ROH on HDNet Recap
April 12, 2010
The Arena, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

Finally, it is time for some “honor” in professional wrestling. This…is…Ring of Honor on HDNet!
HDNet started off the show with a recap of the main event of ROH’s Big Bang between Roderick Strong, Austin Aries, and Tyler Black. They showed pictures from the Triple Threat match in which Strong was eliminated first, then Aries. Tyler Black was able to escape from these two hungry challengers and is still your Ring of Honor World Champion.

Now the cameras are around The Arena in Philadelphia. The ROH fans are pounding the ROH barricade. ROH on HDNet Executive Producer Jim Cornette welcomed us to HDNet and plugged The Arena. Cornette then introduced to the audience the ROH World Champion Tyler Black. Black entered the ring with a huge ovation. Cornette mentioned the ovation to Black and the crowd belted out a “Tyler Black” chant. Cornette told Black that the wrestlers and the matchups won’t get any easier for Black. Cornette said that a lot of men were going to get a title shot in the future. Black then got his time to speak and spoke about how Austin Aries is a smart individual (Black was bumbling his words around a little bit), but he used people to his advantage.

Black then said that he got Aries’ number when it comes to their encounters and then focused on Roderick Strong. Cornette told Black that Strong was not thinking straight and blamed his shortcomings on everyone but himself recently. Black said that he was not confined by his failures but defined by his success. Black said he was not a doctor and said the only thing he cared about looking out for himself. Cornette said that Strong again was blaming other people for his failures. Black agreed to what Cornette said and then focused on other talent on the ROH Roster. Black said if he could get past Aries and Strong, and then there would be no one in his way of his title reign. Right after Black said that The Wolves were howling…enter Davey Richards! In case some of you do not know this, Richards is now in the Pick Six Contenders’ Series for Black’s Championship.

Richards stormed to the ring and stared at Black while licking his chops. Cornette then looked at Richards and assumed that he had something to say. Richards said that Black at one point aligned himself with people who play games. Then Richards said he wanted something that Black got, and that is the title. Richards did not care when nor where, but at this moment Richards was the hunter and Black is the hunted. Richards then told Black the hunt was on, which led Black to say something that I did not get a listen of since it was kind of inaudible. However based on Black’s positioning he did not appreciate the comments Richards said to him.

Kidd Russell’s Rock Remix Intro hits. It’s time for RING OF HONOR WRESTLING!!

We then cut to the announce table where Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak will call the action. Hogewood said that tonight would be a great show and mentioned that The Big Bang occurred a week ago. Prazak announced that The Kings of Wrestling are the NEW Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions and if one wanted to watch The Big Bang on the computer to go to Hogewood then said that he was excited about the return of Jerry Lynn.

We have a video package that starred Jerry Lynn. Lynn said that he climbed the ladder at his age to become the oldest ROH World Champion when he beat Nigel McGuinness in April of 2009. We then saw a video of Ric Flair hyping up Jerry Lynn as “the man”. During that time, Austin Aries cut a promo of his own and later on he clubbed Lynn with the ROH Championship Belt! A little while later in the summer of 2009 (my estimate) Jerry Lynn lost the title to Austin Aries.

During a segment on HDNet, Lynn talked about family and pondered “semi-retirement”. However, Lynn said that no one “truly retires” from professional wrestling. Then we were shown some clips from Lynn’s feud with Kenny King. They showed us the Spike Piledriver delivered by King and Rhett Titus that took out Lynn (that was the last time he appeared on HDNet)! It ended when King, a few months ago told the viewers that “Lynn needed a little help in order to retire”. King called professional wrestling a “young man’s game”.

Match #1: Jerry Lynn vs. Jake Manning

The Voice of ROH Bobby Cruise hyped up that this was Lynn’s return to HDNet. Lynn was welcomed with a few streamers from the ROH faithful. There was a Code of Honor (handshake before the match), but right after the Code of Honor Manning drilled his foot to the stomach of Lynn.

