ROH on HDNet Results
February 8, 2010
The Arena, Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

We go back to a recap of last week when Jim Cornette, Executive Producer of ROH on HDNet announced that Tyler Black and Roderick Strong wanted to compete with each other in a friendly battle. We then saw a highlight package of the match, which ended with Tyler Black defeated Roderick Strong with a little interference from ROH Champion Austin Aries. No one really knew if Aries was coming for Black or what, but that was how the match ended last week.

The show then went to ringside with Cornette. Cornette introduced the crowd to another ROH show and plugged Philadelphia and The Arena. Cornette then wanted Black to come down to the ring, in which Black does that. Cornette discussed the controversy involving Black, Strong, and Aries. Cornette then told Black to relax and asked if Black had any comments in regards to what went on last week. Black mentioned that Aries came down to the ring with some wine, popcorn, and a chair. Black then remembered superkicking Aries (which resulted in a few stitches) while he was drinking some wine. Black then did not recall anything else that happened last week. He did not know that Aries was involved in the last bit of that match. Cornette then mentioned that there might be a chance in which Aries? time as the ROH Champion will come to an end. Black responded by stating that the end of Aries? reign IS near! Black then promised that he will defeat Aries on February 13 (ROH’s 8th Anniversary Show) and become YOUR Ring of Honor World Champion.

Cornette was about to ask a question, but Roderick Strong entered the ring in a foul mood. Strong went on about Aries and said that at the 8th Anniversary Show he will be a fair judge and that the best man will win that match. Strong wondered if Black will be the best man this coming week. The problem was that Strong thought that Black did not beat him last week, but Aries was the one that defeated Strong. Black responded by saying ?really?? Strong wanted Black to tell him that he did not defeat him last week. So, to avoid any more turmoil between the two wrestlers, Black admitted that he did not defeat Strong and the shook hands. As soon as Strong turned his back, Black said that when he becomes the ROH Champion Strong will NOT beat him. Strong then faced off with Black and we then cut to the intro video with Kidd Russell’s theme.

Now, let us begin the first contest!

Match #1: Bobby Dempsey and Alex Payne vs. Steve Corino and Kevin Steen

Last Week, Steen blindsided Payne in a segment of Steve Cornio’s. Bobby Dempsey came in to ask if Payne was alright. I guess the match was booked because of what happened last week.

No Code of Honor tonight (Payne reached for one, but Corino and Steen laughed it off).

Corino and Payne start the contest off. Corino paid no mind to Payne and started to exchange words with Dempsey. Payne then got some punches in on Corino, but for the most part Corino no sold them. Corino got Payne down with just one punch. Corino then shoulder tackled Payne and slapped him around a couple times. Payne took him down with a head scissors move, but Corino was back on his feet and delivered an elbow. Payne quickly got up and started to punch away on Corino and he tagged in Dempsey.

Payne did a drop toe hold on Corino, and Dempsey did a splash on Corino’s back! Corino tried to regain the advantage with some punches, but Dempsey no sold the strikes and shoulder tackled Corino to the mat. Payne is tagged in and hit a nice missile dropkick on Corino. Payne then ran to the ropes and Steen caught him and dragged Payne to the floor. Steen then powerbombed him to the ring apron and then shoved him to the barricade! Corino followed suit when he rammed Payne to the barricade and shoved his knee to his face for good measure.

They were back in the ring after that and Steen is tagged in the match. Steen delivered a modified atomic drop on Payne, and then both Steen and Corino kicked Payne down. Steen moved Payne to the corner and attacked him with punches and kicks. Steen then took a shot at Dempsey. Steen focused back on the in-ring action and grabbed Payne by the mouth (seriously). Steen tagged in Corino and Corino hit a punch. Corino attempted the cover, but only got a two from the referee in charge. Steen is once again tagged in. Corino hit the Flatliner on Payne and Steen executed a nice somersault leg drop. Steen then attempted the pin victory but did not get it. Steen then worked the arm of Payne and did a snot rocket near Dempsey. Corino is tagged in and he started to rake his arm at Payne on the corner of the ring. Corino whipped Payne to the corner and did a running chop across the chest! Corino attempted the same move again, but Payne countered it with Diamond Dust (a cutter like move off the corner).

