ROH on HDNet Recap
May 10, 2010
The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling…on HDNet!

**Tonight readers, I will be giving you a shorter version of the recap because I am on vacation for the week. If you like the recaps this way, let me know by e-mailing me at **

We go right to the undisclosed location that is the ROH Announcing Table where Mike Hogewood told the viewers that he was disgusted by Austin Aries actions to Delirious and Daizee Haze. Dave Prazak just looked like he wanted to tell Hogewood to shut up, and I would have marked for that.

Clips from last week’s encounter aired. It was the match between Delirious and Austin Aries in which Aries kicked Delirious’ throat, then clubbed Haze in the back, and finally (with the help of Kenny King) took Delirious out with a top turnbuckle throat shot on the barricade.

Kidd Russell’s Music played

Jim Cornette was backstage and talked about the weeks-long demands from the Briscoe Brothers. Cornette told the viewers that he booked a match tonight in which the winners will be the opponents for the Kings of Wrestling at the next PPV in Toronto on June 19, 2010.

The viewers got to see highlights of The Big Bang’s Tag Team Title match. In this package, it showed that the Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) defeated The Briscoe Brothers to become the ROH World Tag Team Champions.

Match #1: Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis) vs. The Briscoe Bros. (Jay and Mark Briscoe)

I will just summarize key moments here.

The Briscoes got streamers and there was NO Code of Honor.

The matches started as an all-out brawl. Jon Davis controlled the action outside the ring on Mark Briscoe while Kory Chavis and Jay Briscoe went blow by blow. This contest was heavily contested, with action going inside the ring and outside the ring. The DCFC showed immense power in their moves, while The Briscoes brawled all around the place, matching blows with their dominant opponents.

In the end, As the DCFC was about to set up their finisher, Project Mayhem, Jay Briscoe speared Chavis and…

Finish: Mark Briscoe rolled up Jon Davis and got the pinfall victory. The Briscoes are going to Toronto vs. The Kings of Wrestling!

Winners via Pinfall: The Briscoe Bros.
Grade: C+ (leaned towards at B-).

Still to come: A Battle Royal to determine who will be in the Pick Six Contenders’ Series.

Backstage, Kyle Durden was with Austin Aries. Aries said that he was proud of what he did when he attacked Delirious. Aries then mentioned that he has a great strategy when competing in Battle Royals. He said that he would win this Battle Royal and become the ROH World Champion for a third time.

The Embassy’s music hit (which is a grand thing and I did the Embassy sign, which makes me a part of the Embassy). Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris walked down to the ring.

Before Prince Nana spoke the viewers at home saw clips of the rivalry between The Embassy and Necro Butcher.

Prince Nana went on the mic and said that nothing has changed, as people in the crowd looked like trash. Nana then told off a lady in the audience and said the fans have neither money nor class. He thanked Alan Greenspan and Bernake of the Federal Reserve for a reason I did not catch. Nana said that his latest acquisition is the greatest in the history of The Embassy. Nana said this man would help the faction because of his mind and his bank account. Prince Nana welcomed SHAWN DAIVARI to The Embassy!

Daivari then embraced Nana and Osiris and grabbed a hold of the mic. Daivari said that Nana used words when he recruited him to be a part of The Embassy. Daivari said that he had so much money that he gave Erick Stevens a paid vacation so he could personally put an end to Necro Butcher. Daivari called Necro “uneducated” and “disgusting”. Daivari wanted to destroy Necro because the fans look up to him, and when he does destroy Necro the spirits would be broken.

Next Week: Kevin Steen vs. Roderick Strong in a Pick 6 Contenders Series Match. I have yet to see this and I will say, it should be a good one.

Backstage Kyle Durden was with Eddie Kingston. Kingston said that a lot of people wanted this opportunity to be in this battle royal because it can give you a shot at the ROH World Championship. Kingston said that he liked to fight and told the opponents to get out of his way because he was going for the title.

The Main Event is next.

Colt Cabana then hosted another episode of “The Art of Wrestling”. This week, Cabana had “The Voice of ROH” Bobby Cruise as his guest. Cabana thought it was an easy job to talk and Cabana said he started talking when he was three. When Cruise tried to explain The Art of Talking, Cabana would interrupt him. Cruise finally gave up when he tried to explain. Cabana said that he was impressed and said tune in next time for “The Art of Wrestling”.

ROH Shows were hyped at this time:

5/21 and 5/22 – Philadelphia, PA (probably for HDNet tapings)
6/18 – Buffalo, NY
6/19 – Toronto, ON for a PPV on

Before the main event, the viewers saw a video package on how Eddie Edwards won the ROH Television Championship. Edwards defeated Colt Cabana in the Quarterfinals, Kevin Steen in the Semifinals, and finally his American Wolves partner Davey Richards in the Finals for the belt. Richards was the one to put the title around Edwards’ waist.

And NOW, your MAIN EVENT!!!

To Determine a Spot in the Pick 6 Contenders’ Series (Delirious had to relinquish it due to injury)

Match #2: Six-Man Battle Royal

Participants: Austin Aries, Rhett Titus, “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown, Joey Ryan (w/Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris), Jerry Lynn, and Eddie Kingston

Aries, Lynn, and Titus got streamers before the match began. There was NO Code of Honor.

