TNA One Night Only PPV Live Results – 1/8/16 (Beer Money)

TNA One Night Only Live PPV Results 1/8/16

TNA One Night Only: Live Results
January 8, 2016
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

TNA returns to “Live” PPV for the first time since last year’s “Bound for Glory” tonight along with the return to the ring of Beer Money, Inc. and Kurt Angle tonight. 
The stage setup is the samef rom this past week’s Impact except that it has “One Night Only” graphics all over rather than Impact. 
TNA X Division Championship 
Elimination X Match 
“DJ Z” Zema Ion vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Mandrews vs. Tigre Uno (c)
Steve has some new pretty wicked music that is more dark than his weird, goofy persona. Tigre has his shoulder wrapped up with a brace on it. He seperated his shoulder back at BFG in the Ultimate X Match. He has still been wrestling in Mexico over the past couple of months so it seems that it hasn’t hampered him too much. The guys pair up as the bell rings and Tigre backdrops a charging Zema over the top to the floor. Mandrews then goes for a Back Suplex on Tigre but he lands on his feet and then he nails Steve with a Bridging German Suplex for an early nearfall. Mandrews tosses Tigre to the floor and then tosses Steve to the floor as well. Zema comes back in the ring and hits a big dropkick on Mandrews but walks into a Jawbreaker from Steve. Steve bites Zema but then eats a Jawbreaker and Zema hits a gorgeous Springboard Flying Back Elbow out of the corner on Steve. Mandrews comes flying in and attempts a dropkick to Zema but Zema sidesteps him and then goes for an Electric Chair Drop. Mandrews counters into a hurricanrana for a nearfall. Steve hits a big Back Suplex on Steve and then a Sliding Dropkick to the back of Mandrews. Tigre whips Steve into the ropes and then leapfrogs him and hits a Spinning Heel Kick. Mandrews climbs up top but eats a Flying Forearm from Tigre. Zema comes in and hits a Backflip Jawbreaker on Tigre and then climbs up with Mandrews for a Superplex. Steve runs over and lifts Zema up in an Electric Chair but eats a kick from Tigre. Zema hits a Jawbreaker on Tigre and then Steve lays them both out with uppercuts. Tigre kills Steve with a superkick but then a clothesline takes out Tigre. Mandrews hits a Flying Knee off the top onto Zema. Steve hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Tigre on the floor and then Mandrews sets up on the apron and as Zema charged at him Mandrews hits a Moonsault off the apron onto Steve to avoid Zema! Zema lands on the apron and Mandrews sweeps his legs. Mandrews hits a Flying Tornado DDT off of his skateboard, going down the ramp, onto Zema and a flying Enziguri to Steve! Tigre hits a Somersault Plancha off the top onto everyone! Tigre whips Steve into the ring post and then tosses him into the ring. Tigre hits a Guillotine Leg Drop off the top onto Steve for a nearfall and then goes for a Springboard Tornillo, but Steve ducks it and hits a huge Lariat! Steve hits a Flying Back Elbow to Mandrews and then a Rolling Cannonball on Tigre in the corner followed by one for Mandrews as well. Steve lifts Mandrews up to the top rope and climbs up with him but Tigre pulls him down only to get locked in a Crossface Chickenwing from Steve! Mandrews hits a Shooting Star Press onto both Steve and Tigre! Tigre rolls off of Steve and Mandrews pins Steve to a chorus of boos! 
After the elimination Steve gets pissed and throws Tigre into the ring steps and locks him in the Crossface Chickenwing again! A bunch of referees pull Steve off while Mandrews and Zema continue to fight in the ring. Zema avoids a charging Mandrews in the corner and then goes for his Slinggshot Tornado DDT but Mandrews blocks it and then hits a weird Springboard Flatliner out of the corner. It looked like he slipped a bit but recovered and then he goes for the Shooting Star Press but Zema moves and Mandrews lands on his feet. Zema goes for the Slingshot Tornado DDT again but Mandrews counters into a rollup for the pin! 
