ROH on HDNet Recap
September 20, 2010
The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling…on HDNet!

There was a video package to start the show that hyped up the main event for tonight’s show. Delirious will get one more chance against Austin Aries tonight when they both face off inside a steel cage.

Kidd Russell’s theme played. It’s time for the show! And to make things better, The Embassy Crown Jewel theme is being played!

Match #1: Erick Stevens and The Necro Butcher (w/Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris) vs. The Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis)

Before the Dark City Fight Club entered, Prince Nana tried to rile up the crowd by saying “I can see from the faces here that you are…(he did not finish the though). Once The Embassy gained control for a moment, Nana called the DCFC “stupid bums” and pretty much told them that he has a lot of money. Prince Nana is great!

Notes on Stevens and Butcher: Necro attacked Davis and both teams started to brawl before the match officially began. Stevens took a beating to start the match, but regained the advantage when he shoved Davis to Necro’s fist. Stevens then delivered an Exploder Suplex on Davis. Necro was tagged in and delivered an elbow drop. Then Necro raked Davis’ face along the corner. Necro then hit a Swinging Neckbreaker on Davis. Necro then went a little bit technical by applying the chinlock and drilling his knee to Davis’ back. Necro did get a foreign object (did not know what it was) and connected with it on Davis. Stevens was tagged in and choked Davis while doing The Embassy Pose. Stevens then did a snap mare and followed it up with a knee to the back. Necro avoided a tag to Chavis by running in and clubbing both of his opponents. Necro came in and applied another hold while digging his hands on Davis’ face. Stevens then cornered Davis and used his shoulder well. Stevens then powered Davis down with a side slam and held him down with the reverse bear hug. After Davis finally tagged in Chavis, Chavis dominated until Necro grabbed Chavis’ leg from the outside and Stevens did what he needed to do.

Notes on DCFC: They started this match off by fighting all over the place. Davis drilled Necro’s head to the frame quite nicely while Chavis threw around Stevens. When the match officially started, Chavis stomped the back of Stevens at the corner. The DCFC then did a nice Backbreaker/Leg drop combination on Stevens. Davis then attacked Stevens and followed it up with a power slam. Davis then took a huge beating for a few minutes and almost turned the tables with a suplex (see Necro clobbering the DCFC). After another couple minutes of selling, Davis hit the Leg Lariat on Stevens to get a breather. When Chavis was tagged in, he was very powerful! Chavis destroyed Necro with the Discuss Clothesline and then hammered Stevens with a Spinebuster! Davis got back on his feet and ran into Necro with a splash to the outside. Chavis continued to attack with a powerful side slam to Stevens. They were a bit off with the Leg Sweep/Lariat combination, but it is kind of tough to pull off. Chavis took out Nana, but The Embassy prevailed in the opener.

Finish: Right after Kory Chavis took out Prince Nana, The Necro Butcher held onto Chavis’ leg until Erick Stevens was club Chavis’ back. With Necro distracting Jon Davis outside, Stevens hit the Ghana-rhea (known as a Swinging Leg Hook Fireman’s Carry Slam) and covered Chavis for the pinfall victory.

Winners via Pinfall: Erick Stevens and The Necro Butcher
Grade: C

The viewers were then treated to a video package summarizing the feud between Delirious and Aries. They showed how Aires attacked the throat area of Delirious and also clips from last week’s Lumberjack Match won by Aries.

Kyle Durden was backstage with Austin Aries. Durden said to Aries that he hurt and embarrassed Delirious. Tonight, Durden said that this must end. Aries said that Durden was right. Aries said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Aries said he tried to apologize and tried to teach lessons, but Delrious did not listen. Aries said that he was experienced inside a steel cage and was never “the weakest link”. Aries said that any blood (whether it be his, Delirious, or even Daizee Haze’s) will be on Delirious’ hands.

Match #2: Colt Cabana vs. Jay Freddie

Streamers were thrown for Cabana. Cabana tried to towel-whip ROH Announcer Bobby Cruise as he was announcing Cabana’s opponent. The Code of Honor was applied.

