Impact Results – 9/30/10

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
September 30, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact kicks off this week with a recap of last week’s show with thoughts from RVD & Abyss on Reaction last week.

Kurt Angle is the back talking supposedly to Hulk Hogan on the phone and he says he definitely will win the belt at BFG and tells Hulk he “won’t let him down” and then talks about a Cage Match with Abyss tonight that Hulk has set up! Angle says he’ll take care of Abyss tonight.

Angle’s music hits and Kurt Angle comes out to the ring. Kurt says he knows Hulk is somewhere recovering from another back surgery and says that the Impact Zone misses him. A “Hogan” chant starts and then he thanks Hogan for the talk they just had. Angle says he is 10 days away from achieving his goal and only 2 men stand in his way: Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy. He calls them both great competitors but he says BFG will be his night to shine. Kurt talks about the favor that Hogan asked of him and he says Abyss has caused too much damage in TNA as of late. Angle mentions Abyss’ 10-10-10 threats but Angle says Abyss should worry about 9-30-10 (tonight) because that is the night that Angle cuts TNA’s cancer out (Abyss). Angle says it will be Angle and Abyss inside a Steel Cage tonight and then Abyss’ music hits and the Monster walks out.

Angle meets him halfway and the brawl is on! Angle beats on Abyss but Abyss comes back on Angle and tosses him into a piece of the set. Angle answers back with a European Uppercut and then they continue to exchange shots all the way to the back. They continue to fight in the backstage area and Abyss whips Angle into a wall hard. Abyss then grabs a nearby ladder and throws it at Angle! Abyss then grabs a steel chair and starts to hit Angle with it but Angle kicks him and then blasts Abyss with it repeatedly! Angle beats down Abyss and chokes him and then screams at him that he is a “completely different animal.” Abyss then low blows Angle and throws him into some lockers. Angle answers back with a HUGE nut shot and finally D-Lo Brown and Simon Diamond lead in security to break up the fight.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Abyss breaks through security as we’re back from commercials and he and Angle brawl once more! Security gets control again but Angle and Abyss continue to try and get to each other. Angle screams that Abyss’ a** is his tonight and he has Abyss’ number.

Lumberjack Match
Beer Money Inc. w/Forutune vs. Tommy Dreamer & “War Machine” Rhino w/EV2

EV2 (including Brian Kendrick) and Fourtune will be the Lumberjacks. EV2 hits the ring and they start the fight with Beer Money. Rhino clotheslines Storm out of the ring and Dreamer hits Roode with a Cross Body for a quick nearfall. Dreamer throws Roode into the EV2 corner and then tags in Rhino. Rhino whips Roode into the ropes and he and Dreamer hit him with a Double Back Elbow for another nearfall. Rhino whips Roode into the corner and then hits a backdrop! Rhino sets up for The Gore but Roode quickly climbs out of the ring only to get attacked by Sabu on the floor! Roode rolls back into the ring where he eats a series of rights from Rhino. Roode answers with a knee to the gut and then throws Rhino into the corner. Storm holds Rhino there and Roode charges but Rhino gets his boot up. Rhino then nails Storm and then Roode but turns right around into a Leaping Enziguri from Storm on the outside! Storm in now (no tag as the referee was turned around) and he chokes Rhino and then hits a Knee Drop followed by a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Storm tags Roode back in and holds Rhino so Roode can put the boots to him. Rhino and Roode exchange right hands and then Roode whips Rhino into the ropes but holds onto his arm and pulls Rhino into a knee to the gut. Roode then does it again and then hits a Back Suplex for another nearfall. Storm tags back in and Beer Money hit their Double Suplex. 1…2…NO Rhino kicks out! Roode tosses Rhino out to the floor and Fourtune jumps on him until EV2 run over which allows Rhino to roll back into the ring. Storm covers Rhino and gets another nearfall but Rhino got his foot on the bottom rope. Roode back in and he puts the boots to Rhino. They are isolating Rhino very well right now. Roode locks Rhino in a Waistlock but Rhino fights it with elbows and rights. Roode and Rhino exchange right hands but Rhino ducks one and nails Roode with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Rhino tags in Dreamer and Roode tags in Storm! Dreamer nails Storm with a big right hand as he came chargin in and then a clothesline. Dreamer then dropkicks Roode off the apron and ducks a clothesline from Storm and hits him with a Neckbreaker! Dreamer follows up with a DVD attempt but Storm blocks it with a back elbow. Storm then goes for the Last Call but Dreamer blocks it and then locks in a Crossface! Roode runs in and breaks it up and Rhino attacks him! Rhino and Roode spill out to the floor where Fourtune attacks Rhino! EV2 then attacks Fourtune! AJ Styles spits beer into Dreamer’s face on the apron as the referee was distracted by the brawl! Dreamer stumbles into the Backstabber from Storm! Kendrick jumps AJ on the apron as Storm covers Dreamer! 1…2…NO Dreamer kicks out! Taz with the line of the night as he calls Kendrick a “Jedi Knight” (because of the weird robe he’s wearing). Storm swings the beer bottle on Dreamer but he ducks and then hits the Dreamer Driver! 1…2…3!

Winners: Rhino & Dreamer via pinfall (Dreamer Driver)

After the match Sabu sets up a chair in the ring and dives off it into a Plancha onto both EV2 & Fourtune on the outside! Mick Foley grabs a microphone and screams that “that’s enough” and says he doesn’t want to see anymore fighting outside the ring. What he wants to see is two, just two, in the ring facing each other! Foley says he and Ric Flair have been going around and around for a long time and it’s time they have a resolution to their differences. He invites Flair into the ring to clear the air and Flair wastes no time! EV2 get in his way but Foley tells them to get out of the way. Foley says this is between he and Ric!

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials Flair is in the ring with Foley. Foley says he doesn’t want to talk to Ric Flair, “the wrestling God”, he wants to talk to Ric Flair the man. Flair spins around and says “there” and asks Foley “want do you want to talk about, asshole?” Foley says everyone is concentrated on 10-10-10 and rightfully so but he and Ric should think about 10-7-10 because he told Dixie Carter that the time has come for Ric & Foley to finally end their differences after 20 years. Foley says he knows BFG is big but this is something that needs to be seen live on national TV. Foley challenges Flair to face him one-on-one next week on Impact! He says it’s “Flair vs. Foley for the last time.’ Flair drops the microphone and then goes to a fan at ringside and takes the fans book. It’s Mick Foley’s new book. Flair sarcastically calls Foley a best selling author, Father of the Year, and couch potato and then he stomps on Foley’s book and even pulls out the Elbow Drop! WOOOOO! He knee drops it and then kicks it out of the ring and says “yes, you son of a b*tch” to the match! He asks Foley how he’ll get out of this. Foley says he won’t and then he says there was a great review of his book that said the writing was great but they wondered if Foley still loved wrestling as much as he loved his family and his outside interests. Foley says the truth is that a few weeks ago the answers was ‘no’ but he felt that burning inside of him that he hasn’t felt in a long time when Flair put him on the spot and he knows that he needs Flair to bring out the best inside him. Flair says that’s what he does for a living and he makes everybody better around him! Flair then starts punching himself in the face until he actually busts open his eyebrow! Foley then starts punching himself hard as hell! Holy sh*t a bruise is already forming on Foley’s eye and it’s bleeding as well. These two are freaking nuts. Flair says Foley is out of shape and then Foley screams at him to take his best shot and he’ll drop him where he stands! Flair says next Thursday night he’ll have his entire family sitting at ringside but not for his retirement but to see the end of Mick Foley and EV2! Flair says he respects Dreamer as a man and Dreamer told him himself that Flair IS hardcore! Foley asks Flair how many years he’s been doing this and Flair answers 39 years. Foley says Flair calls him stupid but it took Flair almost 40 years to figure out he’s hardcore. Foley says Flair is what wrestling is all about and since he returned in TNA he’s been walking the walk and talking the talk like the chance he hasn’t done in years. Foley says Flair is renewed and Flair says he loves that Foley’s balls are big again and then says he’ll beat Foley within an inch of his life and Flair is actually shaking. Foley says he feels like he’s been coasting while Flair seems renewed and then he says he hasn’t walked on his own in a long time. Foley says next Thursday he wants Flair in not in just any match but in a Last Man Standing Match! Flair gives Foley a crazy look and then says “two man walk down, one walks out” and Flair says he’s got it! Flair says if he loses to Foley he’ll kiss his a** on national TV and Ric Flair don’t kiss nobodies a** but Foley next Thursday that’s going to change! Flair starts shadow boxing the air and then humps the air! Flair leaves the ring and continues screaming at Foley as Foley says next week he’ll see Flair in the ring.

