TNA Impact Wrestling results 7/11/13

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Las Vegas, NV (Orleans Arena)
July 11, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact from Vegas week #2 opens up with highlights from last week and then we cut to the backstage area where Bully Ray bitches about his wife Brooke getting engaged. He says he understands people feel the need to move on but she moves on when he SAYS she can.

In the arena Taz & Tenay hype up the Ladder Match and the BFG Series Jokers Wild Tournament.

Bully Ray comes out to the ring with his army close behind. He says that it’s time to take care of business and the first order of business tonight is Chris Sabin. He says Sabin has the opportunity to cash in his X-Division Title for a shot at the World Title next week at Destination X and later on Hogan is going to come out and ask Sabin to cash in the X-Division Title. Ray says when Hogan asks him that question he better do himself a favor and not trade that title in because Sabin doesn’t want any part of Bully Ray. Bully says he is a bad man that does bad things to “little people” like Sabin. Bully says tonight Aces & Eights are going to vote in a new Vice President and this will be “family business.”

Ray says speaking of families that brings him to the Main Event Mafia. Ray says MEM wants a fight next week but Aces & Eights “positively, absolutely, beyond a doubt…say NO” to that fight. He says they fight on their terms but before he can say anything else the Main Event Mafia’s music interrupts him.

Sting, Angle, Joe, & Magnus walk out with Joe & Magnus dressed for action. Angle says that challenge last week should be considered more of a warning than anything. He says they didn’t pick next week by accident because he’s defending the World Title that night. Angle says MEM will kill two birds with one stone because they are going to eliminate every member of Aces & Eights one by one and then at the end of the night Bully Ray will be all alone in his title match for the first time since he won the belt.

Sting says the newest member of MEM is a “heavy hitter” and before the end of the night Bully will find out just who that person is.


Chris Sabin is shown walking into the arena.

At the top o the stage Jeramy Borash and the beautiful Christy Hemme stand at one of those lottery spinners. JB explains the rules for the Jokers Wild where two names will be randomly drawn to form a tag team. The winners of each of the Tag Team Matches tonight then face off in a Gauntlet Battle Royal where the winner earns 25 points. The first name pulled out is Jeff Hardy! Hardy comes out and then his partner is drawn as Joseph Park! Their opponents will be AJ Styles & Samoa Joe!

BFG Series Jokers Wild Tournament
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Joe & AJ definitely have a ton of history which will make that team very interesting and they also fought to a draw in both men’s first BFG Series match this year. AJ and Park will start the match off and as Park goes for a lockup AJ sidesteps him and then he sidesteps another attempt at a lockup. AJ then kicks Park and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Park reverses it and then AJ slides through his legs and kicks Park in the knee. Park tags Hardy into the match and AJ locks up with Hardy in the center of the ring. AJ gets Hardy in a side headlock but Hardy shoves him into the ropes and Hip Tosses AJ. Hardy follows up with an armdrag and then a Sitout Front Suplex! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Hardy is selling his hip already. AJ grabs Hardy and shoves him into the corner and Joe tags himself in. Joe destroys Hardy in the corner with jabs and kicks. Joe then headbutts Hardy and whips him into the ropes. Joe goes for a backdrop but Hardy kicks him and then bounces off the ropes again but Joe explodes with a Running Back Elbow! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Joe tosses Hardy into the corner and connects with a Running Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri! Joe drags Hardy over to AJ and tags him back into the match. Joe holds Hardy’s leg while AJ kicks it. AJ then hits a Snapmare Takeover and kicks Hardy in the back. Hardy fights back with rights and lefts but AJ catches him with a quick leg kick and then suddenly rolls Hardy up with the Calf Killa! Park runs in and hesitates not knowing what to do but finally settles on hitting AJ with an axe handle to break the hold. AJ goes nuts and tries to get after Park but the referee gets between them. Hardy then hits AJ with a Leaping Mule Kick as he turns around! Hardy tags Park in and Joe tags in as well! Joe charges at Park but Park ducks him and then hits a series of shoulder blocks but then AJ comes back in lights him up with chops and kicks. AJ hits the ropes but Park catches him with a backdrop! Park then hits a Splash on Joe in the corner! Park grabs Joe but Joe shoves him away and AJ comes flying in out of nowhere with the Springboard Flying Forearm! Joe then locks Park in the Coquina Clutch! Park taps out!

