TNA Impact Wrestling Results 1/5/16

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (Pop TV Debut)
January 5, 2016
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact’s debut on POP opens up with a special intro video hyping up the card for tonight followed by the new opening video and Impact theme song by the Smashing Pumpkins. 
The Impact set is pretty simple with a massive video screen leading to the ramp. Josh and Pope are sitting ringside. 
Dixie Carter is standing in the ring holding the TNA World Title and she thanks all of the fans watching live at the arena and on Pop. She says that they chose Pop as their television partner but no other reason more than the fact that Pop built the network FOR the fans. A “thank you Dixie” chant starts as Dixie talks about this being TNA’s 15th year in existence and she says that they are committed to making this year TNA’s most exciting ever. She says that wrestling has always been a vital part of pop culture and nothing is more vital in wrestling than the World Championship. Before she can say anything else EC3’s music hits and her nephew walks onto the stage to interrupt Aunt Dixie alongside Tyrus. 
EC3 says that it is electric in the arena so that means that there is no time quite like the present to have a Carter Family Reunion. EC3 says they are going to have a “good ole fashioned airing of grievences” on live TV as an “EC3” chant actually starts up. EC3 says that it upsets Dixie that he defeated Kurt Angle for the World Title and it upsets Dixie how he defended the World Title each and every week, but he is upset at the fact that she stacked the deck against him at Bound for Glory. He says that Dixie is the reason he lost the title and tonight all that is over because he will once again become the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. 
Dixie tells EC3 that he needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror at all he has done and all he has become. She says that Matt Hardy WON the Title from EC3 and he used lawyers to get his way rather than in the ring. Dixie says that it was EC3 that robbed Matt of the title rather than the other way around. Matt’s music hits and he walks onto the stage. 
Matt says that this is the same old EC3 “boring song and dance” and he says that the only people that got robbed were the fans after EC3 whined to his lawyers. He says all of that is over tonight when they crown the new World Champion and that will be Matt Hardy! He says that being the World Champion is his destiny so EC3 better not blame Dixie, Jeff, or even himself because he should blame Matt for taking the title. Eric Young suddenly attacks Matt from behind and starts beating him all around the ring.
EC3 and Tyrus jump in as well and begin beating on Matt. Lashley hits the ring and starts cleaning house! Lashley jumps on Tyrus’ back and puts him in a Sleeper but EY attacks Lashley from behind only to eat a big backdrop from the MMA star. Matt comes back and tosses EC3 and EY to the floor as Tyrus and Lashley brawl to the floor as well. Mike dives off the top rope with a Plancha onto EC3, Lashley, and Tyrus! 
TNA World Title Series Semifinals 
“The Destroyer” Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III 
EC3 and Lashley lockup and Lashley muscles Carter into the corner. Lashley connects with a series of elbows and then tosses EC3 back into the corner and hits a Running Clothesline. Lashley goes for a Suplex but EC3 blocks it and then hits the ropes only for Lashley to leapfrog him and connect with a clothesline. EC3 comes back with a One Percenter attempt but Lashley shoves Ec3 into the ropes and hits the Spear! EC3 immediatley rolls to the floor and Lashley follows him out. Tyrus taunts Lashley as EC3 rolls back into the ring and then Lashley follows EC3 in and hits a big Running Shoulder Block to EC3 in the corner followed by a Hip Toss and then a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Lashley sets up for another Spear but EC3 again rolls to the floor. Lashley grabs EC3 by the hair and pulls him up to the apron only for EC3 to catch him with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope. EC3 attempts a Stinger Splash in the corner but Lashley catches him and goes for a Snake Eyes shot. EC3 blocks it and then catches a charging Lashley with his boots. EC3 puts the boots to Lashley and then tosses him to the floor where Tyrus Scoop Slams Lashley on the floor as EC3 distracted the referee. Tyrus talks trash to Pope at commentary and EC3 tosses Lashley into the ring post. Tyrus puts the boots to Lashley again as EC3 distracts the referee. EC3 lays Lashley out on the apron and pounds the Destroyer with elbows and slams Lashley’s face into the apron. EC3 hits a Snapmare Takeover and then puts Lashley in a Chinlock as the fans seem torn between the two. Lashley fights back to his feet and breaks the hold with right hands but as he hits the ropes EC3 nails him with a dropkick for a nearfall. EC3 surprises Lashley with a Hanging Guillotine but as it seemed like Lashley was fading he lifts EC3 up into the air and Suplexes EC3 out of his boots! Lashley connects with a clothesline followed by a Running Clothesline in the corner! Lashley hits another Running Clothesline and then a series of shoulder blocks. Lashley sends EC3 into the ropes and hits a big Spinebuster for a nearfall of his own! Lashley goes for the Dominator but EC3 blocks it and rocks Lashley with a Jawbreaker and then a Stinger Splash followed by the TKO! 1…2…NO Lashley manages to squirm out of the pin! EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Lashley blocks it and connects with a clothesline. Lashley hits a Running Powerslam and then goes for the Spear but Tyrus trips him from the outside. Lashley still goes for the Spear but EC3 catches him with a drop toe hold. EC3 goes for the Stinger Splash again but Lashley catches him on his shoulder and goes for the Dominator again. Tyrus gets on the apron so Lashley drops EC3 and knocks Tyrus off the apron. Lashley goes for the Spear on EC3 but he sidesteps him and Lashley crashes into the turnbuckles. EC3 rolls Lashley up and scores the pin! 
