TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 5/15/14 (Eric Young vs. MVP)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/15/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
May 15, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with EY pacing back and forward in the parking lot. He says he has a few things to say to MVP when he arrives. MVP pulls up in a limo and EY opens the door and goes after him! Security rushes EY and drags him away as MVP smirks at him. MVP tells EY to compose himself because a guy can get hurt behaving that way.

A video package highlighting the drama between MVP and EY is shown.

Eric Young makes his way down to the ring without the title belt looking pissed off. EY says last week he woke up thinking maybe this whole thing with MVP is a dream, but the reality is that it is a real bad nightmare. He says he put his career in the hands of MVP and he stabbed him in the back. He says all the wrestlers were hoping for change and someone different and anyone is better than Dixie Carter. EY says he made a promise to the fans to be a fighting champion and he has done that, and now he promises that this kind of stuff will not happen anymore on his watch. He says if MVP wants to be World Champion he will have to TAKE it from EY. EY says MVP better watch what he wishes for because EY is crazy and he has never been right in the head. He says that he isn’t waiting until Slammiversary to get his hands on MVP. He tells MVP to get his “deadbeat, scumbag, ungrateful, woman leotard wearing ass out here!”

MVP appears on the big screen and taunts EY for acting “all swole up like” he’s the Hulk. MVP says EY isn’t green and he doesn’t have The Avengers out there to pull his ass out the fire when it gets to hot either. He says EY can throw as many verbal jabs as he wants but MVP isn’t about the “jaw boxing” and when EY uses the word “ungrateful” maybe he should look in the mirror. MVP reminds EY that it was MVP that booked him in the Gauntlet that afforded him the opportunity to wrestle for the World Title in the first place. MVP says he never honestly believed EY had a snowballs chance in hell at winning but when he did he was ecstatic because it sped up his plan that he will be laying out step by step in due time. He says EY is just the patsy that he set up so he could take what he wants, the World Heavyweight Championship. MVP says he knows where the true power in wrestling lies and even though he’s already the Director of Wrestling Operations that pencil pushing culture is not him. He mentions Donald Sterling and says he is the owner of the Clippers but now he is banned for life, owner but no power. He then says those players still go out there and play for the World Championship in their sport because that is where the definitive power is. “Money, power, respect; it’s the key to life!” He just quoted a Biggie song, nice. MVP says you can never have enough of either of those things. MVP says he does have a little sympathy for EY since he was just a pawn in MVP’s plan so he will let EY keep that title for a few more weeks, but then MVP is going to take it. He says when MVP does that EY can go back to doing what he does best, being an insignificant nobody.

EY says he told the fans he will defend his title every week, and tonight he fights MVP! MVP says that a great man once told him, “no contract, no contact” because he doesn’t fight for free.

A camera is following Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud around earlier in the week. She arrives at her house where a sign has been left in the driveway that says “Dixie fears Bully.”

A vignette hyping up the Handicap Match between Bram/Magnus and Willow is shown.

Backstage Willow cuts a weird promo about Magnus and Bram.


Magnus attempts to attack Willow backstage but Willow actually slides down a staircase railing into a clothesline on Magnus. Bram then attacks him from behind and the heels drag Willow out to ringside.

