TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida
November 17, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Off the heels of this past Sunday’s “Turning Point” PPV this week’s “Impact Wrestling” opens up with a recap of the drama with Fortune focusing on Roode’s cheap win over AJ at Turning Point. AJ calls Roode a “douche bag.” He says that maybe the thing that will hurt him the most is not putting his fist down his throat, but taking the belt from him instead.

The World Champ, Bobby Roode, makes his way down to the ring. Roode says it’s embarrassing to him to think he was once a member of Fortune. He says that he was the star of Fortune and he was always the leader of the group and the future of the company. Roode says it’s his fault for letting them ride his coattails for so long but they had to know there would be a time when he would move on and scrape Fortune from the bottom of his shoes like the pieces of crap they are. He says he knows Fortune is listening in the back and it’s time for them to grow a set of balls because he is no longer going to allow them to stand in his shadow any longer. Storm’s music interrupts him!

The former World Champion, James Storm, makes his way onto the stage. Storm asks Roode if he really looks like the kind of redneck that’s going to stand in some jackass’s shadow, especially when that jackass is a dumbass. Storm says Roode has about 3 seconds to explain why he jumped him from behind last week and after that 3seconds he’ll finish his beer, then walk his redneck ass down to the ring, and kick Roode’s ass all over the arena. Storm counts down from three and then walks down to the ring. Roode tells him to stop and screams for security to get between them.

Security runs down and stops Storm. Roode asks Storm if he really thinks it was him that jumped him and he says it wasn’t. Roode says he beat Storm clean so why would he stoop so low to jump him from behind to beat him a second time. Roode says that entire day he was preparing in the locker room and everyone back there can vouch for him. Storm says he will find out who jumped in and regardless if Roode did it or not, he’s guilty by association and he’s going to kick his ass for the hell of it!

Storm tries to break through security but more run out and drag him away. AJ comes from behind Roode through the crowd and jumps him! AJ beats Roode down, pounding on him, until more security runs out and pulls AJ off! AJ and Roode do the typical pull apart stuff and AJ even Spears Roode through the security at one point. AJ grabs a microphone as we go to a break.

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

AJ asks Roode if this is what it’s come down, he finally got to the belt but he screws Fortune in the process. AJ calls Roode a piece of trash and then he says Roode screwed Storm and then he screwed him over this Sunday. AJ says he thought getting his hands on Roode and beating the piss out of him would satisfy him but it didn’t because unfortunately Roode can take a hit. AJ says what he can’t take is AJ taking the belt away from him. Roode says AJ doesn’t have any stroke and he doesn’t deserve a rematch because he beat him 1,2,3. Roode says it’s time for AJ to head back to the trailer park and work his way back from the bottom. Roode says if he wanted to he could have beaten AJ all night long Sunday night. They start fighting again but Sting’s music hits and he walks out onto the stage.

Sting says he doesn’t know what it is but he’s feeling extra crazy tonight. Sting says Roode keeps stabbing his buddies in the back but he needs to allow Storm time to recoup from that attack before he can get his hands on Roode, but AJ on the other hand is healthy. Sting says he heard Roode say he could beat AJ all night long so they’ll test that at Final Resolution in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match! AJ vs. Roode for the belt again! Sting reminds Roode that AJ is a Grand Slam Champion and then asks Roode if he can go toe-to-toe with AJ for 30 minutes.

Tenay and Taz talk about what just went down but suddenly Roode sees Dixie Carter at ringside and starts to go nuts. He pulls the guardrail away and then grabs her by the arm and starts screaming at her. Roode holds the belt up and asks her if she’s mad because he’s her champion. AJ sees what’s going down from the ramp and runs down but Roode holds Dixie in between them. Roode then shoves Dixie into AJ but as AJ catches her Roode then hits AJ in the back with the title belt! He knocked Dixie down in the process as well. Roode keeps beating on AJ as security runs down to stop him. Roode knocks out all the security guys and then keeps beating on AJ! He was literally beating AJ on top of Dixie! Roode screams at Dixie and then holds AJ’s head up to Dixie and says “LOOK AT YOUR BOY NOW!” D-Lo Brown, Sting, Al Snow, and Simon Diamond run down and pull Roode off. Sting screams at Roode and asks what the hell he’s doing.