Winner: EC3 via pinfall (rollup)
Kurt Angle is shown walking backstage. 


A vignette airs for “The Mirace” which debuts tonight.
Bobby Roode is shown arriving backstage where he talks about his Open Challenge for the tonight. Roode quotes Kid Rock saying that it isn’t being cocky if you can back up and tonight he will back it up. He has issued an Open Challenge for any wrestler in the world, from any promotion. 
Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring for probably one of the last times in TNA. Kurt thanks the fans for the ovation they gave him as a “Thank you Angle” chant starts up. Kurt says that tonight is the night that they celebrate the fan in everyone. He says that he is blessed to have been in the spotlight for the last 25 years having won a Gold Medal and then winning 13 World Titles. He says he could not have done it without the fans and everytime he walks through the curtain it is an honor to him. He says everytime he hears the roar from the crowd he is allowed to live his dream. He says this is a very exciting time for TNA and this will be the home for some of the most exciting matches of his career. He starts to get choked up as he says that he has made it known that he is stepping down from TNA soon. He starts name dropping all of his former opponents like The Rock, Stone Cold, AJ Styles, Lashley, Samoa Joe, etc. and he is dedicated to having the same high caliber matches for his Farewell Tour. Angle says he has handpicked Drew Galloway to face Kurt next week as a part of his Farewell Tour. 
Drew comes down to the ring and he says the kid inside him is freaking out right now and he is honored that Kurt would choose him to face next week. Drew starts up a “Thank you Angle” chant and he says that has always fought for what he believes in, but this is beyond words for him. He starts to tear up as he says that he will not let this opportunity slip away from him. 
Jessie Godderz interrupts them and says that Drew is not the future of wrestling because Jessie is as Jessie takes a selfie. Jessie says that he is the superstar here and he talks about his Big Brother appearences and says that he is the true veteran here. Eli Drake cuts Jessie off and walks ont the stage. Eli says now that those three have bored the entire audience he will wake everyone up. Eli says that Jessie is real cool with 13-year old girls and he has been living on his Big Brother fame, but he has to agree with Jessie getting upset over Angle talking about the future of wrestling without mentioning Eli Drake. Eli says that he and Jessie may not be friends but if they teamed up they could wipe The Wolves off the map and he says that anyone with two braincells to rub together could see Drew as the waste of space he is. Eli says that is the only God walking the Earth and it is time for Drew to “Stand Up” and take a walk.
Kurt tells Eli to shut his mouth and unlike Eli he does things with action while Eli is all talk. Angle says he has a few minutes open so if Eli and Jessie want to prove they are real men they can come down there.
Eli and Jessie hit the ring and a brawl between the four breaks out. Angle locks Eli in the Angle Lock while Drew chases Eli off! Jessie escapes as well as Angle and Drew stand tall. 
Bacsktage JB knocks on Matt Hardy’s dressing room door but Jeff answers the door and says that no injury is going to interfere with Matt. He says by the end of the night Matt will be once again World Champion! 
EY is back in the ring and he says that Matt Hardy is finished. He says that when he swings a chair he swings for keeps and you are looking at the second finalist in the World Title Series. EY demands that a referee counts Matt Hardy out now but Matt’s music hits and he hobbles out.