Notes on Cabana: I will honestly say this, we need more Colt Cabana squash matches. The guy just makes the jobbers look foolish in the ring and I for one am highly entertained. He asked Freddie if he was ready and actually sat down in the ring and asked Freddie to charge. When Freddie tried to charge, Cabana used his legs to take him down. After Freddie tried to chop him, Cabana laughed it off and hit a few chops (Snuka-style) and followed it up with a Bionic Elbow.

Note (yes note) on Freddie: He got one chop in and tapped well.

Finish: After Colt Cabana hit the Bionic Elbow, Cabana made Jay Freddie tap to the Billy Goat’s Curse. In case you are wondering, Mike Hogewood did NOT slap the porpoise.

Winner via Submission: Colt Cabana
Grade D+ (for entertainment purposes it was graded higher)

A moment after Cabana got the win, Steve Corino ran in and tried to hit Cabana with a fork. Cabana reversed it and grabbed the fork from Corino’s hands. When Cabana tried to attack with the fork, Corino ran out of the ring. Cabana then tried to lure Corino back in, but Corino did not want any of it.

We then take a look at the commentators. Mike Hogewood asked what the deal was with Steve Corino. Corino ran off like a chicken said the great Mike Hogewood. Hogewood did not understand it and then mentioned that Glory by Honor IX was special. Dave Prazak talked up the previous iPPV as well and talked about the ROH World Championship.

The viewers of the program then saw a highlight package of Glory by Honor IX. Kevin Kelly (the iPPV play-by-play commentator) went to the crowd and asked fans about ROH as well as a couple of the bigger matches on the card. Then viewers saw a few highlights of the show and it ended with Roderick Strong becoming the NEW Ring of Honor World Champion by defeating Tyler Black. It ends by listing some contenders for Strong’s ROH Championship. Some of the names were Christopher Daniels, Davey Richards, and this guy…which a second later turned out to be former TNA wrestler Homicide! Homicide went on the mic and said that he was back and said there will be a “187” in ROH.

Coming up next, Sara Del Ray. WWE’s Daniel Bryan copied off of her theme music. I’m just sayin! Actually, I think both of them shared Europe’s The Final Countdown as well. Anyways, back to the recap!

Last week, ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette talked to Davey Richards about his future in professional wrestling. Richards said that he was not going anywhere because wrestling is his life. Richards said it was his time and he needs the hardware. Richards vowed that he would be a World Champion again.

Match #3: Taeler Hendrix vs. Sara Del Ray (w/Shane Hagadorn, Chris Hero, and Claudio Castagoli)

Del Ray was welcomed with streamers. After the Code of Honor, Del Ray whipped Hendrix right into a corner brutally.

Notes on Hendrix: She took some punishment from the start. She did connect with the Chinbreaker and took Del Ray down with a series of kicks. However, that was the only amount of offense I saw from Hendricks.

Notes on Del Ray: After the whip to the corner to start, she connected with a combo kick. Del Ray kept the action at the corner with a good set of forearms. Del Ray then connected with a back breaker and followed that up with work along the ring ropes. Del Ray then started kicked Hendrix across the chest with crisp strikes (the last one whiffed, but I thought it was Hendrix not wanting to be hit in the face). Del Ray then got the action in the center of the ring and kicked her across the chest, and again Hendrix avoided a kick to the head. Del Ray then applied a Butterfly stretch. After Hendrix delivered some kicks and went up to the top rope, Del Ray connected on Hendrix’s stomach with a thrust kick! Then it was over

Finish: After the thrust kick, Del Ray applied the Cross Arm Breaker and Hendrix tapped easily.

Winner via Submission: Sara Del Ray
Grade: C (leaned toward a C- because it was a squash)

After the match, Del Ray taunted a bit more and said that she was the greatest. Yes Sara Del Ray, you are the best!

HDNet then aired the same Delirious vs. Aries video package. I won’t re-type the same material.

Then there was hype for next week’s show. The main event will be ROH World Champion Roderick Strong and The House of Truth (Christian Able and Josh Raymond) vs. The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) and Christopher Daniels.

And now, this is our MAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIN EVENT!!!! Only because “The Voice of ROH” Bobby Cruise said so!

Steel Cage Match (can only win by pinfall or submission)
Delirious (w/Daizee Haze and dressed in red) vs. Austin Aries

In case you are new, Delirious is in “red poison” gear and that makes Delirious more violent and focused.