In the back Mr. Anderson is looking through his phone and says he doesn’t seen any calls from Hulk Hogan. He’s talking to Bischoff and he says that Hogan called Kurt and wants to know what the deal is. Anderson questions if Hulk thinks Kurt is the only one in the match. Bischoff says Hogan is a creature of habit and he says that Hulk carried a company on his back for a long time and so has Kurt. Bischoff says they have a lot in common and Anderson shouldn’t look into it. Bischoff says he has confidence in Anderson and that’s why he booked him in a match with Samoa Joe tonight. Anderson says he’s going to win the title and the $100,000 Battle Royal next week as well as beating Joe tonight. They shake hands and then Anderson walks away.

The Machine Guns are shown walking backstage, we haven’t seen Shelley since No Surrender. GenMe goes against Ink, Inc. next.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Ink, Inc. vs. Generation Me

GenMe are carrying the title belt they stole from Sabin last week. Jeremy and Moore will start this match off. Moore locks Jeremy in a Waistlock and then hits a Gutwrench Suplex and locks in a Front Headlock, but Jeremy reverses it into a wristlock. Moore rolls through it but Jeremy kicks him and then throws him into the corner. Jeremy puts the boots to Moore and then he whips Moore into the corner and charges but Moore floats up and over Jeremy. Shannon hits an arm drag on Jeremy followed by another one. Moore then hits an Atomic Drop followed by a big right hand and then a Leg Drop to the groin for a nearfall. Moore locks in a wristlock on Jeremy but he kicks him and then tags in Max. Max charges at Moore but Moore hits him with an armdrag and holds onto an armlock. Neal tags in and Ink, Inc. whip Max into the ropes and they hit a Double Back Elbow on him. Moore then hip tosses Neal on top of Max! 1…2…NO Jeremy kicks out! Neal nails Max with a big Forearm and then a dropkick for another nearfall. Neal whips Max into the corner and charges but Max gets a boot up! Max Moonsaults off the top but Neal avoids it and Max lands on his feet. He sells it like his twisted his ankle and rolls out of the ring. The referee starts to count Max out and Jeremy comes in and slams Neal to the mat hard. Max then rolls back into the ring and stomps on Neal as they faked them out. Jeremy tags back in and he chokes Neal in the corner and then charges at Neal but Neal nails him with a forearm and then he hits Max with one. Jeremy attacks Neal from behind and tags Max back in. Max lifts Jeremy up into a Dropkick on Neal and then he covers Neal and gets a nearfall. Max locks Neal in a headlock and Neal fights it his feet but Max answers with a big dropkick. Jeremy tags in and gets a nearfall on Neal. Max whips Neal into the corner hard and then tags Jeremy back in. Jeremy charges at Neal as Max holds him but Neal gets his boot up and then he nails Max with a back elbow. Jeremy attempts to clothesline Neal but he ducks and Jeremy accidentally hits Max! Moore tags in and hits a Flying Cross Body on Max followed by a dropkick. Moore then hits a Back Heel Kick. Moore attempts to whip Max into the ropes but Max reverses it and Moore nails Max with a spinning heel kick! 1…2…NO Jeremy breaks it up! GenMe whip Moore into the ropes and then go for a double clothesline but Moore ducks. They then lift Moore up into the air but Moore counters in midair with a Double Hurricarnana! Yes, he rana’d bout GenMe members at the same time! Moore tosses Jeremy out of the ring and then hits a Springboard Asai Monsault on Max! 1…2…NO Jeremy breaks it up just in time! Neal comes in and attacks Jeremy. Neal goes for a Spear on Jeremy but he moves and Neal nails the ring post! Moore then attempts to whip Max into the ropes but he reveres it. Moore floats up into a Head Scissors but Max blocks it and then lifts Moore up into the air and when Moore comes down he kicks him in the nuts (while the referee was distracted by Jeremy)! Jeremy then rolls Moore up and gets the win.

