is featuring an interview with TNA star Matt Morgan where he talks about having to work on his physique during his pro wrestling careers.

“I was much heavier than I am now when I started wrestling. If you look back at my photos or video from Ohio Valley Wrestling, which was WWE’s developmental territory, I weighed 387 pounds.

I was told that when I finally appeared on TV for Smackdown, I wouldn’t look like I weighed 387. I would look 287 because I had no cuts and definition on my physique. I was very smooth like I was retaining a lot of water.

At first I didn’t understand the logic because when I stood next to many of the guys, I dwarfed them. I got it when I noticed that a Kurt Angle or Eddie Guerrero would go out there and, despite being shorter, look absolutely huge. Like 40 pounds heavier than they actually were. It was because they were ripped.

Suddenly, I realized I needed to take this more seriously. I didn’t do as much powerlifting anymore. I started doing cardio two times a day. I do more drop sets. I don’t rest in between sets when I lift. I do crunches or “bicycles” or some other exercise to hit my abs. Keep my heart rate up, or both.”

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