Kevin Nash wrote several comments via his official Twitter page late last night seeming to indicate that his days with TNA Wrestling are coming to an end and that he would not be going to WWE. Nash, whose contract with TNA expires on Tuesday, has confirmed his contract expiration date via his official Twitter a few weeks ago. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Nash was scheduled to be part of a major angle at tomorrow night’s Bound for Glory PPV so this could be a last minute swerve.

Here are some of the comments from Nash.

“4 days left and I’m done, hope you that enjoyed me and are left happy. I always did my bset with a beaten body. thanks and goodbye. no WWE. 2 my fans thank you I love you. 2 my haters thank you you always made me push harder. Time to be a husband and dad this part of my life is over. If I’m worth nothing than I need to stay at home. Thanks TNA 4 letting me go.”