ROH on HDNet Recap
August 16, 2010
The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

I wanted to get this up on August 20th, but I got a little sick and then the flu. Still, I will do my best to provide the ROH fans out there a good recap. So, let’s begin, shall we?

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling…on HDNet!

The show started with a video package to hype up the main event. It was Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong. The winner earned a title shot vs. ROH World Champion Tyler Black.

Kidd Russell’s instrumental theme plays.

The show started right away with the first match of the evening.

Rhett Titus (w/Austin Aries) vs. Jerry Lynn

There was no code of honor, but both wrestlers entered the ring with streamers.

Notes on Titus: Once he got away from Lynn on the outside, he started to stomp him inside the ring. When he needed to, he poked Lynn’s eyes so he could battle back from Lynn’s attacks. His dropkicks were done very well, spot on to the face of Lynn. He also did well with a whip to the corner and a lariat. After that, he kept the action grounded with a chinlock and worked the neck. When Lynn got back momentum, Titus relied on Aries to hold Lynn’s leg. It led to Titus pulling the leg from Lynn and Lynn landed flush on the ring frame! Near the end of the match, he was very good with the Leg Lariat and then a tilt-o-whirl Side Slam. A good showing to start the show.

Notes on Lynn: Lynn started the match by clotheslining Titus. Lynn then did a back drop to the outside, and then hit a Slingshot Crossbody on Titus. Once Titus got the upper hand, Lynn got back the advantage thanks to an Inverted DDT. Lynn later on poked Titus’ eyes, then did a running bulldog to the turnbuckle. Lynn then delivered a nice elbow drop. He also did a good job with punches to the corner. He took Titus out of the ring once more with a Hurricanranna. His Swinging DDT really worked well for him. Aries did distract near the end of the match, but the result was still in Lynn’s favor. Overall, a good showing by the veteran pro wrestler.

Finish: After a distraction by Austin Aries, Rhett Titus tried to finish Jerry Lynn off with the Muff Driver. However, Lynn reversed the finisher with a Sunset Flip to get the pinfall victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Jerry Lynn
Grade: C+

After the match Jerry Lynn walked back to the entrance ramp. Kenny King then ran in to attack Lynn and put him back in the ring. Rhett Titus, Austin Aries, and King then stomped away on Lynn. Delirious then ran into the ring with a chair to scare off A-Double and Associates.

The viewers then go backstage where Kyle Durden was about to interview Steve Corino and Kevin Steen. Corino was holding a chain around his fist. Durden talked about the assault on Colt Cabana. Corino was asked about the chain and Corino told Durden that he was a thinker and a doer. The chain linked Steen and him (Corino). Corino then looked at Steen the chain is who they were. The chain will never break, but the chain will break the bones and spirit of Cabana and El Generico.

Kevin Steen then said that Corino was right. They all used many weapons since the start of this feud. Steen said the chain represented the career. Steen said the chain was like Generico. The chain is heavy, annoying, but also the chain can be his best ally. Steen then wrapped the chain around Durden’s neck and said he could do something else with the chain, but won’t waste his energy on that. Steen said that Generico and Cabana will soon be introduced to his best friend. Steen ended this by saying if Cabana and Generico thought everything was bad, they got another thing coming.

The next match had no introductions, and no code of honor.

El Generico vs. Erick Stevens (w/Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris)

Notes on Generico: He got out of the way after Stevens attacked him, and managed to deliver chops at the corner. His heel kick during the start of the match was pretty good, as well as the head scissors takedown. He continued to punch at the corner after the barrage of attacks. Generico executed the armdrags well. He countered very well, in one instance when he hit the Chinbreaker to Stevens. After chops, he hit a good Crossbody move. He had a nice sequence after Stevens taunted and ended it with a modified powerbomb. While Stevens stalled, Generico ran to the corner with the Ole Kick! He avoided a suplex by Stevens, and punched him. Once Stevens was in the Tree of Woe, Generico tried to finisher the match. However, it ended in a different way.

