Last Knockout Standing – #1 Contenders Match
Special Guest Referee: ODB
Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Taryn goes after Kim right away with big elbows. Kim responds with elbows of her own and a big shot in the corner. Taryn grabs the hair of Kim. Kim tosses Taryn to the other corner face first. Kim with a big jumping clothesline in the corner. Taryn with a big flipping neckbreaker and suplex combo on Kim. Kim catches Taryn with an elbow in the corner and then gets an octopus style submission applied. Kim with a big missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Referee ODB starts the count as Kim grabs a steel chair. Taryn is up, kicks it away and gets in a few elbows. Taryn with a snapmare on Kim using the hair of Kim. Taryn with a big cross body on Kim as Kim was holding the steel chair. Both girls are down. ODB starts the count. Kim props up the chair in the corner. Taryn blocks taking the shot. Kim pulls out the legs of Taryn and applies a Figure Four around the steel ring post. Taryn screams out in pain. Taryn is up at 8 when Kim charges. Taryn moves and Kim hits the steel chair in the corner face first. Kim falls out and is down. ODB starts the count. Kim is up at 9 and slides back in.

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