Tigre rolls back into the ring and Mandrews goes right for Tigre’s arm with a dropkick. Mandrews puts Tigre in an arm bar and then starts stomping on the arm. Mandrews hits a Hammerlock Back Suplex for a nearfall and then he puts Tigre in a Hammerlock and slams him into the turnbuckles. Tigre answers with an Enziguri and then he lights Mandrews up with chops. Mandrews comes right back with a kick to the arm and then a scoop slam. Mandrews climbs up top but Tigre cuts him off and climbs up with him. Tigre hits the Spanish Fly! 1…2…3! 
Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Tigre Uno via pinfall (Spanish Fly) 
After the match Shane Helms walks out to the ring, much as he did after Bound for Glory, and then reveals a t-shirt that has his Hurricane mask on it. He looks at the X-Division Title and puts to his watch and then points at the title again. He turns his back to Tigre and walks off as Tigre Uno looks to be confused. 
Backstage EY and Bram are with JB discussing their match with Beer Money. EY says the only news the wrestling world has to worry about is he and Bram coming together as a team. He says that they are the only thing anyone is going to talk about. He says that James Storm is like a disease and EY asks Bram if Beer Money coming back together makes him happy. Bram screams that he is never happy and he says that he hates Beer Money. He says that they are going to take Storm’s beer bottles and smash them over his head. EY says that “One Night Only” is all Beer Money has left after tonight because they will never come back. EY screams at Jeff Hardy and says that he will never forget that Jeff costed him the World Title. 
“The Thug” Aiden O’Shea vs. “The Ultimate Underdog” Rockstar Spud 
You could pretty much here a crickett chirp as Aiden came to the ring. Before the match Aiden gets a microphone and tells Spud to calm down and he says that he has a proposition for him. He says that he knows Spud has a chip on his shoulder but he is not the guy that Spud wants to mess with. He calls Spud a “mut” and tells him to save himself the embarassment and just leave and get counted out. He says no one will blame Spud for walking away and that people will cheer him for living to fight another day. Spud acts like he is going to leave but then turns around and flips Aiden off instead. Aiden laughs and then decks Spud while continuing to scream at him on the microphone. He pie faces Spud repeatedly and says that Spud is not even in his leage because he is a true heavyweight. Spud goes after Aiden with rights and lefts but Aiden lays him out again and then tosses him clear across the ring. Aiden continues to pick up the microphone and talk trash to Spud while he beats him down. Josh says that Aiden was supposed to face Shera tonight but someone let the air out of his tires earlier in the day causing him to miss the show. Aiden goes for a Knee Drop but Spud rolls out of the way only to eat a Backbreaker from Aiden. Aiden again picks up the mic and trash talks Spud while beating on him. Aiden goes to hit Spud with the microphone but Spud dropkicks him to the floor and then hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Aiden on the floor! Spud grabs Aiden but he shoves Spud away and slams him into the guardrail! Aiden tosses Spud into the announce table and then drops him down across the table with Snake Eyes. The fans chant “you look stupid” at Aiden. Spud starts to “hulk up” and as Aiden slams Spud’s face into the turnbuckle Spud “hulks up” again and hits Aiden with a kick and a series of forearms. Aiden goes for a Stinger Splash but Spud moves and hits a Running Enziguri followed by a series of Running Elbows! Spud hits a Sliding Dropkick on Aiden in the corner and then dives off the top with a Flying Back Elbow! Spud hits the Underdog and gets the pin! 
Winner: Rockstar Spud via pinfall (Underdog) 
Footage of the backstage segent on Impact that set up the 3-Way Tag Main Event for tonight is shown. 
Clips of EC3’s title win this past week is shown. Footage of EC3 after the match is also shown with EC3 saying that he is the TNA World Champion “for a good god damn reason” because he is the best wrestler in the world. He says that Matt Hardy has been the thorn in his side but now he has gotten rid of Hardy from his story. 