TNA World Title Series Semifinals 
Matt Hardy vs. “Showtime” Eric Young
EY attempts to attack Matt on the ramp but Matt backdrops him on it. Matt tosses EY into the ring and lays into EY with right hands and forearms. Matt whips EY into the corner and then avoids a float over attempt from EY and lays him out again. EY attempts a leapfrog but Matt stops and decks him yet again. Matt goes for the Twist but EY blocks it and then runs into a boot from Matt. Matt climbs up top but EY crotches him and then hangs Matt upside down in the Tree of Woe. EY pulls back on the neck of Matt in a kind of modified Crossface. EY drags Matt to the apron and hits him with a series of elbows before dragging EY to the floor and slamming him into the guardrail. EY pulls up the padding around ringside and then hits a Back Suplex on the steps as Matt tried to fight back! EY stomps on the head of Matt as he is laying on the steps and then EY drags Matt back in the ring. EY slams Matt throat first into the ropes and then slams him into the turnbuckles. EY hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker on Matt for a nearfall and then puts Matt in a chinlock. Matt fights out of the hold and hits the ropes only for EY to cut him off with an elbow. Matt answers back with an elbow of his own and then the two begin exchanging strikes. Matt whips EY into the ropes and connects with a back elbow followed by a clothesline and then a Running Clothesline into a Running Bulldog in the corner! Matt gets a quick nearfall and then climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Elbow. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but EY blocks it and attempts a clothesline but Matt counters into the Side Effect! 1…2….NO EY kicks out! Matt goes for the Twist of Fate again but EY blocks it and sends Matt flying through the ropes and both men crash into the concrete where EY had pulled up the padding earlier. EY destroys Matt with a Spike Piledriver on the concrete! A “holy shit” chant breaks out as EY rolls back into the ring and the referee begins the ten count. Jeff Hardy comes out and tries to check on his brother only for EY to hit a Flying Dropkick through the ropes onto Jeff on the floor. EY lifts Matt up and rolls him back in the ring. EY spits on Jeff and then climbs up to the top rope. EY dives off the top but falls right into the Twist of Fate from Matt for the pin! 
Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Twist of Fate) 


EY is freaking out backstage about the loss and he says everyone will pay because everyone is against him. 
EC3 and Tyrus approach Jeff Hardy backstage and taunt him about costing EC3 the title at BFG. EC3 says the hell he puts Matt through tonight is going to be all Jeff’s fault, but Jeff says that all of EC3’s excuses run out tonight when Matt becomes the new World Champion again. 
Bram comes out to answer Bobby Roode’s open challenge and he reminds Roode that he hates everyone. He says that Roode is the King of the Mountain for now because 2016 is his year. 
TNA King of the Mountain Championship 
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode (c) vs. Bram 
Roode and Bram exchange strikes as the bell rings and Bram attempts a backdrop but Roode kicks him and clotheslines Bram over the top to the floor. Bram gets pissed and kicks a chair at ringside and then starts tossing chairs around in frustration. Bram trips Roode and attempts to pull him nuts first into the ring steps but Roode kicks him away. Roode tosses Bram into the guardrail and then back into the ring. Bram rolls back to the floor and starts walking up the ramp only for Roode to blindside him from behind with a clothesline. Roode tosses Bram back in the ring once again and as Bram begs Roode off he grabs Roode by the tights and sends him to the floor. Bram whips Roode into the guardrail but Roode rebounds off of it with a big clothesline! Roode rolls Bram into the ring and then goes for the Roode Bomb but Bram blocks it by holding onto the ropes. Bram then catches Roode with a jawbreaker onto the top rope. Bram drags Roode to the floor and slams him into the apron repeatedly. Bram tosses Roode into the guardrail and rolls him back into the ring where Bram charges into a boot from Roode. Roode goes for the Blockbuster off the top but Bram moves out of the way and hits a Spinning Heel Kick for a nearfall. Bram sets up for a Uranage Suplex but Roode blocks it and goes for the Roode Bomb again. Bram counters into a rollup for a nearfall and then the Uranage Suplex! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Bram goes for the Brighter Side of Suffering but Roode counters into the Roode Bomb for the pin! 
Winner: Roode via pinfall (Roode Bomb) 
EY attacks Roode from behind and then goes for the Spike Piledriver but Roode backdrops him and hits a series of clotheslines. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but Bram low blows Roode and both EY and Bram put the boots to him. Someone comes through the crowd and it is James Storm! Storm spits beer in Bram’s face and then hits the Last Call on EY! A big “welcome back” chant erupts and then Storm grabs a microphone. 
