Drew Galloway says his deal with Impact Wrestling is up in three weeks

Drew Galloway

Chris Featherstone of Pancakes and Powerslams is featuring an interview with current Impact Grand Champion Drew Galloway who reveals that his current deal with Impact Wrestling is up in just three weeks and that negotiations for him to stay have started.

“My contract comes up in like three weeks. We’re currently in talks. I really hope things work out the way I want them to work out… we just have to figure things out. There’s obviously people reaching out, but I’m just hoping things work out the way that I hope they work out because I’m having such a good ride right now.”

Galloway also talked about the end of his “Chosen One” gimmick during his time in WWE.

“The direction of the character was [Vince McMahon] and myself talking together and taking his direction. And obviously when he got written off of TV, it was a hindrance to the character when Nexus wrote him off, which was a priority at the time. But, losing Vince hurt the character dramatically. Eventually, I was off TV, and out of sight or out of mind. There was a lot going on, and all of a sudden, I wasn’t too much”