Notes on Delirious: After Aries chased Haze around; he demanded that Haze leave the ring area. Delirious then whipped Aries right into a barricade. Delirious riled the crowd up as he was punching away on Aries. Delirious then administered more pain with headbutts and he chocked Aries with his own jacket! Delirious then rammed Aries to the cage. Later on in the match, he would just whip and clothesline Aries all over the place. Delirious then delivered a chop across Aries’ chest. Later on, he delivered a spear like move with Aries’ back to the cage. Delirious continued the onslaught with three straight Panic Attack-like knee strikes.

Moments later, Aries got the upper hand and caused Delirious to bleed through the mask. During Aries’ run, Delirious tried to get back with headbutts and finally made the match even after doing a backdrop on Aries in which Aries landed right on the cage. Delirious needed the break too, there was too much work done on his throat and he sold it throughout. Delirious then connected with a low-STO, but really sold the neck and head being destroyed. He then drilled Aries’ head to the cage until Aries got the advantage. However, Delirious reversed The Last Chancery by biting Aries in the head. Delirious then executed the Cobra Suplex to avoid further damage. After The Panic Attack at the corner, he applied the Cobra Clutch. Rhett Titus and Kenny King (Aries’ associates) interfered for a moment, but Delirious prevented them from climbing into the ring. After Aries got a little more work done, Delirious scored a big win.

Notes on Aries: He knew Haze would be a distraction, so he went right after her before the match began. Lucky for her, Delirious was able to kick the cage door and Aries went down. After a moment of trying to comeback, Aries delivered a couple chops at the corner. Delirious tried to go up top, and Aries chopped Delirious and then used the cage to attack Delirious. When he dropped Delirious throat-first to the ropes, that was when he was in complete control. Aries drilled his knee to the throat a moment later. Aries then drove him to the cage again, and then executed a dropkick to the back. He spent a moment going heel towards the crowd, which was a nice touch. Aries then raked the face of Delirious across the cage. Aries then tore away on the mask and punched him near the face. Aries then slammed him to the mat and delivered a corkscrew elbow drop.

Aries then drove the door of the cage to Delirious’ head. After a forearm to the head, Aries raked the back of Delirious. He avoided the Cobra Clutch by running him into the cage, which was very good. Aries then delivered a very nice Shinbreaker/Back Suplex combination. Aries followed it up with strikes to the head. After seeing his work, Aries then applied The Last Chancery Submission Lock. When Delirious broke the hold, Rhett Titus and Kenny King ran to the cage. The distraction was enough for Aries to reverse a move and drag Delirious’ head across the top of the cage. However, that was not enough to get the win.

Finish: After Austin Aries dragged Delirious’ face across the cage, Delrious got to the corner and reverse the attack into a Cobra Clutch from the top corner of the cage! After a while, Aries tapped out and Delirious got a well-earned victory. Easily one of the best matches this year for ROH.

Winner via Submission: Delirious
Grade: A-

After the match, Rhett Titus and Kenny King attacked Delirious with strikes. The team now known as the All-Night Express then connected on a Spike Piledriver on Delirious (the same move that took Jerry Lynn off TV for months). Aries then got up and took out the referee (Todd Sinclair I believe) and The All-Night Express delivered a second Spike Piledriver on Delirious. Aries goes right at a camera and said “Now it is over!” Delirious is now laid out, motionless. Aries and the All-Night Express celebrated as they left the cage. ROH referees and staff check on Delirious.

ROH then hyped up their Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as some other stuff.

Quick Results
* Erick Stevens and The Necro Butcher def. Dark City Fight Club via Pinfall.
* Colt Cabana def. Jay Freddie via Submission.
* Sara Del Ray def. Taeler Hendrix via Submission.
* Delirious def. Austin Aries via Submission in the Steel Cage Match.

The porpoise was safe from Mike Hogewood’s slapping this week.

Thoughts on the Non-Wrestling Segments

Video packages of Aries vs. Delirious – It was not terrible, but it was the same I believe as it was last week. It did help hype up the main event for tonight, so I thought where they hyped it was pretty good.

