Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
June 18, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show kicks off with a quick recap of last week and then the Impact intro hits and it’s officially time to Cross the Line! There are a ton of balloons and streamers and things of that nature in the ring as Mike Tenay says that Mick Foley was in a ?party mood? and was going to welcome Jeff Jarrett back sounding as confused as I am. Mick Foley’s music hits and he walks out followed by his security, Earl Hebner, and a clown. You heard that right. There is a big banner in the ring that says, ?Welcome back Jeffrey!? Foley says ?what a difference makes? and claims his smile is back. Foley says that Earl is fine (his jaw looks it has some tissues stuffed in it Marlon Brando in the Godfather style) and he only suffered ‘soft tissue damage.? Foley then welcomes AJ Styles out to the ring. AJ walks out looking confused as hell as Tenay points out that AJ Styles has the most King of the Mountain experience than anyone. Foley then welcomes out the psychotic Samoa Joe. Joe walks out with the black towel covers his head and face and then Foley welcomes Kurt Angle out to the ring. Well, this could get interesting. Tenay points out that Foley is bringing out opponents in King of the Mountain as Angle walks out to the ring. Angle never takes his eyes off of Samoa Joe as he walked in the ring and likewise from Joe. Foley finally welcomes Jarrett to the ring and Jarrett looks frustrated and confused as he walks to the ring. Foley says the clown is ?Webo the Low Rent Clown.? Jarrett asks Foley if he’s lost his mind and Foley says not yet because he still has one trick up his sleeve. Foley does the countdown and then confetti sprays up into the air and down onto Jeffrey. Foley says that he has booked tonight’s Main Event and it will be Samoa Joe teaming with AJ Styles to face Kurt Angle and Sting as well as Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley in a HUGE Triple Threat Tag Team Match! Jarrett is definitely not happy about this and Foley says that he knows things will get ugly tonight so before that happens they should put their hands in the middle as a sign of good will. Jarrett just leaves the ring as Angle puts his hand in and then AJ relunctantly does as Foley keeps asking him. Foley looks at Joe and says ?I?m guessing you?re not into it? as Joe looks stares at him, but then Joe stops them and says he’s in! Joe then starts to put his hand in but punches Angle in the mouth instead! Joe beats down on Angle until security and AJ are able to pull him off.

In the back JB is with Raven, Stevie Richards, and Daffney. JB reveals that the very first ever Mixed Tag Team Monsters Ball ever will take place at Slammiversary when Raven teams up with Daffney to face Abyss and Taylor Wilde! Daffney talks about her tag match tonight and says that she, Angelina, Kong, & Taylor are all going to hell tonight and says it’s nice and warm there. JB says that Angelina is supposed to be her partner tonight but Daffney says her only partner is Raven. She never screamed once in that promo but she seemed even more crazy. Raven talks about his House of Fun Match tonight and says that it is anything other than fun. He then turns to Slammiversary and says that after all the blood and scars that he and Abyss have shared together in the past that he can sense and taste Abyss when he’s anywhere near. Raven says that he and Abyss are a lot alike: they come from broken homes, they both had mothers that didn?t love them enough, and they both have crippling addiction to inflicting and receiving pain. Raven says it may not be actual joy of feeling the pain but realizing that both deserve the pain because they?re self loathing freaks of nature that have no chance of redemption in their lives. He says the only difference between he and Abyss is that he is intelligent enough to fit into normal society while Abyss is a mindless, abomination that should be put down like a rabid dog. He says the only way to survive an addiction is to get clean, go to jail, or die so Abyss should prepare a tombstone for himself but also for Raven as well and then says ?welcome to our funeral, quote the Raven?nevermore!? Great promo.


They show a video package highlighting the feud between Daniels and Shane Douglas.

?Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels vs. Amazing Red

Red doesn?t get an entrance for the match. Daniels grabs a side headlock on Red and then puts a wristlock on Red. Red rolls through but Daniels legsweeps Red. Red nips up to his feet and hits an arm drag and then ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick. Daniels bails out to the floor and then Red takes to the air with a gorgeous Corkscrew Plancha over the top rope onto Daniels on the floor! They crawl back into the ring and Red hits leg kicks to the knee of Daniels and then a spinning back kick. Red comes off the ropes but gets turned inside out by a huge clothesline from Daniels. Daniels hits a running Front Kick and then gets a nearfall on Red. Daniels puts Red in a rear chinlock but Red gets to his feet and hits several back elbows. Daniels then slams Red into the corner but Red comes back with body shots to the ribs of Daniels. Daniels goes for a left hand but Red kicks it and then Daniels goes for a right hand and Red kicks IT! Red then hits a Spinning Enziguri! Red hits a dropkick and then a spinning heel kick. Red charges Daniels in the corner but Daniels backdrops Red over the top rope. Red lands on the apron and hits Daniels with a forearm and then climbs up top. Red dives off into a beautiful hurricanrana! Red then drop toe holds Daniels into the middle turnbuckle and climbs up top. Red leaps off and hits the Red Alert (diving Swinging STO) and covers, 1?2?NO Daniels kicks out! Red attempts to whip Daniels into the ropes but Daniels holds onto the ropes so Red eats up Daniels? legs with leg kicks. Red then tries to whip him into the ropes again but Daniels reverses it and then Red slides underneath Daniels legs. Red goes for a leapfrog but Daniels catches him on his shoulders and hits the DVD! Daniels picks Red up and hits a standing Rock Bottom and then the BME for the pin.

Winner: Daniels via pinfall (BME)

After the match Daniels helps Red up and then Shane Douglas appears on the big screen. Douglas says that he and Daniels may have gotten off on the wrong foot but he is a fair minded individual. He says Daniels doesn?t deserve a second chance but he does because he is a legend in wrestling. He accepts Daniels challenge for Slammiversary! Douglas says that at Slammiversary Daniels will get FRANCHISED!

In the back Lauren is with Awesome Kong, Raisha Saeed, & Taylor Wilde. She asks them about Daffney and she asks Taylor if she feels responsible for what’s going on in TNA with Daffney. She says she does because she should?ve never contacted Daffney and says she was only trying to help her because she heard she was out of money. She says if she could she would?ve helped Daffney when the Beautiful People jumped her. She says that if Daffney wants to drag her to hell then she’s ready because ?this petite blonde can be a bigger b*tch than you!? SILENCE! Raisha Saeed interrupts her and hands the microphone to Kong. She says, ?monster will kill princess first and then monster will kill monster laaast.? She’s kind of scarier when she talks.


Tenay and West hype up the rest of tonight’s card featuring the return of the Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match, the Knockouts Tag, and the big Triple Threat Main Event. They then switch it up and hype up Slammiversary including the two King of the Mountain Matches!

Matt Morgan’s music hits and he says he has something very important to say to a very important man and asks Sting to come out to the ring. Sting doesn?t waste any time and he walks out to the ring microphone in hand. Morgan says he’s not trying to disrespect Sting but if he wanted to it would be easy. He says even the rednecks in attendance could see the difference between he and Sting. He puts himself over but says he brought Sting out because of what Sting said to him 2 weeks ago. He says that Sting told him that he couldn?t be in the Mafia because he hasn?t been a World Champion but Sting says he didn?t say that. Morgan says that he can?t be a World Champion if nobody will give him an opportunity to be one. Sting agrees with that and Morgan says that Sting knows where he’s going. Morgan talks about Sting wanting respect from the young guys and says Sting should start by respecting himself and then respecting the Main Event Mafia enough by securing their legacy by giving him a shot. He says that it’s time for Sting to finally put his money where his mouth is and challenges Sting to a match at Slammiversary. He suggests that Sting knows that Morgan is just better than him. Sting says that he thinks Morgan is on to something but he has to stop pointing his finger at him or he’s going to bite it off. Sting says that he really does think that Morgan is on to something and will give him a chance to wrestling him, but he?ll do him one better. He says that if Morgan can beat him at Slammiversary he?ll give him his spot in the Mafia. Sting started to walk off and Morgan was going to jump him but Sting saw him in the big screen and avoiding Morgan causing him to go crashing through the ropes to the floor. Morgan is pissed and Sting keeps Morgan from getting back in the ring by kicking at the ropes as he tries to enter.


