ROH on HDNet
October 25, 2010
Philadelphia, PA (THE ARENA)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

It’s time once again for your weekly ROH on HDNet recap! Tonight’s line-up features a steel cage match between El Generico and Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino and Kevin Steen. Last week, Jim Cornette issued a statement that if Corino or Steen don’t show up tonight, they will be sued by ROH for breaking contract obligations. Will Corino and Steen answer the call to Cornette’s request or have we seen the last of Corino and Steen?! There’s only one way to find out, so lets get started with the ROH recap for the week!

We start out with a recap of the events that occurred with the American Wolves and Shane Hagadorn. I’ll tell ya, this Shane Hagadorn is such a tool! No wonder he got his ass whooped last week by the Briscoe’s dad! However, I still can’t believe he is associated with the Kings of Wrestling!

On with the show. We start off with our first contest.

EDDIE EDWARDS (champ) vs. “ADDICTED TO LOVE” Rhett Titus (w/Kenny King)

We start with the usual in ring intros. Every time I see Rhett Titus, I think about the one, the only Zach Ryder! There are too many clones of Zach Ryder out there in pro wrestling! LOL Anyway, on with the match. We are underway, usual tie up in the beginning. A lot of back and forth in the beginning of the match. After a couple arm bars, head locks, Edwards and Titus take a minute and stare at each other in the ring. We have some trash talkin’ from Titus, who slaps Edwards in the ring. Eddie then answers back with some slaps to Rhett’s face! The two exchange shots and chops to each other. Every time Titus chops, Edwards chops harder. Titus goes for the cover, Edwards counters by rolling out, then Edwards jumps and does a back stomp with both feet on Titus! More chops from Edwards. Eddie does a front suplex to Titus on the ropes. While Titus is haning from the ropes, Eddie kicks him in the face. We have some back and forth shots to each other on the ring apron. Edwards kicks Titus in his face on the apron and then runs at Titus on the apron, Titus moves and Edwards goes straight into the ring post. Outside the ring now. Titus pulls the shoulder into the ring post and barrier. Back in the ring now, Titus with a hammer lock, workin’ the arm of Edwards. Edwards with an elbow, into a hip toss. Back and forth in the ring again. Eddie runs towards Titus and gets hit with a boot to the face from Titus. Titus sits up on the top turnbuckle and gets kicked in the face by Edwards. Eddie goes for the backpack chin breaker, but Titus counters with an dropkick. Titus goes for the pin, gets a two count, then applies a submission hold on Edwards. Eddie rolls into a pin, gets a two count, then Titus gets up and kicks him again. Looks like at this point that Eddie is bleeding from above the eye.

Rhett Titus looking real strong at this point. They both go to the top rope, Eddie with a top rope hurricanrana. Again, back and forth shots in the ring. Eddie now with some steam, does a belly to belly suplex, which puts Titus to the floor. As Kenny King tries to rally Titus, Edwards runs and does a suicide dive on both King and Titus. I believe these two call themselves the Midnight Express or some crap?! LOL Back to action now, Edwards puts Titus back in the ring and Eddie goes for a cover and the win!


**On a side note, Edwards hurt his wrist on that suicide dive to Titus. He left the ring pretty quickly after his match! Great to see Edwards still the champ.

Backstage interview with El Generico (this dude never talks, never says a word!) and Colt Cabana (a.k.a. Scotty Goldman! Anyone remember him from WWE?! LOL). Both men are ready for the steel cage match with Corino and Steen!


A recap of the Kings of Wrestling and the Briscoe Brothers feud is shown after the break! I’m still a big fan of the Briscoe’s, think they got robbed last week with the loss to the Kings of Wrestling. Not sure if the feud will still continue between these two teams, but we shall see in the upcoming weeks!

RACHEL SUMMERLYN vs. SARA DEL REY (w/the Kings of Wrestling)

Ok, so this is my first “divas” recap for ROH and I will stick to my principles on the whole women’s division in wrestling. I will go on record to say that I can’t stand the pro wrestling divas and they are just so boring to watch in the ring, so I’ll do my best to give you all a short but sweet recap on this match.

We start with our usual in-ring tie ups. Sara Del Rey is so damn ugly, but this Rachel Summerlyn looks so damn hot in what she is wearing! I know, back to the match! LOL Anyway, Del Rey is just a ruthless girl in the ring, but she’s no Awesome Kong. Del Rey gets some good kicks in the ring, pulls the hair of Summerlyn, ties her up in the ring. Del Ray keeps kicking the crap out of Summerlyn. Del Rey goes for some pins, doesn’t get but a two count each time. Summerlyn gets a couple good shots on Del Rey, including a fisherman’s suplex. Del Rey locks in a leg submission and Summerlyn taps.