Payne hot tagged Dempsey and Dempsey punched out both men. Dempsey then did a complete body block on Corino and tagged Payne in the match. Payne was then picked up by Dempsey and Payne hit The Rocket Launcher. Payne attempted the cover, but Corino’s shoulder was up at two! Corino got back up and destroyed Payne with a Sitout Rear Mat Slam! After Corino’s Sliding C Special, he tagged in Steen. Corino took out Dempsey and Steen hit a Package Piledriver. Corino then whispered something in Steen’s ear, and we got our first finish of the evening.

Finish: Kevin Steen applied the Sharpshooter on a prone Alex Payne and the ref stopped the contest.

Winners by Submission: Kevin Steen and Steve Corino

Grade: C.

Aver the match, Corino and Dempsey exchanged words. Then Corino and Steen taunt in front of the camera.

Kyle Durden was backstage with The American Wolves. Durden wanted to discuss their upcoming fans? choice match featuring them and The Young Bucks. Davey Richards paused for a moment, then mentioned the fans? choice match. But something was different. And if we thought it was because they did not have the Tag Team Titles, well we were wrong. Richards said that the team was created to dominate, not win championships. As for the match, Richards said something along the lines as we will see the same result. Richards then explained that they are the best tag team in the world. Eddie Edwards got control of the mic and asked why the fans wanted to see the Bucks get destroyed by two pissed off Wolves? Edwards mentioned that when the Wolves destroy the Bucks again, it will be the fans? fault! Edwards was about to say ?The Hunt is On?, but Richards cut him off and told him let the fans see the destruction.

Now speaking of destruction?

Match #2: Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis and Jon Davis) vs. The Bravado Brothers

No Code of Honor here, as DCFC completely destroyed the Brothers (who I did not get the names). Davis dumped one (Bravado #2) of them over the top rope and Chavis chopped the other (Bravado #1) at the corner. Davis came back in the ring and both delivered a powerbomb/flying leg lariat combo. Chavis then whipped Bravado #2 to the barricade. Davis then called for Chavis to get in the ring and Mike Hogewood slapped his porpoise for the evening.

Finish: Dark City Fight Club killed Bravado Brother #1 with Project Mayhem (a double hiptoss, then followed by a cutter-like/powerbomb combination) for the pinfall victory.

Winners by Pinfall: Dark City Fight Club

Grade: D.

After the match, Kyle Durden came into the ring and wanted their reactions to the fans not picking them to face The Young Bucks. Davis said good for the Wolves and then mentioned that they will be taking the fight to the other tag teams. Chavis yelled out the tag teams of ROH (Briscoes, Bucks, Wolves, and Kings of Wrestling) and said that they will take their heads and the ROH Tag Titles. They finished off by saying ?If you don?t like it, do something about it?we dare you! Then they left the ring.

Last week, Erick Stevens and Joey Ryan jumped Eddie Kingston from behind once again. Because of that action, next week we will have Stevens and Ryan vs. Kingston and?Necro Butcher!

We then got a word from Prince Nana (by himself and in a calm demeanor) in a small promo. He talked about the history of his tribe in Ghana. He said it was an honor to be a leader of his people and of The Embassy. His goal is to teach ?the fools? some respect. The Embassy’s mission statement is simple: Money, Power, and Respect. Nana talked about some alumni of his faction as well as the present. Then he talked about having no issues to Necro Butcher. However, he said that next week his team will defeat Necro and Necro will be back to feeding his kids off of WIC and government cheese.