Notes on Stevens: Started the match effectively with a tie-up to the corner. Stevens was able to punch early and kept it at the corner. After two armdrags by Generico, Stevens countered the third attempt with a Samoan Drop. After some stomps, Stevens executed a nice body slam. Stevens also worked on the wrist by applying a good wristlock hold. One thing that impressed me was his Scoop Powerslam. It was done very well. Near the end, he tried to wear down Generico with chops at the corner. Overall, Stevens worked very well when on the attack. But he needs to focus more on his opponent than mocking the crowd.

Finish: With Erick Stevens stuck in the Tree of Woe (tied upside down at corner), El Generico was about to finish Stevens off with a Coast-to-Coast Dropkick. However, rivals Kevin Steen and Steve Corino ran in and took Generico out of the match. The referee ended the match and awarded El Generico the victory by disqualification.

Winner via Disqualification: El Generico
Grade: C

After the match, Corino and Steen continued to attack Generico while The Embassy pulled Stevens out of the ring. Steen choked Generico out with the chain until Colt Cabana ran in the ring with a chair. Steen and Corino quickly left the ring and Generico sold the neck injury well.

The viewers then went backstage where Kyle Durden was with Davey Richards and Shane Hagadorn. Durden talked about Richards’ match with Tyler Black a few months ago in Toronto and. Richards heard about how he and Black had what many call “match of the year”. Richards admitted it was a fight, but he did not leave the match as the champion. However, Richards learned a few things after the match. Richards had respect for Black, and Richards admitted that he needed to do more in order to be the champion. Richards said the hunt is now on Strong. Richards said he would go through Strong until Truth Martini entered interrupted the interview.

Martini said that Richards was being lied to. Martini also said that Strong has Black’s number and it was proven. Martini then called Hagadorn “inadequate”, in which Hagadorn wanted to punch the truth right out of him. Hagadorn said if Martini interfered in the match, The Book of Truth will be shoved down his throat. Richards interrupted the managers argument and told Hagadorn to not come to the ring. Richards told Martini that he had a short patience and if Martini interfered, he would kick Martini’s ass.

After the interview, the viewers saw a highlight package of the feud between Kevin Steen and El Generico. It also featured how Steve Corino and Colt Cabana were added to the feud. The narrator of this piece then mentioned that at Glory by Honor IX it will be a Double Chain Match when the team of Steen and Corino face the team of Cabana and Generico.

The main event was once again announced. It will be Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards.

The viewers then saw Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak discuss Glory by Honor IX. Hogewood said to let’s go forward to September 11, 2010 where there will be a special dream match on the card. Prazak announced that The Kings of Wrestling will take on the team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

The viewers then saw a taped segment of The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli). Castagnoli hyped how the Kings knew each other inside and out. The Kings trained together and are a recipe of disaster. The Kings mentioned how they beat The Briscoes twice recently to retain their ROH Tag Team Titles. Then the focus went to their opponents for Glory by Honor IX. Hero said that both Haas and Benjamin have outstanding amateur wrestling backgrounds. Castagnoli said that they will be a new challenge and both are very talented opponents. Hero said they will overwhelm Haas and Benjamin and will be the best tag team after the match is over.

Tag Team Match
The House of Truth (Josh Raymond and Christian Able w/Truth Martini) vs. Aiden Chambers and Mike Sydal

In a formal matter, “The Voice of ROH” Bobby Cruise introduced The House of Truth along with Truth Martini.

On a side note the name “Mike Sydal” should be familiar. Most know Mike’s older brother, Former ROH Tag Team Champion Matt Sydal (aka WWE’s Evan Bourne).

Notes on House of Truth: Both men attacked their opponents to start. Able was “able” to punch Chambers a bit. Then there was an impressive neckbreaker/elbow drop combination. Raymond was able to wear down the opponents with a choke and then chops. Just when Sydal was about to make something out of this match, Able got him on his shoulders and launched him to the turnbuckle. It looked real stiff!

Notes on Chambers and Sydal: Chambers really did not do much but tag in Sydal. Sydal got a quick hot tag and was to deliver a nice high double crossbody. Sydal was crisp on his dropkicks and delivered good elbow shots, but he was obviously enhancement talent in this contest.