In the locker room JB is with Double J and he says he’s going to try and help Jarrett figure things out. He pulls out his notes and goes over everything Foley has done in the last 2 weeks. JB says it has more twists than an episode of Lost and Jarrett says that every week on the ride over from the airport to the Impact Zone he has no idea who’s going to show up, the businessman or the crazy guy. He says the only reason he doesn?t get rid of Foley is because you have to have compassion for someone that nuts. He says 3 days from now at Slammiversary the TNA World Title is ?coming back home where it belongs.?

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Raven w/Stevie Richards vs. ?The Outlaw? Jethro Holiday

If you?ve never seen a House of Fun Match (then you really need to go find them online somewhere) the rules are, well there pretty much are none. Obviously No DQ and also falls count anywhere in the building. Weapons are set up all over the ring including a cage wall that has weapons hanging from it. Jethro tries to jump Raven on the ramp and Raven swings his kendo stick at him, but Jethro ducks and nails Raven with a garbage can! Jethro hits him with the can again and again and then throws it in the ring as Raven rolls in. Jethro hits a Big Boot and then pulls down a cookie sheet and a trashcan lid off the cage wall. Jethro blasts Raven with the trashcan lid and then goes to pick up the cookie sheet but Stevie nails him with the kendo stick from outside. Raven then clotheslines Jethro over the top and both men go flying over the top to the floor. Raven hits the Russian Leg Sweep into the guard rail, been awhile since I?ve see that move. Raven lights Jethro up with the kendo stick including a stiff one to the head. Raven lays Jethro on the apron and chokes him with the kendo stick. Back in the ring Raven hits Jethro with the cookie sheet and then pulls a chair down off the cage wall. Raven goes for the Evenflow DDT but Jethro falls to one knee and picks the chair up. Raven goes for the Evenflow again but Jethro blocks it and then holds the chair up as Raven went for a big right hand! Raven nails the chair with his fist and then Jethro sets the chair up in the ring. Jethro with several jabs and then Raven sits down in the chair and Jethro pulls his knee pad down. Jethro hits a modified Shinning Wizard to the face of Raven! Jethro drags Raven over to the cage wall and throws Raven into it and then Jethro puts Raven in between the ropes and the cage. He then kicks Raven in the face causing him to rock back into the cage and then he charges at Raven throwing his body at him but Raven ducked and Jethro crashed into the wall and it broke (similar to the finish of the Raven vs. Sean Waltman House of Fun Match back in ?05) and Jethro crashed down onto the cage wall and the floor! Raven quickly covers, 1?2?3 and he gets the win!

Winner: Raven via pinfall

After the match Raven calls Daffney down and she walks out with a straightjacket in her hand. Raven Evenflow DDT’s Jethro onto the chair and then they put the straightjacket on Jethro. Abyss? music hits and the Monster makes his way out to the ring and they bail out not wanting to go at with Abyss. Abyss screams ?I got you? at Raven as we go to commercial.


We now cut to a sitdown interview that Don West conducted with Samoa Joe. West questions who Joe has been listening to but Joe says he listens to no one but does say that he is being advised by someone. Joe says the person understands him possibly even more than Joe understands himself. Joe says that everyone will find out who this person is in time. West questions the relationship between Joe and AJ. Joe says that he and AJ have been through a lot in the business together and they are like brothers. He says brothers may fight but in the end they mend things and that’s what he and AJ has done. He says when he started the Nation of Violence he went to war and when he goes to war sometimes he forgets who his allies are. West then turns the conversation towards the Main Event Mafia and Joe asks Don what he would?ve done had someone attempted to end his career like they attempted to do to Joe. He says that he lives and dies by what he does in the ring, not by what he does behind the scenes unlike the Mafia. He says they?ve politicked and manipulated but they have not sacrificed in TNA and they have stolen what they?ve gotten from the real wrestlers like he and AJ. Joe says that at Slammiversary he is on a seek and destroy mission and his target is Kurt Angle.

