From the Desk of Mr. V #56
February 20, 2010
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Greetings once again, students of WrestleView! I promised my loyal readers additional (and the usual) content here, so let’s being right now! No Quote or headlines this week, folks. We discussed those in length on Thursday’s Mr. V #55.

Here is the agenda for this session: The Honor Roll, Mr. V’s Grade Book, Detentions, Gold Stars, a Homework Assignment, and the Picks Results in which I am sure students will question my credentials as a wrestling columnist. So, sit back and enjoy.

To loyal student Ricky Langston, I will use your introduction on Thursday. I am considering this column ?extra credit?

So, let’s return to Mr. V’s Classroom?


Before I go over the good in professional wrestling, here are the people or companies that I put ?on notice:

ETS and the Praxis Series ? To my students who are considering becoming teachers, good luck on these tests. From someone that has passed five of these things, I know that ETS likes to rob people of $135.00 every time you take it (and if you fail it, the higher the costs).

Comcast ? You will only get one detention here. It turns out that I am getting an automatic credit. Also, when I called to get the Internet up on the V-puter 5000 I got a guy who helped me??and spoke proper English! Still, they get one because I missed the Super Bowl this yeah.

The Quizno’s Talking Toaster ? You want 5 bucks? Really? The answer is ?No? because your food is overpriced anyway.

(From Ricky Langston) – Goes to The General Internet Community Who have Made Jokes and “De-motivational Posters” About the Georgian Luge Racer and The Tragedy Surrounding Him…There is a Time and a Place for Stuff Like that, It’s Called Never and Nowhere, Have Some Respect. (I could not agree more, that is pretty classless. May that man rest in peace.)

And I think that is it in the world of Detentions. Most of the programming this past week was enjoyable. No wrestlers or talents? Wow, good job to all involved with WWE, TNA, and ROH.

Mister V’s Honor Roll for the Week of February 8 ? February 14, 2010

Here was Mr. V’s schedule in regards to grading these matches.

2/8 – Graded WWE Monday Night Raw matches

2/9 – Graded ECW Matches

2/10 – Column Writing. Afterwards, I watch ROH on YouTube and recap it.

2/11 – Graded WWE Superstars and TNA Impact matches (usually called ?the grind?)

2/12 – Graded Smackdown Matches

2/13 – OFF DAY

2/14 – Graded FCW Matches.
And now, I would like to present the Top Three matches for the past week. Surprisingly, there were two matches that really stood out this time around, as one got the ?very difficult to achieve A? in my book. Also, another match got an A-. So, TWO matches that I deemed excellent. Well, without further adieu the following got ?Honors? in my grade book.

Distinguished Honors: Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk, Friday Night Smackdown, February 12.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via roll-up

Grade: A

This was a great way to start off Friday Night Smackdown this past week! The transitions were done very well in this contest, with a great flow to follow full of twists, turns, and maneuvers. For CM Punk, this may have been his best work since his feud with Jeff Hardy last summer, as he controlled the majority of the match and told a great story in the ring. Rey Mysterio is the perfect opponent for CM Punk to feud with at this time. If this match was the starting point to their feud leading to a showdown at WrestleMania, then what a great way to start! I really enjoyed the ending here. Rey with the rollup victory and the immediate beatdown by the Straightedge Society was perfect.

High Honors ? The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves, ROH on HDNet, February 8.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Jackknife Pin (Matt Jackson pinned Davey Richards)

Grade: A-

Without question, this was the best tag team match so far in 2010. The Briscoes interrupted the start of the match when they said the winners got a title shot, so the stakes were raised. Though the match was over twenty minutes long, it was fact paced and full of action. There were many double team moves, but they were at least tagging each other in order to do those moves. I was delighted with the overall story in this one. It showed off the Young Bucks talents before they get a more extended role in TNA. The match also showed a tiny bit of turmoil from The Wolves, as I think Richards is frustrated with the recent funk they are going through. As for the high spots, it was not short of that. The Wolves impressed from Richards kicks to Edwards ability to ground his opponents. The Bucks flowed best when they worked together, and More Bang for Your Buck was accomplished well here. I did take off a bit here because in my view it should be unlikely that you kick out clean after a Tombstone Piledriver. Also, it did lack selling at times, but it is nothing like an average TNA X Division Match. However, I gave them bonus points for an unpredictable finish, as with the Bucks status it was shocking when they won that contest to get a title shot.

Honors ? Sheamus vs. Christian, Monday Night Raw, February 8

Winner: Sheamus via Celtic Cross

Grade: B+

Easily, this was Sheamus? best match since debuting in the WWE. This was a showcase to show if Sheamus could hang with the then-ECW Champion, and he passed with flying colors. Sheamus? power and ground moves were strong. I thought he did well in picking a part to torture in Christian’s arm. Christian makes his top rope tactics look routine. It is not a bad thing because Christian does them the same way, flawless and effortless. Christian’s Swinging DDT was crisp and perfect. Overall, the flow was great for a RAW match and it really showcased both men effectively. Christian’s stock would not have went up nor down from this match, but for Sheamus it truly was a test. I would really like to see more of these two down the road, but sadly with the rumors of Christian going to Smackdown it seems unlikely.
And now?Mr. V would like to present his grade book to the class.

