The following was taped on Thursday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for May 29, 2014 (partial):

* Dixie Carter & EC3 promo. Dixie wants to continue her conservation with MVP from last week. MVP, Lashley & Kenny King come out. MVP & Dixie go back and forth on who has more power. Eric Young & Bully Ray come out, then MVP makes Eric Young vs. Bully Ray with EC3 as special referee. 

* The Beautiful People def. Gail Kim & Brittany

* Afterwards, Brittany called out Madison Rayne and asked why Madison wouldn’t be her partner against the Beautiful People. Rayne explained she has long-time issues with the Beautiful People. Brittany says she only wants to be with Madison, causing Madison to freak out. Brittany continues repeating this, also asking why Rayne doesn’t like her. Beuatiful People come back out during this and Rayne says she will cash in her Knockouts Title rematch against Angelina Love next week. 

* TNA Champion Eric Young vs. Bully Ray went to a No Contest after Bully Ray laid out special referee EC3. MVP, Lashley & King came out and beat down Young & Bully until Samoa Joe returned and made the save. 

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for June 5, 2014:

* Willow def. Bram by DQ when Magnus interfered. 

* Samoa Joe promo. Challenged MVP, Lashley & Kenny King to a Handicap Match. Austin Aries comes out to help Joe. MVP came out and said it would be Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe where the loser must leave TNA for good. 

* TNA Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards def. TNA Tag Team Champion Davey Richards. Kenny King came out and taunted the Wolves afterwards. The Wolves attack him and send King fleeing. 

* Backstage segment where MVP tells referee Brian Hebner there must be a finish in the Aries/Joe match. 

* Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe goes to a No Contest. Brian Hebner is counting fast, which leads Eric Young to pull him out of the ring and yell at him to ref fairly. Hebner says he’s got a family to feed. Bully Ray comes out and lays out Hebner. Bully says this is bigger than all of this and they all can’t let MVP do this. MVP, Lashley & King come out and the two sides go back and forth. Leads to Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe & Eric Young vs. MVP, Lashley, King & EC3 in a First Blood Match being made. 

* Bro-Mans promo about the Menagerie. Menagerie come out and attack the Bro-Mans. 

* Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe & TNA Champion Eric Young def. MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King & EC3 in a First Blood Match when EC3 was busted open.