West points out how the TNA Title seems to be secondary in Joe’s mind with Kurt Angle being the focal point.


In the back Lauren is with Abyss and she asks Abyss about the Monsters Ball Match at Slammiversary. Abyss laughs hysterically and says that she knows what he wants to say. He says that they can do whatever they want to do to him (laughing the whole time) and shows all the scars on his arm and says that sometimes when he’s sleeping his scars will actually start to bleed and when he wakes up and the sheets are read it’s such a warm and fuzzy feeling to him, but when they put their hands on Lauren they made a huge mistake. He screams at Lauren and makes her show her arm and he says that it makes him want to cry, to cry for them and to cry for their scars. He makes the camera look at the bruise on Lauren’s arm and she walks away crying and Abyss picks up the microphone. Abyss says that they shouldn?t have done what they did. He says that when he was a little boy his mother told him not to hit boys and it wasn?t right and as he grew up he understood it, but not Daffney because she is not a girl. He says she is a ?wacked out crazy b*tch? and after Sunday night he’s coming to get Stevie and when he does he won?t need a doctor. He?ll need a mortician! Holy sh*t that was intense!

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Daffney & Angelina Love w/Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky vs. Taylor Wilde & Angelina Love w/Raisha Saeed

Oh my lord, the Beautiful People are looking exceptionally hot tonight. Taylor and Angelina will start off the match and they start going at it right off the bat throwing rights and lefts at each other. Taylor puts Angelina in a wristlock and then tags in Kong! Angelina quickly takes off running and tags in Daffney. She shows just how insane she is by running right in and throwing forearms at Kong. Daffney comes off the ropes but Kong chest bumps her knocking her to the mat. Kong then whips Daffney hard into the corner and then hits the running hip attack to the face of Daffney. Kong chokes Daffney in the corner and then tags Taylor in. Taylor with right hands to Daffney and then gets a quick nearfall. Taylor with a forearm and then she attempts to whip Daffney into the ropes but she reverses it and Angelina snatches her down by her hair. Daffney tags Angelina in and they double chop her and then they whip Taylor into the corner. Daffney whips Angelina into a clothesline on Taylor in the corner. Angelina then hits a Running Front Kick on Taylor and gets a nearfall. Angelina with a forearm on Taylor and then she whips her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Taylor ducks and then Taylor grabs Angelina by the hair and slams her down! Daffney tags in and Taylor tries to tag out but Daffney grabs her by the feet. Taylor hits a double Mule Kick and then tags in Kong! Kong lays Daffney out with two clotheslines and then goes for the Awesome Bomb but Angelina runs attempts to hit her with the Botox Injection (Bicycle Kick). Kong catches Angelina’s foot and slams her to the mat. Kong then grabs Angelina by the throat and picks her up so Madison gets up on the apron to distract her but Raisha Saeed pulls her down. Velvet Sky then sprays hairspray in Raisha’s face! In the ring Daffney attacks Kong from behind but eats an Implant Buster for her troubles! 1?2?3 and it’s over!

Winners: Taylor & Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster)

After the match Velvet Sky jumps Kong from behind and Madison pulls out a chair. Kong fights them off until Angelina is able to hit a drop toe hold on Kong sending her into the chair. Daffney hangs Taylor up in the tree of woe in the corner and beats on her as the Beautiful People triple team Kong. Tara runs out and nails the BP with big right hands. Angelina attacks Tara from behind and then tries to whip her into the ropes but Tara reverses it and goes for a right hand. Angelina holds onto the ropes and bails out to the floor. Tara talks trash to Angelina and then Tara turns around and is eye-to-eye with Kong! They stare at each other as we cut to the back.

In the back JB is with 3D and puts over how 3D will be defending the IWGP Tag Titles this weekend in Japan and then the TNA Titles this Sunday against Beer Money. JB asks 3D where Beer Money is since they?re teaming up together but Bubba says he doesn?t know and he asks why they didn?t help them out last week after all the times they have saved Beer Money from the Brits.


We see another pointless training session between ODB and Cody Deaner. This week he was lifting kegs and punching hay punching bags and chasing geese.

In the back So Cal Val is with the Guns and Lethal Consequences. Lethal is pissed that Val is there and says she should leave but she just ignores them and turns to the Guns. Jay calls her the ?devil in the red dress? and she tells Lethal to ?put some underwear on and be professional.? Val continues to attempt to interview the Guns with Lethal saying ?all I hear is a chicken going quack, quack, quack.? The whole time Creed was damn near about to die laughing. Lethal tells Shelly to keep her away from his best friend (pointing at Sabin) because she?ll sleep with him. Everytime Lethal interrupts Val and she looks at him he tells her to do her job. Shelley tells Val he has no problem with her sleeping with Sabin (the whole time Sabin doing the humping motion) and he says they have become a well oiled machine for one thing and that’s finding out who Suicide is. Lethal interrupts them again and calls Val a harlotte. Shelley tells Jay to stop and then says Sunday one of Detroit’s finest will become the X-Division Champion and then they?ll take off Suicide’s mask. Lethal asks them what they mean but Sabin tells him to shutup and kiss Val. Lethal says they?re getting into the ?danger zone? and then says that he or Creed will win the belt. They continue to argue into the break.


In the back Val approaches Beer Money (Storm grabbing a beer) and asks why they didn?t help 3D out last week. They say they don?t anyone anything especially 3D and then 3D walks up and says they do owe them. Storm says they just won $100,000, they were drinking beer and counting money. He asks them if they knew how much beer that would buy and then he gives them the answer: 43,126 bottles plus 3 strippers, 2 bottles of whiskey, and a midget! They start laughing but 3D aren?t amused and Devon says he’s not happy, in fact he’s never happen, but they thought Bubba was the one that was never happy. They still don?t find it funny and Devon says that they?re lucky and to consider them not kicking their a**es as an early Christmas present. They walk off and Storm says maybe next time they can be their b*tch. Devon runs back up and grabs Roode by the shirt and asks him what in the hell he just said but he snitches on Storm and Devon punches Storm in the mouth! Bubba then runs over and jumps Roode! We got a brawl on our hands! 3D throws Beer Money through the door and continue the beat down but they have a 8-Man Tag coming up right now!

8-Man Tag Team Match
Lethal Consequences & Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D & Beer Money

Beer Money & 3D fight their way out to the ring with their opponents just looking on in the ring. Bubba throws Roode into the ring post while Storm and Devon go at it. Roode throws Bubba into the guardrail and then Beer Money whips Devon into the ring post. Creed screams ?hey Beer Money? at them and when they turn around Lethal Consequences hit double Slingshot Cross Body Blocks on them! Bubba kicks Creed and Devon kicks Lethal. Out of nowhere (while the referee is trying to restore order or at least bring some order at ringside) Suicide is in the ring and he destroys Sabin with a nasty running dropkick sending him into the corner. Suicide then hits the Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam and quickly leaves the ring. 3D throw Lethal Consequences in the ring and they hit a Reverse 3D on Creed and then a double backdrop on Lethal. They then nail Shelley with the 3D and it’s over! Damn, that was quick!

Winners: Team 3D & Beer Money via pinfall (3D)

After the match Bubba screams to Beer Money that they?ll see them at Slammiversary.

In the back Val is with AJ and Joe and asks him about the match tonight and the KOTM Match at Slammiversary. AJ says that’s exactly what he loves about the business, the completion and he wants to be in the ring with the best as long as he has guys like Joe and Daniels by his side. Joe then stops AJ and says that he’s not fooling anybody and he knows when AJ’s not ready. He says that he knows AJ has an injury and he knows the doctor hasn?t cleared him but AJ says it’s not the first time and it won?t be last. Joe says that he owes AJ and he’s got him tonight.