Finish: After Christian Able launched Mike Sydal to the turnbuckle, The House of Truth went to work. Josh Raymond hit the Seated Senton while Able held Sydal in a wheelbarrow position. After Able got the pinfall victory over Sydal, Mike Hogewood in fact SLAPPED THE PORPOISE!!!!

Winners via Pinfall: The House of Truth.
Grade: D

It was announced that the featured match for next week’s HDNet show will be The Embassy (Necro Butcher, Eric Stevens, Shawn Daivari, and Prince Nana) vs. “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown, The Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis and Jon Davis), and Grizzly Redwood.

And now, because “The Voice of ROH” Bobby Cruise said so, it is time for the MAIN EVENT!!!

Main Event
This is for the ROH World Championship opportunity.
Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) vs. Davey Richards

Both wrestlers entered the ring with streamers thrown in their directions. Before Davey entered the ring, he shoved a crew member down and posed to the crowd on top of the chair the crew member was sitting on. The crowd is mainly pro-Richards.

Before the match officially began, Richards took the microphone and mentioned to Strong that Shane Hagadorn was not with him. He asked Strong to take “Fabio” out of here and to have this match “NRC” Style (NRC is short for No Remorse Code, in which they were partners). Martini preached to Strong for a couple moments, then left. The bell rang to begin the contest and there was no code of honor.

Notes on Strong: Strong began the match with a tie-up to the ropes. When he broke the hold, he shoved Richards. Strong then went with a headlock and later on delivered a nice headlock takedown. He kept on going strong with a shoulder block. Once Richards would get the advantage, Strong would at times step out of the ring and gather his thoughts. I thought that helped his character change a good bit. After a series of forearms by both men, Strong gain the advantage with an elbow. Strong then went to the barricade and delivered some chops outside. Back in the ring he delivered a punch and then went for the reverse bear hug. When Richard had an arm hold on Strong, Strong was wise enough to roll up Richards for a chance to win. After that, Strong took Richards out of the ring with punches. Once Richards was outside, Strong delivered a nice baseball sliding kick. Strong followed that up with by drilling Richards’ back to the ring frame. After working the back, Strong then lifted Richards up and delivered a Back Breaker using the barricade! When they got back in the ring, Strong wore Richards down with a low abdominal stretch. When Strong was pinned close to the ropes, he was aware that they were nearby and broke the count by using them. He then delivered some nice kicks and one he was in control he hit the Death by Roderick (Fireman’s Gutbuster). Moments later, Strong hit an enzugiri and a backbreaker at the corner. Then Strong delivered a Canadian Backbreaker. He did apply the Strong Hold very well, but Richards did escape from that. Once Richards was back up on his feet, Strong used another heel tactic and pulled ROH Referee Todd Sinclair into the crossfire. Richards accidently hit Sinclair with a clothesline. He pulled another dirty tactic in the finish, which led to his victory. Psychologically, this was Strong’s best performance since I saw him on HDNet.

Notes on Richards: He started the match with a tie-up to the corner, but he backed off once the ref asked for a break. Richards then did a head scissors hold, then rolled up Strong for a pin attempt. Richards then did a nice submission hold in which Strong’s leg bent back and arm stretched out. Richards then tried to pin Strong again unsuccessfully. After a nice set of reversals, Richards ended that sequence with a kick to the arm. Richards then delivered a nice leg lariat and followed that with a running kick across the chest and arm. Richard then delivered some stiff leg strikes and then showed a great attitude in this match. Richards then applied an impressive Crucifix Armbar. After punches were exchanged, Richards got Strong to the corner and kicked him across the chest at least TEN times! Later on, Richards delivered a running kick and a snap suplex. Richards then went with a Diving Headbutt and a pin. Right after the pin, Richards went with the cross arm breaker! After a few moments, Richards executed a nice handspring enzugiri (Damage Reflex). Richards also did a great missile dropkick. Richards then executed an Fujiyama Armbar and once Strong refused to tap, he rolled up. Later on, Richards delivered a slam. Moments later, Richards was perfect with his German Suplex. After Richards rolled out a Strong Hold and delivered the clothesline to Sinclair, Shane Hagadorn ran in and wanted Richards to clobber Strong. Richards refused and asked what was going on with Hagadorn, which led to Strong’s finish. From a storyline, this really worked well for Richards.