“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w Maria vs. Robbie E 
This is Bennett’s first televised match in TNA after debuting this past Tuesday on Impact. Bennett and Robbie lockup and then Robbie shoves Mike into the ropes but eats a shoulder block. Robbie gets in Bennett’s face but Bennett pie faces him only to eat a series of right hands. Robbie sidesteps a charging Bennett causing Bennett to go flying over the top rope ot the floor. Robbie dives off the top with a Plancha onto Bennett on the floor! Robbie teases Maria and then tries to whip Bennett into the guardrail but Bennett reverses it only for Robbie to stop himself. Robbie goes for a hurricanrana but Bennett blocks it and Powerbombs Robbie into the guardrail! Bennett puts the boots to Robbie and then tosses him back into the ring. Bennett whips Robbie into the corner and hits a Running Clothesline and then he whips Robbie into the opposite corner followed by another Running Clothesline. Bennett hits a Mafia Kick for a nearfall and then Bennett hits a Vertical Suplex for another nearfall. Bennett puts Robbie in a Rear Chinlock and then whips Robbie into the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Bennett goes back to the chinlock but Robbie fights his way back up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows. Bennett lays into Robbie wtih a Forearm Smash but then as he hits the ropes eats a series of elbows from Robbie. Robbie hits a Flying Hip Attack in the corner and then a Running Clothesline! Robbie goes for the Boom Drop but Bennett backs Robbie into the corner and hits a nasty elbow to the back of the head. Bennett charges right into an elbow from Robbie and then Robbie dives off the top with a Flying Clothesline for a nearfall of his own! Robbie climbs back to the top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body but Bennett sidesteps him and then goes for a clothesline only for Robbie to counter into the Boom Drop! Bennett rolls to the apron so that Robbie can’t pin him. Robbie attempts to Suplex Bennett back into the ring but Bennett blocks it and tries to Suplex Robie to the floor! They stalemate and then start exchaning forearms. Bennett catches Robbie with a Stunner onto the top rope and then a Flying Diamond Cutter! Bennett hits a huge Spinning Right Hand and then a Fireman’s Carry into a Michinoku Driver called the Divine Intervention for the pin! 
Winner: Mike Bennett via pinfall (Divine Intervention)
After the match Bennett says that the wrestling fan’s hero has now arrived and what we just witnessed was a real life miracle! Bennett says that it is OK to believe in miracles because we all need one. He says that Robbie E sure as hell could have used a miracle. He says that he is building a “Kingdom” of miracles. 
Backstage Gail Kim talks about the Gauntlet Match tonight and says that she won the first Knockouts Title in a Gauntlet Match. She says that she doesn’t know what is going on with Kong but that she isn’t backing down from anyone, especially Kong.
A video package hypes up the roster of the Knockouts.
TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match
Rebel vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Awesome Kong vs. Jade vs. Marti Belle vs. Chelsea vs. Deonna 
Madison and Jade start the match off against each other. Madison hits a series of forearms and clotheslines on Jade but Jade kicks her away and then backdrops Madison over the top rope. Madison lands on the apron and then hits a Slingshot Flying KNee followed by an Enziguri attempt. Jade ducks and attempts a Yakuza Kick but Madison ducks. Jade catches Madison with a nasty Roundhouse Kick and then a series of forearms. Jade tries to eliminate Madison over the top but Madison hooks the top rope with her legs and then kicks Jade away. A “Crazzy Steve” chant starts as they exchange forearms. The next Knockout in the match is Rebel! 