Aries interview with Durden – I really enjoyed this segment. Aries was slow with his words, very methodical when he talked about how he will end the match and reminded Delirious of the consequences. Right now, no one in the ROH locker room is a better heel talker than Austin Aries. He is a natural.

Highlights of Glory by Honor – The video package did not do justice to what I saw for the iPPV. For 15 bucks, you have the show and can watch it unlimited times.

Richards is staying – We knew that last week. I am not sure why they had it on this week though because I did not see any sign of him or Eddie Edwards around. Perhaps it was just filler.

Thoughts on the Wrestling Matches

Stevens/Necro vs. DCFC – Although ROH gave them a lengthy program, I thought the match was very average. It had a lot of spots, but some of them were unnecessary. I won’t complain, but I have seen better from all four involved in this match. I would have enjoyed the match even more if Jon Davis was not the only guy that sold some tactics. As a matter of fact, I thought Jon Davis played the character very well for most of the match. Necro was just mainly brawling and wearing down Davis and there is no complaining on this. Stevens was better, but there is something I think he can do to elevate his name a bit more. His body mass is not there anymore, so I think maybe some more technical work could really help him out. Chavis just showed a ton of power, but his action was pretty limited given the almost ten minutes the match lasted. Also, kudos to Prince Nana for getting his hands dirty to help his team win. He is easily the best manager in pro wrestling and a “diamond in the rough” in this business.

Cabana vs. Freddie – What more can I say about this? It probably only lasted a minute or so, but I was entertained with the way Cabana acted in this contest. Cabana is a pretty good storyteller and enjoyed how he got a bit of the upper hand with Steve Corino in the end.

Del Ray vs. Hendrix – Wow…just wow! Del Ray near killed Hendrix in this contest. However, I think Del Ray is the best women’s wrestler because she is different kind. In a world where pro wrestling likes those cookie-cutter women that have not a whole lot of skills it is refreshing to see someone like Del Ray that is so solid in the ring. I was a bit confused on when she tried to kick Hendrix in the head she ducked away. I don’t know if it was because Hendrix did not want to get hit in the face or ROH does not want their women to kick in the face. I am confused by that, but Del Ray was just amazing in the match.

Delirious vs. Aries – The match was built up well before it took place and it did not disappoint one bit. I liked how Aries quickly went right after Haze because she is an element to this story. The first half of the match was excellent. I saw intensity by both wrestlers, and the No Holds Barred Style was perfect. Delirious was great, until Austin Aries went to the throat and slowed down the pace of this match.

Though King and Titus interfered, it was alright because they did not affect the match too much, just a little bit of an amount and that was ok. I thought the finish was very good, especially the fact that Delirious applied the Cobra Clutch on top of the cage! That was a great way to somewhat end this story. Also, good way to take Delirious off of TV for a while (since he is doing backstage work for ROH now) and help build the All-Night Express a bit more.

Overall Thoughts and Grade

It was a wrestling-heavy show, but it told a story in each match. Dark City Fight Club will continue their feud with The Embassy. Cabana and Corino are telling the viewers that their feud is not over yet. Sara Del Ray proved that she is one of the most dominant women in professional wrestling. Also, we got the potential ending to Aries vs. Delirious and it could not have ended any better.

I enjoy a good book, as all of my readers know. This week’s chapter of ROH Wrestling was very good. It was not perfect, but everything tied into a story one way or another. Overall, I was very pleased.

Overall Grade: B+

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night-

Wrestler of the Night: Delirious and Austin Aries (tie)

It was tough to pick one. Delirious got the victory and sold a ton of Aries work, but Aries was very good in the ring as well in defeat. I can’t just pick one because both of them really went over the limit to please the crowd in attendance and the viewers all over the world.

Disappointment of the Night: The Opening Bout

I am a fan of all four wrestlers, but the chemistry was a bit off. Also, some parts looked very rushed and I had to pause many times while watching this to write the moves in my notebook. I think the story can work, but it was just a bit off.

Surprise of the Night: The way they took Delirious off ROH on HDNet

It had to be done, but the way Titus and King did it was phenomenal. The move that finished off Delirious was the move that took Jerry Lynn out for months, so this was a perfect way to temporarily end this feud.


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