In the back Samoa Joe approaches James Storm and says that Storm really needs to listen to Roode. Joe says it wasn’t Roode because he saw him all day in the locker room until bell time. Storm asks Joe if they were hanging out in the shower and Joe laughs. Joe says he just wants credit to be given where credit’s due. Storm asks him what he’s trying to say, but Joe says it wasn’t him because if he had something to do with it then Storm wouldn’t have ever gotten back up. Joe shoves Storm’s head so Storm pushes him into a nearby fence. Joe and Storm start brawling! Kazarian runs up and tries to separate them. Eric Young, Devon, and others run to help separate them as well.

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

In the back Sting approaches Roode and shoves him. Roode asks Sting if that’s anyway to treat an employee but Sting says putting your hands on Dixie is the same thing as putting them on him. Sting says they won’t be doing thing’s Bobby’s way, they’re going to do them Sting’s way. Roode tells Sting if he puts his hands on him again his lawyer’s will sue Sting for every cent he has. Roode laughs at Sting and then walks away.

TNA Television Championship
Robbie E (c) w/Robbie T vs. Devon w/The Pope

Robbie swings at Devon at the bell but Devon blocks it and nails Robbie with several right hands. He then hits a Flapjack followed by a clothesline. Devon beats Robbie down in the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner. Devon follows up with a Splash followed by a Running Shoulder Block. Devon then hits a Sidewalk Slam but Robbie T gets up on the apron to distract him. Robbie tries to attack Devon from behind but Devon cuts him off and then tosses him out to the floor over the top. Pope talks trash to Robbie so he shoves Pope! Pope pimp slaps him so Robbie T clotheslines the hell out of Pope from behind! Devon tosses Robbie E back into the ring and connects with a Neckbreaker. EY comes from behind Robbie T and blasts him with a steel chair! In the ring Devon hits a Spinebuster on Robbie but sees his sons hopping the guardrail to check on Pope. This allows Robbie to roll him up! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL TV Champ: Robbie E via pinfall (rollup)

EY chases Robbie E to the back with the chair while Devon gets pissed at his boys. They shove Devon away and go to check on Pope again and Devon can’t believe it.

In the back Sting talks to Garrett Bischoff and asks him how he pulled it off last week. Garrett says he wasn’t green as everyone thought he was (you weren’t?). Garrett asks Sting to let him go out there this week and finish what he started last week. Sting says he needs to think about it this time. Matt Morgan and Crimson talk about the fight they had at Turning Point and Sting notices it. Sting asks them to think about something. He asks where the Machine Guns are, injured, where is Team 3D, split up. Morgan asks why he would give a damn. Sting says he’s talking about Mexican America vs. Morgan & Crimson this week for the Tag Titles. Sting says sometimes you have to let things like competition with each other to the side and look to the future. He says Mexican America are saying they won’t out of TNA because there’s no competition right now. Crimson says he’s in but Morgan doesn’t seem too thrilled at the idea. Crimson tells Morgan to just admit it if he’s scared. Morgan says he’s in.

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Sting approaches Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair in the locker room. Sting reminds Bischoff about being able to rewrite his contract. Bischoff laughs and says that he did agree to allow Sting to rewrite but he didn’t say a damn thing about signing it. Sting laughs as well and says he knows Bischoff and he knows that legally he can’t remove him right now, but he could just drop him on the cement on the back of his head right now. Sting says he has a much better idea though and since Garrett wants a rematch tonight he’s going to give it to him because Garrett wants to go through Immortal one-by-one until he gets to Eric. Sting says he knows Eric and he knows he would hate it if his own son became a much bigger star than him because unlike Eric he can WRESTLE. Eric says he and Ric will be in his corner and Sting says he’s fine with that because he will be in Garrett’s corner!