Storm says that five or six months ago he kept getting asked the same question, “why did you leave Impact Wrestling?” Storm says he left because he didn’t like where he was going and he is was becoming and he didn’t realize it until his Granny said “boy, that ain’t you.” Storm says he just wasn’t having fun anymore and as he was traveling the world wrestling everywhere trying to figure out what he was going to do next he was sitting at home when he saw that Storm got the “Biggest Dissapointment Award” for the World Title Series. Storm says he took exception to that because he put everything he had into TNA because this company didn’t make James Storm, guys like him made TNA! 
Storm says he and Roode drunk a lot of beer together and they have made a lot of money together. He says that it is time to get back to having fun and he grabs a couple of beers. Storm offers Rodoe a beer and says “Beer…” as the fans start to stir. Roode grabs the beer and says, “MONEY!” as they do a toast. Beer Money is back! 
Backstage JB approaches The Beautiful People and Angelina, who is showing a baby bump, says that she will obviously not be wrestling tonight because she is pregnant. She says that she will be supporting her girls tonight as Madison says that Terrell is gone from TNA so now The Dollhouse is down to just three and Velvet says that they will show the Beautiufl People wannabes what the real ones look like. Angelina says that her replacement tonight might hate The Dollhouse more than they do. 

Backstage James Storm says that Bram and EY made a huge mistake and this Friday on PPV they challenge Bram and EY to a match, Beer Money’s first match together in five years! 
The Dollhouse (Rebel, Jade, & Marti Belle) vs. The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky) & Gail Kim 
The Dollhouse have a pretty sexy new entrance as they are now without Taryn Terrell. Gail and Jade will start the match off against each other. Jade attempts to kick Gail but eats a drag screw legwhip from Gail. Gail goes for a hurricanrana but Jade blocks it and then counters into a Fall Away Slam! Velvet blind tags Gail and Marti tags in as well. Velvet lights Marti up with chops and then slams her into the turnbuckles. She whips Marti into the corner and hits a clothesline followed by a series of kicks. Velvet follows up with a Running Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Marti fights back with forearms and then she whips Velvet into the ropes where Madison blind tags her. Madison hits a Running Dropkick on Marti and then Rebel tags her. Madison lights Rebel up with chops and then a Leaping Enziguri followed by a Wheelbarrow attempt only for Rebel to counter it into a Front Slam. Rebel locks Madison in a crazy Hanging Bodyscissors and Jade comes flying in with a dropkick to Madison as Rebel had her tied up! Madison fights back with a Jawbreaker and Jade tags back in at the same time as Gail does. Gail hits a series of forearms and clothesliens on Jade and then a beautiful Tornado DDT! Rebel breaks up a pin attempt with a kick but then eats a Stunner from Velvet. Marti hits a Straight Jacket Slam on Velvet but then Madison lays Marti out only for Jade to lay her out. Gail and Jade exchange kicks and then Jade ducks a clothesline and counters into a Bridging Back Suplex for a big nearfall! Jade sets up for a Powerslam but Gail counters into a beautiful Bodyscissors rollup for the pin! 
Winners: BP & Gail via pinfall (rollup)
The Dollhouse attacks the babyfaces after the match but then Awesome Kong’s music hits and the monster herself hits the ring! Kong stares down The Dollhouse but then lays out the Beautiful People instead! Kong grabs Gail and hits her with the Implant Buster! Kong celebrates with The Dollhouse as Josh stupidly says that Kong “has her own agenda.” Pope asks if Kong is hired muscle as The Dollhouse taunts Gail. 

The lights go out and a weird orchestra type of song begins to play. Maria appears on the stage and she welcomes us to her place of worship! She says that she is the First Lady of Pro Wrestling and she bears witness to the fans pain and all the fans hope that someone will come and save pro wrestling! She says today is the fans most blessed day because the fans Miracle is here! She says that she believes in Miraces and this Miracle’s name is Mike Bennett! 