After the match, Del Rey grabs a mic and says, “I am Sara Del Rey, the Queen of Wrestling! Everytime I wrestle, where is the challenge?!” Weak promo from a chick!


A recap of the Corino/Steen and Generico/Cabana feud is shown. They showed video of their double chain match from Glory By Honor IX! I had a chance to watch that on iPPV and I wasn’t that impressed! They also showed recaps of the night when Corino and Steen walked out, including the message directed to them from Cornette. However, I do like Kevin Steen because he’s such a weird dude with mental problems! Plus he’s ruthless!


I’m gonna start off this match by saying that I am very surprised those two showed up tonight! Kevin Steen is such an ass! He argues with some fans on his way out to the ring. Generico and Cabana make their usual intros. We are underway and Cabana tries to run towards Corino on the outside, but Steen swings the door in Cabana’s face. Then Generico has a battle with Corino, throws Corino into the barrier on the outside, then Generico runs toward him and does his running boot to the face! Steen comes out and goes directly after Generico. All four men are on the outside of the ring, beating the hell out of each other. Generico and Steen are fighting it out and Corino and Cabana are fighting it out as well. Steen was choking out Generico with his foot and shouting into the camera! Corino and Steen throw Cabana and Generico in the steel cage. In the steel cage now. As Todd Sinclair is locking the door, Steen steals the key away from Sinclair and shoves it in his tights! Classic! Generico and Cabana double team Steen and Corino. Back and forth now in the steel cage. Generico goes for his running boot to both Steen and Corino, they move out the way, and now Steen and Corino are in control. Steen and Corino go for a double clothesline on Cabana, he rolls out of the way, and Generico does a double cross body slam on both men! Cabana now with punches to both men, he does his thunder punch to both Corino and Steen. Generico throws Steen’s face into the steel cage. Again, double team on Steen. Corino starts fighting back, goes to counter on Cabana, misses and runs shoulder first into the steel cage! Cabana with some elbows to Corino. Again, both men throw Corino face first into the side of the cage about 3 or 4 times. Corino is now busted open. Steen get back on his feet, tries to kick Generico, misses and Generico slaps Steen into the corner. Both Generico and Cabana have got their respected opponents into the corner. Cabana and Generico give a simultaneous 10 count punch to the heads of Corino and Steen!

Steen picks up Generico and puts Generico’s back into the side of the cage about 3 times then throws him down with a power bomb, while Corino looked like he was shoving something up the ass of Cabana on the other side of the ring. Generico is knocked out on the mat as Cobana tries to fight back against Steen and Corino. Steen knocks Cabana to his back, grabs his feet, does a fall back whip, then Corino connects with a right had to Cabana. Steen shoves the face of Generico into the side of the cage with his foot, laughs like an idiot, then starts choking out Generico with his foot again. Corino now is bleeding pretty good from his forehead. Corino starts back in on Cabana with strikes to the head, Steen still over on the other side choking out Generico. Corino does a running chop to Cabana, then Steen with a forearm to the back of Cabana. Steen sits on the back of Cabana and stretches his face, while Corino continues the assualt on Generico. Both Generico and Cabana are laid out at this point. Steen does a cocky pose, pisses everyone off! Love this guy! Then, for some reason, Steen grabs the chain with the lock on it and starts licking it as he looks into the camera! WOW! Corino picks up Generico, whips him into the corner, then gives him a running chop to Generico’s chest, then Steen punches him. So, Steen and Corino are in charge now. Corino yells at a fan and tells the fan to get in the ring, and that he aint gonna do nothing! Corino is such an idiot! Steen now has Generico, connects with a nice neck breaker to Generico. Cobana starts fighting back on Steen and Corino, gets a couple right hands to both men. Cobana starts to climb up the cage where both Corino and Steen meet him at the top. They shove Cabana’s face into the jagged edge of the fencing and Cabana hit the mat pretty hard. As Cabana falls, he grabs part of the top rope, and both Steen and Corino come down on the ropes landing on their nuts! Classic steel cage stuff here! Generico gets up and does his running kick to both Corino and Steen! Then, Generico starts going nuts and building momentum. Generico grabs Corino, slaps him a few times, then gets him with a running DDT! Cabana gets up and does a butt buster to the face of Steen in the corner. Cabana whips Steen to Generico, then gets planted with a nice neck breaker slam to the mat. Generico goes for the cover, only gets a 2 count! Cobana picks up Steen and Generico hits him with a nice running kick to the face, then Cabana slams Corino down and applies his Billy Goat’s curse submission! Corino looked like he wanted to tap out, but Steen pushes Generico into Cabana to break the hold!