Nothing too eventful to start off. Everyone was pretty much beating each other up and some teased being eliminated. So, I will just run down who got eliminated and how they did.

Order of Elimination

1) Joey Ryan (Eddie Kingston’s Clothesline)
2) Eddie Kingston (His own momentum sent him over the top rope)

After both eliminations, Ryan and Kingston continued to brawl outside the ring. Rasche Brown really stood out at this time. Brown was very impressive with his agility and his power moves. The move of this match was when he picked up Jerry Lynn and while still holding onto Lynn he gave Aries and Titus a boot. Brown then lifted Lynn over his shoulder and his a British Bulldog Powerslam! Brown set up Lynn later on in the top rope and Jerry Lynn got on Brown’s shoulders and did a hurricanranna and, with some help from Aries and Titus, sent Brown over the top rope.

3) “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown (Jerry Lynn’s hurricanranna along with Aries and Titus pull his legs over the rope)

Aries and Titus celebrated. Brown was in shock, then went back into the ring and first destroyed Lynn. Brown attacked Titus, and then lifted Aries up over his head and press slammed him down on top of Titus.

At this time, Lynn did his best at fighting off the alliance of Titus and Aries. Lynn did an impressive counter when he did a Neckbreaker/DDT combination on Aries and Titus. He dumped Aries over the middle rope, but Aries did not go over the top rope and he was still in this match. Rhett Titus set up a powerbomb on Lynn, but Lynn countered with another hurricanranna and dumped Titus out of the ring.

4) Rhett Titus (Jerry Lynn’s hurricanranna)

Right after Titus was eliminated, Aries got up to the ring and hit a dropkick on Lynn. Titus pulled on Lynn’s legs and Lynn was the final man eliminated!

Finish: Jerry Lynn was eliminated 5th, which meant that Austin Aries won the contenst and took Delirious’ spot in the Pick Six Series.

Winner of the Battle Royal: Austin Aries
Grade: C.

Aries celebrated after the match with Titus. Hogewood is ahead of himself, calling Aries a chicken and his actions were plain wrong. What is it with Mikes and terrible commentary?

The viewers then saw Delrious’ injury once again at the hands of Austin Aries.


Quick Results

Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated Kory Chavis and Jon Davis. Briscoes earn a Tag Team Title match next month against The Kings of Wrestling.

Austin Aries defeated Joey Ryan, Eddie Kingston, “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown, Rhett Titus, and Jerry Lynn to win the Battle Royal and a spot in the Pick Six Contenders Series.

Mike Hogewood does not like Austin Aries, and he did NOT Slap the Porpoise for a second week in a row!

Quick Overall Thoughts

Non wrestling parts:

Too much Aries/Delirious, too much of the same. They should have just kept it a small two minute recap. They could have added extra time to their show.

Kyle Durden’s backstage segments were a mixed bag. Aries was excellent, while Kingston was a bit off.

The Embassy’s promo was amazing. With the addition to Daivari, having TWO mouthpieces in a faction (Daivari the wrestler as well) will make The Embassy pretty dominant. I like how The Embassy retreated a little bit, but now are coming after Necro Butcher with some power. This was a tremendous way of putting over The Embassy.

Last Week’s “Art of Wrestling” was pretty funny with Sonjay Dutt dressing up Colt Cabana. This week’s was not that impressive. Cabana, let Cruise talk for a moment will ya?

Dave Prazak was pretty good this week in commentary. Mike Hogewood on the other hand I would love for someone to slap some super glue where his mouth is. Hogewood is back to early 2009 form, and that is not good.

Wrestling matches:

I really enjoyed the DCFC/Briscoes match. A battle of brawling and power does not hurt the value of this match. However, at times Jay Briscoe would not sell anything and there was not a good flow of tag team wrestling (ex: no one seemed to tag in legally). It is a problem, but I was still entertained by the overall outcome and performance here.

The Battle Royal was disappointing, but when can you do in this situation? If I could say one thing was that the right man won this contest. Now it is Aries’ turn to challenge Tyler Black. Looking at this Pick 6 Series right now, Black may be the worst out of this bunch. I was impressed with how Kingston went right after Joey Ryan (remember Erick Stevens and Ryan took out Kingston a long time ago). I was real impressed with Rasche Brown. He showed more than just three moves this week. Lynn and Titus had their moments, but this clearly was The Austin Aries Show.

So, overall there were a couple of bright spots. However, too much time with video packages and a subpar interview forced me to give this show another average grade.

Overall Grade: C

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night-

Wrestler of the Night: Austin Aries

His character and presence was the real reason he made it here. Inside the ring, he really did not do much. However, he won the main event and now can compete for the ROH World Title (though he did not do it in an honorable fashion).

Surprise of the Night: “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown

He showed to me that he can do more than just destroy jobbers. When he is on a mean streak, he can be a valuable mid-upper card babyface. I can see the potential, but will make final judgment when he gets better competition.

Disappointment of the Night: Mike Hogewood

Just when I was about to back off of Hogewood he once again falls into Mike Adamle’s Book of Awfulness in broadcasting. Months ago, he improved with his delivery. Now he is overacting. Leave that to the wrestlers, Hoge.

Thanks for reading my latest ROH Recap. I am sorry for the short recap, but I thought it was good for what it was. Please send any feedback to the e-mail address provided.


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