Winners: AJ & Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)

After the match Joe and AJ get in each other’s face before walking away.


Taryn Terrell is shown getting ready backstage.

Jay Bradley and Hernandez are announced as the next tag team from the random draw. Their opponents will be Aces & Eights member Mr. Anderson and Main Event Mafia member Magnus!

BFG Series Jokers Wild Tournament
Jay Bradley & “Super Mex” Hernandez vs. Mr. Anderson & Magnus

The Anderson/Magnus team definitely gives an interesting dynamic as MEM and A&8 members have to work together in this match. This match is pretty important for Magnus because he wins the Battle Royal later that would give him almost 50 points and a lead that would pretty much guarantee him a spot in the Final Four. Anderson and Mex will start this one off. Before he locks up with Hernandez, Anderson turns around and tags Magnus into the match. Hernandez tags in Bradley as well. Magnus and Bradley lockup and Magnus shoves Bradley into the ropes only to get run over by Jay. Bradley then hits the ropes and runs into a High Knee from the Brit for a nearfall. Bradley comes back with a knee to the gut and then tags in Hernandez. Magnus catches Hernandez with a drop toehold as he comes into the ring and then puts him in a wristlock. Magnus offers a tag but Anderson fakes an ankle injury and bails out to the floor. Bradley then takes Magnus out from behind and whips him into the corner. Hernandez hits a Splash and covers Magnus for a nearfall. Hernandez holds Magnus and tags Bradley in as Bradley hits Magnus in the gut. Bradley beats Magnus down on the mat and then picks Magnus up but Magnus comes back with right hands. Hernandez blind tags himself back in as Bradley shoves Magnus into the ropes. Bradley drops down and when Magnus leaps over him Hernandez flings himself into the ring with a Slingshot Shoulder Block onto Magnus! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Hernandez chokes Magnus in the ropes and then tags Bradley in. Bradley beats on Magnus in the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner. Bradley charges at him but Magnus gets his boot up and then his elbow, and follows up with a Running Front Kick! Magnus goes for another tag and again Anderson drops down to the floor to avoid it. Hernandez tags in and charges at Magnus, but Magnus moves out of the way and then hits a clothesline! Magnus hits another clothesline and then whips Hernandez into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Hernandez stops and kicks him! Hernandez hits the ropes but Magnus is right behind him only to get hit from behind by Bradley. Magnus knocks Bradley off the apron but Hernandez hits him from behind. Hernandez then attempts to whip Magnus into the ropes but Magnus reverses it and as Hernandez hits the ropes Bradley reaches up and grabs his boot thinking that it was Magnus. Hernandez argues with Bradley and then turns around right into a rollup from Magnus! 1…2…3!

Winners: Magnus & Anderson via pinfall (rollup)

Anderson celebrates after the match as if he won the match.

In the back Austin Aries bitches to Bobby Roode about the “conspiracy” Hulk Hogan used on him to make him lose the X-Division Title last week. Aries suggests that if Roode helped him last week it might not have happened but Roode says he has his own problems because he’s 0-3 in the BFG Series so far. Roode says tonight is the Gauntlet Match and he needs those points, but then Bad Influence walk in and interrupt them. Bad Influence reminds them that they’re the only 4 men left in the Jokers Wild Tournament so the odds are in their favor that the two teams will stay together for the match. Daniels says it will be the Bad Influence vs. The Dirty Heels one more time. As they leave Aries makes fun of the way they talk and Roode says one thing he and Aries can agree on is how much they hate Bad Influence.

Dixie Carter just announced via Twitter the first three X-Division wrestlers for next week’s Destination X are Chavo Guerrero Jr., Manik (apparently the way I was spelling it (Manic) last week was incorrect), and Kenny King.


Gail Kim is shown stretching backstage.

The next team announced is Daniels & Aries and they will face Roode & Kazarian.