“A-Double” Austin Aries & Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen

Highlights of the X-Division Title match at Turning Point are shown as Kash and Aries come to the ring. Kash seems to be still heated with Aries. Jesse shows off his mangled chest as he comes to the ring after the NASTY chops Kash gave him at TP. Jesse jumps Kash at the bell! Jesse gives Kash some nasty chops of his own! Jesse whips Kash into the ropes and connects with a series of Knee Strikes! Jesse then attempts to whip Kash into the ropes but Kash reverses it and then he lifts Jesse high up into the air, but Jesse catches him in midair with a Fameasser! Jesse climbs up top and dives off with a Frog Splash Cross Body! 1…2…NO Kash kicks out! Kendrick tags in and Jesse whips Kash into the ropes and connects with a Drop Toe Hold. Kendrick then jumps on Kash’s back and locks in a Camel Clutch. Jesse then hits a Sliding Dropkick as Kendrick held Kash in place! 1…2…NO Kash kicks out! Kendrick follows up with a series of leg kicks and then he attempts to whip Kendrick into the corner, but Kash reverses it only to have Kendrick leap to the top and dive off with a Moonsault. Kash moves out of the way and Kendrick lands on his feet. Kendrick hits a dropkick and then he connects with a Flying Forearm. Kendrick climbs up top and dives off with a Cross Body but Kash moves out of the way. Kash goes for a tag but Aries refuses. Kash calls him a son of a bitch and then goes to pick Kendrick up but Kendrick rolls him up! 1…2…NO Kash kicks out and then Kendrick dropkicks Kash through the ropes to the floor! Kendrick hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Kash on the floor! Aries knocks Jesse off the apron and then hit the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes onto Kendrick on the floor! Aries rolls Kendrick back into the ring and then Kash. He tags Kash’s back and covers Kendrick for a nearfall. Aries goes for the Pendulum Elbow Drop but Kendrick kicks him in the head from his back. Kendrick then hits a series of Forearm Smashes followed by a Superkick. Kendrick goes for an Enziguri but Aries ducks and then tosses Kendrick into the ring post. Aries tags Kash in forcefully but as Kash stares Aries down it allows Kendrick time to roll to his corner to tag Jesse in! Jesse hits Kash with a clothesline and then a second one! Jesse hits a dropkick and then he attempts to whip Kash into the ropes, but Kash reverses it and then Jesse slides through Kash’s legs. Jesse then goes for a Backslide but Kash flips him over his back only to eat a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex out of nowhere from Jesse! 1…2…NO Kash kicks out! Jesse hits Kash with more chops and then he whips Kash into the corner. Kendrick charges but eats a Forearm from Kash. Kash reaches for a tag and slaps Aries for the tag! Aries comes into the ring but then slaps Kash on the back hard for a tag and leaves the ring. Aries screams at Kash, “you want to be a dick? Go be a dick in there” and walks away. Jesse grabs Kash but Kash snaps Jesse’s neck on the top rope. Kash climbs up top and dives off with a Moonsault but Jesse rolls out of the way and then connects with his Rolling Cutter! 1…2…3!

Winners: Jesse & Kendrick via pinfall (Rolling Cutter)

In the back Karen approaches Gail in the back and congratulates her on the win and tells her she has the night off tonight. Karen tells Madison that she knows what to do tonight. Karen and Gail toast to Gail’s win at Turning Point as Madison walks away.

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

In the back Mr. Anderson is playing Madden when Storm walks up. Storm says he’s not there to play video games and he’s trying to find out who it was that attacked him. Storm says since Anderson is an asshole and asshole’s are from behind, and they stink it was probably him that attacked Storm from behind. Anderson asks Storm why he has to be so violent and then asks if he just said he stinks. Anderson says if he’s going to attack him it won’t be from behind and he’ll see it coming. Anderson asks if he wants to play in a game, Storm says “sure, why not” but then grabs the X-Box’s plug and yanks it out of the wall and walks away. Talk about a dick move, you never unplug a man’s X-Box in the middle of a game of Madden! What are you thinking Storm?!

TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match
Rosita vs. Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher vs. Angelina Love vs. Mickie James vs. Sarita vs. Tara vs. ODB vs. Madison Rayne vs. Winter

The first two KO’s up to bat here are Velvet Sky & Rosita. Standard Gauntlet rules here, when one person is pinned, that person is eliminated and someone replaces her in the match and that goes on until only one girl is left. Rosita gets in Velvet’s face as she gets in the ring so Velvet kicks her! Velvet then hits her Sitout Pedigree! 1…2…3! ROSITA IS ELIMIANTED! Next up Brooke Tessmacher! Brooke hits the ring and goes after Velvet! Velvet attempts a clothesline but Brooke ducks and hits one of her own! Brooke then hits a dropkick followed by a series of Forearm Smashes. Brooke puts the boots to Velvet and then does the Asstastic to Velvet in the corner. As Brooke takes her shirt off and does a little dance Velvet hits her from behind with a Bulldog! 1…2…3! BROOKE IS ELIMINATED! Next up is Angelina Love, Velvet’s former partner. Angelina hits the ring and Velvet immediately goes after her with kicks. Velvet whips Angelina into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop but Angelina kicks her and then connects with a clothesline. Angelina hits a Flying Forearm and then a Front Slam for a nearfall. Angelina charges at Velvet in the corner but Velvet gets her feet up. Velvet hits Angelina with chops and then a series of Facebreakers followed by a clothesline. Velvet then goes for the Sitout Pedigree but Angelina counters with a rollup, and she pulls the trunks! 1…2…3! VELVET IS ELIMINATED! Next up is Mickie James! Angelina attempts to attack Mickie on the ramp but Mickie sidesteps her only to eat the Botox Injection as she turns around!

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Back from the break Angelina is beating on Mickie in the ring. Mickie comes back with body shots on Angelina but Angelina cuts her off and then whips her into the corner. Angelina hits a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall. Angelina attempts to whip Mickie into the ropes but Mickie counters into a clothesline followed by a second one. Mickie then kicks Angelina and goes for the DDT but Angelina blocks it and then goes for a clothesline. Mickie ducks and hits the Mick Kick! 1…2…3! ANGELINA IS ELIMINATED! Sarita is up next! Sarita comes in and swings at Mickie but Mickie ducks and then grabs Sarita for a rollup. Sarita holds onto the ropes and bucks Mickie off and then connects with a dropkick. Sarita grabs Mickie and locks in La Reienera (Spinning Backbreaker Rack)! As Sarita was spinning with the hold Mickie was able to escape and roll her up! 1…2…NO Sarita kicks out! Sarita gets to her feet and connects with a knee to the gut followed by a Snapmare Takeover! Sarita then rolls Mickie up for a nearfall of her own. Sarita and Mickie exchange right hands and forearms in the center of the ring. Sarita gets the advantage with a big forearm and then she connects with a series of body shots. Sarita attempts to whip Mickie into the ropes but Mickie reverses it and then Sarita springboards off the middle rope with a Cross Body attempt but Mickie ducks it. Actually Sarita slipped as she dove and almost landed on Mickie anyway. Mickie kicks Sarita and hits the Mickie-DT! 1…2…3! Next up is Tara! Tara hits the ring and takes Mickie down with a Gutwrench and then she rolls into a Bridging Chinlock! Tara then attempts to transition into something else but Mickie counters into a Hammerlock. Mickie rolls forward into a crazy Bridging Hammerlock! Mickie rolls back and then holds onto an Armbar but Tara counters with an Armdrag. Tara then hits a knee to the gut and follows up with an attempt at the Widow’s Peak! Mickie blocks it and attempts to roll Tara up but Tara blocks it and then locks in a Kneelock! Mickie fights the hold by punching Tara’s leg but then she fights and gets to the ropes to break it. Tara grabs Mickie’s legs to pull her away from the legs but Mickie holds on which results in her being suspended in the air holding onto the ropes as Tara holds her legs. Tara then snatches her off the ropes and slams her hard to the mat! Tara hits the Standing Moonsault! 1…2….NO Mickie kicks out! Tara hangs Mickie up in the corner upside down and then she connects with a series of shoulder blocks. Tara goes for a Running Shoulder Block but Mickie was able to lift herself up onto the top rope and Tara eats the turnbuckles. Mickie then kicks Tara and hits another Mickie-DT! 1…2…3! TARA IS ELIMINATED! Winter is up next! Winter hits the ring and slams Mickie into the corner repeatedly. Winter then hits the Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Winter immediately goes for another pin but again Mickie kicks out. Winter beats on Mickie on the mat and then she grabs Mickie by the hair but Mickie fights her off with Forearm Smashes. Mickie hits the ropes but Winter catches her and nails her with a big Backbreaker! Winter then stretches Mickie over her knee with a submission. Mickie fights it with knees to the head. Winter tosses Mickie into the ropes and then lifts her onto her shoulders but Mickie fights her off with elbows. Mickie then hits a NASTY Mick Kick! 1…2…3! WINTER IS ELIMINATED! Up next is ODB! ODB hits the ring and shoulder blocks Mickie. ODB follows up with a Fall Away Slam! ODB hits a Corner Splash on Mickie and then follows up with the Carpet Muncher! ODB stacks Mickie up and covers her but only gets a two count! ODB lifts Mickie up onto the top rope but Mickie fights her off and then dives off the top with a Flying Thesz Press! 1…2…3! ODB IS ELIMINATED! After the pin Madison Rayne is announced but ODB attacks Mickie in frustration! ODB hits Mickie with the TKO! Madison takes her time to get to the ring taunting Mickie and taunting the crowd. She gets in the ring finally and grabs Mickie by the hair, but Mickie suddenly rolls her up! 1…2…3! MICKIE IS THE #1 CONTENDER!

Winner: Mickie James

Madison goes nuts after the pin and can’t believe Mickie just pinned her.

In the back Bully Ray is running down some girl who apparantley asked him out. He trashes her until Storm tosses a chair against the wall interrupting him. Storm tells Ray to stop bullying a little girl and come after him. Storm says he knows it was Ray that jumped him from behind, he tells Ray to be a man and attack him right now. Ray says he would love to drill Storm in the back of the head but obviously he hasn’t seen what’s been going around right now. Ray says he’s got his hands full with Abyss and reminds Storm that he’s put him through plenty of tables over the years and he never got up the way Abyss did at TP so his hands are full. Ray says he knows who beat him down and he’s here tonight. Storm starts to walk away and he says when he comes back he won’t be asking any questions. Ray tells Storm to chill out and just join Immortal. Storm laughs and says the chances of him joining Immortal are about as good as the chances are of Ray getting laid. Ray didn’t like that line too much.

Jeff Hardy is shown walking backstage.

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Garrett Bischoff talks about getting Gunner in the ring again this week and he says he’ll finish things tonight.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring after pinning Jeff Jarrett 3 straight times Sunday night. Jeff thanks the fans for being behind him and he says going forward he will always be here for the fans. Jeff says it’s about time he set his sights on the World Title again but Karen Jarrett’s music cuts him off.

Karen walks down to the ring and she says all she could think of seeing Jeff walk out tonight is somebody with the balls needs to come out and put him in his place. She says everyone knows she has the biggest balls in the company so she’ll do it. Karen says Jeff isn’t a man and then mocks him asking for forgiveness. Karen says she’s not out there to fight her husband’s battles because he can do that himself. Karen says using his “tactics” at Turning Point to beat Jarrett at TP was not being a man. Karen says Hardy needs to be a man like Jarrett who had the balls to start a company like TNA so people like Hardy could have another place to go. Karen mentions how her and Jeff’s wife used to be friends but says she pretended so she could play Jeff. Karen says she knows that Hardy couldn’t “quite deliver the goods” with her. Karen dares Hardy to hit him. Hardy says he’s more than a man and Karen & Jarrett are just two angry bitches. Karen tries to slap him but Hardy blocks it. Jarrett sneaks up behind Hardy but Hardy sees him. Karen then tries to low blow him but Hardy catches her hand! Jarrett attacks Hardy! Hardy comes back on Jarrett and hits him with a Flying Forearm! Jarrett bails out of the ring and Hardy gets the better of him again. That was bad.

In the back Mexican America is pissed. Hernandez with the line of the night says it doesn’t matter who they face because they’re powerful like a pack of chupacabras! Sarita says something in Spanish and then Rosita says she’ll slit your throat (that’s pretty much what she said).

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Flair, Bischoff, and Gunner talk about the match with Garrett tonight. Flair tells Gunner to destroy him tonight.

TNA Tag Team Championships
Mexican America (c) w/Sarita & Rosita vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & Crimson

Crimson and Anarquia lockup with Crimson getting Anarquia in a side headlock, and then Anarquia shoves him into the ropes but Crimson nails him with a shoulder block. Crimson covers him and gets an early nearfall. Crimson whips Anaraquia into the ropes and connects with a back elbow and then a clothesline followed by a Vertical Suplex! 1…2…NO Anarquia kicks out! Crimson locks Anarquia in a Cravate and connects with a series of Knee Strikes followed by a Swinging Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Anarquia kicks out! Rosita & Sarita distract the referee while Hernandez clotheslines Crimson. Anarquia jumps on Anarquia now and then tags Hernandez. Hernandez hits a big Scoop Slam and covers for a nearfall. Hernandez tags Anarquia back in and then Anarquia hangs Crimson up in the ropes and holds him in the as Hernandez leapfrogs over Anarquia into a Cannonball on Crimson! Anarquia covers Crimson for another nearfall. Anarquia locks Crimson in a headlock but Crimson fights it with back elbows until Anarquia tags back out. Hernandez locks in a chinlock on Crimson. Crimson fights it off and then hits the ropes but eats a nasty Shoulder Block from Hernandez! 1…2…NO Crimson kicks out! Hernandez locks in a Vice Grip on Crimson and then tosses him into the corner. Anarquia tags back in and hits him with shoulder blocks in the corner. Hernandez tags right back out and then slams Crimson into another corner. Hernandez whips Crimson into the opposite corner and connects with a Corner Splash! Hernandez whips Crimson right back into the opposite corner but Crimson explodes out of it with a Spear! Both men are down now. They tag out at the same time and Morgan connects with a series of clotheslines on Anarquia as they come in the ring. Morgan picks Hernandez up and hits a Fall Away Slam! Morgan tosses Anarquia into the corner and hits a Running Clothesline. He then hits one on Hernandez in another corner! Morgan grabs Anarquia and hits a Chokeslam! 1…2…NO Hernandez breaks it up! Hernandez beats on Morgan and then MA whip Morgan into the corner but Morgan explodes out with a Double Clothesline on them! Morgan grabs Anarquia for the Hellevator but Hernandez attacks him from behind. Crimson then clotheslines Hernandez over the top to the floor! Crimson hits a T-Bone Suplex on Anarquia! Carbon Footprint from Morgan on Anarquia! 1…2…3! New champs!

Winners & NEW Tag Champs: Morgan & Crimson via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

In the back Storm says he knows exactly who jumped him and he’s going to out them after the next match.

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Gunner w/Ric Flair & Eric Bischoff vs. Garrett Bischoff w/Sting

Garrett has entrance music this time but he’s still wrestling in street clothes. Garrett talks trash to his dad before the match and then ducks an attack from Gunner. Bischoff hits a Double Sledge on Gunner and then he hits Gunner with kicks and right hands. Garrett grabs Gunner in a front headlock but Gunner backdrops him and then connects with a big clothesline. Gunner tosses Garrett into the corner and beats on him with back elbows and punches. Gunner chokes Garrett on the middle rope as Eric talks trash to him. Gunner whips Garrett into the corner and then he charges at Garrett but he sidesteps him and Gunner hits the ring post! Garrett grabs Gunner but Gunner tosses him away and sells his shoulder like it’s hurt. Bischoff holds Garrett’s leg as Gunner Spears Garrett in the corner! Sting chases Eric away. Gunner picks Garrett up and drops him with a Back Suplex. Gunner then locks him in a Chinlock and then he hits Garrett with shoulder blocks in the corner. Gunner whips Garrett into the opposite corner and hits a Running Shoulder Block. Gunner taunts Garrett and pie faces him and then connects with another shoulder block in the corner. Gunner drags Garrett around the ring and starts slapping him. Gunner taunts Sting and then he charges at Garrett but Garrett catches him mid-move with a DDT! 1…2…3!

Winner: Garrett Bischoff via pinfall (DDT)

————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

James Storm makes his way down to the ring as clips of what happened to him last week are shown. Storm says it seems that it doesn’t matter where he goes or what he accomplishes it seems that since he talks with a little twang and because he wears cowboy boots that he should be looked down on or passed over for someone that’s more correct. He says this is Pro Wrestling and he’s been doing it for 15 years. Storm says he’s “THE COWBOY” James Storm and he’s as tough as they come. He says when he was born the doctor didn’t slap him on the ass, because he knew better so they had a shot of Jack together. Storm says he’s not one of these guys that has to pretend to be tough. He says he’s been in bar fights, been to jail, and whooped people’s asses every day and every night of his life. He’s sick and tired of these mouse and cat games since nobody wants to take responsibility for attacking him. He says he’s going to blame every son of a bitch in the back for it instead. Storm says he wants AJ Styles to bring his ass down to the ring right now.

AJ makes his way down to the ring looking confused. Tenay and Taz wonder if Storm really believes it may have been AJ that attacked him. AJ asks Storm if he’s kidding him right now and Storm says he called AJ out here to tell him exactly what he thinks. AJ says after everything he has been through with Roode tonight, he’s really calling him out like he attacked him from behind. AJ asks Storm why he thinks he went after Roode in the first place. AJ says he’s the one that checked on Storm in the hospital and called him when he got home. AJ says this is about Storm being so paranoid he can’t see or think straight.