A+: No matches earned this grade

A: Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (Smackdown)

A -: The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves (ROH)

B+: Sheamus vs. Christian (RAW)

B: Miz/Big Show vs. HHH/HBK vs. CM Punk/Luke Gallows (RAW); Doug Williams vs. Amazing Red (TNA); Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker (Smackdown)

B-: Christian vs. Zack Ryder (Superstars); Dolph Ziggler vs. JTG (Superstars); D?Angelo Dinero vs. Orlando Jordan (TNA); AJ Lee vs. Serena Mancini (FCW)

C+: Steve Corino/Kevin Steen vs. Alex Payne/Bobby Dempsey (ROH); Yoshi Tatsu/Goldust vs. Caylon Croft/Trent Barreta (ECW); Alex Riley/Vance Archer vs. Skip Sheffield/Big E Langston (FCW)

C: Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton (RAW); Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer (ECW); Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella (Superstars); Lacey Von Erich/Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne vs. Tara/Angelina Love (TNA); Kurt Angle/Mr. Anderson vs. Desmond Wolfe/Hernandez (TNA); Drew McIntyre vs. Kane (Smackdown); Bo Rotundo/Duke Rotundo/Wes Brisco vs. Jimmy Uso/Jules Uso/Donny Marlow (FCW)

C-: Matt Morgan vs. Suicide (TNA); Layla/Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James (Smackdown); Matt Hardy/Great Khali vs. Tyson Kidd/DH Smith (Smackdown); Justin Angel vs. Michael Tarver (FCW)

D: Dark City Fight Club vs. Bravado Brothers (ROH); Gail Kim vs. Jillian Hall (RAW); John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase (RAW); Ezekiel Jackson vs. Perry Wallace (ECW)

F or INC: R-Truth vs. John Morrison (Smackdown)

Commentator Report Card

Team ROH (Graded on 2/8/10)

Mike Hogewood ? C+

Dave Prazak ? B

The chemistry and flow between Hogewood and Prazak have improved greatly since their debut together in May 2009. Hogewood was inconsistent, but I will give him credit for calling moves by their name. He really improved on that and it is safe to say he will not be the ?next Mike Adamle?. However, if he says a particular work he usually says it repeatedly (Bully in the opening match and ?hurts?, ?tough?, ?brave?, etcetera. Prazak sounded bored in the opening half of the show, but it picked up with the main event. He provided some history and gave great analysis in the final half of the program. Overall, I found Prazak to be on his game. He had a good delivery this past week. Hogewood, though still average, improved his commentary a ton. I just hope that trend continues.

Team ECW (Graded on 2/9/10)

Josh Matthews ? B

Byron Saxton ? B-

The one thing I really enjoyed about this team chemistry involving these two. The only thing I really had low grades for by both of them was the way the called the opening match. It seemed like they were rushing their lines and it was not good commentary. However, they were great at telling the story of Ezekiel Jackson and both were spot on keeping a great flow in the main event between Shelton Benjamin and Vance Archer (though that match to me was underwhelming). Overall, they did a good job on the only time I will grade them. Josh Mathews is a good interviewer type guy and I think he will stay on that role. As for Saxton, I feel that he is a better play-by-play commentator than that of a color commentator. I could see him either calling matches again for FCW or even do the same for WWE NXT.

Next Week (#57) ? Team Raw (Cole and Lawler) and Team Impact (Tenay and Taz)

Predictions from the Faculty Results

I had a special feeling that my predictions would not be that great because I don?t know what TNA is thinking about right now. Sure, the quality is getting a little better however with the Against All Odds 8-Card Stud Tournament one could think they would either do really well or terrible.

Though Valentine’s Day was good for me from a personal standpoint, my results from the Against All Odds were anything buy lovely. Yes class, I for one will say this: I was schooled! I was foolish to think that my wrestlers predicted would make it past the first round (all were gone by Round 1). I was foolish to think the Nastys would beat Team 3D. But hey, at least I picked AJ to retain.

As with our predictions, I congratulate newcomer Daniel Browne on being the co-leader of our predictions game. However we all know that it is a 12-month war, so the standings will be moving around a bit. So, here is where the Faculty stands as of TNA’s Against All Odds.

