part of VALKYRIE! The newly-merged VAL-kyrie leave as new music plays for Allysin while the show closes.