Handicap Match
Bram & Magnus vs. Willow

Bram tosses Willow into the ring but Willow explodes with a series of clotheslines on Magnus. Willow goes for a Cross Body Block, but Magnus catches him and turns into the Tormentum! Bram tags into the match and immediately mounts Willow with a series of right hands. Bram whips Willow hard into the corner and then chokes him with his boot. Bram tosses Magnus into the corner and tags Magnus back in the ring. Magnus beats on Willow in the corner and then hits a Gutwrench Suplex Iron Sheik style for a nearfall. Magnus grabs Willow but eats a Jawbreaker from Willow. Magnus tags in Bram and Bram charges right into an elbow from Willow. Willow leaps to the top and dives off with the Whisper in the Wind! Willow headbutts Bram and connects with a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop. Willow hits a Leg Drop to the balls and a sliding dropkick followed by a Leaping Mule Kick that sends Bram to the corner. Willow hits a Flying Forearm in the corner followed by a Cartwheel into a slap followed by the Hardyac Arrest! Willow knocks Magnus off the apron and then goes for the Twist, but Bram shoves him into the ropes where Magnus trips him. Bram hits a Vertical Suplex dropped into a Neckbreaker! Bram tags in Magnus and tells him to wait as he rolls out of the ring. Bram pulls a prybar out from under the ring and tosses it to Magnus. Magnus kicks it out of the ring and says he doesn’t want to be disqualified. Magnus goes for the MDD but Willow counters into a small package! 1…2…3!

Winner: Willow via pinfall (small package)

Bram gets in Magnus’ face after the match and they argue over what just happened.

EY bursts into MVP’s office but he isn’t there so EY trashes it.


Dixie Carter is shown arriving at her house where there a bunch of broken tables all over her lawn with “Dixie fears Bully” painted on them. Bully calls Dixie and says he thought she would love his art project that he left at her house for her. Bully says this call is coming from inside her house and he has made himself very comfortable. Dixie tells Spud and the cameraman to go in the house and record everything he has done to her house. She says she is going to call the cops. Taz says that Bully is about to walk into a “Bully’s nest”, yeah I really can’t stand Taz.

Gail Kim comes down to the ring and says she isn’t out there for a makeover or to put on an evening gown tonight. She says that she is here to prove exactly who she is and that is the hardest working, most passionate Knockout on the roster. She says that she helped build the division in the beginning so the Beautiful People need to get out to the ring for a fight!

The BP walk onto the stage and Velvet is carrying a bag with her. Angelina says jealousy is such an ugly color on her like the ugly outfit she is wearing. Angelina says they know Gail is a “darn good wrestler” mockingly but she still is not the champ. Angelina says Gail will never be the champ again and the BP are what everyone should aspire to be. Angelina says they are sexy and tough as they climb in the ring. BP accept Gail Kim’s challenge to a fight and Velvet blasts Gail from behind as Angelina calls for a referee and introduces Velvet as Gail’s opponent.

Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim

Velvet puts the boots to Gail and then slams her head into the mat repeatedly before choking her blatantly. Velvet whips Gail into the corner and hits a Running Clothesline. Velvet whips Gail into the opposite corner and then hits a running clothesline followed by a Snapmare Takeover. Velvet kicks Gail in the back and then hits a Sliding Dropkick for a nearfall. Velvet tosses Gail across the ring by her hair and then charges at her in the corner right into an elbow from Gail. Gail floats over Velvet as she charges at her again and then hits a series of forearms and leg kicks. Gail hits a Shoulder Block followed by a dropkick. Gail whips Velvet into the corner and hits a Running Body Splash! Angelina tries to grab Gail’s foot but Gail kicks her away. Velvet grabs Gail by the hair and slams her into the ring post causing her to fall to the floor. Velvet distracts the referee while Angelina beats on Gail on the floor and then tosses her back in the ring. Angelina hands the paper bag to Velvet and then Velvet puts on Gail’s head. Velvet hits a running kick to the back of Gail and then she puts Gail in a headlock. Gail counters into a Jawbreaker but Velvet comes right back with a Spike DDT for another nearfall! Velvet checks her makeup in the corner with Angelina’s mirror and then she grabs Gail only for Gail to hit her with Eat Defeat for the pin!

Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall (Eat Defeat)

Angelina Love attacks Gail with the title belt after the match.

The Menagerie is shown backstage with Crazy Steve acting like a lunatic.


Footage of Kurt Angle’s injury is shown. After the match EC3 is shown cutting a promo about taking Angle out. EC3 says what better way for Angle to go out if that was his last match. He says all the fans heroes are failing them and he is the future because he destroys the past. He says that TNA is his world now.

