Superstars Recap – 9/23/10

WWE Superstars
September 23rd, 2010
Bloomington, IL/Indianapolis, IN
Report by: Jeff Springer of

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

Primo W/ AJ def. JTG via Backstabber
Superstars opened with a duel branded contest between Raw’s Primo and Smackdown’s JTG. The match opened up with the two exchanging holds before breaking cleanly and showing a measure of respect. The match spilled to the outside where a distraction by AJ gave Primo a chance to take control over his opponent. JTG was able to make a full comeback hitting a big shoulder block and the mug shot. In the end though Primo was able to surprise JTG before he could finish him off with a Backstabber to steal the match.

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Goldust W/ Aksana def. William Regal via Final Cut
In the main event from the Raw brand Goldust with his NXT rookie Aksana in his corner took on William Regal. The match opened up with Goldust in control but a distraction from Aksana gave Regal the opportunity to take over. Regal kept control pounding Goldust down and attacking and damaging the left knee. Goldust was able to make a comeback and hit a Final Cut out of nowhere to win the match.

-End of Show-


See you next Thursday!

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