Lance Storm has added a new commentary over on his official website talking about Hulk Hogan’s signing with TNA.

“Believe it or not I?m pretty optimistic about the situation. This doesn?t appear to be the most common view as most people I?ve talked to point out that this is just the next step toward employing all the people responsible for the down fall of WCW and there will soon be a huge influx of Hogan’s buddies from the 80s. While that is of course a possibility, I?m choosing to look on the bright side for TNA and hope for the best.

Considering my past views of TNA, this optimistic approach may seem like a new direction for me, but I don?t think that it is. I?ve always wanted TNA to succeed and I?ve always maintained my support of their extremely talented locker room. My complaints of TNA have always been directed towards TNA’s creative team (Primarily Vince Russo) and the fact that they (he) somehow manages to book a show so infuriating and nonsensical that I?ve had to completely quit watching despite many of my favourite performers being featured on the show.

So while there are some potential down sides to the addition of Hogan and Bischoff to TNA, there are several potential up sides as well, and I?m going to keep my fingers crossed for more of the latter and less of the former. “

To check out the full commentary, click here.

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