Winners: GenMe via pinfall (rollup)

After the match GenMe continue the assault on Ink, Inc. and beat them down. They set up Neal for the Double DDT but the Machine Guns music hits and they storm the ring and GenMe bail out! Sabin gets his title belt back.

In the back Samoa Joe talks to the camera and says he’s appreciative of the opportunity they’re giving him to face Anderson tonight. Joe says shortly after beating Anderson tonight he will win back his title. He says Anderson is right about one thing, he is an a**hole. That match is next.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from the break the Machine Guns talk to the camera and Shelley says GenMe will have to cut their heads off to take their belts. He says it took them 4 long years to get those belts and if they think they’ll just give them to them they better think again. Shelley says they can get their title shot at BFG but says it’ll start before that because they will start to get their revenge at the Battle Royal next week. Sabin says that revenge is sweet.

Mr. Anderson vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Before the match starts The Pope’s music hits and he joins commentary. Now this should be interesting. Anderson and Joe lockup and Joe forces Anderson into the corner and beats on him with right hands. Anderson answers back with rights of his own but then Joe nails him with leg kicks and then crazy rights and lefts in the corner beating Anderson down while Tenay & Taz ask Pope about his relationship with Nash and Sting. Joe puts the boots to Anderson but Anderson comes back and locks Joe in a side headlock as a shot at the announce table reveals Sting and Nash standing behind Pope. Joe shoves Anderson into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Anderson ducks and locks Joe in a waistlock. Joe backs Anderson into the corner and hits a Leaping Enziguri! Pope keeps ignoring Taz & Tenay’s questions regarding Sting & Nash. Joe lights Anderson up with chops in the corner and then he chokes Anderson with his boot. Anderson fights back with right hands and then he throws Joe into the corner and puts the boots to Joe. Anderson hits the ropes but eats a running forearm from Joe. Joe Facewashes Anderson in the corner and then hits the ropes and hits a Running Kick to the face on Anderson. 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Anderson fights back on Joe but Joe nails him with a forearm. Joe then lights Anderson up with a big chop and then he whips Anderson into the ropes. Joe goes for a backdrop but Anderson kicks him and then hits a clothesline. Anderson follows up with a back elbow and then a dropkick for a nearfall. Anderson goes for a rare Roundhouse Kick but Joe ducks and locks in the Coquina Clutch! Anderson counters it with a Jawbreaker! Joe goes for a clothesline but Anderson counters into the Mic Check! 1…2…3!

Winner: Anderson via pinfall (Mic Check)