Rebel kicks Madison and then hits a Spinning Enziguri on Madison and tries to toss Madison over the top. Rebel and Jade whip Madison into the ropes and hit a Double Shoulder Block. Rebel and Jade try to toss Madison over the top but she kicks them away. Madison hits a series of knees on Jade and Rebel and then out next is Chelsea! She was on a more recent Tough Enough, she was trained by Lance Storm. She hits a series of dropkicks on everyone and then a Russian Leg Sweep on Rebel! Chelsea tosses Rebel over the top but Rebel lands on the apron and then nails Chelsea with a shoulder block through the ropes. Rebel slams Chelsea to the mat by her hair and then exchanges forearms with her. The next girl in the match is MARTI BELLE! 
The Dollhouse beat down Chelsea and Madison. Marit and Jade hit Total Elimination on Madison and then Rebel hits a Cartwheel into a Back Elbow on Chelsea followed by Yakuza Kicks from Jade and Marti! Marti hits a Running Forearm on Madison followed by a Yakuza Kick from Jade and a Handspring Back Elbow from Rebel. The next girl out is Deonna, who wrestled breifly in WWE’s NXT. 
She hits dropkicks and forearms on the Dollhouse members. She hits a Double Clothesline on Jade and Marti. Chelsea is eliminated by Rebel! Out next is Awesome Kong! Kong starts laying all the babyface Knockouts out! She Splashes Madison in the corner and then whips Marti into a Forearm on Madison. She whips Jade into a Sliding Dropkick on Madisona dn then lays out Chelsea as well. Kong Splashes Deonna and then Double Chokeslams her and Chelsea! Kong tosses Deonna over the top to eliminate her and then clotheslines Chelsea over the top to eliminate her as well. The final entrant in the match is VELVET SKY! 
Velvet cleans house on The Dollhouse and hits a Headscissors Takeover/Side Headlock Takeover combo on Jade and Marti! Kong grabs Velvet from behind but Madison hits Kong from behind to make the save. Madison and Velvet take Kong down with repeated kicks to the thighs and then a Dual Sliding Dropkick! Velvet tosses Marti over the top but Marti holds onto the top rope to save herself. Madison dropkicks Marti off the apron to eliminate her but then Jade tosses Velvet to the floor as well! It is down to Jade, Kong, and Madison! Kong and Jade take turns beating down Madison. Kong stands on one hand while Jade stands on another hand while taunting Madison. Madison fights back with a Jawbreaker on Kong and then a Step-Up Enziguri on Jade! Kong runs Madison over and then tells Jade to eliminate Madison. Jade tries to lift Madison over the top but Madison fights her off. Kong gets Jade up on her shoulders and starts swinging Jade’s legs intoMadison’s face. Madison ducks a shot and dropkicks Kong causing her to dump Jade over the top. Jade lands on the apron but then Madison Spears Jade off the apron leaving it Kong vs. Madison! 
Kong goes for the Implant Buster but Madison blocks it and hits a series of forearms. Madison hits a Running Clothesline and then a Running Forearm Smash! Madison rocks Kong with an Enziguri and then she climbs up top. Madison dives off with a Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Kong kicks out! Madison climbs back up top and dives off right into a Chokeslam attempt from Kong, but Madison counters into a rollup for a nearfall! Madison hits the ropes but runs right into the Spinning Back Fist from Kong! Kong hits the Implant Buster and scores the pin! 
Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster) 
Backstage JB is with The Wolves. Eddie says that The Wolves have traveled all over the world and beaten every team they have faced but one team that everyone in TNA always talks about is Beer Money and they have never faced them. Davey says that Beer Money is HISTORY while they are now and if they want to get in the ring and prove who truly is the best then they can bring it on. Before they can talk about the match tonight Eli Drake interrupts them and says while they are worried about Beer Money he will be in the match to take them out. Jessie cuts him off and says that The Wolves have their eyes set on the wrong guys and they are tired of being overlooked. Eli says that they are playing right into their hands by overlooking them and they will walk out with the titles. The two teams start fighting as security pulls them apart. 
