Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com is reporting that TNA star Ric Flair was found in civil content following a hearing earlier today with Flair failing to adhere to a settlement agreement in a lawsuit brought against him by Highspots.com. As a result, an order for Flair’s arrest was issued in the County of Mecklenburg in North Carolina.

The court discovered that Flair agreed in principle to a settlement agreement with Highspots.com stating he was required to pay them $35,000 as well as sign 300 photos to provide the proper restitution for the issues between both parties. Flair doing this would end the long lawsuit where Flair had borrowed money from Highspots.com when both did business together for a series of shoot DVDs and appearances. Despite signing the agreement, Flair failed to live up to the settlement and the court sided with Highspots.com.

The official statement by the court reads:

“Therefore it is ordered, adjudged and decreed that Defendant Richard Fliehr is hereby held in civil contempt for his failure to comply with the Consent Order to Enforce Settlement and that the Defendant be imprisoned for as long as he remains in civil contempt for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days from his date of imprisonment. This imprisonment shall commence on June 27, 2011 without further action of the court.”

The court stated that if Flair was to pay the $35,000 and sign the 300 requested photos that the arrest order would be canceled. In addition, if Flair fails to pay the money back or sign the photos, the court ruled that Highspots.com would become the rightful owners of the NWA World Heavyweight Champioship belt that Flair used as collateral – giving them the authorization to sell the belt in an attempt to regain the amount of money Flair owes. This could pose a problem as it was noted the belt must be “free of all liens and encumbrances”, something that may not be possible given that Flair had used the belt in a prior matter as well.

Flair has until June 27 to pay the agreement or face 90 days of jail time.