ROH on HDNet
January 18, 2011
Louisville, KY (OVW’s Davis Arena)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

It’s time once again for your weekly ROH on HDNet recap! So, sit back, relax, open a cold one, and get ready for RING OF HONOR WRESTLING!!

Here’s how things went down this week:

-The show opens up with a replay of what went down last week when Jim Cornette introduces, to the Kings of Wrestling, the #1 contenders for the ROH tag titles, Kenny King and Rhett Titus! This match is scheduled to take place at the iPPV event next month!



-A video is shown from 2006, where Jim Cornette shows how much he hates Homicide. The video shows Jim Cornette and some old ROH stars beating the crap out of Homicide! Apparently, the feud has been growing for years now and next week, Homicide will confront Jim Cornette! Should be pretty interesting!


-After the match, Daizee Haze tries to shake the hand of Mischief (who, I might add, looks a lot like Daffney from TNA), but instead Mischief spit’s the classic green mist into the eyes of Haze!


-Back from commercial, Hogewood and Prazak review what just went down when Mischief spit the green mist in the face of Haze. Hogewood gives his opinion and says that she should have beat Haze with honor and that Mischief’s actions have no place in ROH! Um, hello! Listen here, JR wanna-be, its called pro wrestling for a reason! Deal with it! LOL

-In the ring, Jim Cornette introduces the World’s Greatest Tag Team….Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin! Cornette mentions that Haas and Benjamin signed on to ROH for more competition in the tag team division! Haas commends ROH for great tag team wrestling and that they have to prove themselves by winning the tag titles. Haas mentions the great tag teams in ROH such as the American Wolves, the Briscoes, The All Night Express, and their foes, The Kings of Wrestling! Haas tells the Kings that they may have won the first match, but the war is still on! Cornette tells Haas and Benjamin that if they keep performing like they are, then they will be in the contention for the titles real soon. All of a sudden, the Briscoe’s music hits and out come Jay and Mark! Jay questions the title of Worlds Greatest Tag Team! He says that was what they were called on the “other” Monday night show, but in ROH, they hit just a little bit harder! Jay continues to say that they have been in ROH for 8 years proving themselves to be the best tag team in pro wrestling! He tells Haas and Benjamin that they can’t just come into ROH and leap frog over everyone to get to the tag titles, before they do!

Cornette says that he has an idea for both teams. He says since the match for the titles is already been signed, why don’t we have a dream match between Haas and Benjamin take on the Briscoes on February 26th in Chicago! The winner of that match will be declared the new #1 contenders for the tag titles! Benjamin tells the Briscoes that they are right, this isn’t that “other” Monday night show, this is Ring of Honor, and that’s why they are there! Benjamin then tells the Briscoes that he suggest they “pull their pants up, because come that match, we gonna see who really will man-up!” Jay Briscoe then goes on to say that they don’t care where Haas and Benjamin have been or who they beat up, because when it comes to tag team wrestling, they haven’t been up against anyone like the Briscoes! Jay continues by saying that its their house and that on Feb. 26th they will dance!


-Back from commercial, a video is shown of Davey Richards talking about his match at Final Battle and his time in ROH! The video also shows highlights of his match with Tyler Black and his feud with ROH World Champ Roderick Strong. The highlights from Final Battle is also shown! In my opinion, that match he had with Strong was a match of the year candidate for 2010!!



A better show this week! A lot of what went down tonight set the stage for ROH’s next internet pay-per-view, the 9th Anniversary Show in Chicago on February 26th!

-Our first contest was your basic squash match, showing the Briscoes beating the pants off of The Elite! Pretty good match, basic moves, and of course, we saw the Doomsday Device from the Briscoes! I still have to say that I rather enjoy seeing these two in the ring as often as ROH allows them to be. Speaking of the Briscoes, their confrontation with Haas and Benjamin tonight was classic! I love the fact that Haas and Benjamin jumped to a “wrestling” organization and left the “entertainment” organization in the dust! This match next month will be a great match between two great teams in ROH. The winner, as I mentioned above, will get a shot at the ROH tag titles! Whoever wins this match, in my opinion, will be the next ROH tag team champions! As far as the match at the anniversary show between the All Night Express and the Kings, well, its too early to tell who I think will be victorious that night. I know that each week I put down the Kings, but this week, I gotta put a question mark by the winner of this match! Who knows, King and Titus could pull this off, but its still too early for me to pick a winner!

-The women’s match tonight was a little slow. I kinda laugh each time I see Daizee Haze in the ring because she looks so frail and weak, but she proves herself by wrestling her heart out against some pretty tough women’s competition. Tonight, was a little different for Haze as we saw the return of Mischief! Now, this was the first time that I saw Mischief in action. She reminds me of ROH’s version of Dafney from TNA! The spitting of the mist after the match was pretty much a classic move by any wrestler. Hell, the last time I saw anyone spit green mist was back in the early WWE days when Tajiri used to spit all the time! Well, we sure haven’t seen the last of Mischief and I’m sure these two ladies will tango again soon!

-The confrontation next week between Cornette and Homicide will be a must see! As I watched that clip from 5 years ago, it made me think of the old McMahon/Stone Cold feud that took us through the 90’s! I’m a little confused on what took place 5 years ago, but it will be all laid out for us next week when Homicide calls out Cornette to settle the dispute! I’m anxious to see that! So stay tuned!

-Finally tonight was our #1 contenders match for Eddie Edwards TV title involving Hero and Daniels! Of course during the match we had our usual involvements from Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn. I think at one point during the match I heard a “Shane’s a homo” chant tonight from the crowd! LOL The match itself was a little boring at times, but the victory from Christopher Daniels proves that he is a top contender for any belt in ROH! Congrats to the fallen angel for picking up the victory!

Well, that’s it! Hopefully in the weeks to follow we will hear more about the 9th Anniversary show in Chicago! Should be some great matches for that card! I’ve already posted two matches for the show below!

-The All Night Express vs. Haas & Benjamin
-Homicide confronts Jim Cornette

Ring of Honor’s 9TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW line-up:
(February 26th, 2011 Chicago, IL)(
-#1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Briscoe Bros. vs. Haas & Benjamin (winner gets a shot at the tag titles)
-ROH TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The All Night Express vs. Kings Of Wrestling

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