Trevor Lee vs. Pepper Parks 
I have seriously not heard the name Pepper Parks in years. I remember when he was becoming an Indy name back when Low-Ki, AJ, Christopher Daniels, etc. first started making their names. Trevor attacks Pepper as he gets in the ring. Trevor hits Pepper with a series of European Uppercuts and then stomps him down in the corner. Trevor charges right into a boot from Parks followd by a Suplex into the turnbuckles! Lee rolls to the floor and Parks hits a Somersault Plancha onto Lee on the floor! Lee tosses Parks into the ring and as he gets back in Lee rolls back to the floor and trips Parks. Lee slams Parks into the apron and then hits a Running Punt Kick to the face of Parks! Lee covers Parks in the ring for a nearfall and then takes Parks down and locks him in a Hammerlock/Armbar submission. Lee puts Parks in a crazy submission/pinfall attempt and then puts Parks in a headlock. Lee goes for a Back Elbow but Parks ducks only to get caught with a Moonsault Powerslam for a nearfall. Lee puts Parks back in a chinlock but then Parks gets back to his feet and shoves Lee to the corner. He charges right into a boot from Lee and Lee dives off the top but Parks gets his boot up and then kicks Lee with the other leg as Lee caught his boot. Lee and Parks exchange forearms and then Parks catches Lee with a Powerslam. Parks hits a Bicycle Kick on Lee followed by another one but Lee sidesteps that one and then eats a Backslide from Parks for a nearfall. Parks hits a viscious Mafia Kick followed by the Pepper Shaker Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Lee gets to the ropes to avoid Parks and then pokes him in the eyes and follows up with the Superman Punch for a nearfall! Lee goes for a German Suplex but Parks blocks it and then hits a Sky High for another nearfall. Parks goes for a TKO but Lee blocks it and hits a Roundhouse Kick followed by the Flying Double Stomp and the Small Package Driver (Fisherman Buster/Small Package)! 1…2…3! 
Winner: Trevor Lee via pinfall (Small Package Driver) 
Backstage JB talks to the Dollhouse. Marti says that Kong built this house (TNA) and they are protecting her and her house. Rebel and Jade say that the Gauntlet was all about Kong and getting her back the title. Kong says that she has assembled this Dollhouse to dominate TNA and Gail needs to shine up her title for her. Yes, she actually spoke. 
The Pope is standing in the ring and he calls Grado out to the ring for an interview. Pope says that he and Grado don’t get along very well but he wants to know what is going with Grado. Grado says he is having the time of his life and he says he just saw Kurt Angle backstage. Grado says he first met The Pope in 2011 in Glasgow and took a selfie with him. Pope hands Grado a Kit Kat and he says that when he was a competitive athlete everytime the place went electric, and when the bell rang everyone knew that Pope was all about business. He says that his issue with Grado is that he is a joke and he thinks that everytime the bell rings all the people take him as a joke. Grado does an American accent “so Pope can understand” and says that he jokes around because he loves to have fun but maybe he does need to prove himself. He says he will fight anyone and Pope asks if he is really willing to prove himself. Pope says that he needs to prove that he has a big set of balls and says that Pope has a better chance at winning the Powerball than Grado does of winning the World Title. Pope asks if he will really fight anyone and he says that he will fight anybody. Abyss’ music hits and Pope starts laughing. 
Abyss asks Grado if he really just heard him say that he would fight anybody. Abyss calls Grado trash just like the fans and asks what kind of a grown man wears a Fanny pack which Pope answers by saying “Al Snow.” Abyss says that if Grado likes to dance he will dance with him, in Monsters Ball! 