Finish: After Davey Richards showed frustration over Shane Hagadorn’s actions, Roderick Strong hit a Running Kick to Richards’ head. Strong got the victory by pinfall.

Winner via Pinfall: Roderick Strong (Strong maintained his ROH World Title Opportunity).
Grade: B (leaned to a B+)

After the match, Truth Martini celebrated Strong’s victory.

The show ended with a video package highlighting the rivalry between The Embassy and “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown. The narrator then announced the 8-man tag for next week. It will be The Embassy (Prince Nana, Shawn Daivari, Erick Stevens, and The Necro Butcher) vs. “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown, Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis and Jon Davis), and Grizzly Redwood.

Quick Results
Jerry Lynn def. Rhett Titus via pinfall.
El Generico def. Erick Stevens via disqualification.
The House of Truth (Christian Able and Josh Raymond) def. Mike Sydal and Aiden Chambers.
Roderick Strong def. Davey Richards via pinfall to earn a future ROH World Championship match.

When The House of Truth finished off Mike Sydal, Mike Hogewood SLAPPED HIS PORPOISE!!!!

Segment Thoughts

Once again, a very wrestling-heavy program tonight that featured some good mid-card storylines and ended with a good story that will involved many chapters.

The interview segment with Corino and Steen was done very well. Corino and Steen addressed the importance of using the chain very well and their characters were very scary leading up to their Glory by Honor match with Colt Cabana and El Generico. I could feel the hatred that Corino and Steen showed.

The interview segment with Davey Richards, Shane Hagadorn, and Truth Martini was pretty good as well. Richards cut a pretty good promo until Truth Martini interfered and promoted Strong. It was the start of a pretty good match that came after this segment. They built it up very quickly and I thought it was just well done.

Nice video promo from The Kings of Wrestling promoting their upcoming match against two very underrated wrestlers in Haas and Benjamin. I heard that team will be known as “Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team”. I liked how Castagnoli and Hero showed respect to their opponents, and their confidence that will lead to their encounter in September.

Wrestling Thoughts

Titus vs. Lynn – I liked how both went right after each other with punches to start. This match was pretty solid, but not a great contest. It told a story outside the ring more importantly and the execution was done well. But the match was spotty overall and had very few “wear down” moves. I have to actually commend Lynn because his conditioning was very good in this match.

Generico vs. Stevens – I liked the transitions in this match, but a ton of things needed to be improved. When Stevens was in control, I thought he showed a lot of potential. Stevens showed some nice power and blended some technical work well. Generico was spotty, but that is his style. Generico did a good job in this match, but really what happened after the match was interesting. Now with Cabana and Generico both attacked and each saved each other from Steen and Corino, it tells a fantastic story. The upcoming Chain Match these four will have will make this iPPV worth the money that fans will pay for it.

House of Truth vs. Sydal and Chambers – I really liked the finish by the House of Truth, but nothing really stood out in this matcher other than ROH creating another formidable tag team. Now add the House of Truth into a good list of tag teams in this promotion.

Strong vs. Richards – I liked how the slow style to start, both wrestlers were evenly matched and that was pretty good. I liked the first sets of holds. Strong’s mentality to the match was excellent, I really liked how he did just enough to get past Richards. Richards showed his best and his aggression was very good. Richards did blow by his moves fast, but all the moves that Richards executed was pretty crisp. Yes, some may say the match was too spotty. However, the result led to some more stories. Also, Strong got stronger after this result. Richards showed frustration afterwards and may lead to a split from Hagadorn. I am looking forward to seeing their futures (Strong’s title changes and Richards moving away from Hagadorn).

Overall Thoughts and Grade

I thought the build-up for future contests were done well, but the wrestling was a bit on the average side for ROH standards. I thought a promo from Colt Cabana hyping up their chain match could be pretty good for this show.

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Sorry, that is all I got. I am getting dizzy. I am going to bed now.

Grade: B

That does it for ROH on HDNet (the recap edition). I am Anthony J. Valvo and I hope you have a good weekend. See you on Thursday with another “From the Desk of Mr. V” column!


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