BFG Series Jokers Wild Tournament
“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels & “A-Double” Austin Aries vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode & Kazarian

Daniels was pissed at the announcement that Aries would be his partner rather than Kazarian and as they came to the ring he told Aries to follow his lead. Daniels and Kazarian will start the match against each other but instead of lockup they shake hands which pisses Aries off and causes him to blind tag himself in. Aries locks up with Kazarian and Kaz gets Aries in a waistlock and then transitions into a leg sweep before floating over into a headlock. Aries counters into a wristlock but Kaz grabs the top rope and uses it to flip over and counter the hold into a wristlock of his own. Kaz transitions into a headlock but Aries shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Kaz hits the ropes again and Aries leapfrogs him and then catches him with an armdrag! Aries locks Kaz in an armbar but Kaz reaches his legs up and gets Aries in a headscissors. Aries does a headstand to escape and then a Basement Dropkick for a nearfall. Daniels blind tags himself into the match and then asks Kaz if he is okay and tells Kaz to tag Roode in. Roode comes in and Daniels gets him in a side headlock, but Roode shoves him into the ropes and drops down. Daniels then cartwheels over Roode hits him with a jab. Daniels bounces off the ropes but Roode nails him with a back elbow and then a Scoop Slam followed by a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Roode picks Daniels up but Daniels knees him in the gut and quickly tags Aries into the match. Aries and Roode stare each other down and then lockup with Roode getting Aries in a waistlock. Aries reverses it but Roode counters into a headlock. The fans chant for both men as Aries shoves Roode into the ropes. Roode holds onto the ropes instead of bouncing off and then Aries charges at him, but Roode backdrops Aries over the top. Aries lands on the apron and knocks Kaz off and then hits Roode with a shoulder block through the ropes. Aries sets up for a slingshot move but Kaz grabs his leg and pulls him down and slams him into the apron.


Back from the break Kaz has Aries in a Straightjacket hold on the mat. Aries is able to fight back up to his feet and break the hold with elbows. Aries then tries to get to a tag but Kaz lifts him up into the air and into a TKO! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Kaz goes for Fade 2 Black but Aries counters into a rollup! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out and then goes for a clothesline, but Aries ducks and hits the Roaring Elbow! Both Kaz & Aries tag out. Daniels and Roode exchange strikes in the ring with Roode getting the best of it. Roode whips Daniels into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Daniels kicks him and then hits the ropes again only to get caught with the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Roode goes for the Payoff but Daniels blocks it and hits a Uranage Suplex! Daniels then sets up for the BME but Aries blind tags himself and climbs up top. Aries hits a Missile Dropkick on Roode that sends him into the corner where Kaz tags himself in. Aries goes for the IED but Roode moves out of the way and then Kaz hits the Slingshot Spike DDT! 1…2…NO Daniels breaks it up! Daniels knocks Roode off the apron and then he and Kaz start arguing. Kaz didn’t like that at all. Aries pokes Kaz in the eye and then hits the IED! Aries sets up for the Brainbuster but Daniels blind tags himself into the match and Kaz rolls him up out of nowhere with an inside cradle! 1…2…3!

Winners: Roode & Kaz via pinfall (inside cradle)

Daniels & Kazarian argue over what just happened but then Daniels raises Kazarian’s arm as they make up.

Bully Ray says the VP vote is coming up.

Dixie Carter just announced that Petey Williams, Homicide, and Sonjay Dutt will also compete next week at Destination X.


Backstage Hulk Hogan talks to Brooke about Bully. Brooke says she just wants to focus on the Knockouts match and Hulk says he just wants to the truth, and she says her personal life can start when the show ends. Hulk tells her to take care of all of her business.

Aces & Eights regroup backstage for the VP voting. Bully says there has been a problem inside of the club lately and they got rid of one problem in D-Lo but now they need a new VP. Both DOC & Anderson think they are the man for the job and he is going to leave this decision up to the rest of the club and he isn’t voting. Anderson votes for himself and DOC votes for himself as well. Wes picks Anderson, Devon picks DOC, Garett picks Anderson, Taz picks DOC, and Knux breaks the tie as he picks Anderson. DOC can’t believe that Knux went against him and Bully officially makes Anderson the VP. DOC gets in Knux’s face but Knux says it isn’t about DOC it’s about the club. DOC was still pissed.

Mickie James comes out before the Knockouts Ladder Match and will sit ringside for this match. She hilariously slaps a little kid’s hand away as she wants to get a high 5.