Monsters Ball Match
“The Monster” Abyss vs. Grado 
Grado kicks Abyss in the balls as the match starts! Grado pulls out a bunch of weapons including a cheese grater which Abyss picks up and attempts to turn Grado’s face into shredded cheese with it. Grado hits Abyss with a trashcan but then Abyss punches the traschan into Grado’s face. Abyss pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside. Abyss tries to Chokeslam Grado through it but Grado fights him off. Abyss lays Grado out and rolls him back in the ring and then pulls out a bag of tacks! Abyss pours the tacks out in the ring and goes for a Chokeslam but Grado slams the cheese grater into Abyss’ nuts and then hits him in the head with it. Grado hits Abyss with the Atomic Elbow and then nails him with a kendo stick! Grado climbs up top but Abyss throws a trashcan at Grado’s head causing him to fall off the top and through a table at ringside. Abyss pulls out Janice and two tables wrapped in barbed wire. Abyss swings Janice at Grado but misses and then runs straight into a chair as Grado sidesteps him. Grado hits Abyss with a series of elbows and a Big Boot that sends Abyss crashing into one of the tables wrapped in barbed wire! Grado lays the other barbed wire table on top of Abyss and climbs up top! Grado dives off the top with a Splash onto Abyss and the barbed wire tables! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! Grado picks up Janice but Abyss catches him and Chokeslams him into the tacks! 
Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Chokeslam into tacks) 
Backstage Kurt Angle says it is time for him to pass the torch and he is doing that Tuesday night against Drew Galloway. Drew says that this is going to be a war between he and Kurt but tonight will be a dream match for him too because he gets to team with Angle for the Tag Titles. Angle calls The Wolves the best team in the world and Eli and Jessie better be ready for a figiht. 
TNA World Tag Team Championships 
Triple Threat 
The Wolves (c) vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle & “The Chosen One” Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake & “The Man” Jessie Godderz 
Davey and Jessie start the match off and Jessie gets Davey in a headlock. Eddie blind tags himself in and The Wolves catch Jessie with a Double Drop Toe Hold followed by a Sliding Dropkick from Eddie. Jessie comes back with a series of chops and then he runs into a boot from Eddie. Eli clotheslines Eddie from the outside and Jessie knocks Davey off the apron. Eli and Jessie double team Eddie in their corner as Eli tags into the match. Eli hits a Snap Suplex for a nearfall. Jessie lifts Eddie up with a Press Slam for a nearfall and then puts the boots to Eddie. Eli tags into the match and pulls Davey off the apron as Jessie dropkicks Drew off the apron. Eddie dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick to Jessie. Angle tags into the match and hits German Suplexes on everyone! Davey goes for a Springboard Enziguri but Angle catches him and Double German Suplexes both members of the Wolves as Eddie ran over! Drake takes Angle out from behind but eats a Flying Clothesline from Drew. Drew hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on Jessie and then hits a Running Forearm on Davey. He lifts Davey up to the top rope but Davey escapes between his legs and hits a Leaping Enziguri! Eddie hangs Drew up in the Tree-of-Woe but Drew lifts hismelf up and Suplexes Eddie off the top! Davey dives off the opposite corner with a Flying Headbutt to Drew for a nearfall! Davey goes for a Suplex but Kurt cuts him off only to eat a series of chops from Eddie. The Wolves trade chops with Angle and Drew as Eli and Jessie slide back in the ring. They light them up with chops as well! Davey and Drew exchange chops and then Eddie catches Drew with a hurricanrana. Drake hits a Flyin g Knee and then a neckbreaker on Eddie. Everyone comes flying in with big spots all over, hard to keep up with it! Drew takes out Davey with the Claymore! Angle and Drew exchange strikes with The Wolves again and then they whip them into the ropes and attempt Double Clotheslines, but The Wolves duck and hit Dual Suicide Dives through the ropes onto Eli & Jessie on the floor! Drew hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto everyone on the floor! Drew tosses Drake back in the ring and he eats the Angle Slam! 1…2…NO Davey breaks it up! Angle comes face to face with Davey and they go to lockup but Drew catches Davey from behind and Eddie takes Angle from behind. Davey reverses Drew into an Ankle Lock and Angle reverses Eddie into an Ankle Lock! Jessie comes in and Double Clotheslines both Kurt & Davey! Eli slides a title belt to Jessie but the referee stops him and as the referee gets rid of it Eli lays Drew out with the other title belt! 1…2…NO he kicks out! Angle destroys Eli and Jessie with German Suplexes! Jessie low blows Angle with a mule kick but The Wolves toss him to the floor. The Wolves hit the Chasing The Dragon on Eli! 1…2…NO Eli kicks out and Davey immediatley locks him in the Ankle Lock! Eddie catches a charging Jessie and locks him in a Half Crab! Eli taps out! 
Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves via submission (Ankle Lock) 
Angle gets in Davey’s face after the match and then shakes his hand. 

Backstage Lashley talks about his match with Tyrus tonight. He says that Tyrus has costed him the World Title too many times and tonight it is payback.
Tyrus vs. “The Destroyer” Lashley 
They lockup and stalemate but then Lashley catches Tyrus with a waistlock. Lashley forces Tyrus into the corner and then hits a Running Shoulder Block, but Tyrus lays into him and they stalemate. Lashley goes for a double leg takedown but Tyrus blocks it and then Lashley goes for a single leg and Tyrus cuts him off again. Lashley grabs Tyrus’ arm and puts him in an armbar. Tyrus escapes the hold and lays into Lashley with a series of chops and strikes. Lashley floats over a clothesline attempt and locks him in a Hanging Cross Armbreaker! Tyrus crashes back to the mat but Lashley holds onto the Armbreaker! Tyrus gets to the ropes to break the hold and then escapes to the apron to get away from Lashley. Lashley hits a series of knee strikes to Tyrus and then attempts to Suplex Tyrus back into the ring but Tyrus reverses it and Suplexes Lashley to the floor! Tyrus rips off a turnbuckle and then goes to the floor and lays Lashley out on the apron. Tyrus Cannonballs down on top of Lashley and then drags Lashley back in the ring and beats on him in the corner. Lashley hits the ropes but eats a big headbutt from Tyrus. Tyrus whips Lashley into the exposed turnbuckle and then hits a T-Bone Suplex! Tyrus slams Lashley into the turnbuckles again and then starts digging his elbow into the back of Lashley and locking him in a nerve hold. Lashley fights back with forearms and then he hits the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Lashley goes for the Spear but Tyrus moves and that causes Lashley to hit the ring post. Tyrus hits the Splat on Lashley and gets a nearfall. Tyrus hits the ICU Spike for another nearfall. Tyrus tries to slam Lashley’s head into the exposed turnbuckle but Lashley blocks it and as Hebner tried to stop them they end up knocking him down. Lashley gets pissed and slams Tyrus’ head into the turnbuckle repeatedly! Tyrus’s mouth is busted open as Lashley Spears him and gets the pin! 
Winner: Lashley via pinfall (Spear) 
A vignette highlights the history of Beer Money.
Backstage Beer Money cut a promo about their reunion tonight. Roode says that if you told him three years ago that they would get back together he would call you crazy but life is crazy. Roode says that there is no better way to celebreate the New Years than the reuniting of Beer Money. He says it is official, they are back! Storm says they are family and Roode says that the party has just begun. He says the celebration is about to kick off tonight. He says they are going to celebrate at the end of the night with their favortie two things… BEER… MONEY! 
