Styles plants Angle with a quick spinebuster and then quickly follows with a springboard moonsault. Angle connects with a german suplex on Styles hanging on. Angle with a second german suplex. Angle connects with a third and a release. Cover by Angle and Styles kicks out. Styles drops the jaw of Angle off the top rope standing on the entrance ramp. Styles with a springboard elbow drop over the top rope on Angle. Angle with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Styles with a release to the corner! Styles with a series of back fists and then a big clothesline that levels Angle. Angle with a kick to Styles as he springboards back in. Angle Slam. Angle hooks the leg and Styles kicks out. Angle is up and drops the straps. Angle stands over Styles first grabbing the ankle, turns over and Styles rolls through. Styles rolls through with Angle in the corner and gets his Calf Killer submission applied. Angle rolls through and gets the Ankle Lock applied. Angle drops down to keep it applied with even more pressure. Styles is teasing he will tap. Styles turns Angle over and drops some axe kicks.

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