1) Daniel Browne (For Queen and Country)??????????..6-3 (6-3)

2) Chris Kelly (Wrestling Radio Entrepreneur)????????..?6-3 (6-3)

3) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)?????????..???.?5-4 (5-4)

4) Mike Siciliano (Co-Host of Pro Wrestling Rewind)??????5-4 (5-4)

5) Student of the Week (The Best Student from Prev. PPV)?5-4 (5-4)

6) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)…????.?4-5 (4-5)

7) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)?????????..4-5 (4-5)

8) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)??????????????…4-5 (4-5)

9) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW Recapper)???.?3-6 (3-6)

10) Matt O?Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)??????????3-6 (3-6)

11) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)????????????.3-6 (3-6)

12) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa/2009 WV Champion)….2-7 (2-7)

13) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)?????????????????????.2-7 (2-7)

14) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and Superstars Recapper)??..2-7 (2-7)

15) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)???.1-8 (1-8)

Among The Students of WV: T.J. Patton got a 9-0 Record and will be the student of the week for the Elimination Chamber.

Nine Students got 35 wins, so when I estimated the results they averaged out to be a 4-5 record.

Mr. V’s Gold Star Segment (Presented by; JR’s Family Bar-B-Q. As Catholics around the world celebrate the season of Lent we are told that eating meat is forbidden on Fridays. So that means fish sticks for me on Fridays! However, I am not sad because I have JR’s Chipotle Ketchup to smother my fish sticks with. To hold me back, I may consider buying the 6-Pack Powerslam for $24.88. Shipping is FREE to those that live in the United States. Go and get some today! BOOMER SOONER!)

A lot of Gold Stars to pass out today, so let’s begin!

TJ Patton ? For getting a perfect 9-0 for the Against All Odds PPV, which means if he was a Faculty member he would have pulled off the ?Baiamonte?.

Daniel Browne and Chris Kelly ? For being the current leaders in the standings.

AJ Styles ? STILL Your TNA World Champion

D?Angelo Dinero ? Your #1 Contender for the TNA World Title

Ezekiel Jackson ? The NEW ECW Champion?for one day!

AJ Lee ? The NEW Queen of FCW after defeating Serena Mancini.

The Miz and The Big Show ? STILL your Unified WWE Tag Team Champions.

The Briscoe Brothers ? STILL your ROH Tag Team Champions

Tyler Black ? The NEW ROH World Champion

CJ Bowman ? For posting my column to Dixie Carter in regards to bringing TNA to the CCBC Golden Dome.

Ben Phillips ? For posting my column to Dixie Carter in regards to bringing TNA to the CCBC Golden Dome.

Norman Smiley ? I missed him, alright? It’s glad to see him back on TV (albeit FCW)

To the NXT Rookies ? I wish nothing but the best for them. In a way, they should be welcomed by our wrestling community. Good Luck on the journey to a WWE Contract (though all of them are on one anyway).

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels ? If you haven?t had the pepperoni pretzel or the pretzel dog from there, you must have one and then tell me how delicious it was.

Antonio Inoki ? The 2nd member of the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2010. So far, so good with him and Ted DiBiase. By the way if one ever creates an all-time top wrestler list (I could not do that), then Inoki should be in one’s top five.

Ryan Malone ? For being the first ever Pittsburgh-area hockey player to score a goal in the Winter Olympics.

To all those who won Gold ? Congrats for all your hard work.

(From Paul Meade) To Mother Nature – for giving the city of Pensacola, FL, some snow last week (even though it snowed at my college for about 5 minutes). I can give Mother Nature one for that moment, Paul. However, I should send her to detention for dumping over 20 inches in my area in one night.

(From Paul Meade) Lewis Area Baptist Church – for sending me a nice care package in the mail yesterday with some good food. Agreed here. Care packages give one an emotional boost. I wish I could get a care package of DVDs featuring Bruno Sammartino, Shane Douglas, Kurt Angle, Sterling James Kennan, and for the heck of it Big John Studd since he too was from this area.

Michael Cole ? I will give him one for saying something actually funny on RAW this past Monday.

Rey Mysterio and CM Punk ? For their fantastic match to start off Smackdown last week.

Homework (From Mr. V #54)

1) The Results are in for the Finals of the 2009 are in. As voted by over twenty students, the Finals for the Dream Tournament is?

(13) CM Punk defeated (1) Chris Jericho 13-9

(7) Randy Orton defeated (3) Kurt Angle 12-10

So, the finals of the Dream Tournament for 2009 will be: CM PUNK VS. RANDY ORTON!! Please vote by sending me an e-mail at or send me a message on Facebook. Thanks to all of you for participating.

2) We saw many breakthrough superstars in the WWE, TNA, and even ROH in 2009. Since we are pretty early in 2010 (and WrestleView staff is welcome to answer this as well) here is my question.

Who WILL be the Breakout Superstar for 2010? You can choose up to three for each wrestling company. I will post results when it is time to turn in your assignment.


Well, that does it for me this week. I thank you all for reading and I hope you did enjoy this column as much as I typed it out. If you want to get a hold of me during the week, please e-mail me at or by leaving me a message on Facebook.

Now, students you are allowed to leave the classroom. Please push in your chairs, line up straight, and exit to the closest door around you. Until the Predictions from the Faculty, you are??DISMISSED!!!!

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