Manning then applied the headlock, in which Lynn countered by shoving him off the ropes. Manning then delivered a shoulder tackle and that caused Lynn to stand at the corner to regain composure. Lynn then caught Manning off guard with a boot to the stomach and a headlock. Manning shoved Lynn off the ropes and then Lynn hit the shoulder tackle. Lynn then held Manning with a headlock. Manning broke the hold and twisted the arm of Lynn. Lynn was on the mat and the kicked out of the hold. Lynn then administered a few armdrags on Manning and worked on his arm. Manning countered the move into a body scissors hold. Lynn broke out of that hold, swept Manning’s leg and covered him for a two count.

Lynn then applied the armbar once again. Manning got up and moved them both to a corner for a break. Manning tried to strike Lynn, but Lynn escaped and punched away on his opponent. Lynn then went off the ropes, but Manning lifted Lynn and dropped him neck first onto the top rope! Manning covered Lynn, but Lynn put his leg on the bottom rope after a one count. Manning continued to attack the neck of Jerry Lynn until Lynn broke free. Lynn tried to punch Manning, but Manning struck Lynn’s throat again and applied the chinlock. Lynn broke out of the hold and followed it up with a chinlock as well. Manning attempted to break the hold with a Back Suplex, but Lynn fell on him for a cover. Manning kicked out at two.

Manning then hit a chinbreaker on Lynn and followed it up with a backbreaker! Manning covered Lynn, but Lynn kicked out at two. Manning then applied a chinlock w/a knee to the back of Lynn. Lynn broke the hold, but Manning once again stood his ground and attacked the neck of Lynn. Manning then whipped Lynn into a corner. Lynn escape the intial contact, but Manning gave him a punch and went up top. Lynn struck him and Manning is sitting on top of the turnbuckle. Lynn then went up top and delivered a perfect top rope hurricanranna. Lynn then delivered a clothesline, an elbow, and finally went off the rope for a hanging clothesline. Then Lynn secured the victory in his return match with this…

Finish: Jerry Lynn set up and finished off Jake Manning with a Cradle Piledriver. Lynn pinned Manning for the pinfall victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Jerry Lynn

Grade: C.

After the match, Kyle Durden (who returned after a brief absence I may add) entered the ring to get a few words from Jerry Lynn. Durden welcomed Lynn back to ROH, and Lynn thanked him. Lynn then called out Kenny King and Rhett Titus. Lynn agreed with King on the fact that we know the risks and chances of professional wrestling. However, Lynn told the crowd and television viewers what King and Titus did was planned and on purpose. Lynn said he could care less, and would not feel bad in regards to what he would do to Kenny King.

We are now in the Mysterious ROH on HDNet Headquarters. Hogewood talked about The Big Bang and the Tag Title Match. Prazak told us that though The Briscoes gave it their all it was The Kings of Wrestling that won the match and became the NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions!

Tonight’s Special for the evening: ROH Television Tournament Semifinals!! This match will have Kevin Steen (who defeated Rhett Titus) vs. Eddie Edwards (who defeated Mike Tedesco’s favorite ROH wrestler Colt Cabana).

Kyle Durden was backstage and he talked about tonight’s main event involving Eddie Edwards and Kevin Steen in which the winner advanced to the ROH Television Title Tournament Finals. Durden then asked his guest, Steve Corino his prediction. Corino, dressed in a suit, asked why Durden wanted a prediction. Corino said that Steen would win his upcoming match and be the ROH Television Champion. Corino wondered why Durden even asked that “stupid” question. Durden then asked about El Generico (Corino’s opponent later tonight) and why he was not ready to wrestle at the moment. Corino answered the question by saying that he wrestled for sixteen years and it should be Generico that needed to be ready. Generico would have a night to remember. Corino said he and Kevin Steen did not want to do this to Generico, but tonight Generico would remember the name of Steve Corino. Durden said that he would not forget Corino’s name after this interview and we went back to ringside.

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole…..Ole…..Ole!

Match #2: El Generico vs. Steve Corino

El Generico got streamers when he entered the ring and Steve Corino was still, as Prazak said it, “dressed to impressed”.

Referee Todd Sinclair asked for the Code of Honor, but Corino instead got a hold of a microphone and thought it would be a great time to just talk. The crowd showed their expression to Corino’s tactics by saying that he “sucks”.
Corino mockingly said that we have El Generico in the ring, like he used to be. The fans started to chant “Ole”. Corino asked Generico if he was proud of himself. Corino continued the conversation when he asked Generico if he knew what made his heart warm. The answer out of Corino’s mouth was Kevin Steen, Corino’s best friend. Corino then looked at Generico and told Generico to look at him. Corino called Generico a certified loser, and himself as a legend.

