WWE Raw House Show Results – 7/7/09
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Michael Ireland sent this report in:

Here is my report for the WWE Raw 7/7/2009 Live house show:

WWE Raw Live
at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
July 7th 2009, 7:30pm

Several minutes before the show started, a promo for WrestleMania XXV on Blu-Ray and DVD was shown. Tony Chimel walked down to the ring and welcomed us to Raw Live. Goldust’s music hit and here is our first match.

Goldust (w/Hornswoggle) vs The Brian Kendrick
As Goldust was halfway up the ramp, Hornswoggle’s music hit and they hit the ring together. Kendrick received a lot of heat. Hornswoggle interfered in several sporadic instances throughout the match. For the finish, Goldust hits Shattered Dreams and this is over.
Winner via Shattered Dreams: Goldust
After the match, Goldust and Hornswoggle chose some kids from the crowd and they danced around in the ring for a while.


Sheamus vs Jamie Noble
Sheamus bagged Australia for a while but thanked us for ‘ridding Ireland of their convicts and making Ireland uncorrupt’. Blah blah blah. This match was a squash match, and the way WWE are using Noble saddens me because he once was a pioneer of the cruiserweight division, which happened to be one of the reasons I started to watch wrestling.
Winner: Sheamus


Kelly Kelly grabbed some random fans in the crowd and asked them the next PPV that WWE has and guessed Night of Champions and got it correct. They were taken to the front row near the ring.


Chavo Guerrero vs Santino Marella
This match took a while to get going because Santino (not getting any heat) acted like a goof, doing cartwheels and powerwalking around the ring. Chavo dominated the match and after a tribute to Eddie with the 3 Amigos, he went up top for a Frogsplash but Santino moved out of harm’s way. Chavo jumped back down and grabbed Marella, only to be eventually caught by a lasting Backslide Pin.
Winner via Backslide Pin: Santino Marella


Cody Rhodes (w/Ted DiBiase Jr.) vs Carlito (w/Primo)
This match started almost immediately after its predecessor. A solid match from both, with a combination of high-flying moves and high-impact slams in the match. I wondered why it wasn’t a tag team match, but both DiBiase Jr. and Primo were involved in some ways. A sneaky roll-up by Cody got the win.
Winner via roll-up: Cody Rhodes


United States Championship (Triple Threat match) –
Kofi Kingston (c) vs William Regal vs The Miz
Miz hit the ring first and got on the mic, bragging about him being awesome. One of the better matches on the card. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Regal for the win.
Winner via Trouble in Paradise and still US Champion: Kofi Kingston


Non-title match –
Divas Champion Maryse vs Mickie James
Huge pop for Mickie, not much of a reaction in general to Maryse. Heaps of whistling from (hopefully) males in the crowd. Maryse started the contest by seeking refuge on several occasions on the outside. When the match got under away, it showed that Maryse lacked in-ring ability, or ability full stop. Whilst Mickie dragged the match along, the finish with a Mickie DDT received a reasonable pop.
Winner via Mickie DDT: Mickie James


Big Show vs MVP
Big pops for both (especially Show), but both received a small amount of heat. Good match, ending with a thunderous chokeslam that brought the house down.
Winner via Chokeslam: Big Show


Main event match: WWE Championship –
Randy Orton (c) vs Triple H
Massive heat for Orton, incredible pop for HHH. In a very solid match spanning over ten minutes, the end seems likely as Orton hit the RKO. HHH kicked out and about a minute later, hit the Pedigree. Just as the match seemed over, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. ran down to attack Trips and cause the DQ.
Winner via DQ: Triple H
but still WWE Champion: Randy Orton
HHH was being attacked by the Legacy until Carlito and Primo ran down to make the save. DiBiase Jr. and Orton ran up the ramp as Cody got Pedigreed twice by Trips. Carlito, Primo and HHH had some fun with the crowd as the show came to an end.


A solid event, with generally good matches to start with and 2 great main events. I’m not disappointed with the Maryse v Mickie match, because with someone as incompetent as Maryse, I didn’t expect anything despite Mickie’s good abilities.

