Tag to Brisco who works over Magnus focusing on his left arm. Taz is arguing on commentary that this match was “sprung” on Aces and Eights. Tenay argues the match was already announced and Taz responds saying it wasn’t planned to take place right now. Tag to Anderson who drops knees to the arm of Magnus. Anderson with a shot to Joe on the ring apron. Tag to Bischoff who hits a big right hand to Magnus. Quick tag to Brisco who continues to work over the left arm of Magnus. Tag to Hardy who drops Brisco with clotheslines and shoulder tackles. Hardy with a big flying clothesline and then shots to Anderson and Bischoff when they try to jump in. Twist of Fate to Bischoff. Brisco cuts off Hardy. Hardy with an elbow and Whisper in the Wind to Brisco. Cover and Anderson breaks it up. Joe and Magnus jump in. Anderson and Bischoff are tossed out. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Brisco. Hardy connects with a second Twist of Fate getting more on the second. Hardy goes up top and Bischoff crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Joe with a charge and kick to Bischoff.

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