Corino then called Generico a masked freak, and considered himself once again a legend. Corino believed that Generico wore a mask for two reasons. The first reason was that he was ugly and the second reason was that he held behind the fact that he was any good. Corino said that Generico tried too much to impress these fans and the viewers watching this on HDNet. Corino told Generico if he would die tomorrow, no one in the world would care. Corino said that at one time he listened to the fans and tried to impress them, but now Corino does not care about the fans. Corino continued with the insults when he called Generico “a tall, skinny, piece of garbage”. Corino once again reminded Generico that he was a legend.

Corino admitted to Generico that he was wrong when he talked to Steen. Corino said that he was wrong to call Generico a “cancer” because one can cure cancer. Corino then called Generico **CENSORED** (which turned out that Corino called Generico “full blown AIDS”) and he called Generico “incurable” that was trying to affect an incurable person. Corino told Generico if he though…the paused to soak in the Generico supporters. Corino asked the fans if they wanted to see Generico beat him up, and the crowd was in full support of that.

Sadly, Corino did not grant the wish. Corino said it was not going to happen because he did not care about Generico. The only man that Corino cared about was Kevin Steen. Corino then asked Todd Sinclair, the ROH Head Referee in my opinion, to ring the bell because he told the ref that he was forfeiting this contest. The bell rang and…

Finish: Todd Sinclair raised El Generico’s arm in victory.

Winner by Forfeit: El Generico

Grade: Incomplete

After Sinclair stepped back, Corino told him to hold his suit jacket. Sinclair grabbed hold of the jacket and left the ring. Corino then asked the crowd if they were upset for the lack of a “5-Star Match”. Corino then looked at Generico and told him the reason why he took the jacket off was because it was too hot in the building. Corino told Generico to not touch him because what Generico had **CENSORED** (turned out Corino said “HIV”), he was a legend. Corino ended his monologue (I will just say it like that because Generico did not really say a word in this contest) by stating that Steen was right. Steen said that Generico would have been nothing without him.

As soon as Corino dropped the mic, Generico grabbed his tie! Generico stared at Corino with his fist clenched and PUNCHED him hard. Generico then beat the holy heck out of Corino with many punches. Generico then ripped off Corino’s shirt and whipped him off the ropes. Corino managed to escape once Generico let go.

However, it did not end there as Generico was able to hit his Suicide Flip Dive on Corino!! Generico then ripped the shirt off of Corino completely and choked him with the shirt. The brawl finally ended with the referees and some lower-level ROH talent. Corino tried to storm at Generico, but he was pulled back to the entrance ramp. Generico then walked back to his theme music.

Back to the ROH studio at an undisclosed location, where Mike Hogewood told the viewers that he was glad to see El Generico back and got the Hogewood blessing of “his future being bright”. Prazak thankfully switched to the Television Title Tournament where tonight we will have the first Semifinal match. Hogewood took us back to how the two wrestlers in tonight’s main event made it to this semifinal.

The viewers then saw clips of Kevin Steen (Seeded #1) defeating Rhett Titus (Seeded #8) thanks to the Crossface. Following that clip was a clip of Eddie Edwards (Seeded #6) defeating Colt Cabana (Seeded #3) with the distractions by Steve Corino and the Achilles’ Lock by Edwards.

I guess before the HDNet commercial, ROH plugged their shows in Dayton (April 23) and Chicago (April 24). From what I heard from it, Tyler Black will defend the ROH World Title in Dayton. In Chicago, it will feature Colt Cabana and El Generico battling Kevin Steen and Steve Corino (is it just me or is Corino really dominating this show tonight). Check out for other matches and tickets.

There was also a BREAKING NEWS bit, in which ROH welcomed back “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Daniels will be on ROH cards for their shows in Manassas, VA and New York, NY (May 7th and May 8th respectively).

Earlier in the show, ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette said to Tyler Black that the top of the mountain “won’t get any easier”. Black was talking about Aries and how he got his number now. Davey Richards interrupted the segment and said that he wanted what Black had. Richards said that right now he was the hunter and Black was the prey.

