Ric Flair signs multi-year deal with AEW, “Wooooo! Energy” exclusive Energy Drink of AEW

The following press release was issued on Thursday.

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Signs Multi-Year Deal with AEW The Nature Boy’s New “Wooooo! Energy” Announced as Exclusive Energy Drink of AEW 

November 2, 2023 – AEW CEO Tony Khan today announced a multi-year deal with Hall of Famer  “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who surprised fans in attendance and viewers at home during last  Wednesday’s AEW: Dynamite show in Philadelphia, marking his historic return to TBS by  appearing as Khan’s “special gift” for “The Icon” Sting. 

Flair’s AEW debut comes on the heels of his longtime friend Sting’s impending retirement  announcement, which will culminate with “The Icon’s” final match at AEW Revolution in 2024.  Over the course of their 30-year history, Flair and Sting have shared incredible rivalries,  momentous matches and a respected friendship.  

Khan also announced that Flair’s Wooooo! Energy will become the exclusive energy drink of  AEW. During AEW show dates, select host venues will carry the clean energy drink at concession  stands for fans to enjoy. In addition, the beverage will be stocked in the wrestlers’ locker rooms,  and will also be seen on the announcers’ desk during live broadcasts. Fans watching at home can  experience Wooooo! Energy by ordering via woooooenergy.com.  

“Last Wednesday, the ‘Nature Boy’ made his epic return to TBS, more than 35 years since the  Flair vs. Sting rivalry first began on the Superstation,” said Khan. “It’s truly an honor to welcome  the legend himself – and Wooooo! Energy – to AEW.” 

Ric cemented his legacy as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time long ago, and  now his world-renowned persona and his amazing wrestling mind will be major assets to AEW’s  programming and our position globally. Most importantly, it’s fitting that the final chapter of  Sting’s iconic career will unfold on TBS with Ric Flair by his side.” 

“I’ve been in the wrestling business for over 50 years,” said Flair. “Together with AEW and  Wooooo! Energy, I’ve never been more excited, and I’ve never had more energy! When the  Nature Boy promises a show, you know how it’s gonna go! Wooooo!” 

“We’ve all been a part of a ‘Wooooo!’ moment. Time stops, crowds erupt, and people unite to  celebrate the extraordinary. It’s electric. You hear it, feel it, and never forget it,” said Chad  Bronstein, President and Chairman of Carma HoldCo, parent company of Wooooo! Energy. “This  is so much more than a partnership. Together, Ric Flair, AEW and everyone at Wooooo! Energy  will create more unforgettable moments for generations of wrestling fans.”