After the match Nash says he’s going to try one more time to talk some sense into Joe. Joe dares Nash to get in the ring with him. Nash tells Joe this is his last chance to join them, Nash is holding a bat.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials we see that during the break security held Joe back from going after Joe. Nash is in the ring with Pope and Sting now. Nash says they say bad things happen to bad people and it’s amazing how Hogan is laying in a hospital bed, huh? Nash says that for 7 months since Hogan and the cockroach (Bischoff) came in what’s been going on but apparently the rest of the locker room has been duped by them. Nash says that the 3 men in the ring know exactly what’s going on. Pope grabs the microphone and says what’s in the ring right now is 2 guys that have been around the block a couple of times and he says it amazes him how Bischoff continues to try and pull the wool over his eyes. Pope calls Bischoff a liar, a cheat, a conman and a ‘no good son of a Bischoff.’ Pope says he and Nash aren’t new to the streets and in their game Hogan and Bischoff will be coming out on the losing end. Sting says that it’s really about he and Hogan because it all started with he and Hogan way back in WCW. Sting says it’s a classic case of good and evil and then he asks the fans if they came to see the good guys or the bad guys. Sting says the real question is who really is the good guys and who really is the bad guys. He says that’s the question that every one wants answered at BFG and there really is only one way to answer that. Sting says that way is Nash, Sting, & Pope vs. Jarrett, Joe, & Hulk! Sting suggests Hulk ‘lace ’em up one more time’ and he says there’s no more games and they’ll show the world what’s really going on.

Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he walks out with Ms. Tessmacher. Bischoff looks at her and says this is beyond disappointing to disgusting and he says with their biggest PPV of the year right around the corner, these three guys are in the ring showing their true colors. Bischoff says what he sees in the ring is 2 guys at the end of their career and he calls Pope still “green behind the ears.” Bischoff says this goes back to WCW 15 years ago when he tried to get Sting to start working with the younger guys but Sting wanted it to be all about him and he started whining and pouting until he got his way. He says nothings changed with Nash and he’s always been like this. He says he’s consistent as hell and he’s always been self serving and selfish as hell. Bischoff says Pope disappoints him the most because he had his opportunity at the World Title but he lost and now he b*tches about it. Bischoff says he even gave Pope another shot but he blew it again and the only conspiracy going around is the one in his head. Bischoff says to talk to Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy and ask them if there’s a conspiracy. Bischoff says they really are cowards and Bischoff says they know that Hogan has been in the hospital with a bad back. Bischoff says he doesn’t make a habit for speaking for Hogan and he says Hogan will be here live next week and he’ll answer for himself but he just hopes they like the answer.

In the back AJ talks about Kendrick having a death wish. He says he’s going to rip Kendrick’s head off tonight and he says he’s willing to put his TV Title up to get Kendrick out there! AJ fools Flair with the drinking game again.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

How ironic that a Nazi commercial airs since Hunter Golden likes to compare TNA to Hitler.

Back from commercials footage of the X-Division Title changes during the weekend shows where Red won the X-Title from Lethal but then dropped it back to him a couple of nights later.

In the back Ms. Tessmacher talks with Tara & Madison and she says she has the power to fire them so they should be on their best behavior. Lacey walks in with the Beautiful People and they begin to start cussing at each other as security separates them. She again says she can fire them if they don’t settle down. Tessmacher says she called them in there for a reason and Madison has to present a waiver that Madison had to sign to allow Tara back in the ring (since Tara lost the retirement match to Madison). Madison says that Tara knows that she gave Tara a job while she was flat on her a** but Tara tells her to be easy. They all start arguing again and Tessmacher yells at them to shutup again. Tessmacher says Bischoff has mandated that there be a Fatal 4-Way Match at BFG with the Knockouts Title on the line! Madison vs. Tara vs. Angelina vs. Velvet for the belt! None of them like it.

After they leave someone calls Ms. Tessmacher’s phone and she is going to meet that person in 20 minutes at the “usual place.”

TNA World Television Championship
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c) w/Ric Flair & Matt Morgan vs. Brian Kendrick