WAIT A MOMENT, DAVEY!! It was announced that next week ROH will have their 2nd Semifinal match. It will be Davey Richards vs. Kenny King. If this was anything like their match at The Big Bang, I will not be a disappointed recapper for this program.

Kyle Durden was now backstage with Eddie Edwards and his manager, Shane Hagadorn. Durden talked about the match and the possibility of an All-American Wolves final for the ROH Television Title. Edwards asked Durden if he was a smart@ss and if was going to start any problems. Davey Richards and he get to the ROH TV Title Finals it would symbolize the end of the American Wolves (My 2009 Golden Yardstick winner for Tag Team of the Year). As soon as Edwards tried to say anything else, Kenny King interrupted the promo.

King asked if he was done because he heard enough of Edwards. King said it was bad that this twerp (addressed to Durden) was thinking about the finals. King said it was also bad that Edwards was looking past Kevin Steen, his opponent. King then said it was criminal to overlook Kenny King. King then re-introduced Edwards to the “Pretty Boy Pit Bull” and the star of HDNet (well, he did wrestle on the first ever HDNet show over a year ago vs. Sami Callahan). King said that he lived in Vegas, and said that if two overrated “huskies” took on a hungry @ss Pit Bull, then that would officially be the end of the American Wolves.

Edwards said on second thought, he would love to get in the ring with Kenny King. Edwards said that he would love to shut that mouth once and for all (in which King chuckled). King then told Edwards “Good Luck”, in which Edwards said “don’t need it”. I guess we go back to Hogewood and Prazak.
We then see a close up of the ROH Television Title. I still think it looks pretty good and I can’t wait to see it be defended.

The Voice of ROH Wrestling Bobby Cruise announced the main event for the evening! Alongside him were the referee in charge and Rayna (who is in a much better dress) with the title that is on the line with this tournament format.

So, Let’s Get Started…The match has a 30-minute time limit. YouTube said that there was only 18 minutes left of the show. There will be a finish!

Ring of Honor Television Tournament Semifinal

Match #3: Kevin Steen (ranked #1) vs. Eddie Edwards w/Shane Hagadorn (ranked #6)

Steen was looking pretty confident as he entered the ring. Edwards just walked to the ring with Shane Hagadorn (who did absolutely nothing during Edwards’ interview and during the match). No one got streamers.

But before the match began, Kevin Steen grabbed a microphone and decided to cut a promo in the ring.

Steen asked for everyone’s attention in the crowd. Steen had something important to tell his opponent, Eddie Edwards. Steen said that he would talk about Edwards’ elbow in a minute but first he must get something off his chest. Many ROH fans remembered last year’s feud between The American Wolves and Kevin Steen along with..Steen does not address Generico’s name. Instead, Steen called Generico some “masked wrestler”. For that year, he hated Edwards. The Steen watched the video and something happened and now he understood Edwards. Steen knew why Edwards and Davey Richards did what they did last year. Steen said that the Wolves were not after Steen, but “him” (referring yet again to El Generico), that masked piece of crap.

Steen told Edwards that it was ok to be mad at him at the time. Steen said ever since his moment of clarity about three months ago, thanks to Steve Corino of course, he now understood, respected, and loved Eddie Edwards. But even though Steen said that to Edwards, Steen said that he wanted to be the First-ever Ring of Honor Television Champion.

Steen said the last time they were in the ring together, he broke Edwards’ elbow. He asked Edwards if he remembered that. Steen said that he did not want to do it again. Steen then paused and said then again, he wanted to do it again. He grabbed Edwards’ arm and kicked his bad elbow! The bell is rung with no Code of Honor.

Match Finally Begins!

Steen attacked the elbow of Edwards at the corner. Then Steen pressed his foot on the injured elbow. Steen the pushed Edwards out of the ring, with Edwards’ shoulder meeting first on the ROH barricade. Steen then whipped Edwards and Edwards met another ROH barricade arm first. Steen then raked Edwards’ elbow along the top of the barricade until Edwards attempted to poke Steen’s eyes. However, Steen continued the attack outside the ring. Steen then rammed Edwards elbow-first onto the ring post! Steen the shoved Edwards into the ring and threatened Edwards’ manager Shane Hagadorn if he came closer. Steen then turned around and Edwards connected on a Missile Dive thru the top two ropes (though Edwards got more barricade than Steen).