Later tonight: The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves

Austin Aries and Kenny King were with Kyle Durden at ringside. Durden asked if Aries was worried about the title changing hands. Aries told Durden that he was upset. He was upset because Black got interviewed by Cornette, while he was being interviewed by Durden. He then told the cameraman to take a good look at his once-split lip and his #300 T-Shirt that was stained because some wine went on it after Black’s superkick. King told Aries to calm down because the injured lip made him look handsome and the shirt was something to not worry about. Aries agreed, and then called Black desperate. Aries then said that Black will always be second-best. Aries told the crowd he does not wrestle for them, but to keep the ROH Title on his shoulder. The crowd started calling him an A-Hole. Aries then said that this A-Hole will still be Champion when the weekend passed. He then talked about a girl from Chicago that stood Black up because she was with Aries all night. Black then ran into the ring and wanted a piece of Aries, but some people pulled him away from the action.

Mike Hogewood then plugged the 8th Anniversary main event, which is the ROH Title match between Black and Aries.

And now (thanks to the fans), it is time for the MAIN EVENT!!!!

As voted by the Fans

Match #3: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards w/Shane Hagadorn)

No Code of Honor here, as they just stared at each other. Before the match began, the ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoe Brothers walked down the ramp. Jay Briscoe said he wanted to up the ante in this match. Jay said the winner of this match will get a title shot in the future.

Davey Richards taunted Matt Jackson and the crowd to start the contest. Richards began the match with a hammerlock. Richards then did a fireman’s carry and hit some ground strikes. Richards then put a waistlock on Matt. Matt then generated some offense with a head scissors takedown and escaped a headlock by Richards. Matt then tried to take Richards down with two shoulder tackles, but to no avail. Richards attempted a kick, but failed and Matt was able to take Richards down with a head takedown. Richards then got right back up and did a head scissors takedown, but Matt quickly did a jackknife pin but only got a one count from the referee. Richards then did a backslide pin attempt, but only got a count of one. Matt got the advantage with a head scissors takedown and a kick, which led Richards to leave the ring. Eddie Edwards attempted to attack from behind, but Matt lifted Nick Jackson up and Nick dropkicked Edwards. Edwards was now out of the ring and The Bucks tried to do a move off the ropes, but both Wolves escaped.

Richards then ran to a table that had the ring bell. Richards then grabbed the ring hammer and rang the bell for some reason. The referee yelled at Richards and told him to put it down and suddenly a ?fan? told the ref to stay quiet (that is the nice way to say it).

Nick and Edwards were tagged in right now. Edwards held the arm of Nick for a moment, and then Nick got in a headlock. Nick placed a dropkick on Edwards and both stared at each other. Edwards pushed Nick a couple time and Nick slapped the taste out of Edwards? mouth. Nick then tagged Matt and The Young Bucks did a drop toe hold/springboard corner lariat move. Nick then took Richards out of the contest for a moment. Nick caught Edwards after Edwards tried to give him a boot on the corner and Nick countered it to a fantastic neckbreaker off the while Edwards was on the middle rope. Matt then did a slingshot senton on Edwards. After a cover, Nick then applied a chinlock on Edwards. Nick then twisted the arm of Edwards and tagged in Matt. Matt went to the top and did a double stomp on Edwards? arm!

Edwards mustered enough energy to move the action close to the Wolves corner and Richards tagged himself in. However, Matt paid attention of the tag and executed two armdrags on Richards. Richards again missed a kick, and Matt did another armdrag on Richards and did an armbar. Richards got right up and moved to the Wolves corner and Edwards tagged himself in. Edwards booted Matt’s head from the corner while Richards took out Nick at the other corner. The Wolves did a double elbow move and Edwards covered attempted to cover, but got a two from the referee.

