Video: Santos Escobar makes memorable moment for young fan at Mexico City Supershow

During a meet-and-greet at the WWE Supershow on Saturday at Arena CDMX in Mexico City, Mexico, Santos Escobar created a memorable moment for a young fan.

During the meet-and-greet, the young fan became so overwhelmed by the opportunity to speak to Escobar, he began to cry. Escobar then picked up the young fan and brought him over the barricade and sat him down on the ring apron next to Charlotte Flair and Cody Rhodes.

The LWO member then grabbed a mic and told the young fan why he became a professional wrestler.

“I hope you are enjoying yourself! One of the many reasons why I became a wrestler was because of my dad (El Fantasma). He introduced me to the business and how to be a better person, and I feel like their (Charlotte Flair & Cody Rhodes) reasons to be in the business would be very similar to mine. I hope you are very happy and that you enjoy your evening, okay?”

Santos will square off against WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio on next Friday’s episode of SmackDown. The winner of the match will become the new number one contender to the United States Championship, currently held by Austin Theory and will challenge Theory for the title.

It has been previous reported by F4WOnline that the title match may be saved for a future episode of SmackDown.

Source: Fightful