Edwards was now in control of this contest. Edwards punched Steen around for a bit, then whipped Steen into the ROH barricade. Edwards followed that up with some elbow strikes (from his good elbow) on Steen’s face. Edwards then whipped Steen onto another ROH barricade. Edwards delivered a chop, but Steen responded when he whipped Edwards to the ROH barricade. However, Edwards no-sold the move and drilled Steen’s face with a boot. Edwards then stomped on Steen’s face and both men went back into the ring.
Steen then rolled back out of the ring and Edwards went off the ropes to deliver a Baseball Slide. Steen quickly noticed this and grabbed hold of Edwards’ feet and countered the slide with an arm snap along the ring frame! Steen then grabbed hold of two chairs. He threw the first chair into the ring to disturb the referee (smart move) and while the ref’s back was turned Steen used the other chair. Steen drilled the chair onto Edward’s elbow, which looked intelligently painful! Steen then stomped on Edwards’ injured elbow and stood on the elbow before he went back into the ring.

Steen continued the attack by striking the elbow. Steen then did a snap mare takedown and locked the arm of Edwards. Edwards tried to break it with headbutts, but Steen pressed hard on the elbow. However, Edwards mustered enough energy to hip toss Steen to break the hold. Edwards tried a kick, but Steen caught the leg. Still, Edwards hit the Enzugiri and Steen is stunned. Edwards then went off the ropes and hit a hurricanranna. Steen is now at a ring corner and Edwards ran full-charge at Steen. Steen escaped the move, and Edwards ran right into the ring post shoulder first! Steen was now at the ring apron and did an effective dropkick on Edwards’ bad arm. With Edwards laid out for a moment, Steen went up top and hit a picture perfect Swanton Bomb. Steen covered Edwards, but Edwards kicked out at two.
The referee then briefly stopped the match to check on Edwards. Steen looked hungry in the ring and was set to deliver more pain. Edwards got back on his feet and hit a few punches on Steen. Then both men exchanged forearm shots, and then Steen went right back on Edward’s arm, then hit the released German Suplex on Edwards! Still, both men got right back up. Edwards tried to charge Steen again, but was met with a boot. Steen attempted a move off the ropes, but Edwards countered with a back body drop.

Edwards then got onto a hot streak here. He clotheslined Steen then picked him up over his shoulders to deliver a Faceplant! Edwards then struck the head of Steen’s with his knee and covered Steen. The referee counted, but Steen kicked out at two. Edwards then tried to hit a suplex on Steen, but his arm gave out. Steen took advantage and hit a Divorce Court arm takedown. Steen covered, but Edwards kicked out at two. Steen then got right up and gave Edwards a very disgusting Snot Rocket (very middle schoolish). Steen then took off Edwards arm bandage and started to attack the exposed elbow of Edwards. Edwards was at the corner when Steen tried to charge him. Edwards caught Steen with a boot. Edwards then went to the top rope and hit the Codebreaker. Edwards then covered Steen, but Steen kicked out at two.

After a series of counters by both men, Eddie took a quick advantage. Edwards went up top and double stomped Steen’s back. Edwards covered Steen, but once again Steen kicked out at two. Edwards then attempted to apply the Achilles’ Lock, but Steen countered when he attacked the injured elbow of Edwards. Edwards then went up for a move in the air, but Steen countered this when he caught Edwards and hit the Powerbomb right in the center of the ring. Steen covered Edwards, but Edwards kicked out at two. Steen appeared frustrated right now and stomped on Edwards’ elbow.
Steen then went up top for a high-risk move, but Edwards blocked it. Steen then shoved off Edwards, but Edwards came right back with an Enzugiri while Steen was still at the corner. Edwards then set up the Backpack Chinbreaker, but Steen countered this and applied the Crossface Submission hold on Edwards!

Edwards looked like he was going to tap soon when EL GENERICO appeared at the ring entrance. Steen was furious and stared down Generico for a while. But when Steen turned around to focus on the task at hand…

Finish: Eddie Edwards rolled up Kevin Steen with the Small Package and the pinfall victory! Edwards goes onto the Ring of Honor Television Title Tournament Finals!

Winner by Pinfall: Eddie Edwards

Grade: B

After the match, Steen just froze. Steen then looked around the crowd and they were chanting “Ole”!