Kazarian vs. Crazy Steve w/The Menagerie

Kaz does the usual Bad Influence entrance as he comes out where he and Daniels would shake hands at the top of the ramp, but with Daniels no longer there he shakes his head and then shrugs and continues the entrance. The Menagerie gets pretty much no reaction from the fans but good lord Rebel is hot. Steve tries to give the referee some balloons and then offers them to Kaz. Kaz accepts them and slaps the piss out of Steve. Kaz throws the balloons out of the ring and then throws Steve out as well. Kaz sets up for a dive and Steve rolls back in the ring. Kaz lands on his feet and then starts talking trash to The Freak. Steve rolls back out and drops down to his knees behind Kaz. The Freak approaches Kaz causing him to back up right into Steve where he trips. Kaz tosses Steve back in the ring and then tries to throw him back outside but The Freak catches him and pushes back onto the apron. Kaz flips Steve into the ring but Steve lands on his feet and then sends Kaz to the floor. Rebel hands Steve the balloons and then Steve dives off the top onto a Splash on the balloons. The whole time The Menagerie’s music and weird lighting is still playing. The Freak gets up on the apron and starts doing pushups on the ropes while Rebel gets on the other side and starts doing splits. Steve yanks down the referee’s pants the referee disqualifies him and says to hell with this and leaves.

Winner: Kaz via DQ

Austin Aries is trying to get into the restroom backstage but security is stopping him from getting in. MVP is shown walking out which is the reason they were keeping anyone from going in. Aries says it’s the guy that tried to call Aries out for being “dishonest” as MVP smirks at him. Aries says his cheap suit didn’t fool him for one minute. MVP tells security to take Aries away but Aries slaps the piss out of one of them. The rest of security swarms Aries and drags him away. MVP punches Aries in the gut as they drag him away. EY blindsides MVP with his security dealing with Aries!


Back from the break EY and MVP are still brawling around backstage. MVP turns the tides on EY and places his arm in a steel chair. MVP then stomps on the chair! MVP pulls his tie off and chokes EY with it before actually hanging EY on his back by the tie! MVP drags EY into the arena and slams him on a guardrail. MVP asks EY if he’s ever had his ass beat by a guy in Gucci shoes. EY ducks a big right hand and starts hitting MVP with rights and lefts! He slams MVP onto the stage but MVP comes back with a series of knees! He tosses EY all the way down the ramp. They continue to brawl around ringside with EY slamming MVP into the apron only for MVP to knee EY into that injured arm. MVP slams EY’s arm into the apron and then rolls EY into the ring. EY fights back with a kick to a charging MVP followed by a Spear! Security runs out and separates them finally. EY breaks away from them and jumps on top of MVP! They are pulled apart again but both men get away from security and start trading punches. MVP tells the security that is holding back to get out of the ring and then kicks EY in the nuts. He tells the security guards that were holding EY back to get out of the ring and then MVP hits a Flying Armbar onto the injured arm of EY.

MVP grabs the microphone and says EY made his point so he’ll get his World Title match tonight!

Footage of Rockstar Spud in Dixie’s house is shown now. Bully is shown drinking her wine and then he grabs Spud who was hiding behind a couch and starts choking him. He takes Spud’s phone and tells the cameraman not to go anywhere.

Mr. Anderson vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

I really like James Storm’s new heel entrance, think I’ve said that before but it is really cool.


Back from the break the bell rings and Storm shoves Anderson. Anderson hits a series of right hands and then whips Storm into the corner. Anderson does it again and then clotheslines Storm out of the ring. Anderson slams Storm into the steps and tosses him back into the ring. Storm quickly grabs Anderson’s arm as he tries to get in the ring and slams it across the top rope. Storm hits a shoulder block through the ropes and then slams Anderson shoulder first into the ring post! Storm slams Anderson’s arm across the steps and Anderson rolls back into the ring. Storm puts Anderson in a side headlock but Anderson shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Storm stands on Anderson’s arm and stomps it. Storm hits the ropes but Anderson catches him with a back elbow and then a clothesline. Anderson goes for the Green Bay Plunge, but Storm blocks it and attempts a Powerslam. Anderson blocks it and attempts a clothesline but Storm kicks his arm away. Storm goes for a clothesline of his own but Anderson counters into a Spinning Neckbreaker! Anderson charges into an elbow from Storm and then Storm climbs up top. Anderson uppercuts Storm and then pulls him down into a Green Bay Plunge! Anderson goes for the Mic Check but Storm grabs the referee to get away and low blows Anderson as the referee can’t see. Storm rolls Anderson up and uses the ropes for leverage, but the referee catches him and refuses to count. Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm but Anderson blocks it and goes for the Green Bay Plunge again. Storm counters into a Running DDT! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Storm covers Anderson again and again only gets a two count. Storm shows some frustration and rolls out to the floor. He grabs his beer bottle and swings it at Anderson, but Anderson ducks and goes for the Mic Check! As the referee grabs the beer bottle from Strom, Storm spits beer in Anderson’s face and hits the Last Call! 1…2…3!

Winner: James Storm via pinfall (Last Call)

Footage of Samuel Shaw in the crazy house is shown. He asks if Christy is here to see him.


Another great video package highlighting Sanada is shown. He is shown running on a treadmill while watching footage of his matches then sitting in the ring before the show watching more film and taking notes. He says he must be more prepared than any opponent he faces in the ring. He says that he will prove to everyone that he is a true champion. Why can’t they do video packages like this for all X-Division wrestlers? It makes no sense; give us a damn reason to care about these amazing athletes other than what they do in the ring.

TNA X-Division Championship
Triple Threat Match
Sanada (c) vs. Tigre Uno vs. “DJ Z” Zema Ion

Tenay confirms on commentary that Destination X will return this summer. Zema knees Tigre and Sanada at the bell. He attempts to whip Tigre into the ropes but he and Sanada both reverse it, and then hit a Double Spinebuster and Double Chickenwing on him! Sanada and Tigre sandwich Zema with sliding dropkicks and Zema rolls to the floor. Sanada sets up for a dive but Tigre rolls him up for a quick nearfall. Tigre hits the ropes and Sanada leapfrogs him only for Tigre to slide through Sanada’s legs. Sanada swings at Tigre but he blocks it and hits a Leaping Enziguri! Tigre kicks Sanada and then charges right into a hurricanrana from Sanada! Sanada goes for a Standing Moonsault but Tigre moves out of the way. Sanada lands on his feet and hits a dropkick on Tigre! Zema slides back in the ring and hits Sanada from behind. He hits a shoulder block and forearm on Sanada and then whips him into the corner. Sanada floats up and over a charging Zema, and then catches Zema with a Cradle Roll for another nearfall. Sanada goes for the Tiger Suplex, but Zema backs Sanada into the corner and nails him with elbows. Zema attempts to whip Sanada into the opposite corner but Sanada reverses it and then goes for a Monkey Flip but Zema counters by dropping down slamming Sanada’s face into the turnbuckles. Tigre gets up on the apron but Zema knocks him off and then chokes Sanada in the ropes. Zema hits a Running Double Knee to the back of Sanada on the ropes for a nearfall of his own. Zema elbows Sanada repeatedly and tosses him into the corner. Zema hits a Running Back Elbow and then whips him hard into the opposite corner and covers him for another nearfall. Tigre getes back on the apron and Zema slams him into the top turnbuckle. Sanada chops Zema repeatedly and then Zema answers with chops of his own. Tigre dives off the top with a Double Missile Dropkick that sends both men to the floor. Tigre then hits a beautiful Springboard Tornillo (Twisting Plancha) onto Sanada and Zema on the floor! Tigre tosses Zema back in the ring and then climbs up top for the Sabre Tooth Splash, but Zema pushes him off the top and he lands hard on the ropes and then bounces to the floor. Sanada hits a Springboard Muta Chop off the top on Zema and then hits the Tiger Suplex! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL X-Champ: Sanada via pinfall (Tiger Suplex)

Bully calls Dixie using Spud’s phone and says Spud is a little tied up so Dixie is all alone now.


Gunner is shown visiting Samuel Shaw’s creepy ass in the crazy house and Gunner says he has come to see him because he thinks he needs someone to talk to.

A video package highlighting Angle’s injury is shown. Tenay and Taz show the picture that Angle posted on his Instagram after his surgery and then wish him the best in his recovery.

Dixie Carter is shown looking for Bully while holding a fireplace poker. She finds Spud all tied up and Bully appears behind the door. He asks Dixie if she thought it would come to this and he says this is all her fault. Bully says he is standing in her home because of her and if she never did what she did at Sacrifice he wouldn’t be as pissed as he is. He asks Dixie if she honestly believes that he is afraid of her because she is trying to convince everyone that it is “Bully that fears Dixie.” He asks if she wants all of this to go away and she says yes she does. He says that he wants her to come clean and he wants to hear, “Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray” come out of her mouth. EC3 comes up behind Bully and nails him in the back of the head knocking him out and Dixie says that she fears no one!


A vignette highlighting the drama with Bobby Roode last week is shown. MVP has suspended Bobby Roode “indefinitely” and Taz suggests that Roode isn’t going to just sit by on a suspension.

Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“Showtime” Eric Young (c) vs. MVP

EY attacks MVP during his entrance and pulls of MVP’s t-shirt to choke him with it. EY attempts to whip MVP into the ring steps but MVP reverses it sending EY’s previously injured arm into the steps! MVP stalks EY at ringside and traps the arm between the ring steps and ring post and kicks the steps into his arm! EY stomps on EY’s arm as the referee tries to get them in the ring to officially start the match. MVP wraps EY’s arm around the guardrail and then kicks it against the railing!


MVP continues to work on EY’s arm as we come back from the break slamming it into the mat and stomping on it. EY tries to fight back but MVP catches him with a knee to the gut and then he covers EY for a nearfall. MVP puts EY in a hammerlock and slams him into the corner and then into the ring post. MVP hits a Snapmare and then puts EY in a Crossface Armlock. EY uses the good arm to fight MVP off only for MVP to gut shot him. MVP then goes to town on EY’s arm stomping him down in the corner. MVP whips EY into the opposite corner and then goes for a Mafia Kick, but EY moves out of the way and then hits a Spinning Clothesline! EY whips MVP into the ropes and connects with a Flying Forearm! EY climbs up top and sets up for the Elbow Drop, but Kenny King runs out and shoves EY off the top and then hits him with the Royal Flush!

Winner & STILL World Champ: EY via DQ

MVP demands that the referee restart the match but Brian Hebner refuses to do so. MVP tells him to do it or he is fired and then King knocks him out! MVP asks him what the hell he ‘s doing but King says he already warned him so it’s time to stop talking. MVP and King continue to beat the hell out of EY. EY nods to King and then continue to beat on him. Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he runs down to the ring!

MVP and King back away and then Lashley Spears the holy hell out of EY! The fans boo the crap out of Lashley as he taunts them. King pulls a couple of chairs out from under the ring and tosses them in the ring. It’s a damn hate crime! King sets the chairs up and then Lashley Powerslams him on the chairs! King hands MVP the title and MVP puts it in EY’s face repeating the “money, power, respect…it’s the key to life!” line. MVP, King, and Lashley pose together in the ring as Impact closes.


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning.

1) Handicap Match: Willow def. Bram & Magnus
2) Gail Kim def. Velvet Sky
3) Kazarian def. Crazy Steve via DQ
4) James Storm def. Mr. Anderson
5) TNA X-Division Title Triple Threat: Sanada (c) def. Zema Ion & Tigre Uno to retain the title!
6) TNA World Title: Eric Young def. MVP via DQ to retain the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Eric Young (c) vs. MVP

Until next week… PEACE!
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