In the back JB is with Mick Foley and he is shaking hands with some bald guy and he says he’s TNA’s new head of security. JB says Twitter is the hottest thing on the internet and everyone is talking about Foley’s ?tweaks? and JB’s ?twits? so they?re the Twit & Tweak connection. He then gives Foley a picture that is him and Foley drawn and says he should hang it up on the wall. Foley then calls in the ?maintenance guy? and Kip James walks in with a tool box and thanks Foley for giving him an opportunity. Kip then hangs up the picture for him. Wow it’s ?Hacksaw? Kip James now I guess.

In the back JB is with Kurt Angle and talks about he and Sting getting along. Kurt says that since he lost his spot as Godfather of the Mafia his life has been less stressful and Sting has taught him that he doesn?t have to yell and scream to get what he wants. He says Sting has put his whole life in a new perspective and he guarantees that Kevin, Book, & Scotty will be in Detroit and he guarantees that he?ll kick Joe’s a** and become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion again!


Main Event
Triple Threat Match
?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe & ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles vs. ?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle & ?The Icon? Sting vs. ?Hardcore Legend? Mick Foley & ?King of the Mountain? Jeff Jarrett

AJ is clearly limping to the ring, I wonder if this is legit? I?ve heard about Joe tearing a tendon in his arm (I believe) and breaking two of his fingers but I haven?t heard anything about the ?Phenomenal One.? Don West points out that Jarrett’s hamstring is no longer taped and questions whether he’s doing it to make them think he’s not injured or whether he’s really not injured anymore. Sting and Foley will start the match off and they lockup in the center of the ring. They push each other into the corner and then Sting starts to break but Foley punches him in the head. They lockup again and again they brawl into the corner where Foley goes for another right hand but Sting blocks it and hits rights of his own followed by a Bulldog. Sting then puts Foley in a wristlock and tags Angle but he quickly breaks free and runs away. Foley and Angle lockup and Angle puts Foley in a hammerlock but Foley hits a back elbow and then puts Angle in a wristlock and tags in Jarrett. Foley holds Jarrett while he puts Angle in a wristlock of his own and drops an elbow down on Jarrett’s elbow. Jarrett tags in Foley utilizing the quick tag and Foley hits a right hand to Angle in the corner followed by another one. Foley goes for a running knee in the corner but Angle moves and Foley knees the turnbuckle. Angle then begins to stomp that knee and work it over. Angle continues to work over the knee and then swings at AJ but he ducks and Joe nails Angle! Foley hits a clothesline on Angle as he turns around. Foley tags out to Jarrett and he runs in with a clothesline on Angle followed by another clothesline. Jarrett whips Angle into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Angle stops and kicks Jarrett. Angle goes for a clothesline but Jarrett ducks and goes for the Stroke, but Angle blocks it and grabs Jarrett’s leg and locks in the Ankle Lock! Jarrett quickly rolls over and kicks Angle off. Angle picks Jarrett up for either an Olympic Slam or a suplex but Jarrett reverses it into a DDT as Mick Foley comes to the announce table for a ?rest-a-rooni? and puts on the headset! Jarrett gets a nearfall on Angle and then attempts to whip Angle into the ropes but he reverses it and Sting nails Jeff from behind. Angle then hits an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Jarrett. 1?2?NO Jarrett kicks out as we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Angle whips Jarrett into the corner and charges but eats a boot from Jarrett. Angle goes for a clothesline but Jarrett catches Angle’s arm and then puts Angle in a crucifix hold transitioning into a rollup! Angle rolls through and puts Jarrett in the Ankle Lock! Jeff is crawling towards his corner but Mick is still at the announce table and Angle pulls him back to the center of the ring. Foley is able to kick Angle off again and he crawls for a tag again but again Foley isn?t there. Foley finally gets up on the apron but not before Angle grabs Jarrett by the leg to pull him back. Jarrett hits an Enziguri on Angle and both men are down! Jeff is selling the leg and he tags out to Samoa Joe! Joe actually stole the tag from AJ and he nails Angle with clotheslines and one to Sting! Joe grabs Angle and Powerbombs onto the back of Sting who was lying on the mat! Jarrett comes to the announce table and argues with Foley and he punches him! Jarrett lays out Foley’s security and then picks up and chair and blasts Foley with it! Back in the ring Angle has Joe in the Ankle Lock but he kicks Angle off and back at ringside Jarrett is laying the security out with the chair. In the ring Joe hits a Leaping Enziguri to Angle followed by the Muscle Buster! 1?2?3 and Joe & AJ get the win!