Bennett walks onto the stage as his theme plays and he is wearing a suit. Bennett walks down to the ring alongside Maria as Josh says that Bennett has been one of the most sought after free agents in wrestling. Bennett says “just like that an Internet darling becomes the Miracle that will save TNA.” He says that there has been a lot of buzz about what or who “The Miracle” coming to TNA is but for those that don’t know him he is an international superstar, a real life super hero, and the “baddest Mofo on the show”, and Pro Wrestling’s Jesus. Bennett says that what pro wrestling needs is a miracle because it used to be fun and exciting and it used to be mainstream but now pro wrestling is filled with washed up “throw aways” that call themselves pro wrestlers. He says that he will change all of that. He says that Matt Hardy will face EC3 tonight for the World Title but that is not the miracle or the moment anyone will remember tonight, and he says the true “Miracle” will be when he holds the World Title over his head. 

Backstage Drew Galloway thanks Angle for his opportunity to get in the ring with Kurt and he isn’t taking this lightly. Angle says he isn’t taking it lightly either and he isn’t laying down, and then The Wolves approach them. The Wolves says that they haven’t faced Kurt either so they suggest a Tag Team Dream match on the PPV Friday night with The Wolves vs. Kurt and Drew. Jessie and Eli walk up and they want in on the match so The Wolves and Angle and Drew all agree to let them in as well. 
TNA World Title Series Finals 
TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy w/Jeff Hardy 
Jeff Hardy says he believes in his brother enough to walk away but asks if Tyrus believes in his boss to as well. Tyrus just says “cool” and walks to the back as EC3 looks confused as hell. 
A promo for some show called $hits Creek that comes on Pop is shown. 
EC3 and Matt come face to face and then they exchange strikes. EC3 cuts Matt off with a knee to the gut and then attempts to toss Matt to the floor but Matt turns it around and sends EC3 to the floor. Matt slams EC3 into the ring post and then into the ring steps! Matt tosses EC3 over the announce table, thankfully taking Josh Matthews out (only briefly though), and then continues the beat down on Carter. Back in the ring Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but EC3 counters into a One Percenter attempt. Matt shoves EC3 into the ropes but EC3 runs Matt over and lays into Matt with crossface blows. EC3 hits a series of chops and then whips Matt into the corner. EC3 goes for the Stinger Splash but Matt moves and hits a Running Clothesline followed by a Running Bulldog attempt. EC3 shoves Matt into the corner and hits a Dropkick for a nearfall. EC3 puts Matt in a Cravate and then transitions into a Front Facelock. EC3 then hits a beautiful Back Heel Trip and follows up with a Front Suplex for a nearfall. EC3 hits a Rolling Neckbreaker and then as Matt attempts to retreat to the floor EC3 cuts him off and kicks Matt’s head into the ring post! EC3 attempts to Piledrive Matt on the steps but Matt counters it into a Side Effect attempt. Both guys fall and EC3 falls pretty hard on the corner of the steps. Matt rolls EC3 back into the ring and then dives off the top with a Moonsault! 1…2…NO EC3 kicks out! Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but EC3 blocks it only for Matt to hit the Side Effect for another nearfall! Matt hits a second Side Effect and then a third one! 1…2…NO EC3 still kicks out! Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but EC3 blocks it by holding onto the ropes and then hits a TKO! EC3 follows up with a second TKO and then a third but Matt counters the third one into a Twist of Fate! Matt rolls over for the pin but EC3 rolled over to his belly to keep from being pinned. Matt gets back to his feet and then goesf or another Twist of Fate but EC3 counters into a dropkick and then the One Percenter! 1…2…NO Matt won’t stay down! EC3 screams at Matt to stay down but then Matt catches him with the Twist of Fate out of nowhere! 1…2…NO EC3 kicks out and Matt immediatley slams EC3 into the corner and lifts him to the top rope. Matt climbs up with EC3 and attempts a Super Twist of Fate but EC3 blocks it and hits a Super One Percenter off the top! 1…2…3! 
Winner & NEW World Champ: EC3 via pinfall (Super One Percenter) 
1) TNA World Title Series Semifinals: Ethan Carter III def. Lashley 
2) TNA World Title Series Semifinals: Matt Hardy def. Eric Young
3) TNA KOTM Title: Bobby Roode (c) def. Bram to retain the title!
4) The Beautiful People & Gail Kim def. The Dollhouse 
5) TNA World Title Series Finals: Ethan Carter III def. Matt Hardy to win the vacant TNA World TItle! 
Scheduled for Next Week:
– Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway 
TNA One Night Only: LIVE! Lineup 
– Beer Money vs. Eric Young & Bram 
– Triple Threat: The Wolves vs. Kurt Angle & Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake & Jessie Godderz

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