Flair comes to the announce table and rants about the match with Foley next week. AJ and Kendrick lockup and AJ forces Kendrick into the corner. Kendrick reverses it and then bows at AJ who then kicks Kendrick in the gut. AJ locks Kendrick in a side headlock and Kendrick rolls backward but AJ holds onto the headlock. Kendrick fights to his feet and shoves AJ into the ropes but AJ lifts Kendrick up into the air with a Gorilla Press. Kendrick lands on his feet and then goes for a dropkick but AJ sidesteps it. AJ puts the boots to Kendrick and talks trash to him. AJ throws Kendrick into the corner and then lights him up with chops. AJ whips Kendrick into the opposite corner and charges but Kendrick moves and then this a dropkick followed by a running forearm. Kendrick then goes for a big clothesline but AJ ducks and then locks Kendrick a waistlock but Kendrick reverses it. AJ gets to the ropes but Kendrick rolls him up! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! AJ then hits a big Back Suplex! AJ chokes Kendrick on the ropes and then when the referee pulls him off Morgan chokes Kendrick. AJ covers Kendrick and gets a nearfall. AJ continues to beat on Kendrick but Kendrick catches AJ’s boot once and shoves AJ back onto his butt. Kendrick then follows up with a dropkick followed by a Back Heel Kick! Kendrick hits the ropes but eats a Running Back Elbow from AJ! AJ attempts to whip Kendrick into the ropes but Kendrick reverses it into a back heel kick! Kendrick hits the ropes and hits a Tornado DDT! Kendrick climbs to the top and dives off the top onto Morgan instead of AJ! AJ then goes for a dive but Kendrick catches him with a Leaping Enziguri in midair! Kendrick climbs up top as Flair distracts the referee allowing Morgan to crotch Kendrick. Styles then grabs Kendrick and hits the Styles Clash for the pin!

Winner & STILL TV Champ: AJ via pinfall (Styles Clash)

In the back Abyss is talking to Janice and he says ‘they’ have instructed him to take Kurt Angle out. Abyss suggests they make he and RVD’s match at BFG a Monsters Ball! Abyss says he will shred RVD up like a shred of lettuce in the Battle Royal next week!

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

RVD talks earlier today from L.A. where he says it may have not been the smartest thing in the world coming back last week like he did. RVD says it’s up to the doctors to clear him again after what happened last week.

A video package hyping next weeks big “Live” Before the Glory show airs. Angelina Love & Velvet will face Tara & Madison with the winning team earning the rights to the Beautiful People name plus the debut of Shore.

Main Event
Steel Cage Match
“The Monster” Abyss vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

Angle and Abyss circle each other as the door is locked and then Angle jumps Abyss as he turns around. Angle beats on Abyss in the corner and he puts the boots to him. Angle then tosses Abyss headfirst into the cage and then he hits the ropes but Abyss nails him with a big shoulder block. Abyss nails Angle with a body shot and then he chokes Angle in the corner. Abyss whips Angle into the corner and charges but Angle gets his boot up. Angle then dives off the middle rope with a Diving Shoulder Block for a nearfall. Angle tosses Abyss into the cage again and then he chokes Abyss in the corner. Angle tosses Abyss yet again into the steel cage and then he grabs Janice! Angle teases hitting Abyss with it but then tosses it over the cage down to the floor. Abyss then shoves Angle and tries to open the door to get it but can’t.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials Angle hits the ropes but eats a Big Boot from Abyss. Abyss finally throws Angle into the cage for the first time and then he slams Angle into the cage again. Abyss grabs Angle, who is busted open, and starts punching at the cut. Angle has a pretty decent gash on his forehead. Abyss throws Angle into the cage again and then he tries to throw Angle into it again but Angle blocks it and then chop blocks Abyss’ knee! Angle nails Abyss with repeated right hands on the head and then he climbs up top and hits the Frog Splash! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! Angle is a bloody mess. Angle charges at Abyss but Abyss catches him and goes for a Chokeslam but Angle counters with a rollup and then he locks on the Ankle Lock! Abyss rolls over and kicks Angle off. Abyss then grabs Angle and hits the Chokeslam! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Abyss charges at Angle in the corner but Angle moves and goes for the Angle Slam. Abyss blocks it and counters into the Shock Treatment! 1…2…NO Angle still kicks out! Abyss climbs to the top and dives off with a Splash but Angle moves and then hits the Angle Slam! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! Angle tells the referee to unlock the cage so he can escape but then Angle stops him! Angle turns back around and grabs Abyss and drags him to the center of the ring. Angle climbs up to the top of the cage! Abyss gets to his feet as we’re out of time on Impact!


Angle is up top on the top of the cage as Abyss grabs the referee by the throat and flings him into the cage causing Angle to slip! Angle dives off the top rope but Abyss catches him with the Black Hole Slam but Angle kind of slipped out of his hands. Abyss grabs Angle and throws him into the cage yet again. Abyss hits another Chokeslam on Angle but the referee is still down. Abyss tries to find the key on the referee but can’t find it. Abyss grabs Angle by the throat again and Mr. Anderson’s music hits! Anderson runs down and scales the cage! Anderson climbs into the ring and nails Abyss with big rights! Anderson eats a knee from Abyss and then Abyss tosses him into the cage repeatedly! Abyss then hits him with the Black Hole Slam! Well, that backfired. Abyss rips the cage door off! Abyss then walks out to the floor and grabs Janice. Does that mean he wins? The referee is still down. Angle hits Abyss as he started to get back in the ring. Angle then dares Abyss to get back in the ring as he picks up Janice but Abyss backs off.


Final Thoughts

Confusing end to the show and just another average show this week. Not so good heading into the biggest PPV of the year. They still have the big live show next week (which they’ve hyped up nicely).

The opening segment with Angle was pretty good. It kind of seems to me like Hogan is trying to soften Angle up by making him get in a cage with Abyss just a few days from the PPV but maybe its just to swerve us (I still think “they” will end up being Bischoff and Hogan). The brawl was pretty cool too.

Beer Money vs. Rhino & Dreamer was okay but losing to those two does nothing for Beer Money, NOTHING. Especially since it’s the first time Dreamer & Rhino have EVER teamed together. Horrible booking there. Have Kaz and Morgan (who don’t team together regularly) drop that rather than the guys who were just in a long feud with the Tag Champs.

The Foley and Flair promo was freaking nuts. When they started hitting themselves that was weird but beyond awesome. Foley actually gave himself a damn black eye. I’m actually looking forward to that match because they’re probably going to pull out all the stops.

GenMe vs. Ink, Inc. was a good tag match and continued to put GenMe over as heels. I think the match is going to end up being an Ultimate X at the PPV.

Joe and Anderson had a good match but though it doesn’t kill Joe to lose to Anderson (Anderson just couldn’t lose at all either) it doesn’t do much for him either.

The promo from Joe, Sting, and Nash afterward was done very well but Bischoff was off.

The footage of Red and Jay was pointless, I’m glad they acknowledged the title change but they did nothing afterward. That belt means very little, sadly, right now. It will be a HUGE fail if that belt is yet again not defended on PPV, especially since its BFG.

AJ and Kendrick was solid but Kendrick needs to drop those stupid pants. I know he’s doing the “hey, look at me, I’m weird” thing but those pants were just retarded. He was pretty much wearing sweat pants.

Angle and Abyss was a solid Cage Match until the weird finish where nothing was really settled. Anderson was made to look pretty weak. The finish just really hurt that match that was solid overall otherwise.

Next week needs to be really big for TNA leading into BFG. It’s the first Live show since the January 5th show earlier this year and the first Thursday live show since back in 2008. I believe that was the show in Vegas.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Foley & Flair
Match of the Night: Cage Match (**1/2)
Overall Grade: C

Scheduled for Next Week’s LIVE “Before the Glory” Impact:
– $10,000 Battle Royal: featuring AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Abyss, Mr. Anderson, Sting, The Pope, & more!
– Winner Wins the Rights to the Beautiful People name: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. Tara & Madison Rayne
– Last Man Standing: Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Bound for Glory Lineup:
– TNA World Title Triple Threat: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson
– Monsters Ball: Abyss vs. RVD
– TNA Tag Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Generation Me
– Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage Match: Fourtune (AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, James Storm, Robert Roode, & Kaz) vs. EV2 (Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, Sabu, & Stevie Richards)
– TNA Knockouts Title Fatal 4-Way: Angelina Love (c) vs. Tara vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky