Superstars Results – 5/19/11

WWE Superstars
May 19, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of

The Superstars video rolls and we are underway for 5/19 edition of Superstars! Jack Korpela opens the show by plugging Over The Limit and the main event which will be Evan Bourne vs Drew McIntyre.

Tyson Kidd’s music hits and he makes his way out with Michael Hayes. We still have that FCW diva doing the announcing. Yoshi’s music hits and he makes his way out. Yoshi gets in the ring ready to go but Hayes has a mic in his hand and tells Yoshi to settle down before someone knocks him out. Hayes says it’s been a long time since he was last there in Corpus Christi he spent a lot of good years here with the Freebirds and the Von Erich’s and it looks like they are having a good time. Lord knows you should be having a goods time because of what they just escaped from, that being there pathetic lives. Now now now, he continues, sometimes it’s really important to hear the truth. He says the crowd don’t have what it takes to get what they need, they have nothing special about them, just like Yoshi has nothing special about him. He says the thing that everyone lacks and that Tyson Kidd has, is ambition. You see it’s easy too sit back and watch everyone else climb that stairway to the top while you wallow in mediocrity. He bets that we don’t even know how to spell the word ambition. He then goes to spell it out to the crowd but the ref cuts him off and says we gotta match to start and kicks Hayes out of the ring. Yoshi comes over to put his two bits in but Kidd gives him a cheap shot to the gut and starts working Yoshi on the ground with multiple shots. The ref gets Kidd off Yoshi asks if he is ok and rings the bell.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd with Michael Hayes

They go to lock up but Kidd hits Yoshi with a shot to the gut and slams Yoshi’s head into the turnbuckle. Kidd then hits Yoshi with a snap suplex. Cover but Yoshi kicks out. Kidd lifts Yoshi to his feet and hits a spinning heel kick to his gut, while Yoshi is bent over Kidd runs to the ropes and hits Yoshi in the side of the head with a drop kick. Cover but Yoshi kicks out. Kidd steps on Yoshi’s hair and then with some kicks to Yoshi while he is on the mat. Kidd lifts Yoshi up and sends him to the corner. Kidd with some more shots to Yoshi. Kidd takes Yoshi out of the corner and goes to whip him back in but Yoshi reverses and starts his own flurry of shots to Kidd but Michael Hayes gets up on the ring apron to distract the referee. The camera pans to the Referee yelling at Hayes to get back down. It Pans back and Kidd hits Yoshi with a swinging neckbreaker. Kidd to his feet, lifts Yoshi up, flips him over his shoulder to the mat and drop kicks Yoshi in the head. Kidd with a knee to Yoshi’s face. Cover but Yoshi kicks out. Kidd with a chin lock. Yoshi powers and gets to his feet. Kidd with an Irish whip and looks to flip Yoshi over his head but eats a Kick to the face. If anyone would like to tell me what that flip is called that what be great I can’t for the life of me remember. Anyway, the two men get to there feet Kidd is holding onto the ropes and Yoshi clotheslines Kidd straight out of the ring. Hayes is arguing with the ref as Kidd is getting up. Kidd goes to get in but Yoshi hits him with a splash! He rolls Kidd into the ring we cut to Hayes for a second and cut back and Kidd is kicking Yoshi to the ground from in the ring. Kidd the nails Yoshi with a vicious kick. The refs count is at 5 as we cut too a commercial. We are back straight away because they didn’t air anything.

Kidd has a chin lock applied to Yoshi on the mat. Yoshi trying to get to his feet. Yoshi with some shots to the stomach of Kidd But Kidd stops it with his own shot to Yoshi. Kidd looks for a high angle belly to back suplex but Yoshi twists mid air and turns into a splash. Cover, but Kidd kicks out at 2. The two quickly get to there feet but Kidd quickly clotheslines Yoshi back to the mat. Kidd places Yoshi on the bottom rope and chokes him. Kidd cuts the hold at the 3 count. Hayes comes over and starts talking smack to Yoshi who is still laying neck first on the rope. Kidd then with a vicious kick to Yoshi’s gut. Hayes then gets up on the apron for the distraction while Kidd applies the knee to Yoshi’s head who is still on the ropes. Kidd then gets on the opposite side of the ropes and places Yoshi in the 619 position, Kidd backs away from Yoshi on the floor and hits a drop kick to Yoshi’s head! Kidd drags Yoshi to the middle cover, 1…2 Yoshi kicks out!. Kidd is upset and locks in a chin lock. Yoshi powers to his feet, arm drags Kidd and quickly rolls him up but only for a 2 count. Yoshi picks Kidd up and whips him too the ropes. Yoshi looks for a drop kick but Kidd holds on to the ropes and Yoshi slams down to the mat. Kidd with a Kick to Yoshi’s gut. Then with some smack talk saying your out of my league. Kidd then applies his knee to the back of Yoshi’s head while he has him locked in a chin lock. Sorta looks like a crossface. Crowd with loud Yoshi chants. Yoshi powers up again, with some shot to the stomach. Kidd whips Yoshi to the corner. He charges at Yoshi, Yoshi sees it coming and trips Kidd so Kidd goes face first into the second turnbuckle. While Kidd is sitting in the corner Hayes is giving him a pep talk, Kidd gets up looks for a punch, Yoshi grabs the arm and hits his own. Yoshi then with some chops and an Irish whip and chops Kidd straight to the ground. Yoshi with some kicks, Kidd backs up to the corner but Yoshi runs at him and with double knees. Kidd stumbles out from the corner and eats a spinning kick to the head. Cover, 1…2 Kidd kicks out! Yoshi slowly makes his way out of the ring on the apron and up the turnbuckle. Kidd runs over and hits Yoshi and Yoshi falls hitting his groin. Kidd then nails a superplex on Yoshi! Cover 1…2 Yoshi kicks out! During the cover the camera was panned on Hayes who was counting along with the ref. He looks disappointed when Yoshi kicks out. Kidd locks in the sharpshooter! Yoshi isn’t tapping and makes his way to the ropes slowly, he reaches out and gets it! Kidd then breaks the hold, Yoshi is laying over the bottom rope, so Kidd applies the foot. Kidd then vaults over the ropes looking for a leg drop but Yoshi rolls out of the way and Kidd lands hard on the mat on the outside but stays on the apron. The two get to there feet at the same time, Yoshi looks to lock Kidd up but Kidd with a shoulder to Yoshi’s gut Kidd the vaults over the ropes again lands on Yoshi’s back goes for a roll up, but Yoshi reveres into his own and Kidd kicks out at 2. Then out of no where Yoshi nails his spinning kick finisher! 1..2..3 this is all over!

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu def. Tyson Kidd via pinfall

Yoshi celebrates in the ring. Hayes slowly makes his way into the ring. He shakes his head at Kidd and gives him a sarcastic round of applause. He helps Kidd to his feet and nails him with a hard slap! He yells at Kidd that he failed him. Hayes then walks out of the ring. A shot of Kidd in the ring and he looks livid! We cut to a commercial break.

Video package for That’s what I Am.

We are back and we are having the Broskis vs. Santino and Kozlov. Santino and Kozlov make there way out and Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews welcome us to the Raw part. They recap the reunion of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. Ryder’s music hits and they make there way out. AS they get in the ring Ryder takes his jacket off and Santino starts yelling at them. A little scuffle breaks out but Kozlov hold Santino back and Hawkins holds Ryder. The ref calls for the bell.

Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

Santino and Zack start us off and Santino is freaking pumped! Santino takes a shot and looks to take Zack down. He does, Zacks shoulders are on the mat so the ref counts but Ryder gets up at one. Ryder with a knee to Santino’s gut. Then applies a knee to Santino’s face on the mat. Ryder whips Santino to corner but Santino grabs it and leaps back over a rushing Ryder, Santino with the cobra set but Ryder ducks and tags in Hawkins. Curt with some smack talk to Santino saying he is a joke. Santino just looks at him with the cobra still raised. Santino then hits curt with an over the shoulder arm drag. Looks to lock Curt up on the mat, and he grabs and twists the arm. He lifts Hawkins up and makes the tag to Kozlov. The two lock up but Kozlov with his own arm drag, Curt then ducks a lock up attempt and grabs Kozlov from behind, Kozlov turns grabs the head of Hawkins, gets on one knee and flips him over his shoulders straight to the mat. Hawkins gets to the ropes and the ref stops an advancing Kozlov. Curt then quickly runs over to Kozlov and gives him some shots to the head. He then locks in a standing chin lock. Kozlov pushes Curt to the ropes and nails him with a shoulder block. Hawkins literally bounces out of the ring! Ryder gets down on the floor after Santino charged at him. We cut too a commercial but nothing airs.

We come back with Kozlov slamming Ryder to the mat, Kozlov then picks Zack up and throws Ryder’s head into the top turnbuckle. Ryder backs away and turns into a boot from Kozlov. Kozlov with a shoulder block, Kozlov then hits Ryder with a capture suplex. Ryder rolls out of the ring. He walks over to where Ryder is but Ryder jumps up to the apron, grabs Kozlov’s head and drops back down to the floor causing Kozlov’s throat to slam into the top rope. Ryder jumps back in the ring and makes the tag. Hawkins to the top rope and hits a diving clothesline. Cover but Kozlov kicks out. Hawkins then with some knees to Kozlov. Hawkins then lifts Kozlov up and drives his back into the turnbuckle. Tag, and Ryder comes in and they double team Kozlov with a Russian leg sweep. Cover but Kozlov kicks out. Ryder then with a knee to Kozlov’s head while Kozlov was resting on the ropes. Ryder breaks the hold and Hawkins with a cheap kick to Kozlov’s head. Cover but Kozlov kicks out. Ryder then locks in a chin lock. Kozlov powers to his knees and hits the same over the shoulder flip takedown. He goes to tag in Santino but Ryder grabs his legs Kozlov is still making his way to the ropes so Ryder goes and hits Santino. Santino goes to get in the ring but The ref stops him. With the ref distracted Hawkins comes in and helps Ryder drag Kozlov back to there corner. Ryder then hits some kicks to Kozlov while he is on the ground. Ryder then applies the knee to Kozlov and makes the tag. Hawkins with some knees and kicks to Kozlov. Ryder then lets out a “Woo Woo Woo”. Cover but Kozlov kicks out. Hawkins then applies a reverse chin lock. Kozlov is powering his way to his corner, they get to there feet, Hawkins with a shot to Kozlov. He turns to send Santino to the mat but Santino blocks and hits Hawkins with a shot to the face. Hawkins turns and walks into Kozlov flip takedown. Kozlov with the tag and Santino comes in and hits some shots. Hawkins goes to hit his own, Santino does his thing when he ducks and hits a hip toss. Santino readies the Cobra, Ryder runs in to clothesline Santino, Santino ducks and Ryder walks into a spinebuster from Kozlov. Santino readies the cobra, he hits it, 1..2..3 this is all over!

Winners: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov def. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

A replay of the Cobra and a shot of Santino and Kozlov doing the trumpet celebration. We pan to Scott and Josh and they plug the Over the Limit card.

Evan Bournes music hits and he makes his way out and we cut to a commercial. We are back straight away with Evan in the middle of the ring. Drew’s video plays and he is out to some serious heat. Josh says Drew’s entrance is intense. I agree. The ref calls for the bell and our main event is underway.

Drew McIntyre vs. Evan “Air” Bourne

The two lock up, Drew behind Evan lifts him up and drives him stomach first to the mat. Drew with a reverse chin lock, Evan grabs the arm of Drew spins, ducks and applies a wrist lock. Drew gets to his feet hits Evan with an elbow and locks in a chin lock. Evan pushes Drew to the ropes but Drew hits Evan with a shoulder block. Drew runs to the rope Evan then leap frogs Drew, Drew catches him a bit so the momentum is slowed down a bit, Evan runs to the ropes, comes back goes for a wheelbarrow bulldog, Drew holds him up about to drop him to the mat but Evan turns it into an arm drag. Evan runs to the ropes again and hits a Japanese arm drag. He then locks in a chicken wing. Drew makes it to the corner. He puts Evan up in top, the ref stops him from hitting him. Evan the jumps and hits another arm drag followed by a drop kick. Drew on the outside and is really upset with himself. He hits the commentators table and calms himself down. He gets up on the apron and hits Evan. He whips Evan to the ropes and looks for a clothesline, Evan ducks a clothesline attempt then hits a beautiful hurricanrana! Drew in the corner, Evan charges at him, Drew flips him over the ropes, Evan holds on lands on the apron and kicks Drew in the head. Evan then runs at Drew and is clothesline tot he floor similar to the Paul London-Snitsky Royal Rumble elimination. We cut to a commercial but we come straight back.

Drew has Evan set up for an suspended suplex. He lifts him up but Evan jumps back down and walks right into a big boot from Drew! Cover, Evan kicks out at 2. Drew with some shots to Evan who is in the corner. Drew show boats a bit. He places Evan on the top turn buckle. Gives him some shots to the head. Evan is trying to fight out with some of his own but Drew is having none of it and hits some more. He sets him up for a superplex but holds him up for a suspended suplex! What power! Drew finally suplexes Evan down. Cover, 1..2.. Evan kicks out! Drew is shocked he can’t believe he kicked out. He drags Evan over to the ropes and he puts him outside on the apron. Both men are standing on the outside still on the apron, Drew picks Evan up, looking to drive Evan into the ring post but Evan jumps off and Drew falls off and hits his head right on the ring steps! Evan slides Drew into the ring, Evan gets in and starts hitting some kicks to the body and legs of Drew. Goes for a spinning heel kick Drew ducks but Evan hits him with another one. Cover, but only a 2. Drew sits in the corner, Evan runs at him and hits him with a running knee. Goes up for an Air Bourne but Drew rolls out of the ring. But Evan dives anyway and connects with a clothesline. Evan rolls Drew in the ring. Evan then gets in the ring. He goes for a hurricanrana but Drew holds on to Evan lifts him up and throws him back first into the turnbuckle. Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT, connect. 1..2..3 This is all over.

Winner: Drew McIntyre def. Evan Bourne

Drew celebrates in the ring Scott wishes us good night and the video fades to black.


This was a really good show. Every match I really enjoyed.

The Tatsu-Kidd match was really solid throughout. Actually I really like it, both men put on a really good match. With Kidd losing and with what happened after I think one of two things are happening. Hayes is going to go through other mid card heels looking for a worthy Superstar or it is going to push Kidd even more. I never realised how good in-ring Yoshi was until today, everything he did was spot on. I also love his entrance music, it’s so happy. The only thing I have a problem with is his finisher. Maybe if it had a bit of theatrics too it, it would make it a bit more believable as a finisher but for now I think it’s a bit too unbelievable. Now it just looks like a kick to the head. Also I love Kidd’s yells during the match. I dunno why, kinda sounds cool.

The Santino Kozlov-Ryder Hawkins match was a good tag match and by the looks of it is going to start a feud between the four, hopefully culminating with Hawkins and Ryder getting a shot at the titles. I really like the two and think they need to be pushed whether it be in singles or with this tag team. I also remembered after watching this how good in ring Kozlov is. I hope he gets pushed again, if he gets a manager I wouldn’t mind seeing him get pushed to main even level again, I think his in ring stuff is good enough he just can’t talk that well.

The main event was really good. Again Evan puts on a really good match. Same with Drew. I know I said last week that I thought this was a bit of a fall from grace for Drew but I changed my mind. I think maybe they are just tinkering with his persona and we will see him in the upper card/main even status real soon. The suspended superplex he did was freaking amazing. There was a little botch in this match, Evan went to leap frog Drew but Drew caught Evan a bit so all Evan’s momentum was gone, but it was like nothing ever happened and they recovered beautifully. I really hope they push Evan a little bit, I think he is ready. But it makes me think that the WWE needs to bring in another championship. Maybe one just for Superstars or even reintroduce the cruiserweight championship. So many of the guys like Kidd, Bourne, Baretta, Sin Cara, Chavo, Primo etc. can get a chance for some tv time. I think the matches these guys put together are fantastic and need to be on display more often.

Anyway that about wraps it up for me this week, if you have any feedback, questions or for anything else my email is and you can follow me on twitter @amdy985. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you all next week.

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