Steen back up now, throws Generico into the gut of Cabana. Back and forth now with Generico and Steen. Generico hits Steen with a nice flip slam into the corner. As Generico pumps up, he runs toward Steen and Steen connects with Sweet Chin Music! Cabana looked like he was trying to escape the cage, but as Corino goes to grab him, Cabana does a moonsault on Steen, Cobana goes to hit Corino, and Corino counters with a clothesline. Generico gets up, does a suplex on Corino, then a running boot to the head on Steen, then Generico pulls the same move on Corino! Generico to the top rope, Cabana tells him to go higher, then as Generico is climbing to the top of the cage, Steen gets up and shoves Cabana into the cage and knocks Generico falls out of the cage! Steen goes for the key in his pants and both Corino and Steen double team Cabana in the cage! Corino pulls a fork out of the turn buckle, Cabana knocks it out of his hands, grabs the fork, then Cobana with the fork right to the head of Corino. Generico is on the outside trying to get back into the cage, starts banging the cage with a steel chair! Steen nails Cabana with a shot to the gut with a pipe that was hidden in one of the other turn buckle’s! Generico tries to climb the cage, Steen then jabs a fork into the forehead of Cabana. Steen and Corino see Generico climbing the cage, but they knock him off again! Steen puts a cross face submission on Cabana, then Corino applies more pressure to the hold by jamming a fork into the forehead of Cabana! Todd Sinclair calls for the bell! Cabana did not tap!


After the match, Steen and Corino continue the assualt on Cabana by scrapping the forehead of Cabana with an iron pipe and a fork! Generico continues to shake the cage as Steen stares at him, show’s Generico his bloody hand and Steen wipes his bloody hand across his face! Steen moves closer to Generico and starts laughing at him! Generico is so pissed about what happened, he starts asking for bolt cutters to get the cage door open! Generico runs to the back locker room as Steen and Corino continue to celebrate what they just did! Steen goes to unlock the door of the cage, and as he is getting out, Generico runs back out with some bolt cutters and chases after Steen! Both Corino and Steen high tail it out of the arena. We see a replay of what just went down in this match. Generico snaps after the match as ROH comes to a close!


What another crazy week in ROH on HDNet! This week’s show was one that didn’t disappoint, but still left me a little sleepy at times. We started off the night with the recap of that dumb ass, Shane Hagadorn! I’m so glad that he has parted ways with the American Wolves! He belongs with a retard group like the Kings of Wrestling! I hope that he gets his ass whooped real soon by somebody, Davey Richards maybe?!

In the first match of the night, Eddie Edwards retained his title by taking care of Rhett Titus, who resembles the likings of Zach Ryder! It seems to me that every wrestling organization has a retard like Zach Ryder! Lets see, WWE has Zach Ryder, TNA has Robbie E, and ROH has Rhett Titus! So you can see that most of the companies need retards like all three of these men! Anyway, the match wasn’t too incredibly bad tonight. I had the chance to see Eddie first win the TV title, a couple month ago, and I still think that Eddie is one of the best technical wrestlers out there! I would love to see Eddie Edwards in TNA, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. Eddie Edwards needs some real competition to defend his title. Great match between these two! I hope Eddie’s wrist is alright after that suicide dive, I’m sure we’ll find out in the weeks to come.

Next we had a Women of Honor match. I really don’t know what to say about this match, except for the fact that I hate the “divas” in every organization, except for TNA because those chicks are so f’n hot!!! Sara Del Rey did nothing in this match that impressed me. So for this match, I have but one word….SUCK!!!

The main event tonight between Steen/Corino and Generico/Cabana was a nice way to end the show. I love the fact that Steen comes off as such an asshole when it comes to his feud with Generico! Those two men are why I watch ROH in the first place. Kevin Steen, in my opinion, is the most ruthless person ROH has right now. ROH’s roster is full with fresh talent, but Steen is like the Undertaker of ROH, he likes to afflict the most punishment on his opponents! I honestly cant wait to see the Final Battle between Generico and Steen! The use of pipes, forks, and the jagged edge of the cage made this match!

Well, that’s about all I got for this week’s episode of ROH on HDNet!

The Kings of Wrestling vs. Dark City Fight Club
Eddie Edward (champ) vs. Necro Butcher
The debut of HOMICIDE!!!!!!!

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