According to WTAE, Kurt Angle wants to try out for the Olympics in 2012. Angle and his nephew, Mark, who were both All-American wrestlers out of Clarion University, discussed the idea of making a run at making the Olympic team.

“It’s not just this old man trying to lash out to get publicity,” Angle told WTAE Channel 4 Action News on Friday. “It’s about really making the team and making a point that, you know what, the 40s is not old. It’s the new young.”

Angle said that he plans to sign a multi-year deal with TNA, wrestle part time, make movies, and continue promoting “Angle Foods”, his line of nutritional food. If Angle is going to make the commitment to getting in the Olympics then he will start training in August.

The article mentions that Angle told them this same thing in 2002, talking about the 2004 Olympics, but that never came to fruition.

You can view the article here.