Edwards with a head shot to the buckle on Matt. Edwards continued the assault with knees to the corner. Matt countered the moveset with a back body drop. Nick is tagged in and he hits a dropkick. Edwards and Nick exchanged punches for a moment, but Richards tagged in without Nick knowing. Nick was still fighting Edwards, but when Edwards was pushed out of the ring he grabbed hold of Nick’s feet. Richards then ran off the ropes and kicked Nick in the chest. After Richards taunted the crowd, he hit a couple a leg strikes to Nick and covered him for two. Richards then did a suplex and attempted a cover. Richards then dumped Nick out of the ring and disrupted Matt and the referee. While that was going on, Edwards slammed Nick down and gave him a kick for good measure. Edwards then pushed Nick back into the ring and Richards tagged Edwards. Edwards hit a regular suplex and covered, but did not get the victory. So Edwards tagged Richards in again and Richards hit a couple of leg strikes on Nick. Richards attempted the handspring enzugiri, but Nick countered this with a kicked Richards? back and got the tag to his partner Matt. Matt then elbowed Richards for a moment, but as soon as Matt went high risk Richards killed the momentum. Still, Matt rolled up Richards for a two count.

Edwards went off the corner for a top rope Codebreaker (looked fantastic) and Richards hit the Tombstone Piledriver on Matt. Matt is up on his knees now, but Richards kicked him down to size once again. Richards then attempted to cover, but did not get the victory. Nick blocked Richards? DR Driver attempt. After that, Edwards shoved Nick down outside the ring. Richards hit a nice back suplex on Matt, but did not cover for three. Outside of the ring, Edwards whipped Nick into the barricade. Richards delivered some elbows to the back of the neck of Matt. Then Richards tagged in Edwards and raked Matt’s face with a boot. While Edwards was choking Matt on the ring ropes, Davey attacked Nick from the outside and slammed him to the safety mat outside the ring. Edwards attempted a cover, but only got a two from the referee in charge. Edwards then grounded Matt with a chinlock. Richards is tagged in the contest. Edwards whipped Matt into the corner. Richards got kicked by Matt, but Eddie was able to hold Matt down and pull him into a leg strike by Richards. After a cover by Richards, Matt got up slowly and started to punch Richards in the midsection. Richards did not sell this and took out Matt with knee strikes and a kick. Edwards is now tagged in to the contest. Ouside of the ring, Richards tried to whip Nick to the barricade, but instead Nick reversed it. Nick then kicked Richards and suplexed him! Matt countered an attack by Edwards with a suplex. As Matt tried to tag in Nick, Richards out of nowhere pulled Nick’s legs from under him and The Bucks could not get the tag. Richards then walked to his corner and tagged himself back in this match.

Richards continued with leg strikes on Matt. Richards then whipped Matt to the corner. However, as Edwards tried to do a running corner splash, Matt back body dropped him out of the ring! Matt stunned Richards with a kick. As the referee was distracted, Nick did a springboard face buster on Richards. Nick then quickly did a moonsault to the outside on Edwards! Nick tagged in and hit a beautiful high crossbody on Richards. After a failed cover, Nick then kicked Richards? face and hit a springboard dropkick to Edwards. Nick then did a modified cutter on Richards.

However, Richards countered a back suplex and both he and Nick are exchanging kicks. When Richards gained the advantage, The Wolves set up a double team Alarm Clock. However, Matt speared Richards to prevent it from happening and Nick hip tossed Edwards out of the ring! The Young Bucks then did a Springboard Splash/Standing Moonsault combination and Nick covered Richards, but only got the two count. Matt tagged in and we almost go More Bang For Your Buck. However, Matt did punch Richards from the corner and the Bucks whipped Richards to another corner. However, Matt ran into a boot by Richards and Nick ate an enzugiri by Edwards! Matt fought back, but Edwards connected with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on the ropes. Edwards then connect with a victim kick to the chest. Edwards then got Matt up and hit a couple of vicious chops across the chest. However, Matt reversed a whip attempt and got a boot in. Matt then gained more momentum when he hit a gorgeous looking Springboard Corkscrew Cutter! Matt attempted the cover, but was not able to get the three from the ref.