Main Event 
Beer Money (James Storm & Bobby Roode) vs. Bram & “Showtime” Eric Young 
Storm and EY will lock it up to start the match. Strom catches EY in a side headlock takeover but EY fights back up and shoves Storm into the ropes. Storm goes right back to the side headlock takeover. EY counters with a headscissors but Storm fights him off and they exchnage strikes. Storm gets EY in a wristlock and tags Roode into the match. They whip EY into the ropes and Roode hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Russian Leg Sweep from Storm and then a Knee Drop from Roode for a nearfall. Roode and Bram lockup and exchange strikes. Roode lights Bram up wtih chops and then puts him in a headlock. Bram shoves Roode into the ropes and then runs him over with a shoulder block. Beer Money pokes him in the eyes adn then they Hip Toss him. Beer Money flips EY over into a dropkick onto Bram! Bram and EY roll to the floor and then Roode backdrops Storm into a Plancha onto Bram & EY! Storm shoves EY back in the ring and they hit the Beer Money Double Suplex! Bram cuts them off before they can celebrate it with their chant and double clotheslines them. Bram knocks Roode to the floor and then takes Storm down and puts the boots to him. EY hits an Elbow Drop as he tags into the match and then slams him into the turnbuckles. Bram chokes Storm in the ropes as EY distracts the referee and then EY chokes Storm with his boot. EY whips Storm into the corner and then runs right into a boot! Storm hits a Running Neckbreaker but Bram takes him down and then drags EY to the heel corner and tags him. Bram puts the boots to Storm and kicks him in the gut repeatedly before getting another nearfall. Bram hits a series of elbows as he puts Storm in a chinlock. EY and Roode talk trash to each other from opposite sides as Bram continues to work over Storm. Bram hits a series of Elbow Drops on Storm and then spits at Roode. EY does the heel ghost tag and puts Storm in a chinlock. The referee actually catches the ghost tag, that has to be a first, and forces EY to leave the ring and Bram return. Bram whips Storm into the heel corner but Storm kicks and punches his way out. Storm and Bram clothesline each other but Storm manages to get to the Beer Money corner but before Storm can make the hot tag EY pulls Roode off the apron and slams him into the apron. Bram chokes Storm in the corner and tags EY back into the ring. EY chokes Storm in the ropes and then the heels whip Storm into the ropes as Bram tags in and they hit a Double Back Elbow. Bram puts Storm in a Front Facelock and then goes for a clothesline but Storm kicks his arm away and hits a clothesline! Storm makes the hot tag to Roode while Bram tags in EY! Roode clotheslines EY and whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Roode knocks Bram off the apron but then walks into a right hand from EY. EY hits the ropes but eats a knee to the gut and then an Exploder Suplex! 1…2…NO Bram breaks it up! Bram blind tags EY and walks into a series of right hands from Roode. Roode lifts Bram up to top rope and then goes for a Superplex but EY cuts him off only to get knocked off the apron by Storm. Storm hits Bram with a Leaping Enziguri and then climbs up with Bram and hits a Frankensteiner! Roode dives off the top witha  Big Splash! 1…2…NO Bram kicks out! Beer Money goes for the DWI but EY cuts them off and Bram lifts Roode up in the air for a Hart Attack as EY comes off the ropes! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Bram goes for the Brigher Side of Suffering but Roode blocks it only to eat a Uranage Suplex anyway! Storm comes in and hits the Closing Time on Bram followed by the Backstabber! EY dives off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop! Roode hits the Double-R Spinebuster on EY! Bram and Roode exchange strikes from their knees and fight all the way up to their feet as EY and Storm fight to the floor. Roode hits the Double-R Spinebuster on Bram but EY hits Roode from behind and goes for the Spinebuster! Storm cuts him off with the Last Call! Roode catapults EY into a Spike DDT from Storm! They hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Bram! Beer Money hits the DWI on Bram for the pin! 
Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (DWI) 

1) TNA X-Division Title Elimination X Match: Tigre Uno (c) def. Crazzy Steve, Zema Ion, & Mandrews to retain the title!
2) Rockstar Spud def. Aiden O’Shea 
3) Mike Bennett def. Robbie E 
4) Knockouts #1 Contenders Gauntlet Battle Royal: Awesome Kong def. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Jade, Marti Belle, Chelsea, Deonna, & Rebel
5) Trevor Lee def. Pepper Parks  
6) Monsters Ball: Abyss def. Grado 
7) TNA Tag Team Titles Triple Threat: The Wolves (c) def. Eli Drake & Jessie and Kurt Angle & Drew Galloway to retain the titles!
8) Lashley def. Tyrus 
9) Beer Money def. Eric Young & Bram
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