Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal vs. Brother Devon

During Brother Ray’s entrance, Ray walked to the side of the stage and started hiding. When Jesse Neal was making his entrance, Ray ran down and attacked him. The Team 3D music played again and no Brother Devon. We then see a camera shot backstage where Devon was locked in his locker room. The bell rings as Ray tosses Neal in the ring and the fans boo loudly. Ray starts dropping forearms over the head of Neal and then drops an elbow. Ray chops Neal across the chest in the corner. Ray then starts slapping the back of Neal with force. Ray with a scoop slam and attempts another elbow drop, but Neal rolls out of the way. Ray fires back with a high back body drop. Ray with a body splash on Neal and big boot combo. We then see Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards and Raven appearing in the crowd. The crowd starts a loud “ECW” chant. Brother Ray looks on and yells, “What are you doing here?” Neal then levels Ray with a big spear and gets a close two count. Neal then mounts Ray and drops some big elbows. Ray fights back hitting Neal with a big elbow and then grabs a steel chair. Shannon Moore starts running down the ramp and the referee holds him back. With the referee’s back turned, Ray cracks a steel chair over the back of Neal and Neal grabs his back in pain. The referee sends Moore to the back. The Team 3D music hits again and Brother Devon is free from his locker room. Devon gets in Ray’s face. They both look down at Neal. Ray attempts a cheap shot, but Devon blocks it. Ray and Devon exchange lefts and rights. Neal goes for a spear and catches Devon. Ray then drops neal in a Bubba Bomb and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Brother Ray

After the match, Brother Ray celebrates his victory as Brother Devon looks on in confusion. The fans continue a loud “ECW” chant as we see Dreamer, Rhino, Raven and Richards in the crowd.

* Madison Rayne defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Angelina Love is up next with Love’s career on the line.