Matt attempted to generate more offense, but Edwards got him on his shoulders and dropped him face first on the canvas! Richards ran in and the Wolves hit a splash/kick combination from the corner! Edwards then with a facebuster and Richards hit a missile kick to a kneeling Matt Jackson. Edwards covered, but only got the two count from the ref. The Wolves attempted more double team work, but the Bucks countered that into a backbreaker by Matt (on Eddie). Matt quickly hit the reverse hurricanranna on Richards. Nick came in and hit the running knee strike to Edwards. The Bucks then attempted More Bang for your Buck, but The Wolves reversed it beautifully. Edwards escaped the splash and Richards hit a German Suplex off the top turnbuckle! The Wolves then hit the Lung Blower on Matt, but Matt kicked out of a cover at two!

Edwards then applied the Half-Crab on Matt. Nick tried to make the save, but Richards caught Nick and countered it into a powerbomb! Richards then turned it around to a Cloverleaf lock (almost similar to the ending of their first encounter). The Young Bucks were screaming orders, like there were not going to quit this time around. The Bucks then generated enough energy to do two roll-up (one from each ?Buck?) and both Wolves kicked out at two! Matt and Edwards exchanged kicks. Matt ended this exchange with a spin kick, but Richards tagged into the match. Easily, the Wolves did a Double Team Alarm Clock on Matt! Richards then held up Matt for an attempted Superkick, but Edwards connected on Richards instead!

The Bucks then superkicked both members of the Wolves. Nick then dumped Eddie over the top ropes and Matt covered Richards, but did not secure the three count. Matt then set up Richards and The Young Bucks did it! THEY HIT MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK ON RICHARDS!!! The cover?1?2?NO! Edwards made the save! Nick then dumped Edwards over the top rope and hit a Suicide Flip Dive over the top rope!

Matt attempted a high-risk move, but Richards escaped. Matt though did roll over the move and ran towards Richards, but Richards shoved Matt to the post. Richards then kicked Matt and set up the DR Driver, but WHOA!!…

Finish: Matt Jackson countered the DR Driver into a jackknife pin for the pinfall victory (and upset)! The Young Bucks will get a Tag Title Shot against the Briscoes!

Grade: A-.

After the match, the Bucks celebrated while Richards was frustrated with his tag team partner.

Quick Results

Steve Corino and Kevin Steen def. Alex Payne and Bobby Dempsey via submission

Dark City Fight Club def. The Bravado Brothers via pinfall

The Young Bucks def. The American Wolves via pinfall to get a future ROH Tag Title Match

The Dark City Fight Club made Mike Hogewood slap his porpoise.

Overall Thoughts tonight:

After a very lackluster first half of the show, ROH delivered with a tag team match that really amazed this viewer of the show!

They really built up this Aries/Black feud well. I do like the whole ?Three Judges will determine a winner in case of a time limit draw? gimmick. Aries weaseled his way out of match still the champ and now the higher-ups will make sure it won?t happen this weekend. I really liked how Aries presented himself as the champion and being a true brat while doing it. As for Tyler Black, he may be a good wrestler but he is no champion material until his mic skills improve. I mean, that Tyler Black/Roderick Strong promo was brutal to watch.

The also showed a little video of Prince Nana. I thought it was alright here. It showed how The Embassy started and the various wrestlers that were one time associated with The Embassy. I could have done without the ?WIC? comment on Necro Butcher and his kids.

As for the matches, I understand the reasoning to have the contests but they could have been done better in the first half of the show.

Corino and Steen will be a FANTASTIC little tag team in my book. I was always a fan of Corino from his ECW days and Steen since I started watching ROH. These two may not win any titles together, but I like how Corino is taking Steen as a tag team partner. Steen is a great talent and getting a rub from Corino can only help him.

Dark City Fight Club is a dominant, brute force of a tag team. There is nothing further I can say! A short, but good showing by Chavis and Davis.

