Billy Corgan

Update on Billy Corgan’s new role as TNA President

Billy Corgan, who was officially named the new TNA President back in an announcement on August 12, was described as definitely being the “man in charge” according to a new report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Former TNA President Dixie Carter, who has taken on the new title of Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of TNA, did not stay in Orlando for a majority of the Impact Wrestling tapings last month and could be on the way out.

This same report indicated that the same challenges Carter was facing will now be the same problems for Corgan in regards to turning a profit without any live events and PPV being decreased. IMPACT Ventures is now the official parent company of TNA after Panda Energy (the former financial backer of TNA) slowly phased itself out last year.

Early preview of Delete or Decay on Impact next week

TNA has posted a video previewing next week’s Delete or Decay featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy taking on The Decay at the Hardy compound.


  1. It’s funny the way this is written, “could be on her way out” – nothing has changed in the company ownership (that was reported almost everywhere) and Dixie is still the majority owner and decided to make Billy President – I could see if you said Dixie may be taken more of a hands off role of day to day (which appears to be the case) but on her way out makes it seem like you’re saying being phased out of the company by shareholders or something when in fact she is the only person with the power and authority (the actual owner of Impact Ventures) to fire herself 🙂

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