Knockouts #1 Contenders Ladder Match
Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim

This is a rematch from the insanely brutal (and awesome) Last Knockout Standing Match they had at Slammiversary. The winner earns a shot at Mickie James and the Knockouts Title. As Terrell gets in the ring Gail attacks her. She hits a series of knees and forearms before choking Terrell in the corner. The fans chant for ODB as Gail whips Terrell into the ropes. Gail goes for a clothesline but Terrell ducks and hits one of her own. Terrell then hits a Snap Suplex and tosses Gail out to the ramp. Terrell Spears Gail through the ropes and onto the ramp! Terrell sets up for that same Diamond Cutter she hit off the ramp at Slammiversary but Gail blocks it this time and slams Terrell onto the ramp face first. Gail grabs the ladder and tosses it in the ring. Gail tries to set the ladder up but Terrell grabs it and slams Gail into the corner with it. Gail is trapped between the ladder and the turnbuckles as Terrell dropkicks the ladder further into the gut of Gail. Terrell grabs the ladder but Gail kicks it and then they exchange forearms. Gail hits Terrell with a knee and then grabs the ladder, but Terrell punches Gail into the ladder and then hits a Rolling Neckbreaker! Terrell tries to get the ladder but Gail grabs her foot to stop her. Terrell kicks her off and then whips her into the ladder but Gail shows off her crazy athleticism by running up the ladder and diving off of it! Gail attempts a Flying Cross Body but Terrell kicks her in midair and then grabs the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring. Terrell climbs up the ladder but Gail shoves it over and Terrell lands on her feet. The ladder is leaning against the ropes as Terrell hits Gail with several right hands. Terrell shoves Gail into the ladder but Gail grabs the ladder and uses it to lift herself up into a Wheelbarrow move. Whatever she is going for Terrell blocks it but Gail then turns it into a Spinning Bodyscissors that sends Terrell face first into the ladder! Gail sets the ladder back up and starts climbing but Terrell pulls her down and they exchange kicks and forearms until Gail slams Terrell into the turnbuckles. Gail goes out to the floor and grabs Terrell’s legs to attempt the Hanging Figure Four around the ring post, but Terrell kicks her away!


Back in the ring Terrell is climbing up one side of the ladder and Gail climbs up the other side. They exchange strikes at the top of the ladder until the ladder tips over and they both crash onto the top rope! Terrell gets back up and hits Gail with a series of forearms and then tries to whip her into the ladder but Gail ducks underneath it. As Gail bounces off the ropes Terrell shoves the ladder hard into Gail’s face in a vicious spot! Terrell tries to pick the ladder up but Gail’s legs are wrapped around the ladder so she can’t set it back up. Terrell pulls another ladder out from under the ring as Gail sets the original back up. Gail begins climbing it as Terrell actually places the ladder through the ropes and balances it between the original ladder and the ropes making it a sort of bridge. Terrell then grabs Gail and pulls her down. Terrell hits a series of forearms and kicks before slamming Gail into the turnbuckles. Terrell lays Gail out across the ladder set up between the original ladder and the ropes, and then Terrell climbs up top for a dive but Gail rolls off the ladder. Terrell regroups and climbs up the original ladder but Gail pulls her leg through the ladder rung and wraps her around the ladder in a Hanging Figure Four around the ladder as Tenay mentions the previous knee injury to Terrell. Gail climbs up the ladder but as she reaches up to get the contract Terrell climbs up the other side and hits Gail with a series of forearms. Terrell then grabs Gail and puts her in an insane Dragon Sleeper hanging Gail in midair from the top of the damn ladder! Terrell reaches up but everytime she reaches up her knee starts to hurt again so she looks down at Gail getting back up and dives off the ladder onto Gail instead with a Cross Body! Terrell immediately grabs her knee as she hits the mat. Terrell lays Gail out on the bridged ladder again and then Terrell climbs up with her. They fight atop the two ladders and then Terrell goes for the Diamond Cutter off the ladder but Gail shoves her off and Terrell crashes as she grabs her knee again! Gail goes for the Eat Defeat but Terrell counters into the Dragon Sleeper again! Gail actually reaches up and ties Terrell’s hair up in the ropes as Terrell is trying to choke her out! Terrell realizes what she did and releases the hold! As Terrell tries to free herself Gail begins climbing the ladder again! Gail pulls the contract down to win the match!

Winner & NEW Knockouts #1 Contender: Gail Kim

In the back Sting & Kurt Angle discuss the new Main Event Mafia and how Magnus & Joe were great picks. Angle asks if Sting has heard from the next guy and then Sting’s phone rings. Sting says it’s “him” and Angle says “thank God.”


Sting is still talking to the 5th man on the phone and he tells the person they’ll see him in a few minutes.

Main Event
BFG Series Gauntlet Battle Royal
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. Kazarian

AJ Styles & Magnus are the first two men in the match, another man enters every 2 minutes. Eliminations come via over the top rope until it comes down to just two men when it becomes pinfall or submission. AJ and Magnus lockup and AJ gets Magnus in a waistlock, but Magnus counters into a wristlock. Magnus twists AJ’s arm but AJ rolls through and counters into a wristlock of his own. Magnus reverses again and catches AJ in a Fireman’s Carry. Magnus locks in an armbar but AJ fights back to his feet and reverses into a headlock. Magnus goes for a Back Suplex but AJ lands on his feet. AJ goes for a German Suplex but Magnus reverses into an attempt of his own only to eat an elbow from AJ. AJ then hits the ropes but Magnus is right behind him with a Lariat! Magnus tries to toss AJ over the top rope but AJ catches him with a jawbreaker on the top rope followed by a Phenomenal Dropkick. The next man in the match is KAZARIAN. AJ hits Kaz with a series of right hands as he gets in the ring and then whips him into the rope and attempts a clothesline, but Kaz ducks and catches AJ in a Sling Blade (Spinning Sleeper Slam). Kaz whips Magnus into the ropes and connects with a Heel Kick. Kaz slams Magnus into the corner and then tries to eliminate him but AJ kicks him in the leg. Kaz slams AJ into the corner but AJ then catches Kaz with a disgusting Snap Suplex into the turnbuckles! Magnus tries to eliminate AJ but eats a Forearm Smash. Kaz then hits AJ with a Back Suplex and chops Magnus before slamming him into the turnbuckles. Kaz puts the boots to AJ and then tries to eliminate Magnus. The next man out is SAMOA JOE! Joe lays into Kaz with strikes but Kaz cuts him off with a poke to the eyes. Kaz bounces off the ropes but then Magnus drops down in front of him causing Kaz to have to jump over and right into the awaiting Atomic Drop from Joe! Magnus hits the Mafia Kick and then Joe hits the Backsplash Senton! Magnus beats on AJ while Joe lights Kaz up with chops. AJ fighs back and then goes after Kaz and charges at him, but Kaz backdrops him over the top. AJ lands on the apron and swings at Kaz but he ducks and then decks AJ with a big right! AJ almost falls but holds onto the ropes and then backdrops a charging Kaz over the top to the floor eliminating Kaz!


Back from the break MR. ANDERSON has entered the match. The final entrant in the match is BOBBY ROODE! Joe dumps Anderson over the top but he lands on the apron and then chokes Joe on the top rope. Roode tosses Magnus over the top but he lands on the apron and holds onto the bottom rope. AJ then jacks Roode’s jaw with a big uppercut. Joe beats on Anderson with headbutts in a corner. Roode tries to eliminate AJ and then hits a Powerslam as AJ dove at him! Roode tries to eliminate AJ and as he fights him off Anderson runs over and clotheslines AJ over the top! AJ is eliminated! Magnus tosses Roode over eth top but he holds onto the ropes while Joe absolutely commits homicide on Anderson in another corner. Joe clotheslines Anderson but both men spill over the top eliminating both Joe and Anderson! It’s down to just Roode & Magnus as it comes down to pinfall or submission. Roode beats on Magnus in the corner with chops and right hands. Magnus fights back and they exchange strikes in the center of the ring. Roode attempts to whip Magnus into the ropes but Magnus reverses it and then goes for a clothesline, but Roode ducks and as he bounces back off the ropes Magnus nails him with a Flying Knee! Magnus whips Roode in the ropes and attempts a backdrop but Roode kicks and then hits the ropes. Magnus is right behind but Roode saw it coming and catches him with the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Roode immediately locks in the Crossface! Magnus fights the hold and rolls Roode over into a pin! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out and then Magnus locks in the British Cloverleaf! Roode fights and crawls to the ropes and finally grabs the bottom rope to break the hold! Magnus grabs Roode but Roode catches him with an elbow and then lights him up with chops in the corner. Roode lifts Magnus up to the top and climbs up with him. Roode goes for a Superplex but Magnus blocks it and shoves Roode off the top! Magnus then dives off with the Flying Elbow Drop, but Roode rolls out of the way! Roode then quickly goes for the Payoff! Magnus blocks it and Roode swings at him, but Magnus ducks and attempts the MDD! Roode blocks it and rolls Magnus up! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out and uses his legs to hook Roode’s arms and roll him over into a rollup! 1…2…3!

Winner: Magnus via pinfall (rollup)


Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring and says next week at Destination X the X-Division takes center stage. Hogan introduces the X-Division Champion Chris Sabin. Hogan hands the microphone to Sabin and he says there was a time not too long ago after tearing both his ACL’s that he thought he would never be able to compete again. He says that the doctors told him that he couldn’t do it and his family said he shouldn’t do it but he never gave up on his dream. He says this is a dream he’s had ever since he was a kid watching Hulk Hogan on TV. Sabin says that dream is to become the World Heavyweight Champion and then he says the only thing left to do is hand over the X-Division Title. Sabin starts to hand the title over but then Bully Ray walks out interrupting them along with Devon.

Bully tells Hulk that he needs to tell Brooke that he and she have unfinished business and then he tells Sabin that he must be living in a fantasyland. He tells Sabin to do himself a favor and not hand that title over. He says that Hogan is going to get Sabin in trouble with Bully like he’s gotten everyone else in TNA including Hulk’s on daughter. Bully says he is a bad man and he does bad things and there is no way a “little boy” like Sabin can beat a man and a World Champion like Bully. He asks Sabin how bad he’ll beat the “living piss” out of Sabin if he cashes in that shot.

Sabin tells Bully to shut the hell up and says that with all of Bully’s “do you know who I am?” stuff he may have forgotten who Sabin is. Sabin asks Bully if he’s forgotten that he’s beaten him before and he’s the man that beat him in Team 3D’s retirement match and he says he’s the only man to have ever kicked out of the 3D…ever. Sabin says he’s the underdog but that is nothing new to him because he’s always been the underdog. Sabin says that a big man like Bully probably would beat a little man like him 9 times out of 10 but all he needs is that one time. Sabin says he will beat Bully at Destination X and he will ask Bully if he knows who HE is… “I am Chris Sabin…the TNA…WORLD Heavyweight Champion!”

Sabin holds up the X-Division Title and hands it over to Hogan signifying the cash in. Bully says that Sabin has just signed his death warrant and he reminds Sabin that he isn’t just fighting Bully at DX, he is fighting his whole family. Aces & Eights begin walking out but then Main Event Mafia’s music hits and they walk onto the stage putting a halt to Aces & Eights.

Sting says it won’t be Chris Sabin vs. Aces & Eights next week, it will be Chris Sabin against Bully Ray all by himself. Sting says his family will make sure of that and then he introduces the newest member of Main Event Mafia, the “Heavy Hitter”… RAMPAGE JACKSON! Rampage Jackson walks out sand stares down Bully Ray! As Aces & Eights freak out!


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) BFG Series Jokers Wild Tournament: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe def. Joseph Park & Jeff Hardy
2) BFG Series Jokers Wild Tournament: Magnus & Mr. Anderson def. Hernandez & Jay Bradley
3) BFG Series Jokers Wild Tournament: Bobby Roode & Kazarian def. Austin Aries & Daniels
4) Knockouts #1 Contenders Ladder Match: Gail Kim def. Taryn Terrell
5) BFG Series Jokers Wild Tournament Finals Gauntlet Battle Royal: Magnus def. Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, & Kazarian (25 points)

BFG Series Standings
1) Magnus (49 points)
2) Samoa Joe (19 points)
3) Jeff Hardy (17 points)
4) Christopher Daniels (14 points)
5) AJ Styles (12 points)
6) Mr. Anderson (7 points)
Austin Aries (7 points)
Hernandez (7 points)
7) Kazarian (0 points)
Jay Bradley (0 points)
Bobby Roode (0 points)
8) Joseph Park (-10 points)

Impact Wrestling – Destination X (7/18) Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs. Chris Sabin
– TNA X-Division Title: TBA vs. TBA
– X-Division action featuring Petey Williams, Homicide, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Sonjay Dutt, Kenny King, Manik, and more!

Until next week… PEACE!
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