The Young Bucks beating The Wolves was a complete shock to me! Now the fans that don?t like the ?moves? or the ?no-selling? may not enjoy this contest. But I indentified each wrestler’s arsenal of tactics that I can say that this was the Best Tag Match so far of 2010. It was a well-orchestrated match feature the two best tag teams in the world (I want to put Beer Money in there but since Hogan took over we have not seen them). However with The Bucks signed on with TNA, I doubt they will get that Tag Title opportunity against the Briscoes. If they do, I expect the match to be fantastic. On the Wolves side, I can?t get over how well they work as a team. They have a crash-and-burn mentality and that can be a good thing. Overall, a fantastic match to end the show!

Since the first half of the show was too slow paced, I have to lower this ROH grade. If not for the Main Event, it would have been a lackluster show for ROH.

This Week’s Grade: C+

-Mr. V’s Pick Three-

Wrestler of the Night – Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson took a HUGE beating throughout the match. He was the Buck that had to eat a ton of the kicks by The Wolves. I am happy that he was still able to wow the crowd with his high-flying abilities and that he got the pinfall victory.

Disappointment of the Night – Opening segment of the Show

Maybe ROH should have had the Aries promo first and the Black promo in the middle. But when Black speaks in a mic, it is not a good thing right now. I will still give Black time. He is young, still inexperienced. Let’s see if he can improve on this part of the business. However, it does take two to tango and Roderick Strong was no better on the mic. And that is a shame, because Strong is one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the business today.

Surprise of the Night – Mike Hogewood

Yes! The play-by-play announcer that almost won a ?Rotten Apple? did an adequate job and called many moves throughout the show. I was pretty impressed!

Bonus: Mr. V’s Picks for the 8th Anniversary Show

The Kings of Wrestling are in action

Winners: I don?t know who the Kings are wrestling, but I am going with the KINGS by an absolute squash fest.

Pick 6 Match: Kenny King vs. Rasche Brown vs. Delirious vs. Steve Corino

Winner: I would love to see Brown or Corino win this match, however I think ROH will go a different route here. Delirious is a solid veteran to ROH and deserves to win, but I think KENNY KING will have the most to gain and win this contest. Should be a good match.

Grudge Tag Team Match: Eddie Kingston and Necro Butcher vs. Joey Ryan and Erick Stevens

Winners: This will be an absolute blood-fest! I think RYAN AND STEVENS wins with a little help from the Embassy. However on next week?

Special Challenge Match: El Generico vs. Davey Richards

Winner: Generico is still shaking up from his split with Kevin Steen. DAVEY RICHARDS takes advantage and easily defeats the Generic Luchador.

Grudge Match: Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana

I can easily see this one becoming a great match. I think the advantage of having Corino on Steen’s side gives him a ‘slight? edge. I say KEVIN STEEN, but won?t be surprised if Cabana wins this one.

Pick 6 Match: Roderick Strong vs. Brian Kendrick

Winner: Isn?t Kendrick in TNA? Oh well. Still, I am a big fan of Strong and I can?t stand Kendrick. Probably the ?mark? in me, but I am going to say RODERICK STRONG wins this one and gets a title match soon.

ROH Tag Title Match: The Briscoes Bros. vs. Dark City Fight Club

Winners: I expect this to be a good back and forth battle, but THE BRISCOES will get the clean victory since I don?t know if the DCFC are worthy to hold the tag belts.

ROH Championship: Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black

Judges: Roderick Strong, Kenny King, and Jim Cornette

Winner: This WILL go down to the judges first off! No matter what happens during the match it will come down to those three men judging this match. We all know that King is going to pick Aries to win this. Cornette may choose Black because the fans like him. It will come down to Roderick Strong and because of the events that took place during that dreadful opening segment I say he chooses Aries to win and feud with Black. So my pick here will go to AUSTIN ARIES to retain.

Well, that does it for me tonight. I wish you all a pleasant week and I thank you for reading this recap. I will provide another one for you sometime over the weekend. Take care everyone!!

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Thanks for reading and I will be back with another ?From the Desk of Mr. V? on Thursday.

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