Storm asks if it’s being paranoid that since Storm went on the shelf for a little while AJ didn’t weesle his way into just one but two shots at the belt. AJ mockingly says he must be making the decisions here now. He reminds Strom that it was Sting hta tmade that decision so he’s pissing up the wrong tree. AJ says he’s wrong and he’s done talking to Storm about it. Storm stops him and AJ gets in his face! Kazarian runs down and gets between them. Kaz shoves AJ! Kaz then shoves Storm! Kaz tells AJ to leave and says this thing has to end. AJ leaves and Kaz follows and as they walk up the ramp Kaz asks AJ if he’s really going to let this happen. Storm watches and shakes his head as they leave. Storm starts walking up the ramp but KURT ANGLE shows up under the ring and attacks Storm from behind! Angle slams Storm into the ringsteps and then tosses him into the ring! Angle hits the Angle Slam! He picks up the microphone and says, “Hey, James Storm you found me! GUILTY! Guilty as charged. Now, when you wake up, or if you wake up, I want you to go home and tell your little daughter that I’m the one that gave daddy the concussion.”


Up and down all night from the show, some good, some really bad, some average.

The opening segment between Roode and AJ was excellent and I really liked what they did with Dixie. Roode is a complete ass and is really shining right now in my opinion. 30-Minute Ironman Match should be awesome. AJ has had one Ironman Match before, against Daniels and it was a classic. This will be Roode’s first.

The stuff with Storm searching for attacked him only for it to be Angle was cool. It makes sense and gives Storm an angle to buy time until the Storm-Roode and also gives a chance for that to simmer a little too.

The X-Division tag match was solid and Jesse Sorensen looked better tonight than he ever has. I don’t know what the deal with Kendrick was but something just didn’t seem right with him.

I could care less about the TV Title and the Pope/Devon angle just won’t die.

The Knockouts Match had some good action and Mickie looked really strong for the first time in months. The sequence with Tara and Mickie was excellent, as was it with Sarita. Mickie has almost been an afterthought for the last few months and she looked good here. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James will be really fun and give them a chance to make up for that abortion they put on in the ring several years ago back in the ‘E.’

The Jeff Hardy-Karen Jarrett promo was AWFUL. She was fumbling over her words and really just unfocused, nothing good there. I don’t blame Jeff at all, Karen was just bad.

Good tag action but I’m beyond sick of random singles wrestlers being thrown together and the titles thrown at them (in both companies). TNA’s tag division needs a big overhaul. When is Sabin going to be healthy again?

More garbage with the Bischoff’s angle. That has no momentum and no one cares. You can’t make a referee a freaking wrestler out of thin air and anyone get behind it. It’s just not going to happen. It sucked when they did with Shane Sewell a few years ago and it sucks now.

Good promo at the end again, they’re really selling the dissension between the remaining Fortune members. I just wonder where it will send Kazarian. He seems to be the one trying to hold things together and maybe he just snaps and goes after them himself.

1) TNA TV Title: Robbie E (c) def. Devon to retain the title!
2) Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen def. Austin Aries & Kid Kash
3) TNA KO Title #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match: Mickie James def. Madison Rayne, ODB, Winter, Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Sarita, & Rosita to earn a shot at the KO Title!
4) TNA Tag Team Titles: Crimson & Matt Morgan def. Mexican America (c) to win the titles!
5) Garrett Bischoff def. Gunner

Promo/Segment of the Night: AJ/Roode opening/Angle attacking Storm
Match of the Night: Knockouts Gauntlet (**1/2)
Overall Grade: C –

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Matt Morgan & Crimson (c) vs. Mexican America
– Thanksgiving Thong Thunder Match: Velvet Sky, Brooke Tessmacher, & Tara vs. Winter, Angelina Love, & Madison Rayne
– Thanksgiving Elimination Match: Team Storm (AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, RVD, & Mr. Anderson) w/James Storm vs. Team Angle (Bobby Roode, Jeff Jarrett, Bully Ray, & Christopher Daniels) w/Kurt Angle

Final Resolution Lineup:
– TNA World Title 30-Minute Ironman Match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. AJ Styles
– TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) vs. Mickie James