Next Week’s Main Event: Davey Richards vs. Kenny King in the other ROH TV Title Tournament Semifinal.


ROH plugged their shows for Daytona and Chicago one more time and the show is officially over.

Quick Results
Jerry Lynn defeated Jake Manning via the Cradle Piledriver
El Generico defeated Steve Corino via Forfeit
Eddie Edwards defeated Kevin Steen via Small Package to advance to the Finals of the Ring of Honor TV Title Tournament.

Mike Hogewood did NOT Slap his Porpoise, as there were no squash matches to report this week.

Overall Thoughts

Well, for a show that promotes wrestling I really did not see a whole lot of it. Still, I found this to be entertaining at times and the two matches that had some wrestling in them was done well.

The Tyler Black promo was brutal. I am sorry, but if I want someone to carry my company that person must be able to cut a good promo. I guess that is why I really enjoyed Austin Aries’ ROH Title run because he truly fit the part in all aspects. He was the best fit to be the ROH Champ now that they have TV and it is obvious after the way Black really needed Cornette to help him out. I don’t know if it is nerves or what not, but I know Tyler Black can do better. When Davey Richards interfered in this promo, I was pretty happy. I strongly believe that Richards will win that ROH Title by year’s end and he really carries himself well in the ring. I know, I know I am going to hear the “he puts on 5-star matches all the time debate”. However, I really think Richards is a top 25 wrestler in the world today and when he wins that ROH Championship he could hold it for a long time.

Jerry Lynn returned to the ring for the first time on HDNet since Kenny King and Rhett Titus injured him. Lynn was ok in his return, but Jake Manning really hit a lot of offense on Lynn, who happened to be a former ROH World Champion in his own right. I was not feeling Lynn’s promo at all, but if this leads to a story of retribution against Kenny King, then I am all for it.

Corino and Generico did not have to lay a hand on each other and I thought it was a very effective segment. Too bad it counted for almost a quarter of the show. Steve Corino is a great talker and can rile up even the nicest person with his words. El Generico continued to play his part very well. I loved how at the end of this “match”, Corino got his just desserts when Generico just went on complete attack mode.

What does Shane Hagadorn do? Anyone? Times like this make me wish that Larry Sweeney returned to ROH to be a manager. Hagadorn just looks completely lost.

Steen and Edwards had a good match in and out of the ring. I really enjoyed how Steen addressed the elbow throughout the match and Edwards reactions to it. Though it was a bit rushed, I though overall Edwards generated enough offense, while Steen told the story of being just an unemotional yet confused wrestler. Plus, adding Generico in the mix just to stare down Steen was pretty good as well.

In conclusion, this was good for the feud involving Kevin Steen, Steve Corino, and El Generico. Other than that, it was just the return of Jerry Lynn. It told one great story, but I really found nothing else worth noting.

Overall Grade: C (leaned toward a C-)

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night-

Wrestler of the Night: Eddie Edwards

Edwards, with no help from Shane Hagadorn was able to overcome his elbow injury and defeat the heavy favorite in this tournament, Kevin Steen. It was a good match, but there was something missing in this one. However, I give Edwards a lot of credit because I am sure he is literally not 100% because of the elbow.

Disappointment of the Night: Eddie Edwards and Tyler Black’s promos

Again, we are looking at two have the better wrestlers on this roster. However, I was disappointed with Black’s opening promo overall. I was relieved when Davey Richards came in and cut a great promo on wanting that ROH Championship.

As for Edwards, again good wrestler, but needs to work on talking. The emotions seemed forced and not there. Again, enter a charismatic wrestler in Kenny King to level out this promo. Edwards just needs to relax and show more emotion. I hope he learned from his tag team partner Davey Richards.

Surprise of the Week: El Generico

I was very impressed with Generico’s character. He showed weakness, then confusion, and finally anger. This is the perfect way to build him up, and he never had to say a single word. He took all the verbal abuse he could from the likes of Kevin Steen and Steve Corino and finally it ticked him off! Seeing him attack Corino was brilliant. ROH’s creative team got this one right.

Thanks for reading my latest ROH Recap. I am sorry for the delay (I had a TON of work to do this week) and I will be back next week with a NEW ROH on HDNet Recap.


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