Jeff Jarrett comments on potential of GFW/TNA partnership

Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett made an appearance on the “Busted Open” show on SiriusXM satellite radio addressing the potential of a future partnership between GFW and TNA going forward with his return this past week on Impact Wrestling.

“Great question, and if you think I’m gonna answer it you’re out of your mind (laughs). It is. One of the things, as me and Karen and my team discussed when this whole thing was tabled was… remove me as the emotional and me and Karen’s and all the emotions that go with this decision … the ups and the downs. The fact that TNA reached out and wanted to work, knowing full well the upmost respect they have shown over the last 7-9 days of Global Force Wrestling, them saying ‘Yes. We will work with you because Jeff, you are Global Force Wrestling at this time… You’re the founder of it; you’re getting this thing launched.’ I would be contradicting myself and my mission statement, our mission statement.

“We want to bring and want to work together with all promotions. Obviously WWE Sports Entertainment – leader in the marketplace – they have no reason … it makes zero sense on their behalf because of the machine they have. In my opinion, all the other promotions are scratching and clawing and fighting for market share. So, do we have to marry one another? No. But can we have a handshake agreement to work with one another? Yes. So just a business flat out decision, them saying they would like to work with Global Force, it would be contradictory. So yes, we welcome that. I’m excited about the potential… and I use the word very strongly, the potential of the future. We’re working on those things. But I am, as a wrestler, laser focused on a little over 48 hours from now and going out and having a hell of a match and really focusing on that. I know there’s… just what you said… all the rumors and circulation and that’s great, and rightfully so, but we’ll address those matters at the appropriate time.”


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