Goldust v Kendrick: 3 stars
Sheamus v Noble: 1.5 stars
Chavo v Santino: 2.5 stars
Cody v Carlito: 3 stars
Kofi v Regal v Miz: 3.5 stars
Maryse v Mickie: 1 star
Big Show v MVP: 4 stars
Orton v HHH: 4.5 stars

Biggest Heat:
1. Randy Orton
2. The Miz
3. Chavo Guerrero
4. William Regal
5. The Brian Kendrick

Biggest Pops:
1. Triple H
2. Kofi Kingston
3. Big Show
4. Mickie James
5. MVP
Also, Carlito and Primo had reasonable pops.

Thank you everyone who read this and you can contact me at irelander_cenarox@hotmail.com

Avi Limbu sent this report in:

Rod Laver Arena,
Melbourne, Australia

– Show started at 7:30. The arena was sold out, with the crowd attendance being approximately 15,000. After the opening pyro, Tony Chimmel announced that John Cena was not in attendance tonight. The crowd was shocked and disappointed about this. Chimmel told the crowd that a refund was available until the start of the second match, which a few in the audience took up.

– Goldust v. The Brian Kendrick
Decent opening match. Kids got into Hornswoggle and Goldust was fairly over with the crowd. Goldust gets the win with a modified suplex.

– Jamie Noble v. Sheamus
Before the match begun, Sheamus thanked Australia for accepting the United Kingdom’s convicts back in the early 19th century and continued to rip into Australia. He reminded me of Test. Sheamus with the win after a boot to the face.

– Chavo Guerrero v. Santino Marella
Santino was incredibly over with the crowd. The audience chanted ?You are a wanker? to Chavo. After a minute or so, Santino got on the microphone said to Chavo ?You know, I think it just came to me. You are a wanker!? (something along the lines of that) which got a big pop from the crowd. Santino picks up the win after a backslide.

– Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase v. Carlito w/ Primo
On their way to the ring, DiBiase ripped up a sign from a guy dressed up as John Cena which said ?Randy Orton’s next tattoo: Loser?. It was a decent match, with Rhodes getting the win with a neck breaker after an inadvertent distraction from Primo which caused Carlito to lose focus of Rhodes.

– WWE United States Championship: Kofi Kingston v. William Regal v. The Miz
Good pop for Kofi. Before the match, Miz got on the microphone and demanded some respect from the audience and ripped into the audience. Kingston picking up the win after pinning Regal.


– M.V.P. v. Big Show
Big Show got on the microphone and told a person in the audience to ?Calm down?. Crowd got into the match, which in the middle of Big Show got on the microphone again and talked to a member of the audience from the ring saying ?I can?t wrestle? Listen you fat bloke, you better watch out or I?ll buy your house and make you move out of it. I have socks that are older than you?. Both Show and M.V.P. were getting very good reactions. Big Show with the win after a choke slam.

– Non-title match: Maryse v. Mickie James
Mickie James got a BIG pop, which was a bit of a surprise. In my opinion she even out popped Kofi Kingston. A lot of wolf whistling from the men in the audience during the match. Mickie gets the win after a Mickie-DT.

– WWE Championship: Triple H v. Randy Orton
Awesome reactions for both men. Triple H easily getting pop of the night, with the crowd being probably 95% pro Triple H. Crowd ate up everything in the match, which saw Orton give an RKO to Triple H which he kicked out of. Triple H then gives Orton a Pedigree and as the referee is counting down the 3, Legacy makes the save for Orton. Triple H wins via DQ. Legacy continue to beat on Triple H, when Carlito and Primo make the save and disperse of Randy and Ted. Carlito and Triple H perform their finishing maneuvers on Cody who was left in the ring. After Legacy have left, Triple H, Carlito and Primo stay and have fun with the crowd.

Biggest pops:
Triple H
Santino Marella
Mickie James

Most heat:
Randy Orton
The Miz


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