ROH on HDNet
October 25, 2010
Philadelphia, PA (THE ARENA)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

We start the show off with the recap of Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards from last week. After watching this recap, I think Tyler Black (aka Seth Rollins, his new WWE persona) went out of ROH pretty good last week with his last match. Davey Richards just seems to impress me every week! Loved it how he told Tyler, “You go and get Vince to sign your paychecks, boy! You tell those boys if they want REAL wrestling, you come down to Philly to Ring of Honor!” Classic stuff! So long, Tyler!

This week, our main event is the Briscoe Bros vs. the Kings of Wrestling in a “LAST CHANCE” match for the ROH World Tag Team titles. The feud between these two teams ends tonight!

Ok, so we start off a night of tag team wrestling with our first match.


First off, before I get started, I have to say that Necro Butcher (the “crown jewel of the Embassy,” whatever you say, Nana! LOL) and Grizzly Redwood are my two favorite wrestlers in ROH! They both are just so damn goofy in and out of the ring! Necro Butcher in the Embassy doesn’t surprise me at all. Grizzly’s theme music is really retarded! Anyway, we get started with Necro taking shots at Grizzly. Grizzly gets Necro in the corner and starts to bite his head. Necro gets him out of the corner. Necro boots Grizzly with his foot, then drags him to middle of the ring. Necro with the tag to Stevens. Erick then runs towards Grizzly, who takes down Stevens with a drop toe hold. Grizzly tags in “Right Leg.” This Andy Ridge kid gets a couple good shots to Stevens. Ridge tries to whiplash Stevens in the ropes, Stevens plays tough man and reverses it, Stevens tries to go for a clothesline and misses. Ridge with a big boot to the face of Stevens. Ridge puts another kick to the mid section of Stevens. Ridge then bounces off the ropes with a running knee to the face of Stevens. “Right Leg” with the cover…1..2..and no! More kicks from Ridge, then Stevens whips him into the ropes, catches Ridge in mid air and then Necro punches Ridge in the face, then a back suplex on Ridge, Necro blind tags himself in and goes for the cover on Ridge, 1..2…and NO! (Love saying that!)

Necro is now eye raking Ridge, tags in Stevens to finish the job. He gets some Ric Flair chops on Ridge. Stevens and Necro are pretty much working “Right Leg” pretty well at this point. Ridge goes for a counter then Necro slaps him hard on Ridge’s chest. Ridge tries to go for the tag to Grizzly, got denied, and Necro continues to go after Ridge. Necro puts Ridge on his shoulders, does an airplane spin, Ridge tries to counter, but Necro choke slams him into the mat, and another choke slam, then a clothesline. Stevens is tagged back into the match, and he applies a reverse bear hug on Ridge. Ridge counters with a neck breaker on Stevens, then tries for the tag again to Grizzly, but gets denied once again. Stevens attempts a back drop, Ridge counters, tries to go for the tag, Stevens got his leg, and Ridge counters by kicking Stevens in the back of the head, then we get the tag to Grizzly. He comes in and gives a low drop kick to Stevens. Necro comes in, Redwood hits him, backs Necro into the corner. Stevens comes running toward them, Grizzly moves out of the way and Stevens runs into Necro in the corner. At one point, Mike Hogewood says, “Grizzly is choppin’ ’em down!” LOL Grizzly with a jumping huricanrana, goes for the cover 1..2…and NO! Somehow, Necro Butcher is in the ring now, Grizzly with a rolling DDT on Stevens, Grizzly goes for the cover, and Necro comes in to break the count. Ridge comes in and starts hitting Necro. We now have all 4 men in the ring. Necro head butts Ridge, then pushes Ridge out of the ring. Necro takes Ridge and throws him into a chair on the outside. Grizzly goes up top, tries for a cross body, Stevens catches Grizzly then throws him out of the ring where Necro punches him as he falls to the floor! Necro continues to put the beat down on Ridge, throws him in the barricade. Stevens does his swining suplex finisher on Grizzly. 1…2..3!


We see a replay of what just happened, as the Embassy celebrates in the ring.

Backstage, we have an interview with Shane Hagadorn and the Kings of Wrestling. Not a bad promo for the match tonight. Shane talks about how he’s with champions, not losers (talking about the American Wolves) and the Kings talk about their match with the Briscoes.


They show a “hype” video for Roderick Strong defending his ROH World Title against “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels happening in Toronto.


We get started with Josh Raymond and Player Uno. They take some shots at one another. Uno and Dos tag team Raymond with a drop toe hold into a leg drop on the back of the head from Player Dos. Tag is made, and Dos is now in the ring. Goes for the early cover, got denied. Able is now tagged in, slaps to Dos from Able. Dos counters and does two headscissor takedowns on Able. Tag made to Raymond, Dos rolls him up,! Back and forth from Raymond and Dos, Able tags in and takes it to Dos, then hits Uno. Able goes back to work on Dos, Able covers, doesn’t get the 3. Tag made back to Raymond, Able and Raymond then tag team Dos with a Irish whip in which Able runs his shoulder into the mid section of Dos, then Raymond kicks Dos into the face, kinda like what Christian from WWE used to do all the time. Raymond with a suplex, then a cover on Dos. 1..2..and NO! Able gets the tag again, Raymond whips himself into the ropes, Able catches him, and throws Raymond down on Dos with a power bomb on the back of Dos. Able goes for the cover on Dos. 1..2..and no! Able with a backbreaker on Dos. Able climbs up to the second rope and comes down with an elbow on Dos. Cover again, 1…2…and no! Raymond gets the tag, both Raymond and Able try a double back drop, Dos counters, Raymond and Able then try to double clothesline Dos, and Dos counters with a double leg kick to both Raymond and Able at the same time! Dos finally tags in Uno, and Uno comes in and clotheslines Raymond, then clotheslines Able. Yet another clothesline to Raymond, then Able gets a spinning kick to the face by Uno. Uno runs, does a running knee to Raymond in the corner. Uno picks up Raymond and does a neck breaker on Raymond. Uno covers, 1…2…and NO!

Uno picks up Raymond, and Dos then flies in with a flying punch as Uno drops him with a side slam. Great team work move! Uno goes for the cover again on Raymond, 1..2…and no! Count broken by Able coming in and kicking Uno off Raymond. Dos throws Able out of the ring, then Dos runs and jumps over the top rope, doing a spinning elbow, and no one is home! Dos falls to the floor hard! Uno attempts a top rope suplex on Raymond, but Able is there to trip Uno on the top rope. Able grabs the legs of Uno, and Raymond jumps off the top rope and comes down hard on the back of Uno’s head. Raymond with the cover on Uno, 1…2…3!


After the match, we see a replay of what went down.

We then cut to a video, once again hyping the main event between the Briscoe’s and the Kings of Wrestling.


A video of Homicide is shown! Apparently he’s still not wrestling yet, but soon!

We then cut to another video recapping what took place 2 weeks ago where Steve Corino and Kevin Steen “quit” ROH! Then, we cut to backstage, where Jim Cornette says he has a message for Corino and Steen. Cornette says that “these two think they can just walk out of their match and ROH, in which they knew they were contracted for.” Cornette continues and says that Corino and Steen have valid contracts that will hold up in a court of law. Cornette then tells them that they have two choices, go to court to settle this contract situation, or come back and fulfill their contract obligations and engage in a steel cage match against El Generico and Colt Cabana. Cornette said that he’s putting them on notice. They either show up next week on HDNet and fight, or they will never wrestle in ROH or anywhere else in the known world ever again.


Both teams taunt each other before the match. Chris Hero and Mark Briscoe start off. They tie up, and have a slug fest with each other. Mark slaps Hero in the face, Castagnoli tags himself in, then slaps Mark in his face. Its pretty much back and forth, Mark hits Castagnoli with a spin kick off the ropes. Tag to Jay Briscoe, and Jay hits Claudio with an elbow. Then Claudio rolls out of the ring. The Kings regroup. Claudio climbs back in with Jay. Hero distracts Jay and Claudio starts beating down Jay Briscoe. Tag is made to Hero and as Claudio is holding down Jay in the corner, Hero hits Jay with a kick to the gut. Hero again with kicks to Jay. Hero with a knee to the face, Jay reverses and does chops and punches to Hero. Jay whips Hero into the ropes, Hero flips over the ropes onto the side of the ring, Jay charges at him and Hero catches him with a boot to the face. Mark get a shot on Hero, then Jay hits Castagnoli with a boot to the face in the ring. Mark climbs to the top rope and they do a combo side slam/neck breaker on Claudio. Jay went for the cover, 1..2..and NO! Mark gets the tag, and the Briscoes do a double shoulder block on Claudio, which forces Claudio out of the ring onto the floor. Again, the Kings regroup, they act like they are leaving and want no part of the match. Typical.

So, then Claudio gets back in the ring with Mark. Claudio with some swift kicks to Mark. Claudio throws Mark into the corner, but Mark rolls out of it and catches Claudio with a running knee to the face. Mark with a suplex on Claudio, into a cover…1…and no! Jay gets the tag, and the Briscoe’s do a double back flip on Claudio. Jay with a running drop kick to the face of Claudio. Jay with the cover again, 1..2..and no! Claudio starts fighting back. Claudio runs at Jay in the corner, Jay flips him to the outside of the ring, Jay hits him to the floor, then does a flip to the outside onto Claudio. Mark Briscoe then gets in the ring and pushes Hero off the ring onto the floor. Mark Briscoe then runs and flips to the outside onto Hero! Mark then gives Hero a suplex on the floor, while Jay throws Claudio into the barrier. All Hell has broken loose outside the ring. Jay has Claudio in the ring, does a sitting face slam to Claudio. Jay goes for the cover again on Claudio, 1..2..and no! Claudio and Jay start punching the crap out of each other. Claudio gives Jay a springboard European uppercut! Claudio tags Hero in. Hero runs at Jay in the corner, but Jay hits him with an elbow to the face. Jay hits Hero’s face into the turnbuckle. Mark gets the tag, goes to the top rope and does a cross body to Hero. Mark with the! Mark slaps hero, head butts him, slaps to Hero. Mark goes for a slam, but Hero reverses it into a back drop. Hero starts punching the head of Mark, then Sara Del Ray slaps the face of Mark Briscoe. The ref saw everything and sends Del Ray to the back! Shane Hagadorn tries to argue. Claudio is back in the ring, delivering shots to Mark. Uppercut from Claudio. Tag made to Hero. Hero throws Mark in the corner. Hero with a cover, 1..2..and no! Mark fighting back. Hero goes for a back body drop on Mark, but Mark reverses and tries to pull down Hero, but Hero gets the tag to Claudio. Claudio hits Mark with an elbow, covers Mark 1..2…and No!

Claudio puts Mark in a one leg submission, Mark gets out of it by kicking Claudio in the head. Claudio kicking Mark. Another uppercut from Claudio. Claudio whips Mark into the corner and runs at him only to catch a boot to the face from Mark. Mark with a running neck breaker to Claudio. Mark goes for the tag, but Claudio throws Mark into his corner, tags in Hero, then Hero gives him a swift kick to the face. Hero steps on Mark’s face. Hero and Mark take shots at each other, then Mark falls in the corner only to have Claudio choking him out! Claudio gets the tag. The Kings go to double team Mark, he fights out and again tries to go for the tag to Jay. As Claudio is holding Mark up, Hero bounces off the ropes and catches Mark’s face with an elbow! Claudio rolls up Mark…1…2…and no! Claudio with a knee drop. Again covers Mark, and got denied. Mark falls out of the ring, and Hero throws Mark into the barrier. Mark gets thrown back in the ring, Claudio goes for the cover. Gets denied again, then puts Mark into the same single leg submission. Mark gets out of that, then Claudio holds Mark as Hero gets some chops on Mark. Hero is now the legal man in this match. He throws Mark outside the ring, and Claudio does a snap suplex on Mark on the floor! As the ref’s back was turned, Shane Hagadorn starts hitting Mark on the floor. Mark is now back in the ring with Hero. Hero drags him to his corner, tags in Claudio, Claudio kicks him in the gut. Mark starts to fight back. Claudio does the UFO on Mark, goes for the cover, gets denied again. Team work from the Kings. They thrown Mark up in the air and slam him down on the mat. Hero goes for the cover again, gets denied. Tag to Claudio, then team up on Mark. Jay gets in the ring, ref is distracted. Claudio holds Mark as Hero tries to hit him with an elbow. Hero misses, hits Claudio, then Mark with a back suplex on Hero. Jay gets the tag, does a double cross body, drop kick to Hero. Jay puts Hero out of the ring onto the floor. Jay connects Claudio with the Jay Driller! Jay goes for the cover on Claudio. 1..2..and no! Hero breaks it up. Mark starts hits Hero out of the ring. The Briscoe’s then attempt to hit Claudio with the Doomsday Device. Mark gets tripped up by Hero on the outside, then Claudio does a back suplex on Jay. Mark starts hanging upside down from the top rope as Hero is choking him out. As the ref is distracted by that, Shane Hagadorn comes in and attempts a pile driver on Jay, but Jay reverses it into a back drop. Jay grabs Shane, starts yelling at him, then Shane kicks Jay in the crotch. Claudio goes for the cover. 1..2..3!


After the match, the Briscoe’s father gets in the ring, spears Shane Hagadorn, and starts beating the crap out of Shane. The Briscoe brothers come in and help. The Kings and Shane get out of the ring and head to the back. The Briscoe’s father grabs a mic and tells Shane and the Kings to stop interfering in the “boys” business. Then daddy Briscoe tells Hagadorn that he’s not about to let a pecker head like Shane kick his boy in the balls!!! The Briscoe’s and their dad celebrate in the ring as ROH comes to a close!!!


First of all, I would like to start off by thanking Adam Martin and the rest of the Wrestleview people for giving me this chance to do recaps of ROH on HDNet! I feel part of the family now!

So, with that being said, here is what I thought about tonight’s ROH show! To start, I’m a fan of the Necro Butcher and the Embassy! For some reason, I’m into those bad boy groups of wrestling. The match between Redwood/Ridge and Necro/Stevens was just an alright match. Necro seriously needs to think about hanging up the boots and retiring, but that’s just an opinion. Overall, a “Superstars” quality match tonight, meaning it sucked! Grizzly Redwood, however, for being that small can move pretty well in the ring.

The Smash Bros vs. House of Truth match was not that bad. I believe that the Smash Bros maybe for real after watching them over the weeks. It thought they were just a stupid gimmick that would always get their ass whooped each week, but they have shown to be a pretty decent tag team. What can I say about this whole House of Truth crap! I cannot stand that douche Truth Martini or anything associated with him! In my opinion, Truth Martini needs to vanish off the face of the earth! Crap, crap, crap! LOL

Next, the whole thing with Steen and Corino leaving a couple weeks ago made me wonder if that was true or not, but seeing how I’ve been watching this sport for a long time now, I had to wonder what was going to take place in this part of the story. I would like to see Steen and Corino in TNA but I am really feeling this feud they have with Colt Cabana and El Generico! So, we’ll have to wait and see how things go next week whether Steen and Corino decide to show up and face these two in a steel cage!

The main event tonight for the titles was just how I expected it to be. The Briscoe’s come off as hard asses but they do get the job done. I’m going on record by saying that I cannot stand the Kings of Wrestling, and honestly I don’t think their as good as they say they are. But, once again, they proved tonight that they will always cheat to win! It was a nice surprise at the end with the Briscoe’s father coming out and calling Shane a pecker head!

Finally, another good show by the ROH boys and I look forward to seeing how things turn around next week!

Thanks you guys so much for reading this recap! I’m new at this whole recap thing, but over time I hope to continue giving you guys all the best in what ROH has to offer!

Please feel free to e-mail me or hit me up on Facebook, with all your comments, suggestions, and your thoughts on my recap!

Until next time, my friends!

Ryan Rivera