Winners: Samoa Joe & AJ Styles via pinfall (Muscle Buster)

After the match AJ and Joe shake hands and hug and they we get replays from the match. Joe stands over Angle talking trash as we see Foley lying on the floor rocking back and forth and clutching hold of his title belt smiling at the camera.

Final Thoughts

I?ve personally thought that the buildup to Slammiversary, while decent, has been pretty underwhelming for one of their ?Big 3? PPVs. The primary matches (the Tag Match and the 2 KOTM Matches) have been built up nicely and announced earlier but the rest of the matches have all been built up on TV but weren?t officially announced until tonight.

The opening segment was weird as hell and seemed kind of like the ?Rock this is your life? segment but in the end it put over the KOTM Match pretty well and Joe going after Angle was nice. I hate clowns though, I never want to see him again.

Awesome promo from both Daffney and Raven, they really have got to keep Raven around after Slammiversary.

Daniels and Red put on a great match to have been as short as it was. I really hope Red doesn?t end up being like Sonjay Dutt in the end where he’s just put out there to have a few exciting matches and then do nothing else. He needs a run with that X-Division belt again. It would be cool to see him actually be the one to take the mask from Suicide since he made his return teaming with Suicide.

The stuff with Daniels and Douglas has been entertaining and makes a lot of sense storyline-wise. This match should?ve been announced a few weeks ago though.

Kong is even scarier to me when she speaks especially with the 4-6 words it just makes her seem like more of a monster for some reason. The Knockouts Tag Match was good and the stuff with Tara afterward was great. I loved the stare down between Kong and Tara teasing what is sure to be an incredible feud in the future.

The promo between Morgan and Sting was nicely done and this match is VERY interesting because I have a feeling that the Mafia may end up screwing Sting to bring Morgan into the Mafia and then Angle take back over. Then possibly even have Morgan come out and screw Joe in the Main Event so Angle can win the belt again.

The House of Fun Match was short but was actually entertaining. I?m enjoying Jethro Holiday but they need to find him something to do except be in the warmup Gimmick Matches for certain guys. I love the idea of the Mixed Tag Monster’s Ball but they just a Monster’s Ball last month, they probably should?ve held off on the House of Fun Match and just had a Tag Team House of Fun Match instead. Regardless that match should be violent and the promo that Abyss cut afterward was freaking insane! I don?t care what anybody says, that’s how you cut an emotional promo. Abyss really looks like he has finally snapped for good. I expect buckets of blood this Sunday.

Jay Lethal’s ?Black Machismo? character has gotten really old but the stuff between he and Val were pure classic tonight. I love that they didn?t just completely forget about that angle. The match itself was disappointing as I had hopes that it would be a great match but they put over two angles in that short time. You could just feel something about to happen between Beer Money & 3D and it finally happened. The promo they cut between each other was great especially with Storm’s smart a** remarks.

The Main Event was very fun and put over the Main Event for Slammiversary nicely. Jarrett and Foley started out working well together and then Foley acts like Foley and Jarrett jumps him. It could?ve been even better had AJ worked the match but if he is legit injured then best to rest him until Slammiversary. Nice go home show from the boys.

Match of the Night: Main Event (***)
Promo/Segment of the Night: Abyss? psycho promo
Final Grade: B +

Final Slammiversary Lineup:
– Pre-Show: Eric Young & Rhino vs. British Invasion
– Daniels vs. Shane Douglas
– Mixed Tag Team Monster’s Ball: Abyss & Taylor Wilde vs. Raven & Daffney
– TNA Knockout Title: Angelina Love (c) vs. Tara
– TNA World Tag Team Titles: Team 3D (c) vs. Beer Money
-Sting vs. Matt Morgan
– TNA X-Division Title King of the Mountain Match: Suicide (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin
– TNA World Title King of the Mountain Match: Mick Foley (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett