From the Desk of Mr. V #137
October 4, 2011
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

(Mr. V Note: I want to thank Gregory Walek (Grash) for covering for me as I was on vacation and getting things in order with my new job as a Physical Education and Health teacher. It was very nice of him to produce a column for my readers to check out. I can’t apologize for my absence, “students”. And if you have a problem with my excuse, then well you can simply go to another place out there with a comprehensive column. If you are still here, thank you very much as I do appreciate your support. Enjoy #137.)


Welcome to the latest edition of “From the Desk of Mr. V”. I am Anthony “Mr. V” Valvo, your Wrestleview resident physical education teacher with the same material as last time, but different names, matches, and articles.

So sit back and grab some coffee, a cold beverage, and please wash your hands. I hope you enjoy the 137th installment of “From the Desk of Mr. V”.

Song of the Week is from Gym Class Heroes, because well I am a gym class teacher so it makes sense, right?

Quote of the Week

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

The Teacher’s Lecture

(Note: The Quick Notes may be a little outdated as I was not around the past couple weeks, but my thoughts will be exact).

This week, I don’t really have anything to go in depth about. As I am still in transition mode, I found nothing that was really heavy enough to write about for now. I think the storylines by WWE and TNA will be picking up once again in a week or more, so I decided that this week I won’t give a lecture. I am sorry to disappoint, but if I did type up something I would be rambling. But the Quick Notes will be plenty. Thank you for your understanding.

Quick Notes from “The Notebook of Mr. V”

– The first story I read after I came home from Disney was Jeff Hardy’s brother (name is withheld because I will not type his name) was checking into rehab and he left this “heartfelt” message on how he decided to get himself checked in to rehabilitate his issues after his third arrest in about a month.

However, it was not really his decision to check in. It appeared that he was forced to either get clean to go to prison. While I admit this is a huge step in the right direction by this man, I think he is still playing around with his fans. That is still a bit disrespectful. I hope his next “message” on the Internet will be that he is clean and he does not have to rely on drugs. But I can dream, can I?

– Last Week, Chris Jericho thought that more and more WWE Superstars were copying off his last gimmick. While all the signs lead to it (The Miz, Cody Rhodes, maybe even Christian), Jericho should keep his bitterness to himself. I don’t know or heard his tone, but I hope he was joking. If he was serious, while having a point he should have kept it to himself.

– I LOVE the idea of the Muppets coming to Monday Night Raw (Supershow?) this month! I can think of so many scenarios to the show. My personal favorite is the idea that Statler and Waldorf provide either commentary or sit up in a luxary box and provide “analysis” after each match or segment. Just look at the video to find out how hilarious they are.

We are obviously going to see Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo (who would be great to interview Mark Henry, right?), Animal, maybe The Swedish Chef. Regardless, I don’t think this will improve the ratings due to the fact that some people may not know who they are. But when I was a child, I enjoyed watching anything Muppets (even Muppet Babies). Expect some great old-school humor and some wacky shenanigans.

– Ken Anderson does not like PG? Well, he is one of many that don’t like the WWE direction. Well, the WWE is still successful in some areas and they were when they were “PG” before the Attitude Era. If Anderson was still employed by the WWE, would he be saying this? I doubt it.

Also, I would rather hear the words “darn butthole” then someone who looks like he does not care about his company, is out of shape, and thinks his gimmick of calling people “a-holes” while making flatulence sounds in PPV interviews.

Look, there are shows that morally should not be “PG”, but are. The WWE is borderline PG I think, but they do keep the overall show very tasteful to the companies that are sponsoring their product and giving them boatloads of cash to have their company name shown in their programming.

– One of my favorite wrestlers from Ring of Honor, Claudio Castagnoli (now known as Antonio Cesaro) is in Florida Championship Wrestling after signing a contract with the WWE. Castagnoli has already shown that he has the power and size to be a WWE Superstar, and now just needs a few months of WWE training to really reach his full potential. He does not need to improve much, and here’s hoping Chris Hero gets to join him soon for a possible Kings of Wrestling tag team. They were the best tag team I seen in 2010, and I think if booked properly can make a strong run in the WWE in 2012. However, if they only want singles wrestlers, I think Hero may be in a bit of trouble. Castagnoli has nothing to worry about, he has the look and all the intangibles that would make him a star for years.

– I read recently that Madison Eagles year-long (over 500 days) SHIMMER Championship reign is over, as Cheerleader Melissa (aka Alissa Flash back in those TNA days) now holds the title. I know the Wrestleview staff that I chatted with are fans of this move, and I think Melissa is a very good women’s wrestler that is really a blend of beauty and power. Congratulations, Cheerleader Melissa on the SHIMMER victory. She is in good company with previous champions being Eagles, MsChif, and Sara Del Rey.

– Rey Mysterio announced that he is getting surgery once again on his damaged knee to reinforce his PCL. If you believe in prayer, say one for him. Knee injuries are terrible and once a person receives one, they are never the same. I am hoping for a speedy recovery, but if he wants to last another year or so in the WWE he needs to let that knee heal properly. The WWE will go on for years, and fans around the world will remember Mysterio’s name.

– Bobby Roode is probably the best thing going for TNA (or Impact) Wrestling. I am not surprised when I type this out, he is a star in that company. I really like how they are building him up as the next world champion for their company with him going through the members of Fortune (both scored high in my report card section) and he really tells a story better than anyone else on that roster. I am going on a whim here. If TNA wants to make a turn in the right direction, they have to give the World Championship to Roode at their Wrestlemania, Bound for Glory. Angle has been a mess and I don’t think anyone else on that roster is groomed to be a World Champion. I have a feeling I will be debunked, and that is cool. I am ready for criticism.

– In closing, I want you all to know that Puppet the Psycho Dwarf is accusing Hulk Hogan of stealing his ideas of a midget wrestling show. I would seriously pay good money to see a legit “Little People’s Court”.

(I was told by three people to have bacon in my column. So I will find a way to place bacon three times this week. I give total credit to Epic Meal Time for this. Many recipes will be used for the “Meatamania” this year come Wrestlemania Weekend.)


Since I have been out a while, there will be plenty of detentions to go around. I even got some from the readers as well. Here we go:

Jimmy Uso – (By: Rick Jackson) I totally agree. They looked to have an actual push, until Jimmy got arrest for DUI in Florida (I believe). Here’s hoping it was just a mistake and he will never do it again.

Vince McMahon – (By: Rory Beck) – I agree about this one as well. Vince’s behavior from a Raw (though he has a right to do it since it is his company) was a bit off because I thought the 9/19 Raw was not a bad show.

Michael Cole – Two Words: Anal Bleeding (Michael Curtis, Jr. also suggested this).

Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves – They had big advantages in the standings before September began. At the end of the month, they are playing golf after major implosions to their seasons. (By: Grash)

Red Sox Ownership – They get one for not bucking up and saying they wanted the manager gone. (By: Grash)

All Wrestleview Faculty – The ones that are ranked below the readers. (By: Grash)

Roger Goodell – For ruining the sport of football. I only approve of this because I am getting sick of defensive players getting fined while the offensive players get nothing. This is not the football that I watched a few years ago. (By: Travis Thomas)

Weather – For screwing up the Yankees vs. Tigers MLB Playoffs (By: Grash)

Brendan Shanahan – He earns one for being a rules lord and wanting the NHL a junior street hockey league (By: Ricky Langston).

The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line – As watching the game against Houston this weekend, I just could not get through how bad that line is. They can’t push anyone and guys who are 330 lbs. are getting shoved by guys 80 lbs. less than they are! I say Mark Henry should be their strength and conditioning coach.

Sin Cara rivalry – Started with a thud, ended with a thud. I fear for where Sin Cara will be heading in the future when it comes to his run in the WWE.

WWE Superstars – They are so bad that the WWE cut their show on YouTube. That is a shame in a way, because I find at least one jewel while watching that show. It is a good show to recognize some of the lower-tier guys. Too bad the views for the show were poor in the United States.

Mr. Anderson – From what was mentioned above. I hate to be harsh, but he looks really out of shape recently and his match with D’Angelo Dinero last the 9/29 Impact was abysmal.

Chris Jericho (only if he was legit bitter) – Had he stayed with the WWE, no one would really copy the gimmick.

TNA Wrestling – For actually booking a Sting vs. Ric Flair match…in 2011!

TNA Management – I am going to give them a detention for focusing on Hulk Hogan at Bound for Glory. Here is hoping when Hogan’s deal with TNA is up, the company washes their hands from him. As for Bischoff, I would find a way to renew his deal. I don’t think Bischoff is the problem.

WWE Management – For still booking Jinder Mahal in matches. Ok, he has improved. But the guy obviously is not WWE-ready.

Kyle O’Reilly – Please sell a move. You are a very talented guy, but don’t blow through spots anymore.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disney World – Seriously? They made movies off of this ride? I am sorry but the ride was disappointing.

The Time Out Chair: Select people on the Wrestleview Comment Board – There is a difference between “re-sign” and “resign”. Here it is.

Re-Sign – To sign again (ex: Greg McNeish decided to re-sign with Wrestleview for a Cup of Coffee in the Big Time).

Resign – To give up (ex: Greg McNeish decided to resign from his hosting duties to become a Mountie for the city of Toronto).

Eternal Detention

Praxis and the ETS Series
Teachers that get arrested
Michael Cole (As posted on Facebook, he will be in here until Mr. V #200)
2010 French Soccer Team
Jeff Hardy
“Undefined” Alicia Fox
David Otunga
Jim Brown, MDA Vice President of Public Relations
Linda Hogan
The wrestler who is an “Epic Fail” on The Teacher’s Lounge

Scottropolis presents “The Brody” (goes to the WORST comment under Wrestleview articles)

The “Brody” is now presented by Mr. Scottie Poindexter and! Scottie has posted many of his writing on this website and there are many subjects he writes about. From Poetry to Music and even Professional Wrestling, Mr. Poindexter has unique writing that will please anyone. So go to his website if you like, and you can thank me later.

I ask my readers to be “nosy” and search under the postings for some ridiculous or borderline brainless comments from some of the trolls that lurk under the bridge.

Well, after much thought to the Brody I decided that there was a clear-cut winner. Someone with the nerve to post a comment that was so ridiculous that “The Brody” would be proud of, yet I am not proud of. So this week’s “winner” is a person that is afraid to announce his real name (kingr_316) for his comment that only he could love.

Here is this no-name’s comment from the 9/19 Raw Recap on Wrestleview.

“BTW David, maybe if you wrote your thoughts as you go along we wouldn’t have to wait a day and a half for you to finally get them out, and then have a second thread for “David’s RAW thoughts”, or maybe we wouldn’t have to be concerned you have another “computer virus” or some other lame excuse so they have to find you another replacement for months at a time. If you worked for me you would have been dropped months ago.”

Mr. V’s Thought (or Rant): I think this guy is out of line and needs to be checked for his mental health. I told Dave that he should seriously put his thoughts in the VIP section on Wrestleview to tick this guy off even more. Wouldn’t THAT be hilarious?

Look, what Dave posted as the reason for his absence is 100% true. Everyone on Wrestleview have lives and we want to do other things. All of the staff have other jobs outside of the site and things like this happen. You just can’t go and buy a new computer if you don’t have the money. We all understood Dave’s issues. But he came back and produces amazing recaps. Kingr_316, you should be happy that Dave even puts thoughts up after a show. There are many that make you pay for their thoughts in text form.

I am a believer of “if you think you can do a better job, write the recap”. 99.99% of these people would give up a recap after the first hour of the show (especially with a strict deadline like Raw), and I am sure this guy would be one of them.

So to that person, I say be thankful that we have great recappers on Wrestleview. I can’t speak or write for Dave Stephens, Mike Tedesco, Josh Boutwell, Grash Walek, and Jason Namako are great writers in my opinion. We also have great columnists as well. It’s a well-rounded website and if people complain there are millions of other sites. I need a break…

I need a Tony Atlas laugh at this Brody winner.

I also take suggestions for “The Brody”. Send your picks to Subject: The Brody. Thanks.

After all these detentions and this comment on Wrestleview, I need a happy thought. Again, credit goes to Epic Meal Time.


Mr. V’s Weekly Honor Roll For the Week of September 5 – September 11, 2011

9/05 – WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow
9/06 – WWE NXT
9/07 – OFF DAY
9/08 – WWE Superstars and Impact Wrestling
9/09 – WWE Smackdown.
9/10 – This was the day you enjoyed “The Teacher’s Lounge”
9/11 – OFF DAY

Distinguished Honors – Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd, WWE NXT, September 6.

How did it end? Tatsu defeated Kidd by connecting with a Top Rope Spin Kick. It was a nice, fluent match that had a little bit of everything, including a rebranding of the Yoshi Tatsu character.

Grade: B (leaned toward a B+).

High Honors – Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes, WWE Friday Night Smackdown, September 9.

How did it end? The matched ended when Randy Orton hit the RKO on Rhodes after a reversal. The match did wonders for Rhodes, as it showed that he can work with the top guys in the WWE. I also enjoyed how Orton was prone, but still dominant.

Grade: B.

Honors – John Cena, Sheamus, John Morrison, and Alex Riley vs. Christian, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger, WWE Monday Night Raw, September 5.

How did it end? It ended with Cena applying the STF on Swagger. Usually these types of matches tend to be everywhere but for the most part it was an enjoyable match to watch and it helped tell a few stories along the way.

Grade: B.

Mr. V’s Grade Book for the week of 9/05/11 – 9/11/11

A+, A, or A-: None to Report.

B+: None to Report.

B: John Cena, Sheamus, John Morrison, and Alex Riley vs. Christian, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger (RAW); Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd (NXT); Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes (Smackdown).

B-: CM Punk vs. R-Truth (RAW); Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater (Superstars).

C+: Titus O’Neil and AJ vs. Derrick Bateman and Maxine (NXT); William Regal vs. Darren Young (NXT); Gunner vs. Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm (IMPACT); Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett (Smackdown).

C: Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston vs. Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali (RAW); Mason Ryan vs. JTG (Superstars); Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks vs. Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson (Superstars); Alicia Fox vs. Tamina (Superstars); D’Angelo Dinero and Devon vs. Douglas Williams and Magnus (IMPACT); Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle (IMPACT); Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya (Smackdown).

C-: Jerry Lawler and Zack Ryder vs. David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty (RAW); Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater (RAW); Winter and Angelina Love vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky (IMPACT); Mark Henry vs. Ezekiel Jackson (Smackdown); Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd (Smackdown).

D+, D, or D-: Beth Pheonix vs. Eve Torres (RAW); Eric Young vs. Robbie E (IMPACT); Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne vs. Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali (Smackdown).

F or INC: Brodus Clay vs. Allen Turner (Superstars).

Mr. V’s Honor Roll for the week of September 12 – September 18, 2011

9/12 – WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow
9/13 – WWE NXT
9/14 – OFF DAY
9/15 – WWE Superstars* and Impact Wrestling
9/16 – WWE Smackdown.
9/17 – This was the day you enjoyed “The Teacher’s Lounge”
9/18 – OFF DAY

* – This was the last U.S. airing for WWE Superstars, as the company took the show off YouTube, so this will be the last grades for WWE Superstars for the foreseeable future.

Distinguished Honors – Zack Ryder vs. Drew McIntyre, WWE Superstars, September 15.

How did it end? The match ended when Ryder connected with the Rough Ryder on McIntyre. Pretty much an average week in wrestling, but the 2nd half of this match really bumped the grade of this one. McIntyre needs something soon because he did a great job in this match.

Grade: B- (leaned toward B).

High Honors – Maxine vs. AJ, WWE NXT, September 13.

How did it end? Maxine defeated AJ with “The L-Bomb”, which is a Double underhook sitout inverted atomic drop. In my opinion, this is why some WWE Divas need more than a 3 minute Raw or Smackdown spot. These two did a perfect job, and it was sadly overshadowed because of what show it appeared on.

Grade: B-

Honors – Bobby Roode vs. Kazarian, Impact Wrestling, September 15.

How did it end? Roode defeated Kazarian when he applied the Crossface submission hold. This match was slightly better than others because of the emotion and the story of Bobby Roode’s character.

Grade: B- (leaned toward a C+).

Mr. V’s Grade Book for the week of 9/12/11 – 9/18/11

A+, A, or A-: None to Report.

B+: None to Report.

B: None to Report.

B-: Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton (RAW); Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson vs. Derrick Bateman and Tyson Kidd (NXT); Maxine vs. AJ (NXT); Zack Ryder vs. Drew McIntyre (Superstars); Bobby Roode vs. Kazarian (IMPACT); Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara (II) (Smackdown).

C+: JTG and Darren Young vs. William Regal and Matt Striker (NXT); Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love (IMPACT); Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan (IMPACT); Justin Gabriel and Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett and Christian (Smackdown).

C: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston (RAW); Ezekiel Jackson vs. Tyson Kidd (Superstars); Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. Trent Barreta and Johnny Curtis (Superstars); Devon, D’Angelo Dinero, Tara, and Brooke Tessmacher vs. Hernandez, Anarquia, Rosita, and Sarita (IMPACT).

C-: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison and Alex Riley (RAW); Sting vs. Ric Flair (IMPACT); R-Truth vs. Evan Bourne (Smackdown).

D+, D, or D-: Jerry Lawler and Sheamus vs. David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty (RAW); John Cena and Bret Hart vs. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez (RAW); Beth Phoenix vs. AJ (Smackdown); The Great Khali vs. Heath Slater (Smackdown).

F or INC: Kelly Kelly vs. Vickie Guerrero (RAW); Brodus Clay vs. Mike Palmer (Superstars).

Mr. V’s Weekly Honor Roll For the Week of September 19 – September 25, 2011

9/19 – WWE Monday Night Raw
9/20 – WWE NXT
9/21 – OFF DAY
9/22 – Impact Wrestling
9/23 – WWE Smackdown.
9/24 – ROH Wrestling on Sinclair* (Note: No Teacher’s Lounge this day.)
9/25 – OFF DAY

* – This was the debut of ROH Wrestling on Sinclair Brodcasting.

Distinguished Honors – Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero, ROH on Sinclair, September 24.

How did it end? Haas and Benjamin hit the Double Spinebuster on Hero to successfully defend their ROH World Tag Team Championship. While the match was pretty good, if you watch it keep an eye on Benjamin, he really stole the show in this match.

Grade: B.

High Honors – John Cena and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth, WWE Monday Night Raw, September 19.

How did it end? The matched ended when CM Punk hit the Go To Sleep on The Miz. It showed how great Punk and Cena worked as a tag team and the ending made this match enjoyable. After the match, Triple H “fired” Miz and Truth for their action previously.

Grade: B- (leaned toward C+).

Honors – Kurt Angle vs. James Storm, Impact Wrestling, September 22.

How did it end? The match ended in a no contest, as it pretty much ended when there were several run-ins by Immortal and later Bobby Roode. The wrestling was not bad, as the result I felt protected Angle and Storm. Before the ending, it was a solid main event by both wrestlers.

Grade: C+.

Mr. V’s Grade Book for the week of 9/19/11 – 9/25/11

A+, A, or A-: None to Report.

B+: None to Report.

B: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero (ROH).

B-: John Cena and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth (RAW).

C+: AJ vs. Maxine (NXT); Kurt Angle vs. James Storm (IMPACT); Mark Henry vs. Christian (Smackdown); Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Lancelot Bravado and Harlem Bravado (ROH).

C: Sheamus, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne vs. Wade Barrett, Christian, David Otunga, and Michael McGillicutty (RAW); Yoshi Tatsu vs. Derrick Bateman (NXT);. JTG and Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson (NXT); Austin Aries vs. Jesse Sorenson (IMPACT); Bully Ray and Jerry Lynn vs. Mr. Anderson (IMPACT); Sheamus vs. Heath Slater (Smackdown); Sin Cara (both of them I guess) vs. Daniel Bryan (Smackdown).

C-: Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler (RAW); Mickie James vs. Brooke Tessmacher (IMPACT); Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel (Smackdown); Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton (Smackdown); Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston vs. Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso (Smackdown).

D+, D, or D-: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison (RAW); Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya (RAW); Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. AJ and Kaitlyn (Smackdown); The Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal (Smackdown).

F or INC: None to Report.

Mr. V’s Weekly Honor Roll For the Week of September 26 – October 2, 2011

9/26 – WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow
9/27 – WWE NXT
9/28 – OFF DAY
9/29 – Impact Wrestling
9/30 – WWE Smackdown.
10/01 – ROH on Sinclair and This was the day you enjoyed “The Teacher’s Lounge”
10/02 – OFF DAY

Distinguished Honors – Randy Orton vs. Christian, WWE Friday Night Smackdown, September 30.

How did it end? The match ended in a Double Countout after a lot of brawling outside the ring. This match was great for both wrestlers and gives them both momentum heading to the next Pay-Per-View. After the match it got bonus points for Christian and Sheamus running out of the ring and Orton hitting the RKO on Henry.

Grade: B+ (leaned toward B).

High Honors – Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles, Impact Wrestling, September 29.

How did it end? The match ended when Roode applied the Crossface on Styles. This might be one of the best matches I have seen on this program all year, as both had great chemistry and flowed well from start to finish. It is just refreshing to see arguably two of the best wrestlers in that company put on something special.

Grade: B.

Honors – Jay Lethal vs. El Generico, ROH on Sinclair, October 1.

How did it end? The match ended when Lethal hit the Lethal Injection finisher on Generico during the Sudden Death portion of the match (the match went over the 15-minutes time limit). The match was very much back and forth and kudos to Generico for getting the crowd into this main event. The win gave Lethal the ROH Television Championship.

Grade: B.

Mr. V’s Grade Book for the week of 9/26/11 – 10/02/11

A+, A, or A-: None to Report.

B+: Randy Orton vs. Christian (Smackdown)

B: CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio (RAW); Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles (IMPACT); Jay Lethal vs. El Generico (ROH)

B-: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. JTG and Darren Young (NXT); Sheamus vs. Christian (Smackdown)

C+: Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, and Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and Mason Ryan (RAW)

C: 10-Man Over the Top Rope Match won by Cody Rhodes (RAW); Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu (NXT); Tyson Kidd vs. Percy Watson (NXT); Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali (Smackdown); Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne (Smackdown); Zack Ryder vs. JTG (Smackdown); Mike Bennett vs. Jimmy Jacobs (ROH)

C-: Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly (RAW); John Cena vs. Christian (RAW); Brian Kendrick vs. Jesse Sorenson vs. Kid Kash vs. Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley (IMPACT); Madison Rayne vs. Tara (IMPACT)

D+, D, or D-: Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder (RAW); D’Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson (IMPACT); Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya (Smackdown)

F or INC: Sin Cara (I) vs. Heath Slater (Smackdown)

Current Wrestleview Prediction Standings and Notes (As of WWE Hell in a Cell)

1) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings/The Eye Gouge)……………76-43 (5-0)
2) Ryan Rivera (ROH on HDNet Recapper)…………………………..73-47 (3-2)
3) Dave Stephens (Raw Recaps/That’s a Wrap/Teachers Lounge)…73-47 (4-1)
4) Jason Namako (ROH on Sinclair Recapper)……………………………….73-47 (4-1)
5) Gregory “Grash” Walek (WWE NXT Recapper)……………………72-48 (1-4)
6) Mike Tedesco (WWE Smackdown Recapper)……………………..71-49 (3-2)
7) Wrestleview Students (The Readers of the article)………………70-50 (4-1)
8) Nicholas Gray (The Velvet Room)…………………………………..68-52 (4-1)
9) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/Teacher’s Lounge)……68-52 (4-1)
10) Greg McNeish (WV International Desk)…………………………….66-54 (3-2)
11) Josh Boutwell (TNA Impact Recaps/Viva La Raza)………………65-49 (4-1)
12) Evan O’Brien (WV International Desk)……………………………65-55 (1-4)
13) Darragh O’Connor (WV International Desk)……………………..63-46 (2-3)
14) Andrew Hayman (WWE Superstars Recapper)…………………..63-44 (3-2)
15) Matt O’Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)……………………….62-58 (2-3)

Tie-Breaker Points – Which are based on Championship matches correct

37: Jose Marrero; Mike Tedesco
36: Gregory Walek; Ryan Rivera
35: Jason Namako
34: Dave Stephens
33: Nicholas Gray
32: Anthony Valvo; Greg McNeish; Josh Boutwell
29: Evan O’Brien; Andrew Hayman
27: Andrew Hayman; Darragh O’Connor
26: Matt O’Brien

The WWE Tag Team Championship match and the WWE Intercontinental Championship match did not count in the standings.

Out of the Staff, Jose Marrero went undefeated with a 5-0 record on the predictions. This score also gave him a little breathing room as the leader of the Predictions Standings.

Among the readers, the NEW Students of the Week will be Randy McWilliams, Antonio DeGaetano, Sean McNally, Joe Devine, and Wade Bradford. All five went 5-0 on the Hell in a Cell PPV and will provide predictions for TNA Bound for Glory in the next predictions article.

The two Students of the Week did not retain their spot. Brandon Glover went 4-1 and Corey Nelson went 2-3 on the PPV.

We had 27 different sets of predictions and the average wins were 3.66. So based on the rule of estimation I had them go 4-1 for Hell in a Cell.

Note: Jason Namako is the NEW ROH on Sinclair recapper and has surrendered his spot in the Wrestleview Readers standings to be a part of the staff.

Paul Smith was the Student of the Week for WWE’s Night of Champions PPV and should be applauded for his 8-0 record in the TNA No Surrender PPV. For WWE’s Hell in a Cell, Brandon Glover and Corey Nelson were the Students of the Week for posting a 4-3 record in the WWE Night of Champions PPV.

The new Students of the Week will be Randy McWilliams, Antonio DeGaetano, Sean McNally, Joe Devine, and Wade Bradford. They all went 5-0 for WWE Hell in a Cell and will be featured in the next predictions article.

The next Pay-Per-View will be TNA’s Bound for Glory

Who’s in line for the Predictions Prize?

See the latest Predictions article for details on how to compete.

First Place will win a wrestling DVD.
Second Place will win a T-Shirt.
Third Place will win a Coffee Mug.
Last Place will win TNA’s Victory Road 2009 (or now even 2011 whichever costs less), as it was as bad a PPV as what potentially someone’s picks will be.

I will just type out the Top five or six readers at this time. The first set of parentheses is the W/L record for WWE’s Hell in a Cell. The second parentheses are the Tie-Breaker points.

1) Jordan Benterman…………………………………………..75-45 (4-1) (36) – #1
2) Michael Fox……………………………………………………73-47 (3-2) (34) – #2
3) Paul Meade……………………………………………………..72-48 (3-2) (35) – #3
4) Wade Bradford………………………………………………..72-48 (5-0) (34)
5) Paul Smith………………………………………………………..70-41 (3-2) (32)
6) Sam Newstone……………………………………………….70-50 (4-1) (37)

The person with the most picks incorrect is currently 49-56 with 25 tiebreaker points. While there are some with a worse “winning percentage” from day one I said that the most incorrect picks will be the winner of a TNA Victory Road 2009 or 2011 DVD.

Mr. V’s Gold Star Segment

Gold Stars brought to you by:! Take a look at Colt Cabana’s merchandise and you won’t be disappointed. Also, catch his “Art of Wrestling” Podcasts at

Finally, some Gold Stars! These are the people, teams, and many other things that I think did a great job in wrestling, sports, news, and even charity. So, here is who I am giving a Gold Star to.

Jason Namako – Welcome to the Wrestleview Staff. I wish you very well in the ROH on Sinclair recaps.

Jose Marrero – He earns one for maintain a summer surge to keep hold of the top spot in the Wrestleview staff predictions. His risks have paid off handsomely.

Paul Smith – He earned one for going 8-0 for the TNA No Surrender PPV in our predictions game.

Brandon Glover and Corey Nelson – They went 4-3 for the WWE Night of Champions PPV. They were the only Wrestleview Readers to get a winning record that night.

Randy McWilliams, Antonio DeGaetano, Sean McNally, Joe Devine, and Wade Bradford – They all went undefeated in the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV and are the current Students of the Week.

Goose Oberstar – He gets one for keeping me up to date on the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara match at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Antonio Cesaro – He earns one each week for staying “Supremely Swiss”. Congratulations, Claudio Castagnoli on the WWE contract.

Corey Graves – He is also in FCW and is a great and talented wrestler from the Pittsburgh area. Again, congratulations Sterling James Keenan.

William Regal – The guy deserves another run, I won’t lie. He is in my opinion “The Master of the Six-Minute Match” and his commentary on NXT is one of the best I have heard in a while. Do I see a “Golden Yardstick” in his future?

Jessica Walek – I think she deserves one because she is married to an NXT recapper and a guy who does guest spots for my Mr. V column.

Gregory Walek – Grash, thanks for taking over last week for me. I appreciate it.

Ring Wars – It is a small Facebook group that is pretty active with the happening of professional wrestling.

The Muppets – Well, because they are The Muppets!

WWE – I will give them a Gold Star for “The WWE Network”.

Ring of Honor – Welcome back to television.

To all the new champions this past month – Jay Lethal (ROH TV Champ), Mark Henry (WWE World Heavyweight Champion), John Cena, Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champions), and Cheerleader Melissa (SHIMMER Champion).

Chikara – I will give them a well-deserved Gold Star for being just flat out enjoyable to watch.

Colt Cabana – He is still very loyal to his fanbase by producing his Art of Wrestling podcast each and every week. It is quite refreshing to listen to his show every week.

CM Punk – I still enjoy the work he does on the microphone. He is brilliant at improvising.

Bully Ray and Bobby Roode – I really enjoy their characters on Impact Wrestling.

Bruno Sammartino – At 75 years old, he does more to stay physically fit than people 60 years younger than he is. Want proof? After heart surgery, Sammartino is back to lifting weights and walking for over two miles without fatigue.

Mark Henry – For improving his character and building himself as a World Champion. He was booked perfectly.

AJ and Maxine – They probably have the best women’s wrestling feud in the WWE right now. Their matches on NXT have been terrific as of late.

Walt Disney World – Where I spent my vacation. I was very hesitant on going, but I am glad that I went. From the food to the people, it was a wonderful experience and I recommend any of my readers to go there at least once in your life. The cast members and staff were pleasant and kind. The performances were eye-catching and memorable. The Pixar wing at Hollywood Studios was amazing. I went there to not be amazed, and I was blown away with the sights of this place. I even got my Disney coffee and a “Mickey’s Really Swell Coffee Mug”. So if anyone at Disney World is reading this piece, I thank you all for the memories that I had with my family. And to my family, thank you for talking me into attending this vacation.

Andy Rooney – Though I rarely watched the “60 Minutes Program”, I always stayed up to date with his essays. They are critically thought of and there are not many of Mr. Rooney left in this world. Thank you for your honesty.

Let’s end this column with some more…BACON.

And that is all for now. If you want me to give out a Gold Star let me know at


This week, I won’t be answering questions. However, if you have any that want answered in this column I will be more than happy to answer them. Send them to


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